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  1. A couple problems with the game
  2. Possible bug: Executions not going off
  3. [BUG] Nobushi uses (Swift Recoil) when trying to use (Zone Attack) after parrying.
  4. very disappointed with the story
  5. Can we get rid of the flashing light bulb that is the VS loading symbol?
  6. Issues on XBOX with redeeming pre-order bonuses
  7. Guardbreaking, the need for some welcome change.
  8. Ideas for game improvement
  9. Farming PVE for Rep Levels
  10. Warden Shoulder Bash Cancel, is a change needed?
  11. Berserker is made basically worthless by the Orochi and the Shield-Wielders
  12. Please Separate Elimination from Skirmish
  13. Vanity prices.
  14. How about only ONE res?
  15. Who else would like to see a gambling mode?
  16. Rewards for custom matches !
  17. Disablers i think need changing.
  18. Pornographic/Racist Emblems - What can we do?
  19. Update Suggestions
  20. Suggestion New Mode: 1 vs 1 Team Battle.
  21. Sometimes when someone leaves the match the game freezes
  22. Verguennza
  23. Request: Ubisoft please make SA/Gulf Part of EU
  24. Berserker Bug
  25. can't block or guardbreak interrupt now
  26. Reconnection messes up the games every time!
  27. Elimination/Domination Gear Level and the Issues It Will Bring
  28. [feedback] Much more punishment to players who quit matches please!
  29. Petition For Servers for For Honor IMMEDIATELY
  30. Create your own character
  31. Raider: Fix Stampede Charge vs Shugoki
  32. Keep this game alive!
  33. This Peer to Peer and matchmaking crap needs to stop
  34. Steel, RNG, and Gear Salvage
  35. Attack tracking is broken, guardbreak is a lottery and items are stupid.
  36. Game Breaking bug's found in Shugoki's kit. PLEASE FIX
  37. RANT! i'll try not to curse
  38. Suggestion - Don't listen to this forum to balance your game
  39. Just a little suggestion for the push to talk button
  40. can't go counter-gb after block (not parry) of my attack by conqueror
  41. Xbox Open NAT, very high activity, still no games
  42. Solution to impregnable defence meta
  43. Emblems On Shields.
  44. [Feedback] Whether Shugoki is too much Overpowerful, the attack range and passive.
  45. [Suggestion] Add a training room where we can control AI to perform required moves.
  46. Conversion of salvage into something else? Steel?
  47. Remove Emote Spam
  48. Try for free?
  49. Classifications :)
  50. Network Error in Story mode
  51. Clear Error messages
  52. Gaurd Break
  53. matchmaking takes too long.
  54. A Simple Yet Practical Suggestion for the Gear Appearance Change
  55. We need Solo Only Playlists!
  56. The waiting game needs a fix.
  57. Text chat for PS4
  58. Neutral Colors when VS AI
  59. Powerup pickup times need to be increased. Also change spawn time from 0 to 30.
  60. constant disconnects from games due to P2P networking (AUS)
  61. Stop putting us to matches where our team is losing 0-2 or 0-823, or don't count them
  62. I hate to be this guy, but your bots blatantly cheat.
  63. Seperation of Elimination and Skirmish
  64. Log Our Takedowns As They Happen
  65. Remove/Rebalance gear stats or introduce a ranked mode for Dominion/Elimination
  66. Controls
  67. Orochi poison mine?
  68. Running out of Stamina
  69. Servers man.
  70. Deleted Gear Still Notifying as New, Yet Gear is Deleted?
  71. Servers man.
  72. Patch/updates?
  73. Please fix zone attack indicators.
  74. Analytically highlighting the main issues.
  75. FAIL HITs ANIMATIONs for realistic mode
  76. Why this game is the worst release in 2017
  77. Leavers Penalty
  78. Quickly resolving troubles
  79. Contract Orders bug
  80. Feats not working
  81. Gear reskin
  82. Heal on Block perk needs a re-design on Conqueror
  83. [BUG] Unblockable attack gets canceled
  84. Shugoki bear hug
  85. Spoiling the game
  86. BUGGED: Parry into guardbreak
  87. Counter Stun hard to achieve
  88. SUGGESTION: PC - Please make an option to disable guard move with mouse moves.
  89. Feedback: current problems [no feedback, no improvement, no fun, no honor :D]
  90. [BUG] Incorrect Language For Contracts
  91. Suggestion: 4th faction (Dlc)
  92. [BUG] Getting Guard Breaked while attacking/Revenge Mode
  93. New day, game still freezes when quitting to map. Been happening since closed beta
  94. For Revenge - Can't Defend this Example - NERF. THIS. NOW.
  95. Bot lv 4
  96. Bots in 1v1 (Player vs Player) is the WORST!
  97. Berserker limited abilities
  98. We need a hub.
  99. Suggestion: faction based abilities
  100. Ubisoft: Please add a leaving penalty
  101. Server Error every 3rd game
  102. Warlord execution not interrupted?
  103. An error occured 6 Times
  104. Gear stats and the current Meta
  105. Wardens Light attack is way to fast
  106. Shugoki Bug
  107. [Video] I think this sums up nicely what the new control characters bring to 4 v 4
  108. Contract Orders: Dominion Butcher
  109. Punish Rage-quitters. Cant get a match to end the way it is
  110. Low stamina dodge abuse
  111. [BUG] Order name and description in wrong language.
  112. HC / Realistic mode option for PvP
  113. Dodging out of guard breaks
  114. This game was not made for the solo player
  115. Broken item indicator
  116. Xbox One - Allow to friends to invite / join games in progress
  117. Realistic mode is fail
  118. [Suggestion] Let Me Choose Elimination
  119. BUG: Collection detection
  120. Heroes Suggestion for all factions
  121. [Suggestion] Choosing character before search, matchup based on character level.
  122. Lawbringer
  123. The Warden - Game needs to step up / Or broken char
  124. List of suggestions
  125. yellow exclamation mark in inventory ???
  126. fix your servers
  127. Please do fix your god damn game for PC
  128. PC - Switching from keyboard to controller makes you loose connection
  129. AI Difficulty matchmaking filter is a MUST
  130. Orders and contracts
  131. 4vs4 improvements. gang-duels, runners, leavers, execution dps
  132. controller remapping
  133. BUG: Still not Recieving XP/rewards after 1v1 against AI
  134. So Ubisoft... What about those changes?
  135. Some of For Honor's Many Problems (and how to fix them)
  136. Samurai Armor made of WOOD??
  137. Kensei Issue/bug
  138. Serious problems that need fixing.
  139. Custom controls are missing
  140. Multiplayer suggestions
  141. Bug?
  142. One hit feats
  143. The extremely tiny buff raider needs.
  144. Thanks so much Ubisoft!
  145. Drop hacks are getting out of hands
  146. what need an imperative change
  147. Please make Hidden Stance easier to activate on a Controller.
  148. Revive after execution bug.
  149. Fix your ****
  151. symbol Bug in for honor
  152. Shugoki is OP - One hit and takes away over 80% of my health
  153. Romans!!
  154. [BUG] 2 people guard breaking the same target
  155. Lawbringer attack combo bug
  156. Great Game, Awful Machanics
  157. Update release ?
  158. [Bug] Valkyrie - Shield Tackle Cancel
  159. Best quick fix to dominion health. Period.
  160. BUG - Infinite damage loop with Warden
  161. Contract Orders and Bot levels
  162. Feed Back: Love the Game!
  163. [Suggestion] Dominion Chicken Run On A Point
  164. Block fix
  165. Fix Revive
  166. closed beta vs open beta tests
  167. Valkyrie Guard Bug
  168. Watch the AI trying to cheat... Death and the players.
  169. Uplay groups are broken af
  170. Why are all the menu and server issues that existed in Alpha not fixed?
  171. Please change stamina system!!!
  172. Dont charge 60 dollors for a game that does not work
  173. Punishment for leaving during matches?
  174. VALKYRIE is ****
  175. Revenge Mode in Duels
  176. [Bug] Lawbringer Reputation 14 Unlocks
  177. Need to do something about AFK
  178. For Guardbreak and Sidestep
  179. Spawn Killing
  180. The game needs a lot of tweaks
  181. Revenge in mode in duels needs to be taken out. (Video)
  182. -Is the game healthier with environmental kills enabled-
  183. For the love of god fix environment hazards or make a competitive game mode!
  184. Why don't mics work in game?
  185. I can't sign up for the For Honor Rewards Program
  186. Duel and Brawl need a ladder/MMR
  187. WTF is up with connections?
  188. Server bad
  189. Post game screen
  190. Changing Singeplayer Appearance
  191. Do the Dev's even read these? (Experiment)
  192. For Honor Early Impressions and Grievences
  193. New Game Mechanics
  194. Match in Progress
  195. Remove Skrimish from Elimination Queue
  196. invisible hits exploit/bug/cheat
  197. Playing with friends
  198. two major issues
  199. Feedback
  200. PS4 Problems
  201. High Tier Bracket = Game of Parry, please do something to balance this sh*t
  202. Hey, fix this game. Another broke group issue.
  203. New Game Modes
  204. we need a dominion, elimination without armor stats
  205. Xbox DVR Disconnect
  206. Why the game will die.
  207. Make every bleed hard to land like shoulder pin
  208. Matchingmaking is f'in comical
  209. Limit Gear
  210. Joining the end of a losing game
  211. Add Respawn invulnerability
  212. Why this is one of the worst games of all time
  213. Suggestions mega-post
  214. Guard Break, the new spamfest and only mechanic being used
  215. Guard break
  216. No rewards for several matches.
  217. More proof that revenge mode should not be in duels.
  218. Nerf t he entire japanese lineup
  219. Guard Break also used as a attack counter
  220. When is coming fcking fix patch?
  221. I really hope...
  222. Increase Co-op Campaign Size
  223. My Main Issue with For Honor - the Handling of Micro-transactions
  224. Fix the matchmaking, its so broken.
  225. Light Spam Help?
  226. Guard stance sensitivity for controllers needs to be adjustable.
  227. All seems perfectly balanced.
  228. This has to be the game with worst networking I have ever seen
  229. Ya'll gotta ****in do something about revenge mode
  230. Better Emblem Placements
  231. mute abusive players ingame
  232. Fixes that need to happen, Hero limits, Guardbreaking, and Cheap tactics.
  233. Minor Glitch with Custom Games
  234. A few suggestions to think about
  235. Bots too aggresive?
  236. This game require a Team Only chat option.
  237. LAWBRINGER - Constructive criticism and Feedback.
  238. Suggestion how to make the game a bit more OFFENSIVE in a a subtle way
  239. Chat system, Orders, and friendlier chat system.
  240. Revival penalty
  241. Suggest: Fix the system change-lock enemies
  242. Yet Another "Lawbringer" Rework Thread
  243. The item system is broken
  244. Class stacking
  245. Nobushi bleed bug
  246. Nobushi attack animation - Hidden Stance into Viper's Retreat in top guard, bug?
  247. Berserker useless combo
  248. Ideas for Guardbreak Tweaks To Stop Stale Defensive Duels
  249. GAMEMODE:Last man standing!
  250. UNFAIR Matchmaking