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  1. **** you in the *** for peer to peer connection
  2. Group disbanding after match when there is not enough players
  3. Bug Report!
  4. [Bug Report] Double Guard breaks - One Guard Break is still going through
  5. 1.06 broke GB?
  6. Weapon Lore
  7. My problem with Matchmaking
  8. {UBI} this is report for orochi new exploit (video)
  9. Ever planning on fixing servers?
  10. New Hero Ideas
  11. ***PETITION*** Enable Couch Co-Op Splitscreen Play
  12. Idea for a buff to Berzerker
  13. Dedicated servers now.
  14. Feint with guardbreake
  15. Shugoki bug?
  16. Simple raider buff ubi
  17. Gamemode suggestion: Final Stand.
  18. Game mode suggestion
  19. Rep 30 invation
  20. Game needs fixed
  21. My Suggestion For Ubisoft
  22. Please ubisoft please !
  23. Faction Switching on Off Season reward bug?
  24. Suggested fixes that are needed
  25. Faction war, impact on the game world rather than personal reward
  26. Game Mode: 8 man duel tournament
  27. Shugoki - "Pray For You" and "Try Harder" Emotes Inverted
  28. Customizable quick-chat
  29. Conqueror Executions are Weak
  30. Why don't you let us do solo Custom matches offline when servers are down?
  31. UBISOFT can I have all my money back?
  32. Buying steel and received nothing!
  33. Bought over 200 dollars worth of steel and received nothing
  34. Easy hidden stance fix (console).
  35. PS4 Bug: Armor Still Turning Frost White
  36. UBI hasn't nerfed a single thing.
  37. Do the contract orders reset when the daily resets?
  38. A Suggestion for the Suggestion & Feedback Forum
  39. To Ubisoft: [PS4] Deflect - An Ill-implemented Mechanic.
  40. Do something with Warden
  41. [Suggestion]Making Skirmish more interesting, small fix.
  42. Better Warden
  43. Attack on ai dominion and the yellow dot bug
  44. a bug happens every day for three times at less. after 1.6 update (ps4) please fix it
  45. Tracking orders in matches
  46. How long will Shugo remain broken?
  47. Few things that should be taken a scond look at
  48. Would you like a 'hardcore mode'?
  49. Not receiving reward for skirmish ai matches
  50. Connection sucks
  51. Bring back old good Shugoki
  52. Update on Conqueror Rework?
  53. Hate the New Update
  54. The new Lawbringer
  55. Game Modes and Functions.
  56. OOS throw still inconsistent
  57. Vikings Scandinavians
  58. Nyrue's Comprehensive feedback
  59. Bug Report: Raider Exhausted Spin Throw Bug
  60. Suggestion: Arena Maps
  61. Matchmaking, for the love of all that is good.
  62. a GEAR idea
  63. honest opinion about 2 things
  64. UBI! A summary post of the current PvAI issue PC/PS4 (you asked for information)
  65. Suggestion: A New Objective Game Mode
  66. Pre-order colors dissappeared/broken
  67. Highest priority for UBI to fix must be: 1- GB->feint. 2->flicker into zone.
  68. Anyone like Warlords ornament for winning season?! I whant bear head as unique reward
  69. The problems of this game are getting out of hand!
  70. Kenseİ must get a buff
  71. Xbox players can't see friends in For Honor! Since over two months now...
  72. Deflect working as intended?
  73. Network Issues (also community rant)
  74. HELLO!? The game is unplayable right now! DC EVERYGAME
  75. stop spam !!!
  76. Warden Glitch/Spam
  77. What is the website to see where i rank in the world. For Honor
  78. UBISOFT!! Fix this game!!!
  79. Idea for Unused Salvage
  80. Inventory stash - changes
  81. Nerf Nobushi revenge mode
  82. Thoughts to the game modes from my reddit post
  83. Orders
  84. [REPORT] The DEFINITIVE Fix to Turtling and Class Imbalance
  85. Warrior´s Den 05/04/17
  86. Concern about Season2 New Gear Level
  87. Wait with character buffs
  88. Keep Throw Distance and Feat CDR
  89. Mythic outfits look very cool this week good job UBI! Now please give us more loadout
  90. New Battle Royale Game Mode For Future Season's
  91. PLease increase item storage
  92. Ban zone attacks in 1v1 fights
  93. Fix your Xbox servers
  94. Please remove rarity restriction on item appearance changes.
  95. Let me buy IDLE Wind Effect for my EMOTES
  96. Hurricane Blast Tracking
  97. LAWBRINGER is considered by community to be the weakest champion . Do they need buff?
  98. all nerf/buff that need to be done
  99. New elite costumes - 180,000 steel or $180 cash. 3x the price of the game. Really?
  100. Honor ranking and No Boosts No Feats No High Revenge Gain Elimination mode
  101. Defensive Meta funeral (it's about chip-damage)
  102. Error 0006000137
  103. UBISOFT please fix matchmaking
  104. 1.06 WArden Shoulder pash
  105. 3 steps to fixing the defensive meta
  106. SUGGESTION: In game guild systhem
  107. 4 suggestions for this game
  108. UBISOFT are you going to say something about GB feint / light - heavy soft feint??
  109. feedback from cheater report
  110. GB stun lock and how to fix it
  111. Make for HONOR great AGAIN !!
  112. Contract Order 6 Dominions with 6 different hero's HAS to go.
  113. disconnection
  114. Balancing suggestions
  115. Bugged Orders vs AI
  116. Instead of ornaments make more tattoos and symbols ubi
  117. Please address the fundamental fallacy of upgrading non-max tier gear
  118. Please mic on as default on xbox
  119. How do I post an image on these threads
  120. Conqueror Revival
  121. Friendly attacks and XP gain
  122. Introduce an Open World and Possible a Faction Allaince and Governent
  123. Is Top Heavy after GB broken?
  124. Reward structure is all wrong
  125. Streaming and game clips on consoles?
  126. Penalty for leaving matches!
  127. Gamemode Idea: CO-OP Coliseum
  128. Ubisoft could you Please?
  129. Revenge Mode
  130. I really want the crusade symbol for knight
  131. Why do players always have to insult other players?
  132. Penalty for not using factions heros(50% war assets)
  133. warden sholder bash nerf not enough (video)
  134. Orders
  135. Gear & Gear Stats / feats / Steel / upgrading .. Ideas to change and improve
  136. An idea on parry mechanic never discussed before
  137. Rework to duel maps?
  138. Orders are broken
  139. Startup indicator
  140. Suggestion: Balance your characters
  141. Time for compensations
  142. Average daily rage/nerf post.
  143. Any work planned for speeding up matchmaking/replacing lost players?
  144. This needs to end
  145. Lawbringer's Long Shot Execution Issue
  146. Tattoo and Symbols - Triangles
  147. * Mutiplayer Suggestions ****
  148. is PK zone attack too fast?
  149. Coloring Option For The Ornaments
  150. [SUGGESTIONS] Contract Orders Reward
  151. Shugoki crush still not fixed?
  152. Feedback? There you have it - Quitting due to connection issues
  153. Longer executions should mean more xp or health regen or renown
  154. Matchmaking
  155. When are you going to fix the flicker bug?
  156. New characters
  157. On the subject of playability.
  158. **Execution cancel!!**
  159. Uninstalled and refunded
  160. Creating equal ground between turtling players and aggressive players
  161. Severs on consoles are soo bad at the moment help us
  162. matchmaking now includes bots. Seriously?
  163. Broken characters list........
  164. Balancing issues.
  165. Xbox Game DVR And Streaming
  166. A Centurion !?
  167. New Custom Game Option
  168. Warden... warden warden warden SUCKS
  169. Factionswar
  170. Shugoki grab missing, but you get sucked into it
  171. New Game Mode: TRUEL
  172. quitting duels
  173. Show some love for neutral colour schemes
  174. ubi read this carefully and learn how to make your multiplayer game better (please)
  175. new game mode
  176. This Turtle thing is so funny.
  177. I don't understand.
  178. The Upcoming Season 2 Gear Re-balance makes no sense
  179. Keep a good eye on that damn Nobushi Damage
  180. A idea for a new faction - would be a cool DLC
  181. !! COOP EMOTE !! for you and your mate ??!!
  182. Orochi is the most popular, what is the reason? OP or just more fun
  183. For missing rewards.
  184. Xbox 360 Controller no longer working
  185. Problems with guardbreak on dodge
  186. Season Pass, new classes
  187. Fixing Viking Effects/ Elimination Problems
  188. Make matchmaking account for groups/premades
  189. Neutral colours
  190. day 89 still no ranked / tournament (read ubi please)
  191. Top Light Attack Combo VS Passive Uninteruptible Stance
  192. Pk's lights are too fast
  193. Season pass ! Permanent champion status....
  194. Suggestion: The Paladin
  195. Inconsistencies with feint into GB
  196. Allow A Window to Dodge Guardbreaks
  197. Connection
  198. Suggestion: New game mode "Arena'/'Gladiator fights'
  199. Peacekeeper.
  200. Rework warden charge !!!
  201. Warlord Is Completely 100% Broken.
  202. GAMEPLAY SUGGESTIONS: Changeable Weapons and Disarm
  203. ***UBISOFT*** - Suggestions For Story & Co-op Play (*SPOILER ALERT*)
  204. Should Lawbringer rely more on parries? Turtle meta consideration
  205. How About At least An All AI Mode - since you can't keep matches with Players Working
  206. You guys know button mapping was always there on consoles right?
  207. Faction War Map Suggestion.
  208. Outfit weapons
  209. Fix your servers!!!!
  210. Why is revenge still broken AF???
  211. keep getting disconnected
  212. For Honor on Xbox is actually unplayable, not over-reacting.
  213. Hello everyone I have a question
  214. Suggestions for new game modes
  215. please balance this game
  216. Feats suggestion
  217. DLC MAN VALKIRIE, or GREEK SPARTAN AQUILES (troy) fighting style
  218. Plumes as Ornaments for Knights
  219. Constructive oppinion on warlord as a warlord main
  220. Am I only one getting DC-s
  221. Turtle Meta is killing this game
  222. New stat system, shields.
  223. Thank you for the positive steps you are taking.
  224. For Honor went Full Fantasy ?!
  225. For honor goes ********(****ing ubijerks should be fired for this)
  226. Please remove Faction War
  227. Annoying bug
  228. Hardcore Elimination Mode
  229. Please stop with the gold toys/animal heads/skulls
  230. Needed changes IMO
  231. War of the Factions..........
  232. For Honor glitch with "Choke On This" execution.
  233. Remove the ability to join "in progress" games
  234. Spawn Points (Elim, Brawl Feedback)
  235. Ubisoft, could we have some easy changes to improve the game ?
  236. Long Shot Lawbringer execution fix
  237. Best fighting game ever
  238. Valkyrie has poor posture in the character screen
  239. summary of the problems (with and agaist) a peacekeeper. Please fix
  240. Suggestion To Players Who Lash Out At Ubisoft - And A Thank-You To Ubisoft
  241. how parrying should have been done
  242. Corta a on Xbox causes dc error
  243. Question: Would a 720p mode allow 60FPS on consoles?
  244. What happens to our old armor stats?
  245. Truely needed fixes and my experience with season 1
  246. 1.07 Patch Improvements
  247. New ideas and moves for the conq
  248. Mini game for tutorial/training
  249. [Bug Report][XB1] Akirk Chest piece causes elbow armor to float off arm
  250. Conqueror bug