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  1. Not received credits.
  2. Three days no credits
  3. R6 credits? not showing up!
  4. Ranked banned for your issues
  5. My elo is ****ed
  6. Serious Recent Issues -- The game has become unplayable.
  7. (PS4) can't validating and uodating playlists and properties
  8. Purchase R6 credits not received
  9. r6 credits
  10. R6 credits doesn't show up
  11. I seriously hope Ubi sompensates us for the inconvenience
  12. 2 days still no R6 credits
  13. R6 Credits not showing
  14. Challege wont go away
  15. Lost digital content
  16. R6 Credit Pack Purchase Fail
  17. Interesting Fuze Bug?
  18. R6 Credits haven't shown up yet
  19. Never been able to play a single PVP match (xbox/PC)
  20. R6 credit not received steam
  21. DLC got on the wrong account need help asap
  22. Where My R6 Credits At ?
  23. R6 Credits Not Showing up??
  24. Everyone's having the R6 problem
  25. r6 credits
  26. r6 credits not showing up
  27. Missing Blitz Bushido Set.
  28. Missing R6 Coins, refund through steam?
  29. R6 Credits, not received
  30. Haven't received R6 Credits
  31. R6 credits
  32. Have not received my R6 credits
  33. Purchased R6 credits, not showing up.
  34. Have not received R6 Credits (Steam)
  35. Missing r6 credits
  36. Game startup crash
  37. DLC season pass ano 2 não aparece para comprar na psn brasileira.
  38. No R6 Credits for 40+ hours
  39. Year Pass 2 R6 Receiving Problem.
  40. Conexão
  41. Error 2-0x0000D00A during matchmaking allllll the time
  42. R6 credits not working???????
  43. I can't find the Year 2 Season Pass on PSN (PS4)
  44. Random 5+ second freezes after update
  45. I cannot purchase R6 Credits
  46. 1200 R6 credits and Blitz Bushido set missing
  47. S.A.T. Operator Uniform Bug
  49. Refund for r6 credits
  50. game is registered to wrong email
  51. Still haven't received my R6 credits its been 72+ hours
  52. Nutcracker
  53. Christmas Challenge Melee and Gadget Kills Not Registering
  54. I have this error whenever i try to launch the game
  55. Missing Pro League Pack Season 3
  56. Challenge glitch??
  57. Is it safe to buy r6 credits through steam yet?
  58. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Ethernet Cable disconnected Error
  59. Bushido Headgear on blitz will make you die.
  60. Unable to ADS and fire at the same time (PC)
  61. Where are my R6 Credits?
  62. Not receiving rainbow six credits after purchase [STEAM, EU]
  63. R6 Credits Glitch?
  64. After around 5 mins of gameplay it freezes then goes to light gray screen
  65. Can't Restart mission with when playing with a friend
  66. I stuck in game
  67. Rubber Banding
  68. FUZE and ASH
  69. New operators not unlocked with season pass year 2 - PS4
  70. I bought 1200 R6 Credits 12/23....
  71. Black Screen on start up
  72. Can't connect to servers.
  73. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six does not start.
  74. How to fix this "failed update"
  75. Connectivity issues
  76. MotoSpider Charm Bug?
  77. Stuck on "creating squad."
  78. Game crashes whenever I try to start a match or tutorial
  79. Rubberband -random high ping
  80. pls UBI Fix BUG !!!!!!!
  81. Ranked
  82. I bought R6 credits on an account that doesnt have the actual game
  83. My email
  84. PC version freezes when I try to join a game
  85. Every online option greyed out?
  86. Missing r6 credits
  87. Where are my Credits r6???
  88. trubles with cloud sync
  89. Constant Teammates Losing Connection to the Game
  90. Rainbow Six Siege & CRASHING (XBOX ONE)
  91. sound dont work in Rainbow Six Siege
  92. Mechanisms NGOs and womens groups Blackcore Edge Max
  93. Bluetooth Headset Weird Problem
  94. Error whenever I try to launch the game
  95. R6 credits not showing up since 23rd december.
  96. Year 2 Season Pass R6 Credits Not Applied to Account
  97. Servers extra bad lately
  98. SAT Active Duty challenge not progressing
  99. my personal rank
  100. Fix your matchmaking!
  101. Getting Disconnected left and right.
  102. rollback?
  103. I have not been able to start a votekick for months
  104. No R6 Credits Almost After 2 Weeks
  105. Very bad experience at this game
  106. When will bandit glitch get patched?
  107. Disconnects with many errors
  108. R6 credits problem
  109. Didn't get the R6 credits
  110. Failed to rejoin match it dosent work
  111. Vault animation bug
  112. Game crash
  113. Ubi plz fix connection faliure
  114. Unfair abandon penalties
  115. Disconnected non stop on XB1 and PC, Seems Ubisoft don't give a S*** about us
  116. Freeze, crash, banned
  117. R6 credits not received
  118. Win 4 rounds as SAt mission
  119. R6 Credits not delivered within 2 days?
  120. how do i download this
  121. Netcode **** new thread, for ubisoft imbicils
  122. Where is my Tachanka Bushido Skin?
  123. problem with buying r6 credits
  124. Constant disconnect. (Canada)
  125. Bugged Impact Grenades
  126. rainbow six siege a ubisoft service is not available
  127. Your Game
  128. Year 2 pass Not operators
  129. Website login error
  130. Creating Squad
  131. Year 2 characters not unlocking??
  132. Hard-locked Keys
  133. The deaf ears of Ubisoft.
  134. Please help me confused Mom 🙁
  135. My action is not unlocking
  136. PS4 Constant failure enter&exit game & squad up
  137. Banning
  138. 7 Kills Pistol challenge not progressing with Caveira handgun
  139. Muting player only mutes voice, not text
  140. Changing volume with keyboard pings and opens all chat
  141. All of my unlocked operators are locked again
  142. How has Ubisoft not fixxed this?
  143. Ranked Issues
  144. CANT FIRE AT WILL vegas 2
  145. R6 Credits purchase with steam wallet not delivered within 20 days?
  146. Season Pass Help
  147. PC BSOD while alt tabing R6 Siege
  148. In-game latency
  149. My booster is gone beacuse teamkill😭😭
  150. Problem with mobile forums page
  151. Problema com o sistema de pontos do multiplayer colocação!
  152. Watch Dogs 2 Crash
  153. Can't join a single game for the past 2 days
  154. It didn't ask me to rejoin ranked match after being disconnected from the game
  155. glitch
  156. [Bug][Secure area][Last second secure]
  157. Rainbow six siege connection error
  158. Battleye bans for no reason
  159. Requesting UNBAN!!!!!!
  160. Aim Down Sight keep flashing
  161. Almost 2 weeks R6 credits not delivered
  162. Welcome to 2017! Ubisoft still reject LAN play
  163. NÃo funciona!!!
  164. Death Respawn Glitch.
  165. Are the weapons less effective?
  166. Bug entering game
  167. Profile freezing game in XBOX1
  168. Bushido glitches
  169. Safari bundle
  170. Playing R6 on Xbox One. Have Season Pass- All new operators are unavailable to me.
  171. Lost round when we actually won it.
  172. Tactical board issue
  173. Rainbow Six Siege sound issues (lag)
  174. Requesting Unban For a Friend
  175. 3-0x0001000B
  176. Graphics Lighting Bug
  177. 2 days, still getting server connection error.
  178. game setting.ini help
  179. European data centers' issues
  180. The player can gain rank up to level 20
  181. TRIPLE A GAME with net code issue
  182. R6 credits with complete edition
  183. Progression bar not showing up in ranked. Xbox One
  184. Stutter in operator loadout screen
  185. Screen flickering issue possibly caused by AMD card
  186. currency packs and digital content are locked
  187. Fairfight auto kicking me every match I play for having AutoHotKey installed...?
  188. UPLAY Connection Error
  189. 5 Secrets: How To Use bsn pre workout To Create A Successful Business(Product)
  190. 0-0x000000312
  191. Connection problem [8-00000052]
  192. Loading Times Just For Me
  193. Can't control with kb/mouse after latest patch
  194. Problem Joining/Being Joined
  195. Audio and Visual effects stuttering after I alt tab
  196. [bug report] Microphone name change
  197. [BUG] Nitro Cells glitch through Montagne's extended shield and fly behind Montagne
  198. PC: Error Code 0-0x00000312
  199. Hibana Charges not destroying wall
  200. Grey Screen during Mid Game
  201. Not possible to put Bandit charges on reinforces construction Clubhouse
  202. Cheater on Clubhouse
  203. (please help) i cant play multiplayer
  204. When will the servers be back online?
  205. Colorblind issues with Caveira
  206. rainbow six siege error code [2-0x0001903]
  207. Alway killed by the lag of enemies
  208. [BUG] temporary "wallhack" after using drone
  209. Can only play with V-sync enabled???
  210. Xbox one RAM issue [Freeze]
  211. My microphone doesnt work
  212. Banned by Fairfight?!
  213. Clipping bug
  214. Fuze [Can't aim/fire]
  215. Login error! club.ubisoft.com and ubisoft.com
  216. [XBONE] Multiplayer Issue
  217. Incredible unbalanced matchmaking
  218. Currency Packs are broken 2-1-2017
  219. Unbalanced Matchmaking
  220. R6 Credits don't show up.........
  221. 2/3 Bugs on playstation
  222. We're sorry but the transaction failed and the payment has not been validated.
  223. Battleye wrong ban ? (Developers please answer)
  224. Game Won't Start
  225. Missing my For Honor Beta/Wildlands code wont come to my email
  226. once again.
  227. Constant Disconnects
  228. User Profile Connection Failed Error (Please Help)
  229. Game Removed From Match and I Lose My Point <TWICE>
  230. Games stuck on Validating and Updating Playlist's
  231. Ubisoft servers = cancer and your automatic kick system even more so!
  232. ik heb een vraag je voor jou UBISOFT
  233. black screen of death
  234. Servers need improvement yesterday - 1
  235. Can't join my friend's squad...
  236. No R6 creds after purchase
  237. NAT type changes from Open to Moderate after playing 1 match.
  238. Gridlock purchase problems
  239. FIX - 2017 Feburary free weekend - Error - [3-0x0001000B]
  240. -Bug voicechat and chat -gameplay
  241. Matchmaking on XB1 and PS4.
  242. 3-0x0001000B
  243. Servers need improvement yesterday - 2
  244. Crane and Majestic bundle glitched
  245. Please hlep
  246. You need help, Ubi?
  247. BattlEye Blocking Windows Jaksta Audio Service?
  248. Can I Import save data from Uplay=FREE WEEKEND Rainbow six to steam??
  249. Banned after buying year 2 pass ?
  250. Lost Carbon R6 charm