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  1. This game is unplayable
  2. Do something about the "MOUSE UNFRIENDLINESS"
  3. [BUG] Conqueror Light Attack Recovery Time
  4. Campaign/Single Player Customization
  5. Server crash?
  6. GPU load in game menu (when not playing) is 100%???
  7. Devs: True fix for guard break and overly defensive meta: Please read
  8. Please give Raiders the option to remove ornaments like every other hero already has.
  9. Why did you secret nerf the Orochi?
  10. ORDERS suggestions
  11. Feedback: network
  12. More customized items
  13. Since the latest update, my computer will crash
  14. come ubisoft
  15. The revenge stats need to be removed from gear outright.
  16. (BUG) Sprint is not cancelling guard mode on gamepad.
  17. A solid solution to Matchmaking
  18. Still. Can not. Counter. Guard. Break.
  19. Story Mode Coop Characters
  20. (optional) Change how faction characters can be played
  21. Bug: Player left during duel, bot never replaced them.
  22. Please add Gear Stats:On mode for Duels and Brawls.
  23. Why Didn't they fix the dashing?!?!
  24. small faction bonus for faction charactors? what do you think?
  25. BUG? Dynamic Reflection rendering issue
  26. 4v4 mode w/o gear
  27. Duel Rules Dominion
  28. Hey Ubisoft, add the Wilhelm scream!
  29. BUG: Colors "dusk" and "storm" now locked
  30. Fix AFKers
  31. Player Energy and Stamina Bar - can it be moved to the bottom of the screen?
  32. Game's in a wierd place right now
  33. Quitting for High Win %
  34. Quit to desktop survived for more than a day???
  35. Another idea to encourage offensive play (short read).
  36. Poor order reset decision
  37. Let's talk about voice acting... because for honor has a few problems on this front
  38. The AFK Problem - Rest Bonus
  39. Timer on power-ups in deathmatch modes.
  40. Gamemode Suggestion: open world.
  41. Warden not Working
  42. Revenge - Adjustment
  43. REVENGE mode cooldown suggestion
  44. Feedback: Orders, Customization, Deploy Soldiers, Revenge, Gear, Matchmaking, Skills
  45. Again, Hidden and Fullblock Stances Need Fixing
  46. Cross Platform, and disconnect bugs.
  47. Game syncing and losing progress on our orders NEEDS to go
  48. Bleeds should NOT kill.
  49. Create orders that do not promote poor behavior
  50. Rewards applied later a LIE!
  51. BUG Report: No heavy attack after controller power cycle.
  52. Parry the Parry of the Parry like real Parry
  53. Possible secondary bleed attack for Valkyrie
  54. Game stability its killing For Honor
  55. Darkness execution bad sound
  56. Ragequit Punishment.
  57. **** this game
  58. Being less punished when you get parried with a light attack
  59. Salvage into Steel?
  60. Does Lawbringer need a slight buff to become viable?
  61. Yellow exclamation mark doesn't go away?!
  62. Survey for players to see why the game is dying
  63. Adding a Post-Game "Honorable or Dishonorable Opponent" Voting System
  64. FPS drops and worse framerate + Errors abundant since the new patch 1.03
  65. Practice mode, old Item's as new tags, AI Duel/Brawl awards
  66. 2 weeks in
  67. Fix the orders
  68. Annoying Inventory bug
  69. The death pits
  70. Please Before you Fix anything.....
  71. Lawbringer issues from a Rank10 perspective
  72. BUG: Berserker's deflect Guard-break not functioning as intended (with a bonus)
  73. I think Nabushi needs a nerf...
  74. Broken Game Halp
  75. At higer tier games, Shugoki, cant keep up with fast attackers.
  76. The CHEAPEST Mechanics...
  77. Hit Boxes! A potential increase of game play!
  78. Honorable Spectator Bonus
  79. Zone attack indicator glitch
  80. Game has the worst balance ive seen in ages.
  81. Couple of balance issues
  82. People just go afk in domination vs ai
  83. Guard change during attack exploit
  84. Remove super armor from (maybe only damaging?) feats
  85. Overpowered Characters
  86. Free GB after parry shouldn't be a thing
  87. Thx, for honor team.
  88. Block breaked while dodging - Mainly Orochi
  89. AFK farming
  90. Why isnt Gaurd Break patch out
  91. Guess ill be back when memory leak is fixed ... if ever
  92. Allow offline mode
  93. Peacekeeper needs a nerf!
  94. Is there a web API?
  95. Please remove faction war
  96. Bugs and wtf?
  97. Xbox handle on some of the operating problems
  98. On PC Uplay
  99. Bug Report: No Lock On In Skirmish Match
  100. Fix the servers already!!!!!!!
  101. easy anti cheat responds to the dll file x360ce (xinput9_1_0.dll)
  102. I can't connect to the servers!!
  103. Suggestion: Nobushi attack changes.
  104. Dominion, Elimination and Skirmish ERRORS
  105. End-game freeze.
  106. Unable to find matches due to region.
  107. Economy in the game : Everything is overpriced !
  108. Was Counter GB not fixed? Orochi suffering from the same as Berserker?
  109. So is the Peacekeeper ever going to get nerfed?
  110. AI Reboot.
  111. Fix these bugs on pc
  112. A simple add to how to play section that would be interesting
  113. In-Game achievements
  114. Nobushi and bleed effects need to be nerfed!
  115. AFK botting.
  116. Berserker Deflect Interaction with v1.03 Valkyrie Bug
  117. Question for all Wardens/Ubisoft
  118. Server Maintenance in the Afternoon
  119. Expanded Server Parameters for AI Matches?
  120. Why this game disconnect alot?
  121. Orochis (among other things) need to be fixed
  122. Remapping top/left/right guard controls.
  123. AFK Players: UBI, You Better Say Something About This!
  124. Another matchmaking rant - Gear and Rep differences
  125. Connection lost after connection lost is Just KI matches the answer?
  126. After Maintenance . Nothing New ?
  127. Orochi the worst assassin?
  128. Error code still
  129. Slowest Warden in History
  130. BUG REPORT: Lawbringer "New Axe" Notification Bugged
  131. Balancing
  132. PK "the sacrifice" execution
  133. Matchmaking balance
  134. Executions should be HIGH RISK.
  135. Black screens when match starts , you never get put into matches
  136. You REALLY effed-up with Revenge..,
  137. Why the f*ck cant i change the controller settings on pc?!?!?!?!?!?!
  138. Dealing with orochi cowards
  139. Seriously fix Gaurd break Interrupting dodging
  140. Fewer Clicks More Fun
  141. Assassins
  142. Disconnecting every single game *FIX THE DAMN SERVERS, USELESS COMPANY*
  143. This game had so much potential...
  144. Cant even play against AI w/o lag kick
  145. 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 Brawls, Elimination -
  146. Why do you get armor after the Raiders knee strike?
  147. More Loot/Event Loot
  148. Faction War - Need a Smarter System
  149. Suggestion: Let us configure stamina in custom games
  150. Suggest: new mood army brutality about killing
  151. Environmental kills
  152. revenge gain by injury!!!!!
  153. For Honor
  154. Can we have these removed or changed?
  155. Warden's shoulder bash cancel into guard break needs nerfed.
  156. Patch 1.03 broke guard breaking. Do you agree?
  157. Revenge Mode is OP!!
  158. Vs AI
  159. [REVENGE] Discussion around re-work.
  160. Guardbreak Counter needs to be more punishing
  161. Make Way
  162. Conqueror needs more combos, or feints.
  163. Vote To Kick for vs AI Matches Please
  164. The "Paying for steel" System
  165. To make Game experience better
  166. Host Privilege, Visable Penalty & Party Stability!
  167. When is ubisoft fixing P2P?
  168. One stone, two birds ! The Deflect / Parry fix
  169. Fix Your laggy servers
  170. Bug report Dominon B site
  171. Add order preview/status during match
  172. sooo tired of revenge farmers...
  173. 6 matches = 6 mismatches...
  174. I paid $100 to be aggravated??? Thanks Ubisoft
  175. Future Class Balance?
  176. Bug Report: Blurry Screen during game
  177. Ubisoft sell your game to a different company
  178. For Honor new execution suggestion.
  179. Potential New Game Mode
  180. Offensive Emblems!!!
  181. revenge meter should not fill in 1v1
  182. Ubisoft Devs Please
  183. Let us leave matches in hero select
  184. Gear killing enjoyment in the game combined with severely mismatched teams
  185. Disconnected by easy anticheat
  186. Why can't we use story mode exclusive armor?
  187. There Should be Incentive for Staying in a Lobby
  188. Problem with Kensei
  189. Real time accounting
  190. Items Not Unlocking
  191. Helmet Plume ornaments for knights
  192. Change the controller configuration
  193. Skill Level and Match Making
  194. Warlord Gudbrand Blade . Wrong Side Hold .
  195. Another modest suggestion.
  196. I suggest a Helenic faction
  197. We need new Multiplayer modes like these.
  198. Combo Spam is out of control; Game is gonna be dead pretty quick at this rate
  199. Player VS A.i. duel
  200. Community gameplay balance suggestions
  201. My Lawbringer final change list (made after 70 hrs of Lawbringer only)
  202. Servers
  203. For Honor is dying, fast. And here's why.
  204. Im not buying anything again from you ubi
  205. Stop the Moonwalking after a Dodge
  206. GT M series nvidia cards still can't full screen
  207. P2p is down, can't connect since 3/3/17
  208. BUG - Reward Duplication for Nobushi
  209. Valkyrie's Asger weapon set has a problem
  210. Balance: Do NOT eff this up like Bungie did Destiny.
  211. Nobushi Hidden Stance on controllers fix(currently broken) suggestion
  212. I'm gonna continue to post on here until network is fixed
  213. AI Dominoin afk
  214. Match making for diferent heroes (because of gears and skill with the class)
  215. Show Which Map is where in Faction Map
  216. UBISOFT have money, community is irelevant?
  217. i keep gettign CONNECTION FAILED
  218. Orders Bug (can't be more specific)
  219. Maybe A Few Improvements For BERSERKERS
  220. little fixing for nobushi
  221. Warlord turtling to abuse revenge knock downs
  222. Simple buffs to make everyone competitive.
  223. Unfortunately, Ubisoft is failing with For Honor
  224. Disabling attacks for everyone?
  225. ! Fix your damn Peer to Peer system
  226. LawBringer Long Arm skill needs fixing
  227. I hope this game fails really hard so Ubisoft can finally learn
  228. Team Ganking and Idlers
  229. Feedback on things that I think are broken
  230. Played first game in about a week, it summed up the game nicely.
  231. [REQUEST] Knight Dlc Character with a Greatsword like Guts
  232. WOW, Very much balance, such Peacekeeper (how is that balanced ?)
  233. Do you even Custom Match bro?
  234. Lets talk feats
  235. Warlord Shield counter instantly drains all stamina
  236. Should Blocking and parrying cost stamina. as well as deflects?
  237. Please Increase Steel Earnings Per Match
  238. **** you and your ****ing connection setup
  239. How is this alright?
  240. Cras
  241. PvP Playlists: Gear Stats ON / OFF
  242. The Problems with for honor in comic sans (this is a bit of a long post)
  243. Queing as a group of 3
  244. Arena Game Mode? IDEA
  245. limited area dodges...
  246. For Honor Feedback and suggestions
  247. a quick suggestion
  248. Orochi deflect needs tuning.
  249. AI Orders
  250. VergŁenza