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  1. Bug when killing soldiers; video in body
  2. Please fix this ubisoft... spawn camps, pk zone, revenge mode, pk light attacks
  3. Griefers running in cirlces -_-
  4. Tune Orders requirements
  5. Let's talk about the broken state of the game
  6. Recovering connection ********
  7. Neutral Orders
  8. Idea for a New knight
  9. Matchmaking, the worst I have ever seen
  10. Please FIX your game. You should be ashamed.
  11. How For Honor's Server System Breaks the Fun of the Game
  12. Hey UBI :) You are trending to have negative reviews on For Honor on Steam in a week
  13. Dominant Skirmisher orders are too difficult
  14. parry into GB+free heavy. too powerful and possibly a bug
  15. Major bug report help
  16. Problem changing targets using a DS4 controller on PC
  17. Vortex Heros ALL need a stamina nerf to even them out; FIX YOUR GAME UBI
  18. Desperately needed fixes
  19. My suggestions.
  20. Green Please
  21. I Wanna My Money Back
  22. Bring back the colors you removed!
  23. Call to dominion
  24. Listen to the community, and fix it a lot of people payed for this game.
  25. Colors no longer available ?
  26. Affecting Statistics in Uplay not updating in the game of "FOR HONOR".....
  27. Update to my bug report
  28. CONSOLE: Move Hidden Stance to "pressing the Right Tumb Stick".
  29. Bot practice suggestion: multiple enemies
  30. Stop listening, start watching
  31. graphic bug: conqueror - megrez helm
  32. More steel and XP
  33. Match Rewards
  34. Revenge
  35. Tired of the gear stats being fun-killer
  36. For honor or for revenge?
  37. Нэткод
  38. Why my thread deleted?
  39. Conqueror Full Block stance not Working Correctly?
  40. Completely Unbalanced Matchmaking
  41. Change Skirmish to FFA
  42. Revenge for losing team only?
  43. P2p getting worse
  44. Too much time between matches
  45. feedback! Warden. Ubisoft Devs please Read..
  46. Warden needs a buff
  47. Game time stuck / no stat tracking
  48. Dear devs, please give us options to controll camera.
  49. "Throw" locking should be looked into if you plan on making ranked 4v4s in the future
  50. SUGGESTION: Add Report Option for Offensive Chats or Filter
  51. BUG; Revenge out of Execution??
  52. Suggestions: Event - Contracts
  53. Matchmaking and Gearscore
  54. [BUG] Phantom Gear Bug
  55. Give Knights access to their faction colors
  56. Random crashes
  57. A friendly Proposal
  58. More Gear Stats !
  59. Revenge stats NEED fixing ASAP
  60. Matchmaking issue with gear depending modes and how to solve it?
  61. Fix Shugoki
  62. Gear says its new but its not glitch. Irritating.
  63. Running in Circles?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  64. Dropped games, dropping frame rate, etc
  65. Please Fix Match-Balancing
  66. A new Guardbreak system (this will solve your GB problem)
  67. Remove Ping "color" for connection quality and give us the actual number
  68. 50 takedowns!
  69. Why is the orochi so OP
  70. [BUG] Samurai Story Campaign & Team Colors
  71. Dodge (stamina consumption)
  72. Long-term missions
  73. [BUG] Shugoki demon's embrace exicute
  74. A siple questions for Ubi
  75. An idea to punish spamming an attack
  76. Game looking blury and another problem
  77. Frame Drops From Recent Patch and Motion Sickness
  78. Server error ? Why may we not join back ?
  79. Fix the GD server lag already
  80. More specific gear stats
  81. Disable all stunlock revenge spam attacks
  82. Feat. Cool down on gear stats
  83. Game is unplayable yet again Ubi. Thanks
  84. Ubi, fix plz?
  85. EasyAntiCheat Bad Authentication? 0006000043 screenshot
  86. Why do I only get games vs Eastern Europe?
  87. Connectivity errors persist, game is still unplayable.
  88. BUG: Lore Master not unlocking
  89. App for War of Factions
  90. Back from Break, and here is my new feedback
  91. Please fix your games connection.
  92. Let. Us. CHOOSE. Bot. Duel. Practice. Opponents.
  93. Mechanic for a new hero
  94. Gear effect spoiled all of the games.
  95. [BUG] Warden Ornament Coloration
  96. Balance
  97. DOMINION VS IA Exploit!!
  98. Call to dominion event
  99. Get these Afk farmers out of the game!!
  100. Language and subtitle in for honor
  101. Unbalanced teams?
  102. PK Riposte/deflect bug
  103. Managed to leave for the 2nd time
  104. Programming: Stop "hanging threads"
  105. This will make the game a lot harder
  106. Raider is awesome but so sad when GBing and so slow..
  107. Revenge mode Broken
  108. Tired of the lies and the silence of the developers and support. Nothing changes.
  109. [PC] Minor Bug: Press Any Key
  110. Seriously Ubi Release the gaurd break Counter patch on consoles already.
  111. Fix match making
  112. Event
  113. Remove Revenge.
  114. [Suggestion] Please Add More combos/Moves, Abilities, and Weapon/Armor Types
  115. network failure and disscornection.
  116. NAT Stay yellow...
  117. UBI, Why Not Have New Contracts Daily? (PLEASE LET US PLAY YOUR GAME!)
  118. 3 way duel
  119. PC using xbox controller heavy attack not working
  120. New Class Idea
  121. [Suggestion] Regarding materials for hero customization
  122. FIX "An error has occured" ASAP
  123. Ubisoft: How to Fix AFK Farming
  124. Cry Babies Will Ruin This Game, Dont Do It!
  125. Valkyrie man валькирия мужчина
  126. Fix this I had this twice in my two games. and Graphic clippings issues.
  127. Valkyrie man валькирия мужчина
  128. [Compilation of Suggestions] Top 5 Suggestions for For Honor to succeed long term.
  129. Add an option to exchange unwanted items for steel in addition to materials
  130. Event:Orders dont make sense
  131. Ubisoft please have different orders
  133. Revenge is ruining this game
  134. Conqueror change...
  135. This needs a fix - and a kick in the peanuts
  136. Skill based matchmaking vs gear based matchmaking
  137. Elimination and Skirmish Powerups
  138. Well... this is a problem...
  139. Hey UBI--Berserker recovery time still too slow...the patch,...it does nothing...
  140. PSA: Wow! Wow! Wow! Means Cheap *** Kill
  141. Centurion and Ninja DLC Leak
  142. NG+, Matchmaking Story Co Op, etc.
  143. Shugoki can't fight Peacekeeper
  144. As a slower guard changing hero, how are you meant to deal with PeaceKeeper?
  145. Quality of Life Changes
  146. Why don't we have matchmaking after a match has ended?
  147. [Bug report] Shugoki
  148. Give us a male peacekeeper!!!
  149. Gauntlet mode for Players and Viewers
  150. Fix Warlord and shield characters...
  151. Centurions
  152. Heavy attack bug
  153. With the CTD errors we need our progress on contracts saved during matches
  154. Ubisoft, please fix your ****.
  155. PLEASE fix the matchmaking, its going to break For Honor!!
  156. PLEASE: offline gameplay
  157. New Game Mode Suggestion
  158. Warden Dodge
  159. The Problem with "fixing" the guardbreak counter" *Video*
  160. GEAR DELETED, incompetent support team
  161. Please take out op combos a.k.a. warden, valkryie, conqueror,and lawbringer
  162. Kensei needs some tweaks made to it
  163. Warlord Minion Killing Issues
  164. Sell 2 copies of For Honor to 1 person! Happy users, happy ubisoft. Console things.
  165. Suggestions for Unblockable and Chain Attacks!
  166. Allow friends to join match in progress.
  167. PLEASE, fix the AFK Farming issue...
  168. Sadly, this game is dying even faster than expected
  169. Please Fix Group Auto Disband When Game Fails to Matchmake
  170. (BUG) Sprint is not cancelling guard mode on gamepad.
  171. Gear stats
  172. Conqueror Charged Heavy Suggestion
  173. None of the Engravings or Symbols are centered.
  174. Recording Last matches
  175. Suggestion matchmaking times!
  176. Graphic issues.
  177. At the very least: Make Lawbringer's stance change on par with a Counterattacker
  178. ****ty Matchmaking
  179. Goober's Running in Circles exploiting the game, and ruining experience
  180. Can't even string 2 multiplayer games together. Not worth buying in its current state
  181. Free Green NAT - no lag amazing game!
  182. Quality of Life Improvements
  183. Where are MMR!?
  184. Give us a prompt to reconnect to previous games after a disconnection.
  185. Надо сбалансировать класс героев убийц
  186. Hardcore ruleset?
  187. Season Pass should give longer Champion Status...
  188. Character Balance and Game Mechanics Focus
  189. Get dedicated servers
  190. The new hero ninja should wield the kusari gama as weapon!
  191. A proposal for a new game mode
  192. New networking bug: after 2 minutes in dominion match resets
  193. Please Ubisoft get servers. I like your games but the connection ruins For Honor
  194. Berserker fix
  195. Game not worth it
  196. UBI: Deployed War Assets Rest to ZERO; WHY?
  197. Suggested Change To Guard Mode Button and Locked Target Color
  198. Fix the broken lock mechanic
  199. Exhaustion needs a bit of a change
  200. Can we please have a training mode? Pretty please?
  201. ya'll need a report bug catagory or something.
  202. BALANCE NEEDED ,my opinion.
  203. The best suggestion feedback you will read ever!
  204. Incentive to Fight For Honor
  205. Make damage numbers available in character customization!
  206. About the Warden fighting style
  207. Remove Shield Stances From The Game.
  208. Valkyrie needed a STAMINA buff, Ubidiots.
  209. Someone please tell me they're working on matchmaking
  210. Things that seriously need to change
  211. You screwed yourselves with the Revenge mechanic.
  212. Add traditional game modes without Revenge
  213. Revenge needs a nerf OR it has to be the third weapon stat
  214. Played 4 hours getting a refund
  215. Lawbringer Post Patch
  216. Need some Dominion changes!
  217. Cannot complete allied orders. P2P keeps kicking everyone.
  218. New Knight Character Ideas
  219. Low Tier Raider, Some Constructive Criticism.
  220. I get why there is Revenge, I really do...
  221. It's official... there's no other conclusion that can be made...
  222. Notification when the game starts
  223. You need to be able to double dodge/roll to the side whilst in combat.
  224. AI Survival Mode
  225. For Honor's broken matchmaking system
  226. File size lost night of champion status and more.
  227. There needs to be ranked match making
  228. Lawbringer
  229. How to make hazards NOT suck...
  230. Peacekeeper bleeding skill its absurd
  231. I'll personally help fund this
  232. Increase the map vote choices to 4 or eliminate the repetition of the previous map
  233. Can Ubisoft stop sucking Dominion's ****?
  234. Royal Rumble suggestion
  235. Pretty much ruined the game with this patch.
  236. Guaranteed damage off parries is cancer.
  237. Possible post match bug
  238. Conqueror Chain Sound FX Gets Stuck on a Loop
  239. Guaranteed damage off parries is cancer.
  240. Spaming
  241. For Honor's "No Player Will Have an Advantage" Networking Disaster
  242. Color Glitch
  243. Matchmaking is still garbage
  244. Contract not working - Dominant Skirmisher
  245. offline play for bots and story mode
  246. End revenge mode
  247. Game mode suggestion
  248. For Honor be a honorable game new feature suggestion
  249. Network and match making
  250. What do you believe is the biggest issue with For Honor at the moment?