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  1. New Hero idea: Swashbuckler
  2. New executions for the new dlc heroes
  3. Centurion and Shinobi...high rep feedback
  4. Join in middle of match
  5. Attacker gets advantage after disconnection
  6. A honest, sum up- all-inclusive review
  7. Suggestion for Potential DLC.
  8. [PC]Buttons get disconnected
  9. PLZ Disable the ability to "lock-on" to captains in Skirmish.
  10. GB after centurion leap
  11. Orochi Rework suggestions
  12. Conqueror suggestions (including feats)
  13. New vikings hero - Huntsman
  14. Suggestions about Match Making system.
  15. Thank you Ubisoft for ruining the game wih every new decision
  16. Skin change
  17. There is a new Warden Exploit that needs a hotfix asap
  18. Its been 3 month and nothing
  19. However orochi will be buffed, don't make a ripitide strike feintable
  20. Are we just ignoring that connectivity is at an all time WORST?
  21. DLC Heroes - Which would you like most?
  22. Nerf and buff the Centurion.
  23. Whoever wrote the Shinobi description should be fired
  24. Whoever wrote the Shinobi Moveset description should be fired
  25. Centurion and Shinobi
  26. Ganking in 4v4 is boring; Ubi should make it less appealing
  27. Ptr
  28. Deflect with Shinobi and most assassins in general
  29. Idea for new effects
  30. New look for Orochi
  31. Fix the internet connection problems, please.
  32. Feedback for Centurion or Fisturion as the community calls him
  33. Game freeze at end
  34. Fix the QUITTING please god! Too much wasted time!
  35. Does anyone else feel like they are playing in quicksand?
  36. Suggestion: Shinobi kick only on forward dashes.
  37. [BUG] Ledge Kills Granting Too Many Death Points
  38. plz, Ban the warden bug abuser
  39. Here's a suggestion
  40. Hey ubisoft.
  41. Centurions
  42. Found Centurion bug/exploit
  43. New Battlemode Suggestion: Stronghold.
  44. For honor next armor?
  45. new game mode
  46. game mechanics improvments
  47. Transfer rep/xp to one "hero" to other
  48. Issues we, the players, have.
  49. Reviving players
  50. Ballista in Dominion
  51. There should be a difference between normal dropping and drop attacking
  52. Feat Unlock speed should be universal among characters
  53. Delayed button commands
  54. attack indicator bugs
  55. Warden Exploit
  56. Sugest. Shinobi - Faster recovery after being hit
  57. [BUG] Shinobi recovery after throw
  58. playing against a centurion....
  59. I'm Done
  60. Fix this
  61. "Holding" attacks
  62. How does one break the Turtle Meta? [FEEDBACK]
  63. Kill bug enviroment
  64. Bug! Faction War.
  65. Shinobi vs Berserker deflect
  66. Balance feedback on the new classes + comments about warden vortex
  67. [BUG] Geometry issue on Tower Ruin
  68. CC Nerf without nerfing any CC abilities
  69. exucutions
  70. Hey Ubisoft
  71. Thank you Ubisoft for the good moments experience that I had. But I had enough.
  72. Centurion GB throw Bug ?
  73. Please change the default Voice Chat Mode... I dislike single player games.
  74. Look at this literal, absolute, mess (games 4 month history)
  75. Feedback / Suggestion on new Nobushi armour! Other heroes welcome
  76. Friendly Fire should hurt the Culprit - not the Victim...
  77. Best sugestion: Delete Centurion
  78. Shinobi Kensei bug
  79. A RAIDER in need...
  80. Something else I need you to pay me for
  81. Problems and Solutions for Ganks
  82. Shinobi gb and 3 heavy hits is way OP!!
  83. [Bug Report] Unfinished orders unequippable/unequipping themselves
  84. Should be another rating next to your Rep(prestige?) and Level..
  85. AI name Bug?
  86. Shinobi drains my stamina bar completely twice in a row
  87. Let us bring back our friends!!!!
  88. Bad Mechanics
  89. Fundamental Mechanics Issue
  90. Shugoki Revisted (Rework)
  91. Salvage to Steel? Steel to Salvage?
  92. The design concept vs what we got, a feedback
  93. So that orochi armor...
  94. Peacekeeper Bizarre Spin (PS4)
  95. Matchmaking STILL trash
  96. Connection STILL trash
  97. Its time to hang up For Honor...
  98. about reward system
  99. Centurion ultimate stamina
  100. shinobi bug
  101. I tried.... 12 Nobushi, 5 Centurians, and 2 other guys
  102. Combos > Chain Attacks (if you want to keep your game populated)
  103. why the samurais dont have good effects ?
  104. warlord execution idea
  105. For everyone calling for an increase to friendly fire damage
  106. Seeing red
  107. Small "Useful" change to UI in Character Selection Screen
  108. Hello For Honor Community This question is for you. :cool:
  109. Remove steel cost for grey/blue/purple gear, should only cost salvage.
  110. Remove Tower ruin form 1v1
  111. A new kind of Revenge
  112. Why is the Orochi so buff? Or why is the Conqueror so weak?
  113. Orders updated and partial rewards earned mid match?
  114. Environmental kills give multiple deaths?
  115. New Game Mode: 8v8 Royal Rumble
  116. well, can i get a refund?
  117. Bug- sound
  118. The problem with hero locks
  119. Possible rework to parrying
  120. [Suggestion] Add more interactive objects in 4v4s
  121. New Game Modes: Scrambled Elimination, Scrambled Skirmish, Scrambled Domination
  122. Cosmetic Option Suggestion
  123. [PC] Game freeze on transition, hero to map-end-clip (4v4 dominion) since patch 1.07
  124. Conquer buff... please?
  125. Problem with faction war map and assets
  126. Assasin bug is still a thing, after 4 months...
  127. Why a leave-penalty in the case of FH is just BS
  128. Increase amount of time to "ready up" between matches from 1 to 1.5-2 minutes
  129. Sort Inventory and Modify Gear
  130. Siege Mode?
  131. Gear throughout seasons
  132. Can we please mix and match metal types?
  133. Thoughts on Skill Matching/Balancing
  134. Increase Exp for Solo Play
  135. Centurion excessive tracking. How is this fair?
  136. Conectivity
  137. New glitch (?) (Still to be confirmed)
  138. Switching character sets during game( same class)
  139. shinobi most overpowering character in the game.
  140. New Viking Hero suggestion: The Jarl
  141. Shugoki suggestions from a seasoned player
  142. a questionable counter GB by Centurion,Video
  143. Multiple Select and Salvage
  144. most important fix for you at the moment ?
  145. Peacekeeper dagger cancel
  146. Matchmaking and breaking system
  147. Disconnection issues for entire lobbies of players POST 1.08
  148. Cracking the Turtle Meta
  149. Calling For Help
  150. Why a real PvE mode could greatly help For Honor
  151. A Fair Way to Implement Hero Lockouts
  152. Auto Shift to Area Your Faction is Fighting in for Manual Deployment
  153. An option to enable only team chat on pc.
  154. The suggestion that EVERYONE wants addressed.
  155. How To SAVE FOR HONOR
  156. GB While being range Guardbreaked
  157. Remove class requirements for Orders/Quests.
  158. suggestion for the rework of the conqueror
  159. Hero balancing
  160. Somethings Ubisoft needs to touch base on
  161. They made a mistake
  162. [BUG] Dominion Location-Holding Points
  163. Suggestion for new viking hero: Draugr
  164. [SUGGESTION] Shugoki needs to be reinvented
  165. User Interface Fight minimal setting not working properly
  166. @Ubisoft Shinobi, the most binary character of the game.
  167. Stop Guard Break Going Through Revenge Activation Now!!
  168. Here's a suggestion, fix your connection issues!!
  169. [SUGGESTION] Revamping the Feats System
  170. Feedback & Suggestions
  171. How about fixing the ********
  172. Passive defense vs active defense
  173. fixing the gank without buffing revenge
  174. Ubi=******s
  175. [BUG] Chat does not appear
  176. First win double xp and more steel
  177. Shinobi GB
  178. Shugoki has 2 glitched feats
  179. [Bug] Inspire's SFX
  180. First time poster season 2 feedback
  181. Suggestion to improve existing gamemodes
  182. Dropped Games
  183. Unblockables VS Uninterruptibles
  184. Shinobi Kick Nerf/Leeway Changes
  185. yup, this is probably going to be a last week of me and many others playing this game
  186. Fixing the turtle meta?
  187. A suggestion about RQ penalty
  188. Still, 30% of 4v4 crashes (4 months after release)
  189. [Bug] OOS throw and Rage mode throw randomly doesnt knockdown enemies
  190. [Bug] simultaneous gb one overrides the other on Shin & cent
  191. My $0.02 on the Centurion and the Shinobi - They make the game uninteractive
  192. Feed Back, Dedicated Servers,Etc please read
  193. And more bugs
  194. Get rid of defensive stat and def penitration
  195. Turtling and Ganking
  196. What is going to happen to the Conqueror?
  197. Get rid of guard break on heavy startup.
  198. 8 kills without dying Order (Have you played 4v4's ever??)
  199. Suggestions for the shinobi
  200. Lack of creativity
  201. Matchmaking Suggestion (cant find no games)
  202. about matchmaking
  203. Armor Customisation, UI for dailies
  204. Make Uninterruptible attacks ACTUALLY Uninterruptible??
  205. New Classes and Gear Stats Feedback
  206. Weird Interaction of new characters x Shugoki
  207. Hirn los
  208. Shinobi weir problems with videos
  209. I'm ****ing done, Ubisoft
  210. Change the ridiculous focus on ledge-action, its not hard.
  211. Dedicated Servers? Community Poll
  212. Assasin bug is still a thing, after 4 months...
  213. Soldier corpses in Dominion
  214. Ledges that one hit kill you VS other types of enviromental damage
  215. Fix/Remove Join in Progress, and let us keep XP
  216. Conqueror/Berserker Head Glitch.
  217. Why is the zone flicker still a problem!?!?!?!?
  218. Suggested Conqueror Buffs.
  219. No More Assassin Classes.
  220. I have to say it twice... Add hero limit in 4v4
  221. Quick Lawbringer execution
  222. [Bug] Shinobi "quick-double dodge" exploit
  223. Give us a way to counter "guaranteed chain" attacks
  224. Orochi deflect agaist pk
  225. Nobushi buff reccomendation
  226. Unpredictability breaks the turtle. My suggestion for escaping the defensive meta.
  227. Emblems on gear doesn't show to other people
  228. A few ideas to fix the game and man, it NEEDS fixing
  229. Hs the one hit thing been solved?
  230. WTF shinobi
  231. Steel sale
  232. Switch off the glow effects
  233. Centurion and Shinobi Feedback - Do you even play your game?
  234. I want to buy your SEASON PASS but....cmon you greedy people!
  235. I want vanilla gamemode
  236. Orochi's zone attack in my opinion is too fast.
  237. Add a Match confirm window
  238. Suggestion List, Add yours
  239. the adventures of ShinoB!tch(vids)
  240. 0 fun anymore?
  241. A new type of order
  242. Add more variety of armor appearances for Season 3, not re-skins
  243. AFK Farming: Know what it IS and ISNT
  244. Play Story Mode Campaign and Earn Exp for Any Character
  245. Peacekeeper need buff, ubisoft!
  246. Shinobi slide v. Teammates
  247. Shigoki Buffs.
  248. The future of For Honor
  249. Question about leaver penalty
  250. Two more Shugoki Glitches