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  1. Is the Beta Out yet ?
  2. Beta date confirmed?
  3. When will we see the final 3 classes?
  4. Valkyrie needs a buff
  5. the NET requirements
  6. Will we get multiple keys for our friends?
  7. Any experience with pro controlers ?
  8. Any Chivalry players here that will be moving to this game?
  9. Looking for a clan to full hardcore
  10. I signed up for the wrong platform for the beta
  11. NDA lifted for the beta?
  12. Coop Campaign?
  13. Trouble Finding PC copies
  14. Beta date guessing
  15. Fuzzy memory on outnumbered fights.
  16. We need a date for the beta! Some need to request off!
  17. I think you need more moderators....
  18. For people who want to know system requirements
  19. For Honor Beta: Fighting the developer team?
  20. Let's talk about the Lawbringer
  21. Open Beta Date?
  22. PC Requirements?
  23. How big are the heroes?
  24. Why don't the moderators take more steps to counter both spamming and trolling?
  25. For Honor objective?
  26. Beta Key!!!!!!!
  27. My birthday is Jan. 12...
  28. Hokay ubi, lets talk Star Wars
  29. Beta date leaked it's the 26th of January
  30. Will my controller support for honor??
  31. Will there be no pc DVD's of for honor in india?
  32. Beta date confirmed for the 26th (link inside)
  33. So beta date confirmed for the 26th, has anyone got an invite yet?
  34. No Beta key guarantee for Alpha players
  35. For Honor - Specify your (Dis-)Honor
  36. Closed Beta Announcement
  37. Closed beta 17 days before release?
  38. Get pumped for combat
  39. already know the answer but will ask anyway
  40. ChEap KiTchens For SalE St Helens
  41. Really? Centurion??
  42. FOR HONOR - beta trailer announcement - UBI delivering a message to us?
  43. for honor ps4
  44. Brazil will be able to play the closed beta?
  45. Question about new classes, and the Season Pass
  46. Physical copy pre-order and pre-order bonus
  47. RE- Could someone please tell me how tall the heroes are?
  48. Very much looking forward to the beta date
  49. Magagement Fred ex enter please
  50. will for honor have ranked matches and a leaderboard?
  51. Additional Heroes Poll
  52. about the beta invitations
  53. Are genderlocked classes still a thing?
  54. Ps4 Dynamic For Honor Theme
  55. For Honor HDR?
  56. A way to make sure we get into the beta
  57. Orochi Deflect
  58. Received beta invite but dosn't show up in the account
  59. Will For Honor have a coop campaign?
  60. Sleep apnea?
  61. drugs?
  62. US collectors edition: No physical game media at all?
  63. Release of FH after Preorder at Ubisoft Store
  64. What is Champion Status?
  65. Hate to see all this spam...
  66. Looking for people to game with once FH launches
  67. Taipei Game Show question
  68. Gear question
  69. Choosing a faction during BETA registration
  70. Will Faction War be cross-platform?
  71. Selling cosplay?
  72. Publicity of For Honor
  73. Some fun mments from my time in the closed alpha
  74. Will progress and levelling from the beta carry over to the final game?
  75. Samurai Based Clan (Xbox)
  76. The Rise of Legends - Dominion Tournament
  77. Will We See Remaining Heroes in Beta?
  78. For permission
  79. There is a For Honor playstation theme
  80. The Valkyrie, what are they?
  81. So can we discuss now?
  82. Would you like more customization to player VS AI matches?
  83. That's it, I am maining the Lawbringer.
  84. P2P Servers Are Great
  85. For Honor pc game-Keyboard/Console pad?
  86. [Poll] Faction
  87. Why people judge: A safe way for discussion
  88. Single Player Modes
  89. Is ps Plus required for the beta?
  90. How long does last NDA?
  91. Nobushi what type/class is he/she?
  92. Local Multiplayer?
  93. Playing at midnight release with physical copy
  94. If you need to change console for the beta do it now
  95. For honor for dummies
  96. For Honor - Valkyrie Trailer
  97. Beta release exact time
  98. Question: For Honor Closed Beta | alpha players guaranteed?
  99. Ps4 Tourney recruiting team
  100. Steam forums is a mess
  101. For Honor - Closed Beta Trailer
  102. THE GREAT HEATHEN ARMY is coming!
  103. PS4 Samurai community
  104. Closed beta redemption codes here
  105. Gender Options for All Characters (Multiplayer)
  106. The Soundtrack availability?
  107. Getting the Beta?
  108. PS4/PC/XB1 Cross Play / Play togheter
  109. Loyal fan for nothing
  110. "9 Playable Heroes"?
  111. Question about For Honor Scars confirmation email, Would greatly appreciate Ubi reply
  112. Credits
  113. Will there be different servers for Steam Players and Uplay players?
  114. Blatant country favoritism?
  115. Can't progress on scar
  116. Training for the beta! :)
  117. Cross-platform?
  118. Faction-lock or not
  119. Closed Beta Forum - Closed for new topics/posts for everyone?
  120. For honor customization fails the most basic point.
  121. PSN plus is needed for closed beta and the game?
  122. a Question regarding the Gear Customization.
  123. Pre-order offer
  124. Benefits for each faction?
  125. Do something about forum spammers!!
  126. Just like to throw an idea out there
  127. if i have an readeam code and cant log on my account right now what to do?
  128. Will We See PS4 & XB1 Player Threads....
  129. Why Aliens Should Be in “For Honor™”
  130. Questions on Closed beta
  131. Twitch Prime Promotion?
  132. Ridiculous color paterns and "special effects overload"
  133. Chances for local multiplayer?
  134. Beta codes has been send ?
  135. Alpha players, did the game get repetitive or boring after a while?
  136. Is the campaign gender locked?
  137. Rise of Legends - Closed Beta Tournament - Team building
  138. Anyone else going to obsessively look at their email starting tomorrow?
  139. Your Favorite Quote For Your Factions Culture
  140. 8 players Free for All Skirmish/Survival last man standing mode
  141. Beta code date
  142. For Honor is trying to ruin my marriage
  143. More questions about the closed beta
  144. Inviting friends after code redemption
  145. Près de la moitié d'une pomme de vitamine C
  146. Beta code GUARANTEED¡¡¡¡
  147. 1 VS. 2 Fairplay or not?
  148. Will we be able to change our Faction we fight for?
  149. Gold Edition and Season Pass Informations
  150. POST Français :)
  151. Kensei sword style question
  152. So little info on the game atm, looking for some help
  153. PC looking for Beta Inv
  154. When can we expect invites to stop going out
  155. searching for a ps4 br invite
  156. What's ubi's stance on selling invites?
  157. Would the Beta access show up in my Ubi account?
  158. Anyone have an extra PS4 key???
  159. Redeeming Beta Key Question
  160. Friends invite for Alpha players on Xbox One.
  161. So many questions...FredEx or anyone that can answer
  162. Closed Beta - Invite Request / Sharing
  163. We need real answers for the alpha to beta on Xbox one
  164. Question About Past Beta
  165. confirmation email after redeeming a code?
  166. cross platform question
  167. Looking for a PC key! Thanks in advance.
  168. Interesting Start.
  169. Beta Keys When Trying To Activate Claim They Are Invalid
  170. Exclusive Rewards..? Am I Missing Something?
  171. I heard that there is preload
  172. i got XBOX ONE KEYS and i need PC KEYS ( EXCHANGE)
  173. Fredex or someone please come in beta
  174. dants peuvent aider
  175. Open beta?????
  176. SPARRING PARTNER REQUESTED. (Potential beta Code)
  177. SVER True Bloods Extends to For Honor.
  178. algum brasileiro ai tem um codigo pro ps4 para me doar ? (sei jogar)
  179. Something went wrong - No beta application
  180. Anyone from Canada got their codes yet?
  181. Is the For Honor website down ?
  182. Join the discord server to chat and play together in the beta!
  183. Mood effects For Honor
  184. Which faction?
  185. Urgent
  186. Signed up for beta asking for a PC Code, got a console code..?
  187. May anyone give me a PC key?
  188. @ubi did i hear the Ad right?
  189. pre-download beta problems
  190. ps4 code for pc trade
  191. What time does the Beta actually start?
  192. Ubisoft please let the best processing of blood come back!!
  193. What are you most looking forward to in the beta?
  194. A written preview about GR:W (Not what the HC players would want to hear)
  195. GOT PS4 EU code
  196. I NEED FOR Honor Beta Key Please
  197. Streaming the beta?
  198. Feels bad man
  199. I have a PS4 key need a PC key
  200. Swapping Beta invites | PS4 Invite for PC Invite
  201. Give Us Competitive Seasons
  202. My Gear rdy for 4K 60 fps?
  203. Anybody else also unable to pre-download the beta?
  204. Prediction - Most played to least played class
  205. samouraï's katana wrong position :mad:
  206. How long will you play if there is no Ranked Mode?
  207. Has there been any official word on if we are getting dedicated servers on launch?
  208. got a invite from friend but not showing up in my games..
  209. What were the chances of actually being selected for the beta
  210. Multiple same characters?
  211. For Honor Competitive. Esports title?
  212. Will I be able to fight bots in the beta?
  213. when do beta invites end
  214. Looking For 4th Player For Beta Tourmanent
  215. Looking for PS4 codes
  216. The Calm Before the Storm
  217. Can me and a friend play together if we allign with different factions?
  218. i have 3 spare xobxone codes
  219. looking to join 2 or add 2 for tournament (PS4)
  220. Xbox or PC beta code
  221. Anyone have a code or invite please?
  222. Keys
  223. Closed Alpha to Closed Beta
  224. Deutsche For Honor FB Gruppe
  225. For Honor Friends
  226. Discord for the game!
  227. GAME MODE you are gonna play the most
  228. Looking for honor key
  229. Does anyone have a closed beta key for For Honor PC
  230. Where is my PC Beta Key located?
  231. For Honor pre-ordered question???
  232. Where is my beta key/invite?
  233. Looking For PS4 invite
  234. Looking for a PC key
  235. Got my key from Scars, do I need to use it again on uplay to activate the game?
  236. got for honor on Steam
  237. invite friends
  238. Looking for a pc invite
  239. 5 minutes till the beta
  240. Is this game Region/Language locked?
  241. helllp
  242. Closed beta key PC
  243. In search for a PC invite!
  244. Looking for A PS4 Code if anyone has one to spare!
  245. oh uibisoft
  246. PC closed beta spared key?
  247. Please remove char female
  248. Invite up to three friends ...
  249. Tradeing PS4 Code/invites for PC Code/invites.
  250. Different "Invite Up To 3 Friends" Bug