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  1. Bought the Amethsyt skin
  2. just lost elo because someone wont load
  3. Server failed mid-game
  4. Uplay points and challenge not assigned
  5. When you will fix peeker adwantage?
  6. [RESOLVED] Moving from PS4 to PC
  7. TAA issues with the latest GeForce driver (398.82)
  8. Фризы!
  9. Uplay service is unavailable
  10. Ubi**** is real
  11. No charm.
  12. xbox one game or cd problem
  13. Upgrading from Starter to Standard/Advanced.
  14. GTX 1050 Ti graphics no change!
  15. Oregon Laundry room glitch
  16. [RESOLVED] Got no elo for winning a ranked game
  17. Banned for no reason.
  18. Rainbow 6 Siege wont launch
  19. RB6 Free weekend All Characters not unlocked?
  20. Drone Glitch
  21. Stop loading us into Mid Session lobbies!
  22. My game dont work
  23. Banned for toxic behaviour for no reason
  24. Marasmus of chat filter
  25. transito ps4 to pc!
  26. A Ubisoft service is currently unavailable
  27. Xbox to uplay
  28. Not recieving streamer charm!
  29. Game freeze
  30. yacht engine room glitch
  31. montagne melee fight glitch
  32. Rainbow Not Opening Despite Being Purchased From Uplay
  33. i said **** then corrected myself and still got banned
  34. Rainbow Six: Siege crashing during ranked and casual almost every game
  35. i cant play siege
  36. Rainbow six seige
  37. Linked UPlay and steam, Siege wont launch on steam and isnt showing on my Uplay
  38. Banned for no reason
  39. R6S Majors Paris charms
  40. Crashing at the seizure warning.
  41. Can't Activate Twitch Drops
  42. Error {6-0x00001000}
  43. test server up?
  44. Wrong Account my game is Authenticated to!
  45. Operators missing
  46. Can't play my game at all.
  47. I have 2 problems regarding uplay and battleye
  48. Test servers is full of cheaters
  49. I receive an error code 3-0x0001000B
  50. TTS nowhere to be found
  51. Problema rainbow six
  52. Banned for teamkilling a toxic person
  53. I Need Help I did not receive 600 credits in Rainbow Six Starter Edition.
  54. Got banned for saying `black` in spanish
  55. Hereford base low fps
  56. What should be my avg. FPS value?
  57. falha na tentativa de conex„o com o servidor
  58. Disconnects from servers but not match
  59. R6 Paris Major Twitch drops issue
  60. ı lost uplay step 2 verification codes please help me
  61. Missing Purchase
  62. Unable to launch the game.
  63. Disconnect should not be reason for punishment
  64. Im not sure about my purchase. pls help
  65. Constant and aggravating problems
  66. Game keep crashing..
  67. Appear offline in Rainbow six siege
  68. Glitching during Rank game in oregon
  69. Progress is not saving when exiting out of game
  70. Rainbow takes 2-3 mins to load after I pick an op
  71. Triggering Toxic System
  72. Banned whiout a rason
  73. Black screen
  74. Drones not scanning objective Fix
  75. Oyuna gerİ baĞlamama
  76. Fix your matchmaking
  77. Fix your matchmaking part 2
  78. New bug/glitch
  79. uplay chat bug
  80. do u guys have the bug where u cant invite ur friends and chat with them?
  81. Why haven't I got my Paris Major charms yet?
  82. year 3 on ranked and i got this shid come on ubif**k
  83. Please help!
  84. Why I am about to quitting ranked permanently.
  85. The ranked queue is not properly working
  86. R6s frozen at inital start up screen
  87. Got banned for no reason when logged into 2 accounts (Rainbow Six)
  88. I am being killed while behind cover.
  89. Graphics settings aren't applying
  90. Got on for the first time today, got banned for cheating?
  91. Stuck in loading screen
  92. My display & graphic settings reset everytime i start the game
  93. Transfer Account
  94. Port forwarding concerns
  95. Problem Starting the game
  96. Error code 6-0x00001000 rainbow six siege
  97. 2SV for Operation Grim Sky
  98. 9.1 gb update
  99. Renown Booster Wasted
  100. Moving right glitch
  101. I'm not able to start the download for the new update in uPlay
  102. I accidently made my email to a random persons email
  103. Not able to full screen the game.
  104. I cant validating and updating to play online
  105. [RESOLVED] 2-Step Verification activation link is invalid or has expired.
  106. Black screen every other match
  107. error code 6-0x00001000
  108. Error Code after Maintenance
  109. R6 not working
  110. Ranked glitch
  111. Year 3 pass not working
  112. I bought a 20$ currency pack in r6 and I have not recived
  113. When ever I try to update rainbow six, this happens
  114. I dont have a phone for authentication, do I not get to play ranked?
  115. Error Code 6-0 000010000 Connection
  116. cannot connect to games, prompt "error code: [6-0x00001000]"
  117. Mic has stopped working.
  118. 2-Step Verification code invalid
  119. I can't login after enabling second factor authentication
  120. didnt recieve two step-verification skin for thermite after enabling
  121. Connection
  122. cant play anymore
  123. My Uplay account was hacked onto and somebody cheated on my account
  124. Error code: 6-0x00001000
  125. High Ping issues in random matches
  126. AFTER GRIM SKY UPDATE | Ubisoft ERROR CODE: 2-0x0000d012
  127. Error 6.. something.
  128. How Long Until A Fix?
  129. After Grim Sky Update - Error Code [6-0x00001000]
  130. Reload Audio for the FUZE/FINKA LMG is out of Sync
  131. Casual and ranked game crash during loading
  132. The Ethernet cable is not connected
  133. Display stuck on windowed 60hz cant swtitch to 144hz fullscreen
  134. bug (-1) impossible to play
  135. I can't see level my mates
  136. Anyone Else Crashing Every Single Game? (R6 Siege)
  137. The only solution I've found for the [6-0x00001000]&[2-0x0000D012] errors
  138. Multiplayer connection issues following Grim Sky release.
  139. R6 Paris Major charms are broken
  140. Rainbow six always crashes
  141. Reconnect to Ranked match prompt feature is inconsistent and broken
  142. Siege sound issues
  143. R6 grafik sıkıntım :D
  144. Unable to play for the past month (Crashing and Freezing)
  145. Playing on pc
  146. Twitch Prime Pack Issue
  147. settings won't save
  148. [BUG] No resupply on hereford base, Disarm, Terrorist Hunt
  149. I need help?
  150. Rainbow six siege game crash Xbox
  151. I received a permanent ban
  152. Game crashes in ranked
  153. R6s payment problems -there was a problem with your payment
  154. not receiving the 2 step verification email
  155. Twitch Prime Packs not working.
  156. new account error
  157. Can't get streamer charm, I all do (twitch prime, ubisoft connect) help!!!
  158. Problems starting the game
  159. Game crash na rank
  160. fps drops when packet loss
  161. Refresh Rate in Full Screen Issue
  162. FPS drops, micro stutter, disconnecting act
  163. Getting Update Failed at start screen, help!
  164. Update Failed notification in game
  165. Fix this now!
  166. Matchmaking Error
  167. erro no matchmaking
  168. error code: [6-0x00001000]
  169. Hibana collectable
  170. 25+ minute queue times???
  171. after grim sky updates keep showing errors
  172. Inactivity
  173. I couldn't see anything.
  174. Error Code 2-0x00019008
  175. Keep playing as a team
  176. The Store is Bugged: Bundles
  177. can't change 60hz
  178. igrone
  179. Holo and acog bug
  180. 6-0x00001000 error
  181. Ranked crashing and lagging out
  182. Twitch Prime Loot
  183. Non riesco a ottenere i pacchetti alfa twitch prime
  184. Game Crashes
  185. My FPS .. Help Please
  186. Where is the reward?
  187. Are we getting compensation for error code: [6-0x00001000]?
  188. Bug echo drone.
  189. Unable to connect to Uplay
  190. refresh rate locked 59
  191. Matchmaking and glitches
  192. incredible lag.
  193. Thanks Ubisoft
  194. I can't join any game
  195. Ubisoft really needs to get their siht together
  196. как долго?
  197. XLR Mic won't work in Siege
  198. Renown Points Issue in Lone Wolf, Terrorist Hunt, when single player.
  199. Kicked out
  200. Graphic & display settings don't save - Steam version
  201. Email Problem
  202. My Uplay account was hacked onto and somebody cheated on my account
  203. cant change from 60hz
  204. Rainbow Six Crashing On Xbox One
  205. Sound issues on Hereford rework
  206. Isane high ping spikes
  207. Frame drops since Grim Sky
  208. Crashing Errors
  209. wtf credits?
  210. Kicked from ranked match and auto lose of elo/cant join back?
  211. [PC] Game stutters, weird screen between rounds, fast pc.
  212. Can't change my name.
  213. Enemy bullet shot through my shield. (I was Fuze)
  214. FPS DROPS! FIX explosion particle material!!! :mad:
  215. Dear Ubisoft
  216. Ping abusing should be removed by capping the ping for players to play.
  217. How do i find activation key on pc?
  218. Your ranked system is a Piece of crap with bad connection.
  219. R6 Twitch Prime packs not [B]WORKING[/B]!!!
  220. uplay error
  221. Loading screen issues
  222. help code
  223. Banned for no reason from ranked
  224. Game Crashing
  225. Lost operator
  226. cant connect to servers
  227. Still freezing/crashing when playing (Y3S3.1 patch installed)
  228. Banned after playing CASUAL???
  229. how do i solve this? i backed up my game files and re-installed and still wont open.
  230. Rainbow Six更新後無法全螢幕進行遊戲。
  231. (Resolved) Voice chat not working with voicemeeter
  232. I got permanately banned!!
  233. @ steo verification issues
  234. Rainbow six
  235. Increase camera shake
  236. There should be an Auto-kick feature if loading in took too long
  237. Players blocking Ranked load screen on purpuse
  238. Rainbow Six Siege: Connection Required @ score screen
  239. 6-0x00001000 error
  240. Rainbow six download stoppes at the 99% mark
  241. I can't start the game after the upgrade 2 or 3 daysago
  242. Error Code [3-0x0001000B]
  243. Not getting siege points
  244. I want to get my ranked win
  245. 2 Step Verification problem, please help
  246. ban for 7 days
  247. Sudden Low FPS Problem
  248. [RESOLVED] low fps
  249. old PC with old GPU, I have directX 12, but says I need direct 11 or higher.
  250. Tricked into getting banned...