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  1. A bunch of us devs would like an API!
  2. World map has not updated
  3. Feedback and a Bug report: crash by leaving as team
  4. Controller on PC Heavy Attack stops working
  5. BUG Reports (Why is there not a specific bug reporting forum section??)
  6. List of Necessary Fixes
  7. fix the damn assassins before i lose my mind
  8. Fundamentally broken game
  9. Merge Elimination and Skirmish contract orders so people stop leaving games
  10. Controller Bindings (PC)
  11. Nerf this and Nerf that......
  12. Missions and 4v4 Modes Rant and Suggestions
  13. Idea for Game type
  15. Please for the love of god fix the mouse
  16. [SUGGESTIONS] Defense too strong? Unbreakable Defense = Toxic PVP Gameplay
  17. Scree freezes when quitting to map.
  18. You have to let people pick Elim or Skirmish!
  19. on screen input
  20. [Suggested Changes] Matchmaking and UI Changes Needed
  21. Preferred mode broken AGAIN
  22. Absolute Defense, Offense, and the Conqueror/Lawbringer
  23. Suggestion for Story Mode
  24. Strict nat
  25. Please fix "Network error occurred" URGENT!!!!
  26. Ornament: Nothing
  27. Unable to join any game besides duel(1v1)!
  28. Effect Suggestion Cosmetic
  29. Strange suicide exploit in Skirmish?
  30. Separate player pool for rage quitters and early abandonment
  31. Suggestion Game Mode : All Out War
  32. Shugoki zone worst ingame
  33. We need an acorn symbol (Or at least I do)
  34. Can we please have an option to not join in progress
  35. When is the much needed Lawbringer buff?
  36. Suggestions and feedback
  37. Lawbringer shove is an exploit to me
  38. Valkyrie
  39. Love this game!
  40. Disconnect, disconnect, disconnect
  41. The Performance State Of The Game
  42. Game Problems
  43. server is ****
  44. Player vs AI Matches
  45. Controls
  46. Seriously Fix it
  47. Seriously fix gaurd break intterupt
  48. Guardbreak needs revision
  49. Separate Elimination and Skirmish
  50. Character balancing
  51. Glitch in Custom match
  52. Fix your terrible connection and matchmaking.
  53. Undead Viking
  54. Player ran servers
  55. Valkyrie Fix
  56. [xbox] achievement art
  57. Why so many people wish they didn't buy the game.
  58. Get rid of FPS kick or allow us to exclude rain maps
  59. When a party leaves queue JUST GET US ANOTHER PERSON
  60. Lawbringer is too weak in 1:1
  61. Buff Guard Break Counter or Nerf Grabs
  62. Peacekeeper stamina
  63. Lawbringer Renown Gain to Low, and other issues
  64. Limited edition code not work
  65. Please fix matchmaking
  66. Achievement broken
  67. Crash on quit to world map
  68. Suggestion: Make gb cancelable with light attack and gb counter window longer
  69. Time-Out!!!
  70. Put Idle Visual Effects in Loading Clash Screen
  71. GET SERVERS NOW (P2P connections)
  72. Make The 1v1 Maps Smaller or Slow Sprint in 1v1
  73. Top Fixes/Buff/Nerfs
  74. Practice Mode?
  75. Stamina Issues / Revision
  76. Dominion Is Not Fun At All
  77. Does matchmaking exist?
  78. Make AI orders attainable in PVP too
  79. Request for PC control customization.
  80. Suggestion for guard breaks
  81. Guard break is magnetic and the many problems with 4v4
  82. My Humble Input - After 21 Hours
  83. Game Freezes after leaving session post-game
  84. Don't have achievements for something people can't finish
  85. Allow us to Opt-out of expanded matchmaking.
  86. Lets be real
  87. Cant GB a dodging PK!
  88. ?
  89. Of course Ubisoft fails to fix a games problems
  90. Counter-Attacker... Ha!
  91. Please add an in-game FPS limiter (to this and R6S)
  92. Duel Lobbies and Dedicated Servers
  93. For the love of christ
  94. For Honor Elimination my issues...
  95. Fix status?
  96. Please fix no damge option in custom match
  97. Bug found in game
  98. issue with sidestep and guard break
  99. This is what happens when Trump gets elected!
  100. PC Freeze - Return to world map.
  101. Please, do whatever it takes to fix the servers.
  102. Unsure what changed
  103. Leaving Match Right before Loss To Save Win Percentage?
  104. BUG REPORT :: Nothing happens past splash screens with dual Xeons (& temporary fix)
  105. Advice on dodging headbutt and shoulder charge
  106. Quality of Life Improvement: Allowing use of any item appearance on any item.
  107. Refunds
  108. Do the Xbox Mechanics seem laggy?
  109. [Suggestion] Introduce Bonus XP for Unbalanced Dominion Matches
  110. Item deletion bug
  111. Unhealthy state of the Peacekeeper
  112. Some balancing thoughts
  113. Revive boosting for exp
  114. 1v1 Bot Replacement Makes No Sense
  115. New game mode suggestion: Castle Siege
  116. about Guard Break and Revenge mechanics.. [how to fix]
  117. Give us a response
  118. Two Knight Character Ideas
  119. 1v1 exp output needs rebalance
  120. Guard Break Is Too Prevalent
  121. Orochi Needs a Nerf BADLY
  122. Are these "upcoming changes" a joke?
  123. Server really poor
  124. Lawbringer is straight up bad
  125. More variety of music please
  126. ia classes selection training
  127. Connection
  128. Stop putting me in games that are almost over
  129. Team balance
  130. New Game modes For Honor!
  131. Feints on console feedback
  132. Matchmaking (especially for modes with gear score) should reset between heroes
  133. Shugoki's combat emote videos are swapped and give you the opposite emote
  134. Guardbreak
  135. seems like i found a bug. where to report?
  136. Enviromental objects/kills and weapons
  137. Team comeback mechanic
  138. Weather effects
  139. Being able to Counter guard break / block while exhausted after a parry
  140. chat
  141. Matchmaking is terrible..
  142. How do I disable the camera from zooming out.
  143. Heroic Gear and Revenge = OP
  144. Duell Game mode: Team Tournament 4vs4 one on ones
  145. Valkyrie Changes and Hero Specific Abilities
  146. How do I disable the camera from zooming out.
  147. Suggestion Improvements
  148. My Few But Many Honest Suggestions (GBs, LAs, STAM, UBs, Samurai)
  149. Bug with orders and other suggestions
  150. BootFiX
  151. For honor Game of thrones
  152. Love this game but...
  153. Color Blind mode options would be useful
  154. For Honor on the Nintendo Switch?
  155. New duel mode -Bear pit
  156. You cannot join this session it is full...
  157. The Feedback...
  158. Warden? No one wants to talk about him once?
  159. Fair WARNING to UBI
  160. Pad mapping
  161. Faction War killing my desire to play
  162. Exhaustion Is Not Punishing Enough
  163. Support for Nvidia Shield
  164. P2P Get rid of it.
  165. Blocking is broken - PROOF
  166. so anything to be done against shugoki ubisoft
  167. Co-op story mode.
  168. Feedback on for Honor
  169. Nerf Orochi
  170. [BUG] Shugoki's "Pray For You" emote is actually not "Pray For You" emote (?)
  171. Why are raider and Lawbringer based on throwing people of cliffs
  172. Please, buy servers.
  173. Ladders and Pitfalls ARE STUPID
  174. Upgrade "Practice Duel" to Training Room (with features)
  175. Buffs are stupid.
  176. Karma ("Honour") rating system?
  177. Donīt nerf the Shieldbreacounter back! - patch the parry Dudes !!!!!!
  178. Replay system
  179. Very Refreshing Multiplayer Concept (Some Positive Feedback)
  180. The boring Dominion Modus witch needs no actual fight skills but gives tons of xp
  181. Connection lost
  182. Dear Ubisoft, Powerups in this game are dumb
  183. Georgian Warriors!
  184. friendly fire
  185. FiX Berserker
  186. A small bug a little bit annoying for assassin
  187. 3v3 Mode Suggestion
  188. Here's How To Make 2v2 Brawl Way Better
  189. Serious Penalty needed for leaving Duells
  190. A very strange bug
  191. A few feedback suggestions
  192. Can you ****ing buff lawbringer already
  193. Disable Quick Chat Option
  194. Servers please
  195. Help Money Taken, No Steel!
  196. Attack lock, sometimes heavy same dmg as light, distaster.
  197. Matchmaking balancing - Skill levels
  198. Guard break after dodge
  199. Will Ubisoft Fall Short On Hackers?
  200. Color blind settings?
  201. @Ubisoft Fix the Counter Guard Break
  202. Winning duel ends in a tie?
  203. Nobushi needs buffing and more
  204. So this is the feedback area, heres my feedback; dont buy this until Ubi gets servers
  205. Option to change Datacenters (matchmaking continent) like in R6:Siege??
  206. Conquerors need some attention
  207. Server issues
  208. Recommended Class Nerfs
  209. Remove skirmish fromnthe deathmatch group
  210. Fourth Feat
  211. Peacekeeper Bleed Problem. Not just the 3xStab
  212. Necessary Additions for For Honor
  213. New Class for Samurai Faction
  214. My review of the game
  215. There are zombies in the game
  216. Dominion - Running/sprinting too easy and effective
  217. Spoiling nice artistic feel
  218. Getting kicked for low fps
  219. UBISOFT .. Why would you EVER think we wanted to fight in Jello??!??!!
  220. GAMEBREAKING BUG/ISSUEGuard break+ combo
  221. Uncounterable Guardbreaks are cancer
  222. get rid of buffs in elimination and get rid of skirmish
  223. Please! Add the ability to rebind a controller in-game on PC!
  224. add build-able barriers to Dominion and add reduced speed to plays who run away
  225. suggestions for your broke *** game
  226. Honorable emote
  227. Nerf orochi
  228. Orochi guard brake bug
  229. servers
  230. Lag advantage
  231. some thoughts on the bots
  232. Please fix the blocking and guard mechanics
  233. Game Needs Fixes... (Specifically unblockable non-attacks)
  234. Does Orochi need to be nerfed?
  235. Custom Match Infinite Stamina and Increased Stamina Options
  236. Custom Match Bleed/Poison Do Damage When Damage Is Disabled
  237. People Running Instead of Playing
  238. Guard breaks and parries should not drain stamina
  239. Zone Attack Does Multiple Attack Indicators
  240. Valkyrie Dodge Counter Bugged
  241. Seriously we need Dedicated servers
  242. Ubisoft are you kidding me?
  243. There is no point in having elimination mode at all if people never get to play it
  244. Game is garbage and it will die
  245. Can we please get a pvp how to play arena
  246. Can we please lock or favorite gear?
  247. Poison & Bleed, I see no need
  248. Realistic story checkpoint
  249. The problem of Raider class and hes slow attacks that can be parried !
  250. The Dodge Needs Work