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  1. Allow sprint to cancel guard mode on controller
  2. Lawbringer Exploit: Unparryable Blind Justice
  3. Easy Ideas that can make the game more enjoyable!
  4. error codes making the game unplayable. where is the fix?
  5. Nerf Longbow!
  6. Punish the runners
  7. I Give Up
  8. Bug: Scavanger crates from single player not working!!!
  9. Ubisoft for Gods sake
  10. Dedicated servers- we are in 2017!
  11. Redo Elimination & Skirmish
  12. PROís & CONís OF Platinum Beaute:
  13. Massive zone attack bug!
  14. Power ups in Elimination
  15. Fixing revenge and guard break
  16. elimination order is using what I think is Korean characters
  17. Demonís Embrace broken
  18. Changes for better gameplay simplicity, longevity, and further playability
  19. Make Dominion the faction war mode
  20. You want to play Elemination? Really? Flip a coin then......Oh look it is Skirmish...
  21. Suggestion: Capture The Flag
  22. to many light classes
  23. Fix your game. fps and error
  24. Some type of Horde mode and other PvE gametypes
  25. Players who get disconetted because of network issues shouldn't be penalized...
  26. Fully split the PvP and PvE contracts
  27. Valkyrie buff
  28. Duel Bracket - Starcraft 2 style
  29. Champion Status Update
  30. Male Peacekeeper
  31. "Homing" lunging attacks?
  32. 1v1 bug
  33. Mouse Guard bug / Ability to remove mouse guard completely.
  34. Kensei and Warden Hit Tracking.
  35. Light Plate Armor for PeaceKeeper -Dont get the wrong idea -
  36. [Idea/fix] Ways to fix Revenge
  37. Need to cool it on some of the arcade elements - and rework game modes
  38. Throwing axes going through people?
  39. Please Make the Lawbringer Sound Cooler When he is the Enemy
  40. quit to world map loading screen freeze PC
  41. Please, for the love of Odin, give us a button to skip the post game graphics
  42. Another day, game still freezes when quitting to map. Closed beta bug.
  43. Valkyrie
  44. The Orders Glitch, AI Duel Glitch, Shugoki tech, and more...
  45. Option for disabling mouse guard on PC
  46. Blocking speed's are different for some classes. (BUG) (DESIGN FLAW)
  47. Guard break problem
  48. URGENT: Bug hot fix needed immediately, how can I get this to ForHonor developers?
  49. Control option to adjust guard one step.
  50. Realism game mode for Multiplayer
  51. Brawl improvement
  52. Guard Break Countering after parry
  53. Do you think that unblockable push (headbutt and so) should Knockdown while in reveng
  54. Suggestions for improved gameplay.
  55. Broken things in this great but annoying game
  56. PLEASE implement some kind of chat filter and banning tool
  57. The Peace Keepers Zone Attack is too quick
  58. Balancing Deathmatch (make execution invulnerable)
  59. Warlord Spam
  60. When execute fails
  61. Can't pick the same hero in brawl.
  62. High Level builds are gonna kill this game so fast. (108 Nobushi)
  63. Guard break is too overpowered
  64. Elimination suggestion
  65. Can not parry throws
  66. Honor Point System
  67. Falsely kicked from game due to inactivity.
  68. Lagging assassins teleporting
  69. Fix dat ***ing connection.
  70. Match making PHUCKED (PHOTO PROOF)
  71. HONOR POLICE 2.0 - Easy solution
  72. Multiple fixes that need to be implemented
  73. story mode plaing whit friend
  74. [Suggestion] A Way to Fix Gear Balence and Revenge (take a look UBI)
  75. 4v4 actual skill based game mode (Arena/Tournament)
  76. so many errors
  77. mistake
  78. Class filters for 1v1
  79. Let me buy customizations
  80. Revenge mode items make this game unplayable
  81. Duel Mode is TOO LONELY
  82. Rage-quit crashes?
  83. Fix lawbringer block
  84. Is this a bug?
  85. 108 Im done
  86. Fixing the core of For Honor
  87. Allow higher level items to take on the look of lower ones
  88. #1+#2+#3 reasons stamina system is BAD and needs a FULL OVERHAUL
  89. Campaign
  90. [BUG] Gudbrand Blade visual issue
  91. The For Honour Starter Edition Suggestion
  92. I Don't Want To Join Games In Progress
  93. Let's make this game better (recopilation)
  94. 1v1 is the only decent game type. Let's fix the game with competitive ideas.
  95. Constantly playing with bots
  96. PS4 Hidden stance
  97. A good Point to the Faction Wars
  98. repost from community support: request for colourblind options
  99. Worst piece of software i bought in a long time
  100. Could it be that simple
  101. Shugoki bug
  102. Simple changes need fixed
  103. Definitely not E-sport ready..
  104. Grab Counter Possible Bug
  105. How to make Faction War more interesting with easy fix or New Game Mode
  106. Orochi armor
  107. Game needs a major nerf and upgrade
  108. Unacceptable online play Disconnects.
  109. Orochi Customization is very lackluster
  110. spamming and guardbreaking
  111. Suggestion-servers that work
  112. Suggestion: Controller Remapping on PC
  113. Please release the option to make characters you have forced to be female male!!!!!!!
  114. Game is awesome! Servers are not!
  115. Suggestion: lvl 2 bots that arent broken and a counter guardbreak that actually works
  116. For Fashion! Symbols on top of Engravings.
  117. Remove items
  118. 10 item lv me matches 107 lv item guy..
  119. Free for All
  120. Servers. Are you serious?
  121. Can you make at least one map with no environmental kill potential
  122. Multiplayer Games Crash A lot
  123. More reward and XP gain for Player vs Player
  124. fix 4v4 game modes for single players
  125. Can xbox users and ps4 users help me confirm?
  126. Fix your game
  127. Put Skirmish and Elimination modes separetely
  128. Hide Chat
  129. More XP, Steel, and Loot chance for playing as your Faction's Heroes
  130. I'm out until you guys fix this trainwreck
  131. Possible balance tweaking and suggestions
  132. HOW did this game get released?
  133. Skill based Domination?
  134. Feedback: Fix your game. You're welcome.
  135. Logical Implementations (Not based on opinion once the premises are assumed)
  136. Official bug reporting thread
  137. Game is unplayable in its current state
  138. Adjusting orders
  139. Can we please have a pugilist hero in the future!
  140. Is this game by design?
  141. some form of system to not lose all gains from a dropped game. (i.e. xp and such)
  142. For Honor social UI on PC
  143. Lawbringer stance change time is too slow (counter attacker? Yea right)
  144. Kensei Heavy
  145. Parrying whilst out of stamina
  146. Raider Buffs/Combo Additions.
  147. Level 1 vs 5th Prestige?
  148. NAT Problems-For Honor
  149. Valkyrie (suggestion)
  150. Matchmaking
  151. Orders are sometimes in another langauge
  152. Broken
  153. What everybody I kNOw are experiencing with FOR HONOR
  154. Salvage bug or am I just dumb
  155. Guard Break and other bugs
  156. Lawbringer Shove Bug
  157. Link of exploit, and proof Ubi is not taking their release seriously.
  158. Orochi bug
  159. Player Spawns into ongoing game
  160. Change Look - Gear aesthetics should be like Diablo
  161. A few complaints and suggestions
  162. Make Deflect Window Larger Please
  163. 4x4 is complete mess... why?
  164. Suggestion For Steel
  165. After Game error -------> No Exp unable to deploy warassets Error
  166. P2P is needing a Fix.
  167. Several game balance, design problems.
  168. Can we get some armor made of metal for the Samurai?
  169. Recovery in duel mode makes conquerors weaker ! Need division !
  170. Let me play my choice of game mode
  171. Fix Assassin Roll Dodge
  172. Too much layouts and highlights?
  173. Devs: Balance by the numbers
  174. About the uncertainties in the queue
  175. More Savage/Rusty looking Weapons?
  176. BUG REPORT :: FAIL TO LAUNCH with dual Xeons and Hyperthreading active
  177. Still can't find matches if in a 3-man group on Xbox
  178. Minion tracking issues
  179. I just witnessed a miracle.
  180. AFKing players...
  181. 1) Замена игрока на БОТА ! 2) Японцы.
  182. please fix the mouse blocking functionality
  183. double XEON Users CAN NOT run this game!!!
  184. Are you ready to listen yet, ubisoft?
  185. TRY to play it off or spin it all you want...
  186. When you guardbreak the shugoki
  187. Multiplayer needs a ranking system, 3v3? and character statistics?
  188. Broken game
  189. suggestions
  190. Missing players - mixed messages
  191. Warlord Guldbrand Blade confusion (literally unplayable)
  192. Things that are broken with the Shugoki.
  193. My message to the FH forum community.
  194. Orochi and Nobushi Needs to be nerfed.
  195. How about this for frequent disconnectors.
  196. This game is destined to die
  197. Console key mapping
  198. Ubisoft PLEASE have a look at this
  199. whining kids will make the devs dumb down the game..
  200. Peacekeeper 3 stab wound doesnt work
  201. Fix the matchups in Elimination
  202. Please fix this error.
  203. Ubisoft you can't even test a 100 USD CPU before launching your game?
  204. Moba idea(sorta) new game type and classes
  205. The real problem of the game
  206. Important lesson to take home with you
  207. Error in todays patch!
  208. Yggdrasil -- Viking Warrior's Guild [ Guild Creation - Faction+Hero ]
  209. Party/Group "System"?
  210. Step by step. Step 1 - Guard Break
  211. Bug Report - Order becomes unreadable
  212. (Possibly) Different Thoughts on 2 Subjects
  213. Things that need work
  214. GB broken
  215. Not able to finish quests
  216. (BUG) Sprint is not cancelling guard mode on gamepad.
  217. Orders need to change !
  218. Color Blond Mode for UI
  219. More Suggestions
  220. Bye Ubi****
  221. Team Executions Idea!!
  222. A gear/no gear stats option
  223. Learn to finish game before release
  224. AI-Customization
  225. How transphorm this game into somethink logic ?
  226. Peace Keeper Zone attack Bugged.
  227. (feedback) 1v1 Duel
  228. Feats need to go away in elmination
  229. We need to talk about dominion
  230. Splinter the shields
  231. Bug: Unlock on certain key combinations.
  232. Friendly: Always blue. Enemies: Always orange.
  233. Make it easier to report toxic players and emblems please
  234. Lawbringer: Improvement Suggestions
  235. Servs wtf
  236. my friend can not join my party
  237. suggesting a local VS mode for fds coming my house and play
  238. Here is my suggestion
  239. [Suggestion] Event: Defend the Cannibal Throng
  240. AFK Farmers (XBOX ONE)
  241. Guard Break IS BROKEN! FIX NOW!
  242. Rip game
  243. Game suggestions
  244. Please fix guard break, it is broken beyond belief
  245. Balance MatchMaking
  246. Another Shoguki problem? Anybody else?
  247. Shield Characters and Law Bringers Stamina Cost
  248. Samurai Long Bow
  249. [Suggestion] Event: Between a Rock & a High Place
  250. Fighting on the edge of a fall