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  1. Weapons Trade Glitch
  2. Watch_Dogs PC Download Issues
  3. Please Help Me (Xbox 360 Controller) (VİDEO)
  4. [PS4] 90% Loading bug
  5. [PC] Instant Crash Upon Launching if Online on Uplay
  6. [PC][SPOILER] Single player bug please help
  7. loading screen glitch fix (for xbox one)
  8. [XBOne] Watchdogs problem with Act 3 mission four.
  9. Watch Dogs will not start
  10. online contracts game stuck
  11. [PC] game crash geforce GTX 550 TI driver 337.88 updated to date.
  12. Help me Error
  13. Possible Online Hacking Exploit! (Xbox One)
  14. Season pass eror
  15. [Ubisoft_Account] Help please
  16. [PC] Game crashing to desktop every time I continue my save
  17. Fatal BUG: Can't use skills, can't hack anything, profiler not show any data.
  18. Watch Dogs PS4 online issues
  19. [PC] Watch Dogs program przestał działać
  20. crashing at specific area
  21. [PC] HELP! Game data deleted?!
  22. [PC] Why won't Watch Dogs lauch?
  23. [PC] Why won't Watch Dogs launch?
  24. Workaround for new game-black screen AND bug in ctOS mission.
  25. [Ubisoft_Account] Unable to aim or shoot guns
  26. [Xbox One] Audio missing from Watch Dogs
  27. PS4 Bug - All Weapons Dissapear (can't re-buy) and all skills deleted
  28. utter shocking like
  29. [PS4] Watch_Dogs pausing issues
  30. [PC] Watch dogs crashes when strating the campign mission "NOT THE PIZZA GUY"
  31. Crosshair has disapeard [PC]
  32. Feedback/Suggestion: Map Filter?
  33. Buying/Selling bug
  34. No Voices on pc
  35. game goes full ****** and deleted my safe game
  36. [PC] Please Help Me (Xbox 360 Controller)
  37. Crash to Desktop when spending Skill Points
  38. [PC] Activation Code is used by another account.
  39. [PC] Entire Watch_Dogs Save Game Wiped
  40. massive bug on xbox360
  41. Missing Persons Glitch
  42. 360 wont load saved game
  43. [PC] Watch Dogs randomly crashes to Desktop
  44. [Xbox One] Infinite Load Screen
  45. [PC] after updating watch dogs a dialog...
  46. Watch Dogs' Bug
  47. [PS4] No untouchables pack?
  48. Is this the game....or something up with my PC?!
  49. I found a way to FIX! - Crashes & Stuck at loading screen - (PC)
  50. [PS3] Stops loading at 90% for PS3.
  51. Not a bug, but something that should be addressed
  52. [XB360] Electronic signs don't show up
  53. PS4 game freezes console and corrupts save data
  54. [PS4] PS4 - Spider Tank Crashing
  55. [PC] Unable to connect to public sessions. Please check your NAT type” Multiplayer
  56. [PC] DedSec Shadow
  57. PS4 Watch_dogs online bug
  58. ctOS not reporting random crimes anymore
  59. watchdogs ps4 issues
  60. [PC] Game Crash + Local save file corrupt
  61. WD Hot Spots bug?
  62. [PC] Brandon Docks ctOS Center unhackable?
  63. wtf is this *.state file.
  64. [PS4] Bug - massive NPC car crashes
  65. [PC] Hacker in Watch dogs
  66. [PC] Corrupted Save - Black Scren on New Game [FIX]
  67. [PC] Watch_Dogs Windowed/Dx11
  68. unacceptable (bug)
  69. Loading Screen Freezes
  70. I still haven't received my activation key/redeem code for paid Watch_Dogs pre-order.
  71. Blue screen of death.
  72. Argghhhh game reset...:<
  73. Cheaters absolutely destroying Decryption and Hacking modes using Trainers.
  74. online decryption unlock glitch
  75. Having Crashing issues when launching the game?
  76. [PS3] Watch Dogs Wipe Bug "Gamebreaking Bug"
  77. watch dogs not start, I give up, I'll leave it simply
  78. Exclusive Mission: The Palace Bug (spoilers)
  79. I cant even run with high textures with a 4gb gtx 770 without stutter.
  80. [WORK AROUND]Want to play online but worried about the game breaking bug?
  81. 15 hours wasted because of you amateur lazy *** excuse of a developer
  82. [PS4] Buggy Online
  83. Signature Shot ATM HACK boost not unlocked
  84. Alt+Tab Lag/Frame Rate/Start-up
  85. [XB360] Xbox 360 Number 1 on the leader board and now loading screen freeze...
  86. Crashing every time at a certain point in Act III Mission 3
  87. Is my Season Pass working or not?
  88. wall glitch??
  89. Already Completed "Online Contracts Introduction"
  90. No official statement yet?!
  91. Randomly Losing ALL Watch Dog Progress...
  92. Cops only chase one player (Online Free Roam)
  93. Loading screen bug
  94. Fix for Nvidia graphical glitches, black faces / falling through maps, etc.
  95. Stuck in bedbug ambush mission, pink screen
  96. Will starting a new game fix Loading glitch?
  97. ctOS mobile companion app servers
  98. "Disk Space Full" SongSneak App Achievement Discussion
  99. Glitched areas on outfits
  100. [PS4] Missing Persons Final Mission bug
  101. Can't play online at all?
  102. PLEASE FIX: Unusable skills, cannot hack phones, cannot fast travel
  103. [XBOne] An Awful Bug That I Have Yet to See Reported
  104. lost phone abilities
  105. [PC] controller key binding bug - ready weapons
  106. Watch Dogs Downloading Issues?????
  107. [PS4] T-Bone will not move.
  108. [PC] [WD] the game didnt warn me while i am being invaded
  109. Wall Glitch Problem
  110. Ps4 (beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!)
  111. QR Code Error
  112. Wall Glitch Problem
  113. [PC] I'm a Disabled Gamer need DEVS to please make Camera/Hacking mouse movement FASTER!
  114. Problem UPlay
  115. Watch_Dogs DirectX 11 issue
  116. Issues? Try this(Nvidia users)
  117. UBISOFT where is the stuttering fix or at least an UPDATE?
  118. What content should I be able to see/have with Season Pass! (Xbox One)
  119. ctOS Android App
  120. Can't redeem Season Pass Code
  121. [PC] Stuck at loading/joining screen in multiplayer decryption mode (and my other bugs)
  122. help pls
  123. So anyone can help me with this problem (please check your NTA type)
  124. [PC] Activated Watch Dogs but not showing under 'Games'.
  125. Cant get my last skill because xp bar is frozen
  126. [PS4] Online Free Roam player tags dissable?
  127. Character Freeze Glitch!
  128. [XBOne] Season Pass DLC Missions
  129. Problem when driving a car.
  130. [PC] Ключ Активации!
  131. [PC] add playlist
  132. [XB360] I can not log in to Online it redirect me to game play
  133. I got 50 lvl But I cant afford the last skill
  134. it seems like i cant save my games, i play like 2 hours and still jump back!
  135. [PC] Game crashes when loading the game
  136. Found a fix for problems with Disrupt_b64.dll :D
  137. Re post (sorry) [PC] Found a fix for problems with Disrupt_b64.dll :D
  138. [PC] Audio is reversed
  139. [PS4] Three different problems after invasion noticed
  140. [XBOne] Stuck on initial loading screen after pressing A
  141. [PS4] Watch dogs; Finding missing peopleż?
  142. [XB360] Season Pass (DLC)
  143. [PC] 0xc000007b error with watch_dogs.exe
  144. Game keeps lagging on PC
  145. Pistol with a silencer
  146. [PC] 10 More Fixes for Watch Dogs (PC): APPCRASH, Stuttering, Crashes, D3DCOMPILER and ISD
  147. [PC] Losing all in game progress!
  148. [XBOne] [ XBOX ONE - Investigation Achievement Failing to Trigger ]
  149. [XB360] All skills lost
  150. [PC] windowed mode and mouse cursor
  151. [PC] can't play multiplayer using usb modem. anyone?
  152. ETA on patch release?
  153. [PS4] Invisible cars online
  154. [PS4] Still getting NAT error
  155. [PS4] NAT type error - No fixes working
  156. [PC] Please add this to known issues.
  157. [XBOne] An Awful Bug That I Have Yet to See Reported
  158. [XBOne] Drinking Game Bug
  159. [PS3] Can't find decryption mode online .
  160. [PC] Firewallhelper
  161. [XBOne] DLC Rewards not unlocking
  162. [MAJOR BUG - PS4] Skill Points completely stopped registering!
  163. [XBOne] cant log into Ubisoft servers in game
  164. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay broken... Ubi support site broken...
  165. [PC] People leaving at 99% hack
  166. [PC] Multiplayer issues- I can only play ctOS Mobile mode
  167. [PC] HELP!!!! Close programs to prevent information loss
  168. [XBOne] Cant join races
  169. Sanity Check & Darkness Looms Glitches?
  170. Graphic Errors
  171. Game Crash/Never Opened
  172. [PC] Transparent Car
  173. [Xbox One] Vibration while shooting is way to much heavy
  174. Glitched Trophies (PS4)
  175. Traced achievement is glitched
  176. Music Mistake- Small mistake that could easily be fixed
  177. Uplay fixed? Xboz live status
  178. [PC] Watch_Dogs saves backup
  179. [PC] Please Help! WD does not start up with Steam
  180. [PS4] PS4 Glitched Trophies
  181. [PC] How to use Controller on PC?
  182. [PC] Activation Key Banned!
  183. [PC] Application watch_dogs.exe has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware
  184. Character Freeze Glitch!! Be Careful.
  185. [PS4] Human trafficking Investigation mission not triggering
  186. [PS4] Social Lubricant Trophy Glitched
  187. [XBOne] NEW GAME BREAKING BUG: Enemies Freezing and Not Fighting Back
  188. Crossfire workaround!
  189. [PC] Mission dressed in peels fades to black screen wont load
  190. [PC] Error When Trying to Install
  191. [XBOne] There was a problem with the update
  192. Xbox One There was a probelm with the update
  193. Watch Dogs trophy glitch?
  194. failure to load saves probably has to do with cloud storage
  195. [PS4] Missing Criminal Convoys
  196. Huge problem with 360 version. Device has been removed
  197. [PS4] Road Rage trophy won't pop
  198. [PC] Display driver stopped responding and has recovered
  199. Tired of this stupid sht
  200. [PS4] I cannot hack anything and join the online session anymore!
  201. triple screen not playable
  202. [XBOne] Multiple errors, save problems, update problems.
  203. [XBOne] Campaign Glitch
  204. Game Breaking Issue
  205. 4 save files with hours of time corrupted ill take the hint
  206. Online issues
  207. Ubi
  208. Watch_dogs system mangler trophy glitch
  209. [PC] Telling me I dont have Directx 11 when I do.
  210. Save keeps disappearing
  211. [PC] Video Bug Report, Game Breaking Bug
  212. Watch_dogs Mac support?
  213. Can't connect to my friends game in Watch Dogs PC
  214. PS4 WatchDogs Online Glitch
  215. [Spoilers] BUG: End Mission Credit Roll Never Ends
  216. [PC] Game freezes at random intervals then erases all progress! Help!
  217. [PC] Aiming reticle & Minimap icons are gone
  218. [PS4] Online Connection Issues
  219. [XBOne] AI Pedestrians Can See Me Pulling A Gun... When They CANNOT SEE ME.
  220. [PS4] no skill level up, no atm, won't pick up items
  221. [PC] Download Frozen??
  222. [PC] Cannot believe that this game is still being sold like this! (PC version)
  223. [PS4] Human Trafficking location will not appear
  224. xbox one game breaking glitch guns disappearing
  225. Xbox One Frame-rate issues?
  226. [PS4] I really haven't had much problem but one thing needs to be patched
  227. [PC] Glitch causes gun to stay out and fire if you try to put it away or switch it out
  228. PS4 Watch Dogs sound issues - static and buzzing
  229. As much as I hate to say it - **Multiplayer is Broken **
  230. Profiler stopped working
  231. [PS4] Can no longer play online or start any campaign missions
  232. [PC] Unexplainable Lag
  233. [XBOne] Missing Person and Icon disappearing bug
  234. [PC] Bug: Player detector in Watch_Dogs
  235. [PC] Crashing when driving to next story
  236. [PC] Error, section Online
  237. HELP! Planting a Bug Mission Bar Song
  238. [PC] Online Exploit?
  239. [PC] [Multiplayer] - I can not invite more than 01 friends
  240. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot log in to Uplay on my desktop and therefore cannot play any of my games.
  241. NAT error ubisoft wont even acknowledge it, worse than EA... defective product
  242. [XB360] How do i delete the disc 1 install without losing my save game progres?
  243. Watch dogs patch fix
  244. Let us not allow Ubisoft to hide this big game-breaking bug any longer
  245. Choppy online gameplay xbox one?
  246. (PS4) Backing save to USB. Does it work for you guys?
  247. [PC] Watch Dogs launches to a black screen with a mouse, no game, no error.
  248. [PS4] Vector .45ACP Cannot Be Purchased
  249. [Ubisoft_Account] Cracked Game, Original Key (Don't Want To Download Again, 250kb/s of Download speed)
  250. [XBOne] Clear signal achievement glitched?