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  1. Peacekeeper too weak damage triggering 1v1 revenge by injury
  2. Xbox Update opinions
  3. Is Conqueror balanced?
  4. We only asked to remove revenge from 1v1. Not make it ****ing useless.
  5. Is there a plan for more mid-high level content besides cosmetics?
  6. What has happened to Shugo after console patch 1.05!?
  7. Valk Recovery
  8. please stop with the ugly animal ornaments on knights.
  9. Why is it so hard..
  10. Order: Dominant Dominion glitch
  11. The reason, why Zone attacks speed should be nerfed !
  12. Hearing the whole community
  13. Should revenge be rebuffed, but removed in 1v1?
  14. Implement dc compensations
  15. Guard break vs. Attack
  16. Turtle playstyle balancing
  17. We need matchmanking !
  18. Dominion Minions BUGGED?
  19. Kensei is bugged.
  20. Invincibility during counter guard break
  21. Citadel Gate - the octagon in the middle
  22. Balance out EXP gain of the modes (duel cough)
  23. Post update error
  24. Revenge mode is so ****ing trash dude.
  25. Remove the "leave game" button.
  26. UBI read. Zerker bug. short post
  27. We should have more loadouts
  28. Choose what faction's minions are present in Dominion and Skirmish custom games
  29. Warlords headbutt
  30. Ubisoft your Server SUCK big time !
  31. Bug? Shove doesn't knockdown in revenge anymore?
  32. When you heal, your armour should too.
  33. There is no ****ing hope while in Revenge mode.
  34. Stability sucks
  35. Random Game crashes - a
  36. Jedi cliffs, jedi spikes.
  37. Ubi, please punish the quitters. They are too many!
  38. Option to Remap Key Bindings on Controller
  39. i cant play one full match. server disconnect. all players!!!
  40. Upcoming Update 1.06
  41. Garbage
  42. VOTE kick AFK players, Dirty players !!!
  43. Name the fighter!
  44. I'm done until Lawbringer gets worked on yet again
  45. Bizarre amount of connection problems
  46. Forums Acces
  47. Nobushi need small buffs
  48. Devs, i am proud
  49. Ubisoft are you working on the zone flicker???
  50. Air guitar
  51. New trend or something else?
  52. Feed back and suggestiond!!!!
  53. 5 disconnects in a row
  54. Elimination is ****ing unplayable because of nerfed revenge mode and feats.
  55. Another way to consume Salvage...
  56. Just how long are we supposed to wait for the Raider buffs?
  57. new maps?
  58. Assissin knockdown on revenge
  59. Player Stand-In's
  60. Get rid of zone flicker
  61. Possible Bug
  62. Servers?!
  63. wtf
  64. Devs are ****ing useless
  65. Revenge mode
  66. Revenge mode only for domination, skirmish and 4 on 4v elimination
  67. Revenge mode bring it back
  68. Raider axe handle hit is broken
  69. Expired orders cause disconnects?
  70. Suggestion: Buff account registration pls.
  71. Errors
  72. Current Revenge mode is perfect, bravo!
  73. This is a Suggestion and Feedback Forum not a kindergarten
  74. Please stop with the 4v4 orders...
  75. Matchmaking ????
  76. Increase inventory limit please!
  77. Nerf the POPE PLZ
  78. Lawbringer "Make Way" ability still bugged
  79. Actual servers like ya kno every other successful game ever
  80. Raider buff ideas
  81. Honest opinion about console ver by SypherPK
  82. Fixing The Defensive Meta
  83. Higher your rep the more XP you get?
  84. How long did it take you to complete the 6 game bounty?
  85. Devs: Please display stats numerically
  86. Reminder of what we put up with. Ubsisoft watch this?
  87. Two new kick options for Nobushi.
  88. For Honor Needs 2P Co-op (Also About Other Problems)
  89. Devs: Potential problems with "ganks" and revival mechanics
  90. I think the developers are catering to the whiny playerbase way too much.
  91. Hey ubisoft
  92. The VS Screen
  93. Unstoppabke feat my ***
  94. ubi are you planning to fix this matchmaking !
  95. Party separation for matchmaking.
  96. Giving Lawbringer an unblockable light after shove is a terrible idea
  97. Why the increase in gear "change look" cost?
  98. Couple of things that could use a tweaking
  99. Well...
  100. Expanded Customization WITH PICTURES [SUGGESTION]
  101. Revenge nerf and how it effects the game
  102. Fix your broke game.
  103. Game improvement
  104. For Honor alt Tab searching for matches
  105. Why are berserkers able to hit and cancel a wind gust?
  106. Really Ubisoft? PS PLUS REQUIRED TO PLAY?!?
  107. Matchmaker - Pair groups up with other groups
  108. Berserker hit recovery broken
  109. Sound of match start ! Extremely needed in the next patch !
  110. Suggestion to Recalibrate a bit Revenge Stronger
  111. Equip 2 more executions please XD
  112. Forgive me, but you are worthless!!!!!!
  113. Suggestion: requeue
  114. Three Scenarios I was salty about in the last days
  115. The Power of The Peacekeeper - What Can Be Done?....
  116. Fast AoE and the way they do it.
  117. Change Dominant Contracts
  118. Out of stamina knockdowns
  119. Why I cannot dodge Kensei high heavy attacks?
  120. 20,000 steel to repay us for matches DCed
  121. The allmighty destroyer - A queston at Ubi
  122. Leaderboards - Will For Honor have them?
  123. Simple Improvement to Faction War
  124. [Bug Report] Apparently invincible bots are a thing...
  125. There is no ****ing hope for this game.
  126. Please
  127. For Honor has no Platinum
  128. Missing reward from faction war
  129. Emblem Editor - text tool
  130. The actual issue with hero balancing
  131. Trophy issue for ps4
  132. Ubi! Why only 3 crates season win for me?
  133. [Bug Report] No rewards and level marked as Max following multiplayer games
  134. QOL "sub-mechanics" for Revenge
  135. matchmaking queue
  136. Nobushi Issues
  137. [B]RIP For honor[/B]
  138. Server issue on Duel (AI)
  139. No new Contract Orders today?
  140. An error occured
  141. Faction war suggestion
  142. Controller Button Remapping
  143. Thank you for fixing the warden
  144. Valkyrie does not receive bonuses from elimination boosts if she's in all-guard.
  145. 70 Bucks, can you please make this game works like it should ? Some suggestions too.
  146. Warden va Orochi
  147. Suggestion for improving matchmaking
  148. ubi are you calling that a matchmaking !!
  149. Why!!!!!!
  150. After patch 1.06
  151. Genious ideal! New keyword to work with: uninterruptable,unblockable and UNPARRYABLE!
  152. Valkyrie Shoulder Pin Bug
  153. Funny
  154. This game needs Matrix style Executions!
  155. yet another revenge thread
  156. Berserker damage vs Warden Damage in Revenge
  157. Warden Broken video proof, v1.06 fix it!
  158. Shugoki Issues [SUGGESTION] [PS4]
  159. Connectivity worse than ever
  160. End of round + Quick chat
  161. New Game Modes Suggestions for Season 2
  162. Two bugs and a problem/suggestion
  163. Please Enable friendly fire
  164. Key binding for Gamepad
  165. Peacekeeper vs berserker fix
  166. Long arm bug
  167. UBISOFT REALLY!!! connectivity is 10x worse than before the patch.
  168. Balance, Gear, Matchmaker needs to be adressed!
  169. Game mode - race against time - superboss
  170. Bug Report stuck Gear / "new stuff" permanently showen
  171. Season 1 Pass Rip-Off
  172. Ubi are you going to fix the sound effect / cinematic of the new executions?
  173. Possibilities for Faction War
  174. Balance Feats!
  175. At least 1v1 / 2v2 ranked mode at the start in season 2?
  176. divide solo queue and full squad group queue
  177. Game Starts on wrong monitor every startup.
  178. please add more slots for customize character variations
  179. Wrong Genders
  180. Request for respectful emotes & quickchat
  181. No Ornament options for all and No Tatoo Options for the Raider (Read whole thread)
  182. change to the customization system suggestion
  183. Orders
  184. Frozen game at queue
  185. Well done
  186. Lvl 2 bots need to be reworked
  187. Random execution button
  188. If you can't change the framelock, change the parry window.
  189. Middle points dont count as zone captures??
  190. Future Patch Ideas Fixes
  191. Valkyrie Shield charge loses 100% of the time vs other charges
  192. Balancing this game
  193. Give me back my old good Shugoki!
  194. STORM RUSH! A unique orochi buff idea.
  195. Essential Ingredients In Skin Firming Lotion
  196. Centurion execution idea
  197. Idea for how to fix all block stance
  198. Network issues
  199. Error: 0006000137
  200. Duel & Brawl contract orders
  201. Ubisoft you can't get it right, not even gonna bother playing anymore
  202. Dominant Skirmisher contract order bug?
  203. Berserker 2nd Attack Unstoppable Infinite Chain Bug?
  204. Allow 'go back to main menu' option after joining session
  205. A small glitch
  206. Turtle meta
  207. For Honor new gamemode "Jugger"
  208. will we see Warlord's bearskin-armor from singleplayer in Season 2, by any chance?
  209. fix your ******* game
  210. [Suggestion] Emblem's Contest
  211. Fix this major flaw with the Centurion before release
  212. leaderboard/clans/check records
  213. PS4: Way to mute or adjust volume on players audio?
  214. Game is unplayable on xbox
  215. Nobushi problems/ fixes suggestions.
  216. Match Rewards/Bounty Progress Not Credited For Any Game Mode With AI After Update
  217. Option To Fully Customize AI in Custom Match Mode
  218. Post Victory Match Bug
  219. Fix your connection ubisoft!
  220. PKs still spamming lights
  221. There's a pretty big valkyrie bug out right now
  222. Why is this game still broken?
  223. Duplicate Heroes
  224. For Honor is the absolute worst game of 2017, ubisoft owes the world an apology.
  225. Warden execution ideas
  226. Is it possible to get rid of these certain orders? And also the Captains in skirmish?
  227. there is inequality between conqueror and warlord
  228. A huge stamina balance issue
  229. End of Game spotlights
  230. More different Play Modes
  231. Can't finish 8/10 matches on 4v4.
  232. Rework idea - more depth for the Conqueror
  233. Everyone stop ****ing complaining
  234. Options on standard effects (Disable/Enable) ? Better User Interface ?
  235. Has anyone else felt like not playing since the season ended?
  236. Why parrying a berserker heavy results in him going long range distance?
  237. Can we please fix orders?
  238. Shugoki demons embrace should not kill
  239. Class specific orders thought imo
  240. Adding to the list of unsatisfied customers
  241. End Game rage quitters causing everyone to DC
  242. UBISOFT Stop adding new content til you fix the game.
  243. Extremely terrible network issues on strict NAT?
  244. Suggestion for Conqueror charged heavy
  245. Wow
  246. Server Unreachable at this time
  247. Glymiron hilt looks backwards
  248. Valkyrie Counter Bug
  249. are you ever gonna fix deadzones?
  250. Big Issue - Running away in 1v1