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  1. massive graphic glitch how to fix it ㅠ-ㅠ
  2. Visual Bug at Tachanka
  3. Ranked Match Making with Squad
  4. matching systeam after a match
  5. Ranked
  6. Falling through map on Oregon
  7. Update
  8. Unable to play game with a specific friend after the PlayStation 4 software update
  9. Ubisoft fix your ****
  10. Uplay unable to start your download...
  11. Consulate Rappel Glitch
  12. Cant connect to servers (Xbox, error 8-0x00000054)
  13. Fix Chanka
  14. Checking stats online
  15. Castle glitch and proud of it.
  16. Grenades do not go where your aimer is
  17. Huge fps drop in game
  18. Wrongly banned for 2 hours
  19. Castle glitch.
  20. Bug with chibi valkirye
  21. PS4 in game shop Currency packs
  22. Problemas de ping no servidor brasileiro.
  23. Wrongly got banned for 7 days pls fix this
  24. Report player
  25. only can get 50 fps
  26. unsupported video drive
  27. Getting error code 3-0x00010004 for an entire week.
  28. Game crashes when in a match
  29. Ranked match was terminated because of console update.
  30. Screen / pixels "vibrating" PC
  31. CASTLE barricade
  32. i got multiple glitches on camera all at once.
  33. Infinite Creating Squad PS4
  34. Rainbow Six: Siege crashes since AMD 17.10.2(Beta Driver for Win Fall Creators Update
  35. tom clancy's rainbow six siege error code [2-0x0000e00c]
  36. Bought Game On Steam And It Randomly Crashes Everytime I Play
  37. mid season reiforcements
  38. Can't get a game on EAS servers
  39. Error Code Xbox One just downloaded Operation Blood Orchid: Mid Season Reinforcements
  40. Shield operators able to mark with drones with shield in front of them.
  41. Banned for tking
  42. Some kind of resetig lag
  43. Blitz and Cav bugs
  44. Tachanka Infinite Turrent Glitch
  45. Random FPS Drops / Stutters in combination with new "update rate icon"
  46. Need word from Ubisoft on this issue
  47. -1 ms Data Center Glitch
  48. players lagging/warping
  49. Random "non existant" FPS Drops
  50. error
  51. Rainbow six siege won’t download on ps4
  52. Ubisoft ignoring my ticket 7 days already
  53. Rainbow 6 Launch (0xc000007b)
  54. No NAT type at all-Lags
  55. Problem with stuttering/fps
  56. No ranks show on R6 stats / database site
  57. Game disconnection with error 2-0x0000B005 in matchmaking
  58. Graphic driver and internet connection
  59. PC shuts off randomly in-game
  60. Siege use to much cpu !!!
  61. file corruption detected the program will now terminate rainbow six
  62. HACKERS are everywhere on PC... UBI is doing nothing about it....
  63. Game Crashes
  64. High ping since 30th oct
  65. Wrong team won with hostage death.
  66. A ubisoft service is not available at the moment. you can try again later or switch t
  67. Ranked issues
  68. A few operator from Operator Selection are locked (Need Help)
  69. Squad Issues
  70. Graphic Settings does not save when I quit the game
  71. Yellow squares top right hand corner whilst playing
  72. No Voice Communications!
  73. wrong email
  74. Shoot throught shields ?
  75. File corruption detected
  76. RainbowSix.exe - System Error [HELP]
  77. Cannot launch the game because it's asking me for an activation code?
  78. Voice Chat Record Level resetting and MIC not working!?
  79. Lost a huge chunk of my Operators!
  80. ubisoft answer please ı post it 4 days ago and dont answer
  81. 100 % Cpu usage bug
  82. Blackbeard bug
  83. una domanda...
  84. failed to load user profile. every time i log on all load outs and keybindings reset
  85. Microphone issues that I'm struggling to fix.
  86. Game bug
  87. Missing Christmas skins from last year
  88. "Connection Failure Error Code: [2-0x0000B005]" looking fo fixes
  89. Multiple issues when trying to create a squad
  90. ERROR 0-0x00000204 knowen issue no solution(server side)
  91. Crashing in Ranked / Friends play
  92. Please ubisoft...
  93. ping stuck
  94. Can't connect to siege ps4
  95. cannot launch rainbow on pc
  96. Cannot search my player's profile
  97. Temporal Filtering [anti-aliasing]
  98. R6 wont launch
  99. Completely freezing mid-game - Support won't answer.
  100. game keeps crashing
  101. Season pass R6 missing
  102. Siege didnt start with MSI afterburner.
  103. Sound lagging when in game rainbow six
  104. Missing Bought Operators
  105. My account has been reset. Help Me!
  106. Game delayer
  107. Why did it reset all my attachments and situations
  108. ubiclub not tracking progress
  109. Unbalanced Matchmaking
  110. Insane recoil
  111. Can I make a new Ubisoft account after buying R6 Siege on Steam? (more info in desc)
  112. Rainbow six siege crashing without error
  113. Failing to update (in game)
  114. My operators is missing
  115. Could you please fix this bug already?
  116. Wrong U-play account linked
  117. Blackbeard Glitch/Bug
  118. Skins/accessories reset
  119. Transfer r6 siege from C to D?
  120. i cant change data center
  121. buyed game and lost all free weekend operators
  122. I'm getting "File corruption detected! The program will now terminate." this error.
  123. Can no longer connect to servers after maintenance
  124. User profile failed to load - but different
  125. Hibana X-charges on new TTS
  126. Blackbeard runs like he has shield even with deagle out
  127. Need help!
  128. I'll recover the 600R6
  129. Cannot connect to servers
  130. "Throw back grenade" broken
  131. I get an error when buying credits r6
  132. game downloads while im playing
  133. high ping on seas server
  134. Problem with the technical test server.
  135. R6Six hang/crash without error.:mad:
  136. what is 2-0x0000c015 ec9fbe2c81 connection failure
  137. FPS Cap problems
  138. Lightning bug at coastline map.
  139. Can't Match With Friends
  140. PC dualshock4 vibration ?
  141. Siege Unplayable On My PC.
  142. Renown and year 1 & 2 passes
  143. Login Error Ubisoft
  144. (PC) The game is constantly crashing
  145. My data center problem
  146. Siege keeps restarting my computer
  147. My bullets go through enemies
  148. R6 Siege Gold edition Year 2
  149. 0xc000007b Error
  150. Texture/Lighting flickering consistently across many parts of multiple maps
  151. Frame drops regardless of settings
  152. Unable to que up
  153. Microphone Won't Pick Up Unless I'm Really Close
  154. Will my GFX card support R6S?
  155. Authentication Error
  156. please help me game is super messed up
  157. Errors on TTS: Can't join a game in Multiplayer
  158. I got banned on day 3 of playing the game? help me please
  159. crashes when launched
  160. My Season Pass 2 + All DLC's gone ??
  161. R6 crashing
  162. Very low frame On TTS operation White Noise
  163. Credits not showing
  164. 35-50 fps with gtx 960m
  165. User profile failed to load multiple times
  166. Seasonal Weapon Skins
  167. My connection tripled up since yesterday.
  168. Disabling 2 step authentication through support
  169. no voice no mic in algeria
  170. Rainbow six siege mouse disconnecting crashes game
  171. I can't buy R6 credits
  172. I have a problem and I do not know what can be done about it
  173. Matchmaking not working
  174. Server Connection Issue TTS
  175. So, i got banned again.
  176. Missing season pass
  177. Lost Season Pass
  178. PC Servers down ?
  179. Ubisoft help me plz!
  180. Season pass 1
  181. Não consigo me conectar ao servidor.
  182. Ubisoft and Rainbow 6 account hacked
  183. Game crashes mid match
  184. Can't add friends
  185. Anti-cheat/Useful Additions
  186. Ubisoft Club Games
  187. My renown is getting stealed
  188. How can I sue Ubisoft for consumer damage?
  189. lagging out and requeing bug
  190. My renown is missing
  191. Can't Shoot Mounted Tachanka LMG
  192. Update failed Error message
  193. Error 3-0x0001000B???
  194. Drone teleport inside of the floor in kanal map
  195. D-50 missing a bullet in the third mag on Tactical Realism
  196. logitech g602
  197. Microsoft Basic Render Driver Error
  198. Problem with Google auteticator...
  199. placement match bug?
  200. Blackbeard Shield Bug
  201. Rainbow 6 siege freezing and crashing
  202. Twitch Drone Floor Glitch
  203. Error 2-0x0000c003
  204. There was a problem authenticating the ownership
  205. Update problems
  206. Placement matches not counted properly (PS4) (White Noise)
  207. Dont have VIP
  208. Connection Issue
  209. I didn't receive my club challenges award the buck's skeleton key
  210. Can't switch profile picture.
  211. Problem with Buck charm
  212. Ela loadout changing
  213. Unplayable
  214. Mira's mirror just shows the reinforcement...
  215. permabanned...
  216. Observation tool doesn't work to get off of a newly thrown drone when remapped
  217. Bug Report (Vigil & Drone)
  218. Operation White Noise update glitch
  219. Mute Jammer Freezes Movement.
  220. Statspage
  221. can't log into account
  222. rainbow6.ubi.com MyStats "Unbreachable"
  223. Canadian Connection Issues
  224. Canadian Connection Issues
  225. How to solve the fps drop after white noise
  226. Bugged keymapping(?) playing with/against Dokkabei!
  227. Rainbow Six Siege refusing to launch on steam
  228. Update error
  229. blood,maps appear pixelated. link too
  230. Can't connect to Servers
  231. Code error
  232. Horrible connection specifically on siege
  233. Dokkaebi phone graphic upside down on killcam
  234. My skins keep unequiping
  235. i got banned for cheating ??????
  236. HELP! Low FPS and lag issues
  237. Dokkaebi cameras are still bound to default key
  238. Got a connection issue and a penalty for it!
  239. Placement matches glitch
  240. Network bug for players in same household
  241. Fix the store
  242. Allow player to bound the same key
  243. Stuck in ranked game // can't join another game
  244. help please error loading
  245. Can't Manually Switch Datacenter
  246. Hitbox Issues
  247. Recruit time wasters
  248. Random PC Performance Issues while In-game.
  249. A bug that remove my character in r6s
  250. Smoke unable to reload smg glitch