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  1. Temporary quality of life changes for underpowered characters
  2. Real Fights Instead Of Guessing Games
  3. Matchmaking Feedback Thread!
  4. Matchmaking Ranked
  5. This is terrible. This is horror.
  6. Customisation menu nightmare
  7. PC hardware
  8. Faction War
  9. Yo Orochi is stupid OP man...
  10. General critique of For Honor Ranked Duels and community attitudes.
  11. Parrying is what's breaking this game.
  12. player named Kalkazan
  13. Cant Download ForHonor
  14. Friendly Fire Feedback
  15. to The For Honor Team
  16. orochi is ****ing OP piece of ****....
  17. Forge system
  18. More colors in Emblem Editor
  19. Lawbringer changes
  20. Reflex guard doesn't work PS4
  21. Orochi is stupid OP
  22. Kensei and Berserker are BROKEN and overpowered
  23. Revenge is a broken mechanic
  24. For Honor -Shinobi Feat Suggestion- Really, it's going to make a lot of people happy
  25. Shinobi Damage nerf and rework Ideas.
  26. Can you not kick me for inactivity while waiting for my friend to finish in brawl?
  27. Shinobi Damage Nerf and Rework Ideas. Updated.
  28. Centurion must be nerfed
  29. Sound bug !!!!!!!!!!
  30. Dodge recovery of Highlander NEEDS NERF.
  31. General feedback after a week
  32. Nerfing the Aramusha dodge? REALLY? DON'T NERF IT!!!
  33. Gain is superfluous
  34. Recruitment UI
  35. Disconnecting in the last round in rankeds
  36. The Highlander Bug!!!!! :((((((
  37. Aramusha Soft-Cancel of Zone-Attack
  38. Centurion
  39. I think that normalizing the side dodge is a bad idea.
  40. Cap to 60 fps on pc please
  41. Insanity...
  42. guard break being stopped last second with start of attack animation
  43. Buff Shugoki
  44. Biggest For Honor issue for new and old player
  45. improve playing against real players
  46. A feats rework addressing everyone
  47. Gear Progression.....
  48. Cross play between consoles and Pc
  49. Nerf back dodges
  50. [Feedback] Duel tournament final tiebreaker
  51. A Nobushi spam-guard 3 simultaneous attacks and survived
  52. 1v1v1
  53. (FeedBack) Matching System is not Work Properly
  54. Complete UI Menu Rework [Including Pictures]
  55. Let me win, I'm trying to get an ornament
  56. Fix Matchmaking!
  57. Game is not user friendly! Horible user interface that is not timed adequately
  58. Request for the Devs
  59. Assassins are too good need a nerf.
  60. Event! & suggestion!
  61. Small PK buffs
  62. Peculiar bot behaviour?
  63. matchmaking and leavesystem
  64. Dishonor system
  65. Ranked duel feedback
  66. You need to remove the free gb from blocking glad's dodge light
  67. Please let the Orochi mempō switch colors.
  68. There needs to be a honourable setting in duo's and Elimination
  69. CONQUEROR: Simple tweak to make him more balanced and fun.
  70. Can we merge playerbase and increse XP gain?
  71. Xbox One Sound Mute Glitch
  72. A pipe dream update for Lady Aramusha.
  73. Slight Thighlander Nerf
  74. Kara Keto
  75. Guard Break Cooldown
  76. Ubi please male pk/shaman.
  77. Dominion "fun" needs to change
  78. A few warden and warlord changes
  79. Kensei customization issue report
  80. Guarding Issue
  81. Second Duel mode timer is both unnecessary and distracting.
  82. Feedback: 'Find new opponent'
  83. New Voicelines and Lore Would Be Interesting
  84. Lawbringer catching dust. Time to clean him up?
  85. Zone B
  86. Will there be a hero selection balance?
  87. Suggestion about Executions,Emotes and Effects.
  88. Editing the definition of Shugoki
  89. Why Deathmatch Playlist Always Dead?
  90. A Request for Valkyrie ornament
  91. Matchmaking
  92. Orders
  93. Still asking the same thing [PC]
  94. When is Shaman getting nerfed?
  95. Suggestion about launching the game.
  96. Ideas to make orders better.
  97. For Honor is extremely UNBALANCED
  98. Knights Mask Outfits are UGLY!
  99. New Knight hero idea
  100. Dominion punishments
  101. Matchmaking is fudging me
  102. Disappointed
  103. Hero/New Hero Suggestions
  104. Symbol display on hero
  105. Thats enough of the bombs.... nerf the catapult/bombs already
  106. Counter Guard Break is too easy; here is a solid fix for this
  107. Formal Nobushi Rework or Changes
  108. the balance of the match are too bad.
  109. (i) Information.
  110. Make Dominion similar to the game "Creeper"
  111. for honor is bad
  112. [bug] Warlord missing voice track on emotes
  113. Cross-play between Xbox -> PC?
  114. Attack on AI games.
  115. Aramush Buff/Rework?
  116. the sever problem. I got DC for the whole afternoon.
  117. Suggestions for ALL Heroes
  118. New patch changes are terrible
  119. Breaking System Overhaul
  120. Nerf Revive
  121. Buff shugoki?
  122. Nobushi bug after latest patch
  123. Highlander kick to grab feint fix
  124. Your game needs some matcmaking system balance pretty badly: Rework Idea
  125. Idea: In house tournament creator for this game
  126. Do the devs actually come here?
  127. Shinobi feels weak
  128. Awful (hopefully unintended) Dominion bug
  129. Add Spartans and with them a "teamplay duo Ultimate"
  130. One button to rule them all: Executions
  131. Replace the level four abilities with special attacks: no more catapults
  132. Dont nerf the aramusha dodge please...
  133. Problems with connection
  134. Loading bug?
  135. Haymaker is bugged on gladiator
  136. Ubisoft can we get some new armor
  137. feedback on changes to store/content
  138. Solution for clutter in menu (content purge remedy)
  139. Request for New Features
  140. No more childish looking executions please.
  141. More areas for ampuatation
  142. Suggestion for the content removal
  143. Hay Maker bug
  144. Content Removal Feedback
  145. Gladiator's Sucker Punch attack is BUGGED. It doesn't drain stamina anymore.
  146. Yo guys seriusly, NERF OROCHI & CENTURION.
  147. The Centurion Problem
  148. I can not do this anymore, I delete this game.
  149. Killcard Emote on Highlander
  150. No incentive for playing more
  151. Ballistas: 3 ways to fix this problem
  152. The Death Ball Issue: This has to be fixed quickly.
  153. Lawbringer is crap and that needs to be fixed.
  154. Honorable fight's in "For Honor"
  155. Nerf the centurion already... 18 months! He is broken
  156. Banning and Draft please. It is time already.
  157. [Suggestion] Use Ryse to inspire new executions
  158. error 2-00002911 how to deal with it?
  159. Quick berserker balance suggestion- no heavy after GB
  160. Only unique characters
  161. The Key Berzerker Question that Should Make Waves
  162. revive idea
  163. Remove Nat type like R6,its over a year since game launch,i still can't join friends
  164. Добивающие удары Центуриона и Гладиатор&
  165. [KB&Mouse] More Deadzones, Please!
  166. Pls fix the reflex guard queued block bug
  167. Dominion permanent stat disable mode
  168. Factions Communications
  169. Shugoki suggestions, coming from a Shugoki main with over 400 hours on him alone.
  170. Skip all intros, permanently disable cgi intro
  171. Revenge mode in DUELS AND BRAWLS is not good
  172. Orochi is A Joke
  173. Plz plz plz increase inactive kick time!
  174. An option to change the 'Zone' layout
  175. Going back to requeue in MM happens unecessary
  176. CTD with no error messege on PC
  177. Kensei has been nerfed...
  178. Kensei is weak again!
  179. Ranked duel opinion/suggestion
  180. a useless placeholder discussion
  181. *** Could Ubisoft Ban Forum and Thread Spammers Please? ***
  182. Stamina feats killing minions in dominion on small maps
  183. Cant join PVE Matches.
  184. Disconnected due to inactivity... really?
  185. GB does not grant any kind of hit?
  186. Remove Supershield for all heros!!!
  187. PvAI with Matchmaking OFF - option to select BOT level
  188. Some thoughts - Roman Faction - Option for "4vs4 without feats" - ...
  189. Request for warden ornament
  190. Tie Rounds in Tournaments
  191. Raider buff and his buggy zone in ganks
  192. UBI PLEASEE!!! We have to Change 1 thing in the game.
  193. Raider buff/zone problem
  194. Aramusha Rework Suggestion
  195. Be able to switch For Honor to 32 bit while launching the game
  196. Connection issues with ubisoft's crappy servers
  197. Timeout to short
  198. Please do not requeue us into the same lobby
  199. No suggestion is considerate
  200. The Stamina problem from a 30 year fighting game master and black belt martial artist
  201. Kicked for afk in 2v2 wen 1v1 happening.
  202. warlord Bug auto revive
  203. I-frames on dodge attacks
  204. Target Switch
  205. The WORST part about For Honor
  206. Offensive Emblem
  207. How long will it take you to fix the gladiator haymaker bug?
  208. Map Idea: The Introduction
  209. For honor interface obstruct view
  210. Fix the Highlander!
  211. Wu Lin Faction Head Pieces Covering Faces.
  212. Sugentions to Orochi
  213. Movesets for Story Mode Player Heroes are out-dated
  214. Broken Loot System
  215. General thoughts
  216. Theres bots afoot: GB and Mimic bot
  217. Idea: Fair Match Making System, using skill and hero level
  218. AI in 2v2 brawl are to op
  219. Countering gank/outnumbering 'meta'
  220. Chat Bugs
  221. Latency compensation needs to be looked at.
  222. Servers down and us. A message to Ubisoft and the community.
  223. Quick notes for patches and reworks
  224. Things that will make the experience better
  225. warlord buff feats Tough as nails
  226. Inept UI Design
  227. Revamping the Faction War
  228. Matchmaking - pick your hero before search
  229. The tournament problem... ejem. (imbalance)
  230. ubisoft warlord Bug
  231. Shugoki rework
  232. Tournament Glitch - Players Leave and Ruin Your Score
  233. Execution perspectives
  234. Coutner GB is either too easy, or you have a prolific bot issue
  235. speed the attacks up, its too easy for players to parry
  236. Is it possible to enable an option to keep blood splatters for a while longer?
  237. I want to offer a new version of the animation for the Viking faction.
  238. Let me Leeeaaaavveee
  239. List of requests that have never been considered.
  240. @Ubisoft Why is Multi Queue still not a thing? (low player fix)
  241. Remove hyper armor
  242. Online and advertising games[RU]
  243. 16x16 territory war
  244. Is my matchmaking broken or no players in Australia?
  245. Matchmaking Suggestion
  246. Frozen Duel Tournament Loading Screen
  247. Orochi rework or nerf
  248. Cinematic tool suggestion
  249. Can we buff the crystal mythic outfits?
  250. new season enver come out heavy heroes