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  1. Button remap
  2. Disconnecting in the last second
  3. I have a question
  4. scorebored
  5. Piecekeeper
  6. Buy to Play game with Free to Play business model.
  7. Friendly fire
  8. New hero idea for knights.
  9. Seriously... can i just get a sword fight DUEL
  10. Daily Challenges!
  11. 4th faction idea: Mamluks or Janissaries.
  12. my horrible duel experience
  13. Punch Through Feat is useless against maxed gear
  14. Rez Limit?
  15. Exhausted Heavy GBs
  16. Bug on launch after midnight
  17. Possible Unblockable Bug (Berserker vs Peacekeeper)
  18. Farming
  19. Joining Games Late
  20. (Minimal) guard indicator
  21. Creative suggestions
  22. Suggested fix for Zone Indicator Bug
  23. Proposal for Adding Depth to Faction Warfare
  24. Need Severe Punishment for ppl leaving in games
  25. Feats and item level
  26. start use your brain, ubi
  27. Lawbringer emote bug
  28. Steel and XP Availability
  29. #'s vs AI
  30. Colors
  31. UBI Support: "Severin E"
  32. Suggestion: Please adjust spawning in 4v4s
  33. UBI Announcments
  34. Friendly fire
  35. Disappointed
  36. Guard Break
  37. New patch, same connection ********
  38. Abillitys to the fat samurai
  39. Player vs. AI Duel
  40. Why was my account reset?
  41. Game freezes if you press TAB after game ends
  42. Parry and deflect Comments
  43. Free Transform Feature
  44. Remove this thread..
  45. Where is the balance?
  46. Enough crying
  47. Enough crying
  48. running the gauntlet - Gauntletrun / new Gamemode Player Vs KI
  49. I want a Refund Ubisoft
  50. Orders Suggestion
  51. A Lock Button?
  52. You Know a Game is in Trouble When...
  53. Game Crashing After wins PS4
  54. Dominion itīs 100% unplayable after new "fix"
  55. Reporting from Loading Screen and After Match Scoreboard
  56. Scrap
  57. last pc patch didnt fix freeze to world map
  58. Revenge meta & items are killing the game
  59. throws
  60. Camera angles should be adjustable!!!
  61. Possible bug. 3rd strike in poke the nest
  62. let shovel this guy until reinforcement arrive.
  63. Throw Laws a bone will ya?
  64. Microtransactions
  65. Increased Friendly Fire Damage and Teamkill Penalty
  66. [Request] Solid Paint Patterns
  67. Change skirmish mode : Add this, and change the name.
  68. Multi core CPU, and the stutter problem
  69. What do u say to this Changes ?
  70. Refund Please!! TSno
  71. the patch and problem with connectivity
  72. Suggestions & Feedback ~ UBI RESPONSE REQUESTED
  73. Suggestions & Feedback ~ UBI RESPONSE REQUESTED
  74. Suggestions to take into consideration
  75. Soldiers
  76. Matchmaking system
  77. Ubisoft this is your next patch
  78. Farming afk problems
  79. Game sometimes freezes after finishing a Match
  80. Dominat skirmish order is stupid
  81. Display Bug or a Skill?
  82. Bug or Hacker on Dominion
  83. My Feedback after 1000 Duels
  85. Ubisoft what happened to the matchmaking after the latest patch?
  86. Warlord Gudbrand sword
  87. Dominion games are too short
  88. Afk
  89. Never had serious frame drop problems until this last patch
  90. What i want!
  91. Feedback for For Honor - It deserves
  92. Half-Second Game Freezing while in Combat
  93. Honor game mode suggestion
  94. peer2peer
  95. Why does guardbreak have a guaranteed hit against someone who is currently dashing
  96. Please increase inventory capacity when DLC is released.
  97. After match, almost every time i leave gruop my game freeze
  98. Balancing PC and console separately
  99. Why are you at a disadvantage in a 2v1
  100. Community Event
  101. Get ready/deploy assets take a piss and carry on to next round
  102. [Suggest] Why not add no gear mode in 4v4?
  103. Matchmaking Error 0002001512
  104. About the zone attack and totally defense of the conqueror
  105. How can I connect in the middle of the game ??????
  106. Character Selection Bug
  107. DISPLAY BUG since v1.04
  108. The dev says they don't want us to unlock everything... this is why ppl stop playing.
  109. Nerf the ***IN WARDEN
  110. Thanks for...what?
  111. Dishonor suggestion
  112. Shugoki
  113. So about the revenge nerf (suggestion)
  114. Joystick button functions
  115. Color Blind Option PLEASE
  116. Nobody is dueling
  117. I suggest to move some attacks to C input with keyboard to balance 1vs1
  118. Suggestion: Let Player Host The Match
  119. (Bug) Lb unlocked rep14 outfit parts at rep2
  120. Shugoki
  121. valk is op
  122. Suggestion: "Stand and Face Me COWARD!" system
  123. Suggestion: Option to turn off "Join in progress" for matchmaking
  124. Reminder to please make Lawbringer's stance change time quicker.
  125. [Bug Report] Conqueror Shield Basher perk partially stops working after death.
  126. [Bug Report] "New" Items
  127. @Ubisoft Any info on Split-Screen?
  128. Your game sucks and I want my money back
  129. Trolling Kill-Stealers
  130. Error Codes.
  131. Ok, the joke isn't funny anymore
  132. Can we at least have some real update? - Multiplayer
  133. [BUG] Zerker Sunbeam Emote sounds
  134. Mainly a Lawbringer Post with other comments
  135. New custom game option
  136. Ubbiiii wee need ranks
  137. Peer to peer has got to go.
  138. Spam under revenge - Berserker, spadassin and PK rebalance
  139. Why is there still 2 min wait time 80% of the time i quit to world map?
  140. FIX this releasing guard mid attack
  141. Time limit gives draw no matter what
  142. Moveset Combos
  143. Input lags with Valkyrie
  144. Dominant skirmisher order
  145. Revenge needs to be nerfed.
  146. Cannot complete orders due to network error 10 times in a row mid game.
  147. That AOE
  148. Rejoin after a disconnect and join friends mid match
  149. Shoulder bash and hidden stance. I can't hug these!?
  150. What ruins this game for me
  151. Revenge Mode Triggering in 1v1 Fights
  152. 2 Things
  153. Friendly fire, why it's a problem and your feedback.
  154. Feedback of a Rep 7 Conq who left
  155. Ubi, please read this and do something about it!
  156. 2 Players 1 Connection (120€) = CRITICAL ERROR
  157. Get Dedicated Servers
  158. For honor balancing and some balancing suggestions
  159. The defensive meta and why i think it is the way it is...
  160. Balance Suggestions
  161. Option to hid my Reputation Level?
  162. Locking on toggle
  163. An Uncounterable Feat Made Counterable
  164. I want my money back (game is broken)
  165. Suggestions nerfing Warlord or buffing some heroes
  166. Potentially Nerf Bleed
  167. [BUG] Warden's shoulder charge
  168. Immortal shugoki loop
  169. Will the revenge ever be nerfed?
  170. Dear Ubisoft...
  171. Teamhitting needs to be punished in some way
  172. sick of this
  173. Delete Voicechat funtion
  174. Shugoki Viability in Group Fights
  175. Suggestion: Balancing Warlord Headbutt
  176. Can We Make Parries Harder To Land?
  177. I wish warlord can be girl, like Rider ect... :(
  178. New rules will apply to continue to be employed and other stuff!
  179. Should revived players have half health instead of full?
  180. Revenge should trigger 1-2 times per life.
  181. Peer2peer and Ragequiters.
  182. Kensei feints should count thowards combos similar to the Beserker class
  183. Get rid of getting up to automatically fall off the edge.
  184. Matchmaking needs to be changed!
  185. people are still leaving after a rnd - where is the patch info???
  186. Changing the Conqueror
  187. Warden needs a nerf...
  188. Give us our already funded servers
  189. Faction War - Game Mode
  190. Companion App?
  191. Laggy or red connection players on PS4
  192. Field of view for guard mode and non guard mode. Rank system
  193. what happened to block?
  194. Matchmaking and Connection Issues
  195. See Previous Rounds
  196. Servers are online but cant start matchmaking
  197. UBI your matchmaking is blind (images)
  198. UBI here is a list on what to fix
  199. UBI need to make a solution for the players they dont play the obj on demotion.Images
  200. I'm tired of this. Ubisoft really is SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW at fixing things.
  201. You know what would be really nice?
  202. Hello Ubisoft Team; Just a Few Suggestions
  203. Suggestion: Fix things and talk about the fixes.
  204. Make the end of the faction war season always on the weekends
  205. Fixing revenge and breaking the defensive meta
  206. UBI please read. Positive thread only. I'll try to be short and sweet
  207. Idea to Combat Leavers
  208. 1,626 deployments. 4 scavenger crates.
  209. Possible peacekeeper balances, other ideas more than welcome
  210. Your game itīs complete bull**it
  211. Why can't I seem to complete more than one match without errors or getting kicked?
  212. Yet another player leaving for honor behind
  213. Lack of communication.
  214. Faction war round end rewards and global event rewards
  215. ! Idea, Add time limits for certain moves.
  216. Round win rewards not given
  217. All Colours in PvE
  218. Are the PS4 servers (aus) still down? Cannot contact servers
  219. Return
  220. Thank you, Ubisoft!
  221. Characters rebalance suggestion (To Ubisoft)
  222. Didn't receive any iron crates at the end of the round
  223. 3v3
  224. Nobushi Issues / Balance Suggestions
  225. Suggestions from a loyal player
  226. Connectivity needs to be fixed!
  227. War Assests not counting correctly towards Achievement?
  228. Are the developers paying attention?
  229. Deathmatch Queues
  230. Fa q ubi!
  231. New Hero Ideas!!!
  232. How to fix RAGE-QUITTING
  233. Unlock cosmetics through account rep instead of character rep
  234. Please UBI please!
  235. didn't got the loot boxes for fraction war .
  236. Faction War but no real factions. How does that work exactly?
  237. Faction War Overhaul Needed!
  238. Why the networking is the single most important issue right now
  239. Suggestion regarding feats in elimination.
  240. Distasteful Actions
  241. Remove I-frames on sideways dashes.
  242. Season pass holder suggestion
  243. My Balance Suggestions
  244. Contract Orders too long
  245. Two Shotting Heavies, It Shouldn't Happen
  246. Connection Issues
  247. Play with bots only
  248. Separate with opponent depend high level Armors/weapons
  249. PS4 Controller on PC/Steam BIG PICTURE
  250. Flat numbers for stats?