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  1. Not receiving renown.
  2. Glitch causing lost renown
  3. Lost my 24 hour boosters (XBOXONE)
  4. NAT Type issue.
  5. I can just play the first situation
  6. Servers Unreachable Since Wednesday
  7. Squad joining
  8. I got the wall bug today on PC
  9. No xp and renamed endgame
  10. Game wont boot anymore
  11. Joining into a lost ranked game
  12. connection issues on wlan? try your tethered cellphone
  13. Furious with connections
  14. Connectivity issue
  15. Trophies haven't unlocked
  16. Squad can't play
  17. AMD Radeon HD 7800 fully updated and graphical issues
  18. GJ UBISOFT *sarcasm*
  19. Rematch fail
  20. [Global Degradation - RESOLVED] Rainbow Six Siege 12/27
  21. Having 3 major issues in multiplayer
  22. Trying to get a game
  23. Synchronizing data please wait.
  24. multiplayer startup
  25. [xone] server full can't play multiplayer
  26. Season pass missing "Two extra daily Renown-earning challenges"
  27. RESOLVED my ***...
  28. Loadingscreen Bug, DC's all day, every day. UNPLAYABLE
  29. no, it's not fixed....
  30. Laggy Servers!
  31. SBR data centre
  32. Potential Fix for Devs to implement for Data Center issue?
  33. Maintenance completed- December 28th 09:00- 09:30 (UTC)
  34. 350 ping :(
  35. Searching for opponent too long
  36. Bugs of synchronization will be fixed?
  37. Nice lvl i can't kill
  38. Two accounts playing from the same router
  39. Black Screen (AMD graphics card r9 380)
  40. disconnecting from uplay error code [0-0x00000209]
  41. Game is stuck loading
  42. Holidays Online Degradation
  43. I can't join terrorist hunt in multiplayer
  44. Experience and Renown
  45. Synchronizing data synchronizing data
  46. Black Screen and Crash again
  47. Rainbow 6 siege
  48. Already patched, but won't launch because i can't download a patch?
  49. My Razor kraken 7.1 headset not working ingame? *no sound*
  50. Screen of death, Synchronizing data, no bonus etc how long time else for 60 euro?
  51. latency latency latency
  52. Servers problem! everyday same problem!!!!
  53. Can't even find other players
  54. When is the next patch?
  55. fix this game
  56. crash after matchmaking
  57. Fix this $60 money grab NOW
  58. Smoke sim 2016?
  59. Can't get game to install
  60. smoke screen of death
  61. Smoke screen simulator
  62. Stuck loading? ...bug in synchronizing data
  63. BUG: "Please wait, Synchronizing Data...", 0 renown and no EXP.
  64. Update?
  65. gold édition
  66. Game breaking bug no exp and renown points.
  67. BUG: Seeing behind shields
  68. please help with these major bugs.......
  69. For the love of all that is holy, please fix the Data bug.
  70. Things to fix: Whole game.
  71. Cmon guys, I think we might be being unfair.
  72. Sync Error
  73. Refund - I want one as your game doesn't work. Fraud? Class Action Lawsuit?
  74. Challenge slots??
  75. Rainbow six, Xbox one crashing
  76. GAME CRASH on startup
  77. Intoleralted High Level Latency/Ping
  78. Ping of 150 - 300 in every single game, for everyone.
  79. Game should have been delayed to fix this **** (Nvidia kernel mode driver crash)
  80. PATCH PLEASE!!!!! fix the game!!!
  81. Tactical Team Shooter without Team Matchmaking to work! fix this mess ubisoft!
  82. How to enter second situation
  83. So, can I get a refund... or at least funds for the division instead of this game?
  84. So, can I get a refund... or at least funds for the division instead of this game?
  85. Server kicks everyone off 30 seconds to 1 minute into the game
  86. Unable to connect - Error: 3-0x0001000B
  87. WUS server- still getting kicked or hung in match making
  88. I thought the new patch was going to fix this crap? Hit detection fail!
  89. Head shot hitboxes
  90. ubisoft support is a joke
  91. Can't player multiplayer on ps4
  92. Error code 0X0000041
  93. Can't Turn on the Game
  94. Weapon skins and Season pass removed?
  95. Having issues connecting to multiplayer
  96. cool beta. when's the full game being released?
  97. Connectivity (Unreachable) playing in one house (same ISP connection)
  98. Mic doesn't work on game startup
  99. Cant play multiplayer
  100. PLEASE fix the problems that are stopping me and others from adoring this game
  101. Possible fix for game not opening
  102. Devs need to imrpove netcode asap...
  103. The science of broken lobbies.
  104. attitudes among
  105. Had enough of getting stuck in Thermite Charges
  106. Cant play any gamemode
  107. Is multiplayer coming out soon ?
  108. Situations error
  109. Fixes reverted?
  110. 000067
  111. Smoke screen not that bad?
  112. No renown/exp all morning.. thanks r6.
  113. Error - [3-0x0001000B]
  114. Player POV camera is in the chest?
  115. Hanging in smokescreen.. Synchronising simulator..
  116. Servers are pathetic!
  117. Happy New Year ! Please Wait. Synchronizing Data...
  118. Sync after game no renown
  119. Error code 3-0x0001000B with Open NAT
  120. Renown Booster
  121. Will those with boosters be compensated?
  122. Bug: invincible at top of climb
  123. Error 2-0x00000041 and more other issue
  124. So many bugs related to servers!
  125. A cry for answers.
  126. Streaming No Game Volume
  127. Rainbow 6 xbox one servers down?
  128. Weird lag and PS4 issue.
  129. FYI - restarting my router fixed ERROR 1000B
  130. Fuze cluster charge team kill glitch.
  131. Problems
  132. Whether to see fight against cheaters?
  133. Black screen when I launch the game
  134. Bomb defuser glitch
  135. Can't log in on the Rainbow Six Siege uplay website
  136. Always fcking connection failure in ranked match and i cant reconnect...
  137. R6 crash non stop on PS4
  138. I can't find the support ticket that I've sent
  139. Another post for error creating squad error code 2-0x00000047
  140. I'm done with this lame loading screen simulator... who wants to play battlefield?
  141. I want money back
  142. How do I get a refund?
  143. Connection problems
  144. [HELP]i used R6 buyed skin fail, but tooked the R6.
  145. Fix your ******* game
  146. Boosters are useless at the moment
  147. "Not available at this time"?
  148. Tarnungen nicht bekommen
  149. Fix the game maybe? NO EXP NO RENOWN NO RANK
  150. I have some graphical bug.
  151. Waste of renown boost
  152. Fix the game
  153. Can someone sue ubisoft or something
  154. 10 out of 10 games freezes.
  155. PS4 latest patch 1.03 make the game worse
  156. Fix this game ASAP
  157. Not getting renown gain
  158. Searching for games with a squad of 3 or 4 is the WORST thing ever.
  159. Deticated servers, get them back.....
  160. Can't connect to matchmaking
  161. [VIDEO] Can't discover Biohazard Container during recon phase
  162. Rank stuck for weeks
  163. trash game
  164. is it a joke?
  165. GAMEBREAKING: Defenders can get out of the buildings during Prep
  166. Claiming Fraud with my CC Company.
  167. Where are your priorities and communication skills?
  168. Kapkan Laser Glitch
  169. skipping in matches, especially bad at the start.
  170. Glitch on create game
  171. Constant Xbox One crashing
  172. Wouldn't usually do this, BUT...
  173. Problème
  174. Problème
  175. We need a patch™
  176. Rainbow Six Siege Rank In SEA
  177. Stuck on "smoke" screen & not earning renown
  178. Bug's
  179. Lost connection to host. Kicked every match.
  180. See through walls
  181. I'm done.. i expect a pinned thread when this game is working again!
  182. After match - no renown - stuck at synchronizing data
  183. Unplayable game.
  184. Get smoke screen the last 6x i restarted the game.
  185. Saving to the Cloud
  186. Unacceptable
  187. pfff matchmaking/multiplayer probs
  188. Just In Case You Missed It...Sync and Smoke Screen Errors Are Winning!!!!!
  189. Error 2-0x00000067 when trying to join parties or when people try to join my squad
  190. Killed an enemy who's legs clipped through the wall now I feel bad :(
  191. Hacker's
  192. Holiday Online Degredation
  193. This is ridiculous. I think a class action lawsuit is in order. Who's with me
  194. Matchmaking Hell
  195. The beginning of the end?
  196. Wtf No Renown or Experience
  197. Can't play R6
  198. Rainbow 6 Cheating- Help
  199. Idea about crashes
  200. Online/Offline can't change
  201. Just another new Matchmaking Error
  202. Error not enought servers
  203. Heres how to refund digital R6:S on X1
  204. High Ping Players Advantage!!
  205. Anyone else having issues with in-game purchases on PS4?
  206. Constant Dc And Rubberbanding Lag
  207. Rainbow six Siege wont launch.
  208. French language in UK version ?
  209. Microphone sound fluttering - XBOX
  210. Head Shots Not Registering
  211. GAME BREAKING GLITCH/EXPLOIT. Deployable shield Exploit
  212. comment enlever le changement d arme de la molette de la souris
  213. Audio not working
  214. Uplay overlay causing game not to load
  215. I found the solution!
  216. No hud or transparent hud please
  217. From bad to worse Now i freeze and crash
  218. My Season Pass content is gone!
  219. Error code 6-0x00000002
  220. Potential bug or unforeseen circumstance?
  221. Connection Failure (2-0x00000041)
  222. Voicechat not working
  223. Fix the damn bug regarding 4 players!
  224. Party issue
  225. connection error [ 2-0x00000041]
  226. Not getting renown and no experience.
  227. An error has occured Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege
  228. Bug work around (freezing)
  229. Is there an ETA for a fix regarding connectivity issues?
  230. Ban the glitchers/hackers?
  231. shop content still locked for me!
  232. This game is magnificent,when i can play it.
  233. Freezing/Crashing bug work around (Xbox)
  234. Terrorist Hunt Down?
  235. List of known Exploiters and Hackers
  236. Not enough Disk space...? (PC)
  237. Game keeps detecting Intel HD Graphics
  238. Boot back to Terrorist hunt screen
  239. Issues with light
  240. I'm a Network/Security Architect by Trade...
  241. RANKED Matchmaking PS4
  242. Cameras not working properly
  243. SLI is broken AGAIN !!!
  244. Server exploded unresponsive!!!!
  245. Not able to Enter the game
  246. Reported Outside while I was inside the map
  247. TH not working for xbox1
  248. Get Outside Early Glitch
  249. tick rate
  250. Bugusing Spawn Killer