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  1. Time to start playing
  2. I want to play but i just can't. Everyone keeps getting kicked!
  3. Problems I have with this game
  4. Suggestion on revenge mode colors
  5. Problem with the Shugoki new Oni Charge...
  6. Search for friends matches
  7. Punishing on dodge
  8. Blissful rest and second wind
  9. [Bug Report] Lock on in multiplayer is picking up something in the distance
  10. Reworking current emote system and adding "high five" option.
  11. New (already existing) gamemode suggestion.
  12. Improved Customization in For Honor
  13. Problem with fast light and recovery times
  14. Trueskill matching system
  15. Choosing your hero before matchmaking
  16. Vs AI Games Not Loading Rewards
  17. Missing colors for champions
  18. Momentum: How To Give Conq The Improvements It Needs While Staying True To It Theme
  19. Conqueror
  20. [BUG REPORT] assassins bleed feats
  21. Orochi and Shinobi
  22. Give us more options for joining games
  23. Does reporting anything even make a difference?
  24. The game usually crashed
  25. Feedback and Suggestions on Matchmaking and Progression
  26. Spawn killing
  27. Option to duel without helmet
  28. Chip Damage Suggetions
  29. Soldier minigame
  30. Bear trap and raider stampede charge needs fix ubi
  31. [BUG] - Conqueror's Charging Shield Crush followups issues
  32. [BUG] - Pressing switching target key cancels Hidden Stance of The Nobushi
  33. I m sick and tired of one move spammers
  34. AoE
  35. Remove skill filter in Vs AI matchmaking, add difficulty choice
  36. The easiest way to fix turtle meta
  37. Soldiers leaving no corpse when they die.
  38. Dropping games like crazy but almost only on dominion
  39. Ubi nobushi need super armor on her kick
  40. Suggestion: New game mode "Flagmageddon"
  41. Berserkers OP?
  42. infinite charge of the oni
  43. huge problem with the new season gear revamp
  44. Last Stand Capturing Home re-spawn thought
  45. Changing the Shugoki Bear hug
  46. A petty request
  47. Still a lot of server issues on Ps4
  48. [BUG REPORT] - vs AI - Player climbs ladder when attacking
  49. Rebalancing the Core mechanics
  50. A Rework For Guard Break.
  51. Some freezes during playing
  52. Game has the worst interface! For instance, Crates
  53. High gear does not have to mean gold with spikes.
  54. [BUG] Reflex guard activates for wrong direction
  55. Active Offensive FEATS - A problem and a solution
  56. I understand the problem of actual Parry mech, and why it to easy !
  57. New game mode suggestion Devs
  58. Gear Looks
  59. Connection Issues in Dominion Game Mode
  60. Is there supposed to be a free Guard Break after a successful block?
  61. Loss... Loss... Loss... Loss... Loss... Loss...
  62. Elusive icons
  63. For Honor Player Stats Webpage inaccurate since update
  64. New For Honor game modes!
  65. Soft GB feint is still a thing, apparently
  66. Some centurion questions.
  67. Suggestion !!! Ubi fix this as fast as possible - about Gear Stats.
  68. For Honor NEEDS a chat box like Rocket League uses.
  69. Transverse Crest for Centurion
  70. Weirdest bug i have encountered
  71. No sound in game after patch 1.07
  72. Shinobi not registerd as an Assasin?
  73. Do not nerf dlc heroes
  74. Ubisoft are you kidding me with shinobi???????
  75. Update v1.07 Multiplayer AI Match Rewards/Orders Progress STILL Not Being Credited
  76. [BUG] Centurion season 1 ornament reward
  77. Mythic outfits for DLC characters
  78. Broken Game (overpowerd heros)
  79. Skill Balance System (unfair)
  80. Centurion block directional change
  81. [Bug Report][XB1] Centaur ornament for Centurion not unlocked
  82. Is this supposed to be like that? Ubi check this out please.
  83. Welcome to Season 2 of For Honor!!!!!
  84. Centurion's Eagle's Fury Alternate move Bug/Glitch
  85. Are the new weapon stats supposed to be this bad?
  86. Friendly kills not count toward deaths (Resilience orders)
  87. A Reservist Trophy
  88. [Major bug report] Stuck in tactical view during gameplay
  89. A Reservist trophy
  90. Ubisofts garbage "servers" make this game unplayable
  91. Browse while matchmaking, adjust bot levels, revise offensive active skills, and more
  92. Centurion Feat Glitch/bug
  93. "THIS IS SPARTA!!" quickchat added for Centurion
  94. The Inventory System is Actively Making Me Want to Play Less
  95. Centurion need fix or looked at
  96. Realistic Edges and Fix the broken jump attack mechanic
  97. Shinobi Bug?
  98. centurion is a hybrid... so why isn't he hybriding?
  99. Shinobi XXXD
  100. shinobi double dodge kick broken? (seriously?)
  101. First impresion on new heros
  102. Newbies verses Prestige?
  103. Yet another Server complaint!
  104. Something I've Noticed About Disconnects
  105. Gear Stats
  106. Lawbringer Revenge Bug
  107. New Heores not counting towards Contracts for Hybrid
  108. Dishonourable Kills and Penalties
  109. More execution buttons
  110. Shinobi bug, weapon disappears.
  111. [PC]Please add other controller buttons - Great support, flesh it out!
  112. [Xbox] Have the connection issues worsened?
  113. Why is For Honor matchmaking bad?
  114. Where is the dominion map version of Temple Garden?
  115. Centurion Bugs
  116. [BUG] Revenge activation vs Shinobi
  117. What can I do with 20000 anvil?
  118. Matchmaking....
  119. get rid of the stun, on the cent's kick
  120. ubi you told us on 1.7 patch note you removed Soft feint so how you explain that !!!
  121. Jesus ****ing christ dude. Fix the ****ing Centurion. His kick is broken.
  122. Ubisoft fix damn game
  123. Temple garden ... where ?
  124. The Raiders biggest problem remains untouched.
  125. Did Ubisoft lie about patch?
  126. Fix the ****ing Shinobi backdash spam.
  127. Nerf Centurion or at least fix his stamina consumption
  128. More Map Options for Vote
  129. Fix the kensei attack hitbox.
  130. Some of the armour parts (warlord's for example) do not change it's leather colour
  131. Getting zero games after patch 1.07
  132. My suggestion to everyone calling for Nerfs
  133. Weird K/D glitch
  134. Serious Shinobi fix and please nerf revenge gain.
  135. A suggestion for Warden's shoulder bash
  136. Ubisoft = Scamsoft = Ponzyschemesoft
  137. Centurion needs fixing.
  138. Shinobi constructive feedback
  139. Give Shugoki knockdown back! ... New Heroes have them with unblockables
  140. (PS4) What dose it mean to complete a game?
  141. Centurion and Shinobi
  142. Option to disable lock auto-switch.
  143. Fix the freaking connection issues already!
  144. Expand Our Standard Gear of Six to Eight
  145. Allow us to access the customization and options menu while in matchmaking
  146. UBI! Do you know that the game is unplayable on xbox? please answer.
  147. Ubisoft really!!! Revenge activates WAY TO FAST
  148. My answers to the new heroes
  149. Some suggestions and ramblings about issues we have.
  150. Why paying to get the new heroes early will stop people playing
  151. Please for the love of god fix the P2P system or add dedicated servees
  152. Devs watch video
  153. Centurion, best hero ever? Sorry for the essay.
  154. Centurion's Health
  155. The Centurion does not need a nerf
  156. Noticeably more disconnects post patch
  157. Incase you are on the fence
  158. Centurion is fine. Shinobi need nurf
  159. Who's ever idea is to give Centurion a free heavy after landing a kick needs to
  160. Please... Ubisoft please...~~
  161. Bug on console, Ranged GB not connecting to heavy
  162. Centurion
  163. Conexão
  164. Dominion Spawn Camping
  165. New Character with Khopesh
  166. Soft Feint has NOT been Fixed.
  167. The new character's move sets can't be seen and why its unfair.
  168. Ubisoft, please read.
  169. I-frame Invincible frames question?
  170. History Mode 2-5 Myre ¿bug?
  171. centurie doenst gets reword at hybrid oder
  172. Processing bug
  173. ublockable spam
  174. Suggestion of kensai buff method
  175. Can we get Faction War text in visible colors? % is shown yellow-on-yellow, etc.
  176. Ubi please add Gear Score & bot levels to in-game Scoreboard
  177. Centurion uppercut lunge connects after dodge
  178. Offline Play
  179. The Shinobi is balanced. Here's why.
  180. Unblockable bash attacks are op - here is how to fix them
  181. Execution bug
  182. Shinobi BS kick is unblockable and undodgeable
  183. centurions leap is BS
  184. Orochi's counterattacks
  185. For the criers of turtle meta.
  186. Bug : Executed rezable
  187. Feats that heal mid fight need to be ubiquitous - yes, no, something inbetween
  188. XB1 shinobi and a ledge issue
  189. Bug: Centurion not counted as Hybrid
  190. why make 2 more characters when you haven't even fixed the ones you've got? #nohope
  191. If u want to improve anti cheat ....
  192. Ubisoft, question
  193. The REAL reason people hate Centurion...
  194. The Most OP Character in The Game: Centurion
  195. Universal Sprint speed
  196. Shibobi Range Guardbreak Bug?
  197. [Bug] Temple Zone C
  198. Bug Report. Shugoki armour vs Shinobi kick xbox
  199. Contract Orders bug for Centurion
  200. Fix the shinobi please
  201. Broken Centurion :mad:
  202. Fix the servers
  203. [BUG / GLITCH] Menu sound
  204. Recommend changes for Raider, from a disgruntled Raider main.
  205. [BUG / GLITCH] Extra deaths when ledged
  206. Centurion is OP/broken and must be nerfed!
  207. Shinobi's Kick, Is It Too Safe?
  208. [BUG / GLITCH] New classes gain an extra score per second
  209. Save the Conqueror! He needs a buff! Suggestions!
  210. Pre-Order Outfit Rewards Reallocated to Season Pass?
  211. Getting extra deaths when pushed off of ledge!
  212. Chill out on calling everything OP now
  213. Idea for armour salvage use
  214. [Bug] Excessive Deaths When Ledged
  215. Centurion vortex cheese??
  216. Thanks to the Shinobi it's time to increase the target switch range.
  217. Reporting afk farmers is such a nuisance
  218. Warden Needs Shoulder Bash Into Grab Removed
  219. Shugoki needs a small buff to be viable at high level. HELP ROMAN!
  220. Centurion bugs
  221. Centurion Throw Bug
  222. Centurion Guard Switch is Extremely Slow
  223. More network errors after every patch
  224. Bug Report: Shinobi Range GB Indicator
  225. Add global cooldown on all uninterruptible attacks
  226. Nobushi OP, why don't you fix it? On purpose?
  227. centurion
  228. centurion is broken
  229. Balanced my ***. Shinobi is not
  230. Screen constantly flashing blinding white
  231. Unbalanced and broken MATCHMAKING
  232. Let's talk about the Centurion and give some feedback!
  233. Learn how to play Dominion
  234. Death count bug
  235. Feedback from a customer. Please forward to the marketing or sales department.
  236. Deluxe Edition Upgrade - Please add one!
  237. Adding more hud options
  238. Adding more hud options
  239. UBISOFT please read.
  240. Feedback by a very disapointed customer
  241. 4 New Weapon and 2 armor skin / hero ???
  242. Shinobi kicks needs to be looked into
  243. Allow Centurion to make both of his shoulder armor blank.
  244. Game improving ideas
  245. Dear Ubi Devs and CM's, let's talk about PvAI duels and inclusion in FH...
  246. why can't we customize heroes during matchmaking?
  247. Changes that need to happen if this game is too survive
  248. Centurion punishment for attacks and hit points.
  249. I need throw distance!!
  250. The centurion and shinobi are