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  1. Saving causes freezing...please help!
  2. Loading issues + various bugs PC
  3. please fix it , Invitation friends problem
  4. PLEASE HELP UBISOFT. Uplay and/or steam doesn't launch in background
  5. Game doesn't start after patch
  6. 21:9 support PLEASE.
  7. Controller problems
  8. Nvidia GeForce - redeem error on ubisoft website
  9. i cant Join co-op !! [PS4]
  10. I click " start the game " but it doesnt appear.
  11. Keys to Kyrat
  12. mission failed restart at mission failed
  13. No shadows and everything turns night when looking down
  14. Save data from 1 xbox to another
  15. nvwgf2umx.dll related errors
  16. vehicle Radio off setting ?
  17. red dot crosshair
  18. 2 Outposts Without Being Detected Screwed
  19. Issues with In Game sound
  20. PC Co-op issues
  21. not loading into races
  22. Game Crashes a lot. Seems to be random but who knows..
  23. How do you update Farcry4 in Xbox One?
  24. Broken game after crash
  25. Game keeps getting worse
  26. Xbox 360 version: 44 magnum bug
  27. Field of View Reset
  28. Map Editor Problem!
  29. LK-1018 Launcher issues (PC version)
  30. Ubisoft leaving Duo Core users in the dark...
  31. Game start up crash *HELP*
  32. Unable to use all weapons after purchase/upgrades (PS4)
  33. Nvidia Graphics Mode Problem
  34. Un-****ing-believable
  35. PS4 Coop not works.....
  36. Will the support ever answer?
  37. black screen update PC
  38. Cannot save at all after first survival kyrati race!
  39. Issue - unable to play coop online and multiplayer
  40. Far Cry 4 & Vista
  41. Bug!
  42. BUG with SKILLS
  43. BLACK SQUARES like in far cry 3! Any solution???
  44. Far cry 4 season pass rip off!
  45. far cry 4 pc submission crash
  46. SLI, for the love of god SLI
  47. Minimap Bug
  48. Sudden change in GPU usage and FPS drop 280x
  49. Screen edge problem
  50. Cant tell if I have gold edition or not
  51. Can not start the game!
  52. [XboxOne]Audio Effects Almost or Completely Inaudible
  53. FC64.dll and 0xc0000142 legitimate game corrupted
  54. Tons of Bugs!
  55. far cry 4 skills tree bug
  56. [PC] City of Pain Mission Not Working
  57. About the blackscreen!
  58. far cry 4 file system failure: Aborting execution
  59. Far cry 4 shut down and get me white screen
  60. Gameplay Bugs
  61. USB Devices black screen "fix" just a dirty workaround.
  62. Invalid Yak Farm DLC code
  63. Superficial Options, suspicious Nvidia cooperation on FC4
  64. Possible to run this game on a GTS 250?
  65. Can't 100% Far Cry 4 >: |
  66. Can't find Royal Convoys anymore
  67. another bug in the Xbox 360 version
  68. Key activated but no game in my libary
  69. a solution to my previous problems.
  70. How can I patch FC4?
  71. what is up with support here?
  72. Far cry 4
  73. How to climb rope pc/change the keys ..
  74. Where's the replay button?
  75. PS3 Controller on PC
  76. Broken game - Stuck in gold Pegan Min statue
  77. Gamepad is detected but doesn't do anything
  78. my system cant seem to run the game
  79. Coop Issues - Note to Developers
  80. Bug report: Delivering Royal Cargo truck is removing some throwable items.
  81. *please help* MY DISK CAN'T BE READ
  82. Radio no longer playing during Truth and Justice mission
  83. Far Cry 4 Shadowy Glitches
  84. Just bought 2x Far Cry 4. 1 Pc Loads up fine. The other goes black screen.
  85. Microphone issue, can't make it work on PC
  86. Ps4 Digital download version saving no longer works.
  87. Try disabling Hyper Threading if you have an i-5 or better
  88. Major Glitch/Problem Pls Help!
  89. Far Cry 4 running in slow motion.
  90. Assassination Quest Bug
  91. uplay requires a key
  92. loginous final mission bug
  93. Crash au démarrage de la campagne
  94. Missing Items and more
  95. "Thank you for playing Far Cry 4 0 hours 0 minutes"
  96. Game not installed properly on PC
  97. My key not working any more
  98. Cam rocks and repair tools
  99. Green and brown beams blocking my sight
  100. "Instaling Additional Components" fail
  101. Ending Bug *SPOILER*
  102. No cam no repair no rock
  103. Far cry 4
  104. Support -> history reports -> tickets numbers
  105. Crash on new campaign start-up
  106. Refund
  107. needing little help
  108. Far Cry 4 Service Unavailable- Then Stuttering (PC FIX)
  109. Erasing game saves
  110. SaveData
  111. Far Cry 4 PC motion blur problem
  112. U-play is not available
  113. Still got the blackscreen issue...
  114. [PC] Mobility Radeon Shader bug
  115. I get access to ACT III
  116. Warning i had a potential Gamebreaking Autosave Bug
  117. Heavys not giving points for Paghadur Outpost master
  118. cant join co op but can invite a player for a co op game
  119. Check points/Cutscenes/mission updates not loading PC Windows 7
  120. Please Help! Have Start up issue on PC
  121. NOTHING I do will let me use the grapple.
  122. Chemical Truck Mission --*Spoilers Maybe*-- Need tech help.
  123. PC Map Editor Crash!
  124. my key to the lost gold edition
  125. Black Screen after final Loginus quest PC
  126. Please Help! i can't play the game
  127. Phenom X 6 1090t vs ivy bridge 3770k, what should I do?
  128. [PC] Co-op really buggy!
  129. CO OP not working at all
  130. Enemies/vehicles not visible to client during PC LAN Coop multiplayer.
  131. Farcry 4 mission load problem
  132. Bug - Camera, Rock and Repair Tool not able to be equipped!
  133. I loose everything
  134. Fatal error: Unknown file with ReadFile ()
  135. i just want my blood ruby dlc...
  136. Far Cry 4 Black Creen on Startup?
  137. Erreur uplay: "echec synchro des succes"
  138. everything this publisher releases is broken
  139. Maybe .. Just maybe this help
  140. FC4 works with Radeon HD4870 (1 GB OC edition)?
  141. Different screen, game won't open
  142. Cant unlock unknown destination
  143. XBOXONE: Purchasable maps stop working after playing co-op
  144. Can't finish Yogi & Reggie Part 3
  145. Progress Problem
  146. Far Cry 4 Ps3 error 80010514
  147. Far Cry 4 bug - game is broken
  148. Far Cry 4 (PS4) Game-Breaking Bug.
  149. Far Cry 4 dont start
  150. Cant join online games on PS4
  151. Let's talk about the Blackscreen issue.
  152. Black and gray screen
  153. No mission / Game blocked in mission state
  154. Audio doesn't work anymore (music works only)
  155. Xbox 360 Black Screen During Mission (SPOILERS) Help please
  156. FC64.dll crash on first Shangri-La mission.
  157. install progress going on for hours
  158. Steam/Uplay Sync Question ***Please Help***
  159. Looking for solutions, Crazy problem. Help! Crashing and Freezing
  160. The Sandman 1911 Pistol missing...
  161. Far Cry 4 black screen?
  162. PC-Rope Climbing Bug
  163. PC - Black squares / boxes on screen
  164. Possible fix for NVIDIA GRAPHICS CARDS!!
  165. IMPORTANT! Critical Bug!
  166. Far Cry 4 Reboots PC during first jeep sequence
  167. Bugs stopping me from completing first mission.
  168. is it possible for two people to play this game on one license?
  169. Error Code: 0xc000007b
  170. No Lighting Options in video menu ?
  171. The funniest bug I've ever seen!
  172. Xbox 360 not working
  173. Uplay weapon rewards not unlocked in game
  174. Error on attempting to reach longinus
  175. STILL can't use my camera or rocks.
  176. My game crashes when i use Zip-line/Glider
  177. [PS3] Patch 1.02 not installed
  178. Pc and ps4 ?? Help
  179. when i start the game the game crashes
  180. Can't get 100%, Weapons Glitch?
  181. Far cry start not or black screen with gamecrash
  182. PS3 vs. PS4
  183. Graphics Are REALLY terrible & Some Bugs As Well! >.<
  184. When will we get Patch 1.50?? Are they working on it or what??? Damn Ubisoft!!!
  185. Why does Game freeze after a few min. of gameplay ?
  186. Far Cry 4
  187. Himalaya Mission Freezing/Crashing Issue
  188. Reset outposts. Now I can't move my mouse, can't fast travel, and there's no npcs
  189. Give us a status!
  190. Black screen after I finished the second part (mission in the mountains with agent)
  191. location popup bug
  192. Shadows Too dark can't see anything at night.
  193. Cant even load
  194. I entered 3 Codes but only got 2 DLC's out of 3
  195. Ps4 issues
  196. Second play thru (pagaon's wrath) bugged.
  197. [PS4] Anybody managed to play CO-OP ?
  198. Don't Look Down (Crash To Desktop)
  199. Is it worth it to start all over?
  200. PC: coop; can connect fine but no random events are synced = broken coop
  201. Far Cry 4 doesnt even start
  202. I fell through the map..
  203. vehicle take down locked forever bug
  204. Working crossfire profile
  205. Cannot Launch FC4 (Windows 8)
  206. double image on pc in sli
  207. [Xbox 360] Stutter when console is online
  208. Crashes when starting in online mode, cannot save in offline mode.... NEED HELP! T.T
  209. A new bug...? Need help!
  210. Lost progression.
  211. Game stopped working
  212. Far Cry 4 Shortcut path for UPlay Deleted
  213. Far Cry 4 not launching with bluetooth HID
  214. Gamebreaking Bug (No Enemy at Outposts in North) all Outposts empty? Xbox360
  215. PS4> far cry 4 i cant play Co-Op
  216. Glitch - Fall through world - Got vid
  217. Freezing bug just popped up on PS4
  218. Testing maps in the editor. One question.
  219. First Mission problems
  220. Just reinstalled my OS disk, cant start FC4 on my SSD.
  221. Far Cry 4 Constantly Stuttering
  222. probleme d'installation -FRENCH-
  223. Game capped to 30/50 fps until minimize
  224. Bug
  225. Far Cry 4 Freeze
  226. Far Cry 4
  227. PS4 Mission Glitch? Cannot progress through story missions.
  228. Cannot approach Kyra Tea Terraces outpost at South end of map
  229. Heavies/Everything not rewarding points - BUG needs patched
  230. Weapon in bottom holster slot removed after Shangri-La missions
  231. wierd persistent shadow glitch
  232. Far Cry 4 constant stutter and freeze
  233. Weapons wont fire.
  234. .44 Magnum problem
  235. Can`t start Far Cry 4
  236. How to move installation path of Far Cry 4 - Saving current savegame?
  237. No southpaw for controller joystick layout!? Not cool!
  238. mouse does not move smoothly, stutters makes game impossable to paly
  239. Error code when starting the game
  240. Aborting Execution? "Streaming"
  241. How to get Uplay service to download the update for Far Cry 4?
  242. Savegame BUG
  243. Can't Get Non-Stop Skill / Karma Frozen at Level 7 (PS4)
  244. Snow and shadow bugs
  245. Published map removing/updating
  246. No sound begin Farcry 4 on Logitech G35 7.1 surround.
  247. .xml settings file missing?
  248. There is a problem connecting to a uplay service.
  249. issue with season pass?
  250. Far Cry 4, shadow problems?