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  1. Coward's classes in For Honor
  2. Quickchat Change
  3. [Bug Report]Parry Is Bugged(Video Proof)
  4. The Revenge System Could Be Much Better
  5. Customization bug on Lawbringer
  6. No more circle runners but therefore they now standing afk in spawn and no kick
  7. Environment kills
  8. Fix Quit To WorldMap ISSUE
  9. Suggestion for bleed
  10. Add dismantle items for steel option
  11. Splitscreen
  12. C'mon Ubisoft, are you ever going to make changes to the overpowered heroes?
  13. Assassins are too strong
  14. BOTS need fixing
  15. Bug Report: Audio
  16. Bug Report: Character Selection - Default Option overriding current selection
  17. [Raider] Stampede Charge
  18. Retrieving data everytime
  19. [pc] nvidia laptop user support has gone unfixed for a month - seeking refund
  20. Server connectivity ruins an otherwise great game.
  21. Problem with Friendly Fire leading to easy trolling (Video)
  22. Cosmetic-Bug: Berserker "eye-shadow"
  23. If i play with my friends i always have to fight people who are just to OP.
  24. No revenge
  25. Bezerker cancel
  26. Is it just me or you guys cant complete Dominat Skirmisher either ?
  27. Suggestions for Competitive Mode.
  28. Disconnection issues
  29. Add some Valkyrie helmets without the face plate
  30. Law isn't that great in 4v4, he gets assists not kills.
  31. Braul bug during character select
  32. 4v4 modes targeting system change
  33. Raider Suggestion
  34. Error right at the end of a match
  35. Inactive players
  36. Shugoki
  37. Everything that needs to be fixed right here
  38. Nobushi's guard speed
  39. I hate allied orders
  40. Valkyrie Block
  41. Lawbringer
  42. List: New Feats
  43. Gear stats are broken
  44. Fix the Servers!!!!!
  45. new faction for later " Native Americans"
  46. Warlord's headbutt needs to be removed.
  47. Hurry Up and Start Next Match!!!
  48. Orders too difficult d/t
  49. Suggestions for gameplay, menus AND factions!
  50. Comprehensive Feedback ( UI - Combat - Network)
  51. [Bug report] Uncounterable GB can get countered
  52. Memory Leak Again !!!
  53. Suggestion to alter bleeding
  54. error 0004000021
  55. Elimination buffs
  56. For the love of God: Let us map vote BEFORE the game.
  57. Any Chance For Altering Control Scheme?
  58. Remove Attack Tracking
  59. Fix your damn game!
  60. what should we do if everyone leave this game ? can not find or create match get EXP
  61. Errors when people leave game
  62. Major balance issue attacks approximately 500ms or 30 frames are not reactable on t.v
  63. Beserker Deflect Bug (unthrowable opponenets)
  64. Fix your game!
  65. Spam Attacks need to use more stamina.
  66. Matchmaking question and suggestion
  67. Salvage building up
  68. Ubisoft, change your calendars
  69. The game is Unplayable on Consoles
  70. Please adjust matchmaking, or make a new system please!!!
  71. Please adjust matchmaking, or make a new system please!!!
  72. [BUG] - Bomb + Ladder = Epileptic character (Video)
  73. Notification Sound when Matchmaking is done
  74. Don't you think guardbreak is a bit to much for a one-button mechanic?
  75. OP Heroes?
  76. The Warlord: Uninterruptible Heavy Attacks - Wrong Wording
  77. Why assassins have the game going for them
  78. Guard Break unblockables idea
  79. Minions stuck
  80. a little balancing stuff for Knights
  81. Faction War Balance Ideas
  82. What is broken in this game.
  83. Need help with Conqueror gear stats
  84. All the problems that i have seen so far
  85. Warden's Shoulder Bash - Broken In Latest Patch - Guard Breakable
  86. Alpha testers only (old mechanics of the game)
  87. in what world is ubisoft in?
  88. A few things to consider with balance!
  89. Mix it up, or get 30 sec penalty spammers and 50% slowed stamina regen
  90. PeaceKeeper Revenge Mode - Area Attack spam
  91. New cosmetic gear?
  92. Shield bashing 5 second cool down system
  93. some tought after 4D 3H 30M
  94. Dedicated servers (POLL)
  95. Are the other dom maps ever coming back?
  96. Idea on how to improve combos
  97. Honestly the amount of steel given vs the amount required to buy anything is nuts...
  98. Fix the bots or take away the AI Orders.
  99. Put a cooldown on zone attacks
  100. For Honor server connection issues
  101. My thoughts. UBISOFT, you should read. Players, give me your salt
  102. Please nerf the god damn Warlord already.
  103. Cliffs
  104. Dynamic animations
  105. The Servers are Crap
  106. Potential fix to chains and defensive meta
  107. Peer to peer... Seriously??
  108. Warden's Uncrewed Pommel Throw to end them rightly, pommel can be reused to KO all
  109. Some simple suggestions.
  110. There is so much wrong with this game at the moment.
  111. All dominion vs AI games full of afk players. do something
  112. Cassios Chest colour bug
  113. Multiplayer Elimination Feedback
  114. Buff Revenge mode
  115. Servers & boots
  116. Fck'n nerf the peacekeeper
  117. Suggestion to make defense less rewarding
  118. feedback on the warden, still
  119. Make Executions do-able from knocked down Heavy
  120. Chat must-have
  121. Dear Ubisoft
  122. Ubisoft? Hello? Fullscreen?
  123. Valkyrie vs. Lawbringer (PS4)
  124. Idea for unblockable stuns.
  125. Faction War Number Game
  126. Revenge cool down?
  127. Guardbreak Bugged Or Unbalanced?
  128. My idea about the war and how I'd like to see it
  129. Тренировки
  130. Faction War doesn't matter if turns don't matter.
  131. it as to STOP,LOSERS and QUITTERS
  132. Sound issues
  133. Please fix nobushi bugs
  134. Ужасно!
  135. Let us select a ping limit to the matchmaking
  136. Ubi: I want to buy steel...
  137. Kensel "Arm and Armed" Combat Emote is wrong
  138. Left-Hand / Right Hand
  139. Useless complaints...
  140. Deal with Revenge
  141. Interchangeable Feats For Faction Heros
  142. Valk is much more versatile then Lawbringer
  143. Dodging
  144. Allow me to NOT show my Reputation level
  145. Minor Request - Samurai Armor
  146. Revenge-Fueled Bleeds
  147. A deathmatch should be a deathmatch
  148. Gear stats not applying
  149. Faction War - Sum of Territory Points more balanced and fair?
  150. Is there an option to purchase a Deluxe addition upgrade for For Honor?
  151. Please don't change the game too much cause of these sissy baby's.
  152. [Bug Report] (PC) Game Ignores character choice on CSS and loads in different hero
  153. Suggestion on keybinds
  154. Demons Embrace and Long Arm should go.
  155. PK: True Story!
  156. Get Rid of Revenge and add Full Friendly Fire
  157. I want a refund.
  158. A way to help with the Defence Meta
  159. Connection Issues..... I know
  160. Skirmish spawning
  161. Heavy Orders
  162. Pause button for Championship status.
  163. Fix The Orders!
  164. Suggestion for new Faction War Mechanics
  165. Fix servers
  166. [Bug Report] Conqueror Shield Charge Bug
  167. Revenge mode feed back and suggestion
  168. Dear Ubi, Refund?
  169. The defensive play rework
  170. Dear Ubisoft, Can You See WTF They're Doing??!!!!!
  171. Faction War Rework
  172. The unique faction war idea
  173. End Him Rightly Execution
  174. Connectivity issues
  175. Worst game i ever bought
  176. Refund???
  177. Party Indicator Is A Must Have In The Game!
  178. Connection
  179. UBISOFT-how to stop rage quitters
  180. Colors are Screwed Up
  181. Great game! But some more customization.
  182. Combat balancing: Sharing your ideas, save this amazing game!
  183. Many Peacekeeper visual issues.
  184. Kensei's combat emotes bug
  185. Just a theory on Connection issues to the game.
  186. Suggestion for a small tweak to war assets
  187. Suggestion for dealing with rage quitters crashing games
  188. Archers
  189. Suggestion: Honorable Gestures
  190. Keyboard direction double tap for dodge
  191. General ide's about... stuff
  192. Classic Mode
  193. If You Have Not Reached Rep 1, On a Particular Character,
  194. Attack Speed and Reactions
  195. Just One Man's Opinion
  196. Bug? Conqueror Heavy Ignores Shogoki Hyper Armor
  197. Uninstalled
  198. Challenge a player to a duel
  199. 1v1v1 Mode
  200. An argument in favour of dedicated servers that is not about net stability.
  201. 310 pages of sugestions, only 2 patches in all of this time?
  202. The game system should lead people to be more offencive
  203. Matchmaking options to choose
  204. How to make Dominion Match more enjoyable and meaningful!
  205. Devs:The Game Won't fail if you stop listening to Scrubs
  206. Devs: Your game Will fail if you listen to the Scrubs
  207. Faction War Change Idea
  208. [Broken] Conqueror gets free Guard Break off Shugoki light attack blocks
  209. Random crashes all the time
  210. Nobushi light cancel controller rework
  211. This Game is too Hard
  212. Color Customization ideas
  213. [BUG XBOX] Player count not visible, Friends not visible
  214. Matchmaking Times
  215. Fix Multiplayer!!
  216. Peacekeeper's Speed is breaking an implemented game mechanic.
  217. Ubiiiisoft, when you gonna fix the game?
  218. 1 patch in a month since release? Really?
  219. Season Pass is underwhelming
  220. Something that would make everyone happy!
  221. ERROR - Matchmaking Failed for the 20th time!
  222. Option to hid my Reputation Level?
  223. PS4/Xbox One Controller customization option
  224. Error spree 15 marts
  225. The Unloved Kensei (Kensei Buff Idea)
  226. UBISOFT servers.
  227. FFS Ubidiots...
  228. Fat Man Falls Off Ladder - Bug Report
  229. We want dedicated servers
  230. Delay the buffs in Elimation
  231. Trolls just love your game Ubisoft
  232. change game system to attacker-oriented
  233. Connection issues
  234. this game is terrible
  235. fix your ****ing character selection
  236. More AI orders and balanced EXP for PVE players
  237. Broken game
  238. i have played since open beta and i have noticed a lot that could be more balanced
  239. Suggestion: Take some money from not buying Servers, spend on update/patch testers
  240. Guardbreak on Kensei Unblockable..
  241. thx for 1.03 update2,BUT———#6000037 error still kill me on 4V4
  242. Deflect didn't stop Berserker combo
  243. Controller Button Remapping/Additional Control Schemes
  244. about kensei's top heavy
  245. Hackers/Cheaters on Xbone
  246. Elimination/Skirmish scoring
  247. Nice Ubisoft Nice
  248. Dirt Eating Contest
  249. [PC] Feedback. My Feelings *Trigger Warning*
  250. Come on Ubisoft are you thick or something?