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  1. Why the warden needs a nerf ?
  2. Fix the connectivity
  3. Knights VS Samurai VS Vikings Gamemode
  4. This is For Honor (Video)
  5. Love how the peace keeper has been given a buff
  6. I'm bored AF....
  7. More Salvage Options
  8. PS4 - Deflect dodge seems to have a timing issue
  9. Skill Based game ? Wtf is this ****.
  10. Deathmatch
  11. (BUG) Simple Display Bug
  12. camera setting
  13. Juggernaut feat skill not working on tanks 90% of time plz fix
  14. Error Crash
  15. Give everyone the same guard-change-speeds, get rid of the "guard stagger", dodging
  16. Are "Marked for Death" and "Scout" not getting fixed?
  17. Fix Matchmaking Balance System
  18. Conqueror hard hitter????
  19. What is this pile of garbage?
  20. For the next Patch
  21. To Ubisoft
  22. Peacekeepers cmon Ubisoft
  23. Rewarding AFK'ers?
  24. [REQUEST] Could we have a little dance for peacekeeper ?
  25. Gameplay vs Game (A letter from a hopeful player)
  26. Found a new bug today with stamina and throws...
  27. Barricated starting duels in Elimination and Brawl.
  28. Suggestions to fix Lawbringer
  29. My reward for competing in the ROUND
  30. Thank you Ubisoft
  31. Report system for cancers of the night : AFK people and others
  32. Round rewards are to little
  33. % of war assets as steel
  34. "Faction" war
  35. New Game Modes
  36. Revenge every 12-15 seconds?
  37. Faction war is pointless. Ubisoft will give it to the Vikings everytime.
  38. Make heroic loot drops based on account reputation not class reputation.
  39. Crushing Counterstrike vs. Unblockables
  40. Revised Faction war idea Thoughts?
  41. Fix Broken Groups after the players leave the match
  42. 108 gear is GARBAGE, COME TEST WITH ME
  43. Salty Quickchat: Add Negative Commentary
  44. Zone Attacks - Warden and Orochi
  45. How to fix GB/Throw Spam?
  46. End of Round - Reward Suggestion
  47. No dialogue sound. Anyone else?
  48. Dashing light attack spam
  49. Why Samurai 3rd place with more percentage of territories?
  50. Changing Guardbreak
  51. Revenge Mode at High Level is Severely Broken
  52. 30 FPS limit is too harsh.
  53. Test run elimination and skirmish (sans gear)
  54. Since we know now that the faction war is pretty redundant...
  55. Player Shaders Update/Fix
  56. Hostile & Friendly AI Heroes Need To Be Balanced / Additional Custom Match AI Options
  57. Thank you ubi
  58. So the game remains good and has future!!! No change will lead this game to the ruins
  59. Dota, cs:go, lol are succesful because matchmaking. For honor ? No matchmaking = ruin
  60. P2P connection flaws
  61. Switch from For Honor Network Model to Traditional P2P
  62. Warlord insta kill bug?
  63. Matching After Players Leave
  64. Elimination & skirmish were separated but reverted to normal
  65. Accidently broke end of match victory screen. o.o
  66. Menu button disable option
  67. Thank you for the fix to gaurd break and adressing issues with the peace keeper
  68. Matchmaking solution
  69. Suggestion for a minor change to riposte and guard break
  70. The passive play problem. Parry
  71. Other Fighting Games. What Can FH Learn?
  72. SUGGESTION LIST (War of Factions, Customize, Multiplayer-Mode)
  73. AFK or AFP Lobby pull-in
  74. New Vanguard bug
  75. 4GB update freeze bug still ingame ...
  76. Awesome new patch
  77. Patch hasn't solved any networking issue, sadly
  78. Samurai Mission 3.3 Bug (Realistic mode)
  79. About mates , who are you? what's your name?
  80. Let us know when the game is ready if we're tabbed out
  81. Crash at post-game lobby when clicking "return to menu" 100% of the time
  82. menu in game lobby
  83. New game modes
  84. Remove the button "Quit to deskop" when u're in a endgame screen plz...
  85. What have you done!?
  86. [EXPLOIT] Leaving the game open, while AFK or sleeping.
  87. Gaelic and Celtic Barbarian Class...
  88. Enable "Quit to World Map" or "Quit to Desktop" During Hero Select / Loading
  89. For Honor Elite Players idea
  90. I have a few ideas!
  91. Beserker does too much damage
  92. Nobushi Issues
  93. One Time Faction Switch Option
  94. it should be free to play
  95. Shouldn't the round have ended at 6AM EST?
  96. Faction War Is disappointing, and Unrewarding. I Feel No Reason To care
  97. error 0002001512
  98. Quuit to Desktop after game
  99. Help needed on some minor bugs
  100. More steel for playing
  101. Weird sound bug with latest patch 1.03
  102. Menu changes
  103. Balancing idea
  104. Revenge Mode Buildup Changes
  105. [POLL] Would you like to see a ranged class in For Honor?
  106. Valkyrie still BROKEN
  107. feedback why do u want servers
  108. (Cheaters) Found with video proof... Please get rid of them quickly
  109. Seperating matches into gearscore and non-gearscore.
  110. Still locked colors in hero customization
  111. This games too slow
  112. Dear UBISOFT
  113. Some suggestions regarding controlls
  114. Most unbalanced game i have ever played
  115. Ability to remap buttons
  116. Higher than Common gear
  117. Rage Quit Bot Trolling
  118. V 1.03 didn't fix the real Full Screen issue
  119. What did you do, Matchmaking is worse?
  120. [BUG] Game sound muted when out of focus although option is not turned on
  121. I am pissed offfffffff
  122. Warden - Light attack bug found!
  123. (BUG) Sprint is not cancelling guard mode on gamepad.
  124. Balancing tactics - a few small ways to balance characters
  125. Faction war not working and connection problems
  126. A MAJOR IAP GLICH ! and a counter-guardbreak issue
  127. Really? No Chat Toggle Button in Key Bindings?
  128. Lacking of Storage Space
  129. Punish Leavers!
  130. Why Attack, defender color needed? Remove this!
  131. new bugs today after patch
  132. Overpowered
  133. Lawbringer Needs a Small Buff to be Useful
  134. Who have put this useless option quit to desktop after a game??? Miss click for days.
  135. Suggestion: Devs please reply to legitimately important posts for once.
  136. A Couple Thoughts at 60hours playtime...
  137. Low gear customization variety
  138. Horrible Matchmaking
  139. Option to turn off gear stats and feats for elimination
  140. For Honor New item Bug
  141. GET Dedicated Servers
  142. Quit To Desktop In Game Lobby?
  143. From hero to zero ((major rant on servers and guard break counter system))
  144. The Warden and a simple suggestion
  145. Team Executions
  146. [BUG] Nobushi uses (Swift Recoil) when trying to use (Zone Attack) after parrying.
  147. Orders Randomization
  148. Dodging needs to be fixed
  149. Post 1.03 chatter
  150. post patch PC performance feedback
  151. Lawbringer's Shove does not knock down on revenge
  152. Conqueror Side Heavy Attack Bug
  153. Playing with party
  154. Issue on the peacekeeper nerf
  155. Best way to improve the game for everyone to have fun !
  156. Lawbringer feat broken
  157. Suggestion: Pick Heroes First, Then Matchmaking
  158. Gear advantage off in all game modes
  159. Ninja take away of colors from teams?
  160. Disconnects
  161. Dont charge $60 dollors for a game that doesnt work
  162. Equipment level-based matchmaking
  163. Why my game can not be full screen??
  164. Please Penalize Quitters
  165. Matchmake South African Region guys quicker with European / UK region
  166. Game Maintenance
  167. Might as well remove Law-bringer if hes so gimped in 1v1 situations.
  168. Invincible Spin
  169. Please remove Revenge mode from duels!
  170. Where is the Knight class with sword and shield?
  171. Guaranteed Guard Break, After Parry - Should this be a thing ?
  172. Ban Inactive Players Looking to Earn Easy Steel and XP
  173. Zone Attack Stamina Bug
  174. Does anyone know?
  175. Warden is no longer fun/ Half the game for me is now undesireable to play
  176. Feint button swithcing to L1 (instead of Circkle or B)
  177. Champion status
  178. Warlord Brawl Glitch
  179. After update 1.03
  180. This game is broken. 2 months from now itll be dead without dev help
  181. Same Faction!
  182. Adding Cooldown Guard break
  183. Issue connecting to Skirmish after latest update
  184. Don't just adjust Lawbringer for 1v1 - adjust across that board/dodging
  185. Making the Zerker a viably aggressive offensive class
  186. Make some Animation for revive .
  187. Rework Idea's, to make the game more fun
  188. 24 hour contract clock please
  189. Make Deflect Window Larger Please
  190. Training ladder-like mode with bots.
  191. Warden charge broken? Or dodge too slow?
  192. Revenge is killing this game
  193. GB after Parry needs to go sooner rather then later
  194. How to fix Guard Break
  195. Chain Stuns
  196. Dusk / Storm Colors are locked?
  197. Dom vs ai inactivity
  198. I have never been so frustrated.
  199. Orochi Buff
  200. Partial XP If Server Drops
  201. Hidden Stance Less Responsive
  202. Faction war
  203. [BUG] Game freezes in story mission 3.5
  204. Let Us Browse Menus During Matchmaking
  205. Add a way to customize your controller buttons in-game on PC
  206. Why do you hide this Ubisoft?
  207. Gear drop based on both hero's reputation level and overall reputation level
  208. Match Disconnect compensation
  209. Contract credit even when kicked
  210. i figured out what the Raider needs!
  211. Berserker light attack recovery time is still too slow... You still get a free GB
  212. Free For All, 4 on 4 Mix Up, and Statistics
  213. Matchmaking against A.I.
  214. Seriously UBi...CONTRACTS
  215. Great game! Please read my suggestion
  216. Suggestion Alpha
  217. Prevent gang banging w/FF during Skirmish/Dominion or guard
  218. Shielding is Too Safe for Fighting Game.
  219. Improve sensitivity for Nobushi's hidden stance on controllers
  220. Error 0006000018
  221. Making The Single player Campaign actually offline?
  222. BUG(s); 360 Controller
  223. 100% Camera control
  224. Deal 90% of the DMG & Kill Assist???
  225. Give us dedicated servers!!!!
  226. DMG and HP test: PK vs LB
  227. Changes this game needs...
  228. Falling off ledges
  229. Dodge avoiding damage when they cross you
  230. Elimination executions? player revived?
  231. Deploying War assets
  232. New Objective Mode
  233. Penalty For Quitting Duel Needs To Be Way Harsher
  234. Warden Guard Issue
  235. Housing | Dojo | Dumb ideas which will never get into the game
  236. GB Ganking
  237. Teammates can push me to ledges and peacekeeper GB
  238. Dodging needs to cost stamina.
  239. Important fix needed for the Lawbringer to survive in higher rank play.
  240. Why did you ninja nerf the Kensei and possibly the Orochi Ubisoft!?
  241. Remove no death orders (quitters and hiders)
  242. Did they break the game?
  243. Stag ornament for knights
  244. AFK XP Exploit Punishment
  245. Remove gear stats
  246. Need custom camera settings.
  247. nerf revenge, killing this game.
  248. Vicious Circle
  249. Controller rebinding
  250. 4v4 with no Gear or Boosts