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  1. [Uplay_Shop] Where is my game Ubisoft????
  2. [PC] Watch Dogs stuck on loading screen
  3. Crash Fix and New bug on first payable part - still unplayable
  4. Audio playing too late
  5. Xbox one - can't hack first phone
  6. [PC] If game is connected online its unplayable help!
  7. READ FIRST: Watch_Dogs - Known issues [updated 20th June]
  8. [PC] Watch Dogs - Bug Report - Cash does not always decrease when spent.
  9. [PC] Text bug
  10. 21:9 ulta wide screen error
  11. Download stops with 1 MB left
  12. [PC] 0xc000007b error
  13. Error Watch dogs require Windows Vista SP1 or Higher, I am running Win 7 ultimate.
  14. [PC] Copy installation to a different PC
  15. Watchdogs pretty much unplayable with GTX 470 and an Intel i7 970
  16. Watch dogs crashes after first cut-scene
  17. [PC] Watchdogs pretty much unplayable with a GTX 470 and an intel i7 970 (8 cpu's)
  18. Ubisoft server unavailable, Uplay
  19. WatchDogs BSOD
  20. Companion app not working.
  21. Another crash on splash screen after Ubisoft Logo
  22. [PC] Game stopped working, keyboard binding issues, language settings issues
  23. Watch Dos stops responding during loading
  24. Download failed
  25. [PC] Unable to play multiplayer
  26. I just want to play
  27. career cars not showing
  28. Watch Dogs: Not Responding
  29. Can't play the game.
  30. online play error
  31. [PS4] Watch dogs voice audio doesn't work
  32. [Ubisoft_Account] Watchdogs download messed up
  33. [PS4] Season Pass Content?
  34. [PC] Poor SLI and general optimization
  35. [PC] Missing reticle and minimap icons
  36. [PC] Graphic-Error after Crash - now new installation...
  37. crash on start up
  38. [PC] DirectX problem?! (WATCHDOGS)
  39. Wtf bought the game and not able to play the game? --
  40. Installition Problem / UPlay
  41. Download is at 100%, but it continues to download beyond the total download volume?!
  42. key binding issues
  43. PS4 Gold Edition question - cant get untouchables pack?
  44. ctOS Mobile app service not available...
  45. Watch Dogs-Ubisoft service not available
  46. [PC] Weird shining-through bug
  47. can't activate
  48. Possibly corrupted files at Uplay's download servers
  49. [PC] Watch_Dogs has stopped working
  50. Untouchables Pack not appearing in game - PS4
  51. This CD or Activation Code is already in use with another uPlay Account - AWESOME.
  52. Played for 1hr, now locked out by Disrupt_b64.dll
  53. [PC] crashing in loading screen
  54. [PC] seriously why is my activation code not working? --
  55. [PC] Watch Dogs wont respond
  56. Stuttering, gtx690, unplayable
  57. [PC] Wallhack Bug and Serious Performance Issues
  58. "Fix" for losing game saves/corrupted/spawned under map etc
  59. [PC] Watch_dogs has stopped working
  60. [PC] WD Back Up ?
  61. [PC] Stuck and can't move from my spot
  62. Fking blue screens
  63. I cant get my watchdogs to work
  64. uplay doenst recognize Disk install
  65. Problems loading the game with the graphics hardware and DirectX11
  66. Phone menu keeps opening itself
  67. No dialogue, other sound works fine. Xbox one.
  68. [PC] Watch dogs skill tree crash problem
  69. [PC] Stutter/Hiccups while Walking and Driving.
  70. Unable to launch anything Uplay related
  71. Watch Dogs Not smooth at all to aim. PS4
  72. Mouse + keyboard controlling is horrible (input lag) + deactivate mouse acceleration?
  73. [PC] Graphical glitches (videos inside!)
  74. [PS4]Codes are not working
  75. no sound
  76. read ubisoft
  77. PC: Game Crashes about every 15-20 minutes usually while driving
  78. [PC] Unable to connect to uPlay to finish downloading game.
  79. Uplay is Crashing. Please Reply.
  80. Session no longer available
  81. [XBOne] Game stuck in loading screen
  82. [PC] Thanks for the tip - Cannot progress
  83. [PC] Watchdogs bug crash
  84. OFFICIAL - Game stuck on loading screen
  85. [PC] Cant launch Uplay THANKS UBISOFT!
  86. [PC] Re-download ??
  87. [PC] Computer crashing out and restarts windows
  88. [PC] [FIX] AMD Cards Crash after "Intro" Fix
  89. Can't start the game
  90. [PC] Question about compatibility with Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge Wheel (PC)
  91. [PC] Not enough disk space - crash during install from disk
  92. [PC] Nvidia Driver Crash | Game Stopped Working
  93. Crashing after "New Game" loading screen
  94. Pre-Order items not showing up in-game!
  95. Uplay Crash.
  96. [PS4] Pre order content not showing up in the game...
  97. [PS4] Watch Dogs Missing Person Bug
  98. Watch_Dogs not launching on dedicated Nvidia video card (675m)
  99. [PC] Stuck on Hacking Online
  100. [PC] Watchdogs crashes at loading screen with 3 coloured items
  101. [PC] The game just does not start.
  102. Watch Dogs 30 and less fps on beast pc?
  103. anyone tell me how to make my online button appear
  104. [PC] Crash on start - How I fixed it - AMD Radeon 6xxx Series
  105. [PC] watch_dogs stops working
  106. [PC] Unable to install from CD (PC ISSUE)
  107. [PS4] sign in error
  108. [PC] Game stop respond
  109. [PS4] unable to continue my game
  110. [PC] List of Unacknowledged bugs
  111. Game Freezes
  112. [Ubisoft_Account] Game no appearing in library after redeeming key
  113. [PC] No In Game Audio with Dolby Digital 5.1
  114. [PC] UBISOFT: Possible Fix for Lag/Stutters During Driving even on High-End Systems
  115. [PC] Possible FIX for Lag/Stutters During Driving even on High-End Systems
  116. Serious issues in-game.
  117. [PC] Audio playing too late
  118. [PC] 'WatchDogs stopped working' while driving, no repair button.
  119. [PS4] Watch Dogs online
  120. [PC] Watch Dogs Black Screen [BUG]
  121. [PC] Ridiculous FPS.. Unplayable.
  122. My game crashes and i don't know why? (pleas help)
  123. [PC] Stuck on 99% FIX
  124. ANZ special edition skins not available
  125. [PC] Strange game freezing?!
  126. game glitch phone hack
  127. [PC] Blue Screen of Death Mid Game?
  128. Watch DOg need Windows VISTA SP 1 or higher
  129. Error: DirectX 11
  130. [PC] Save fiels problome
  131. [PS4] PS4 games bought in America stop supporting the korean version?
  132. [PC] Error: DirectX 11
  133. [PC] Watch_Dogs Steam "Failed to start game" (unknown error)
  134. Very Specific Performance Issues
  135. [XBOX ONE] Error 3-0x00000702
  136. Blackscreen PC , gtx 770 2gb with Latest Drivers and AMD Fx8350
  137. [PS4] Disc- No Voice over
  138. 1920s Mobster Outfit missing from Warddrobe
  139. repairing the game doesn't work Why?
  140. [PC] click play, then crash. Windows 8.1
  141. I can crash the game 100% of the time by pressing "Q" while selecting a Billboard.
  142. [PC] Wierd graphics issue
  143. Watch dogs- My aim crosshairs dissapear.
  144. Deluxe Edition Content not appearing.
  145. It is just unplayable...
  146. PSs4 digital deluxe DLC not working
  147. game stop working!!!
  148. [PC] Failure to Synchroniz Could saves
  149. [PC] Windows version problem.
  150. Really weird bug | Cannot Move/Stuck
  151. Game always crash at first black out!
  152. [PC] Game Doesnt start.
  153. [PS4] Police Cars Siren
  154. Season pass + preorder content gone.
  155. Watch DOg need Windows VISTA SP 1 or higher
  156. Strange bug regarding roads, leaves, markings ect
  157. [PC] [Bugs!] Three 'Game Breakers' I've found so far
  158. No Audio language option
  159. [PC] High End pc Stutter fix
  160. Graphical Issue
  161. Only 1 save slot, WTF ?!?
  162. random crash fix - still unplayable though - cant do anything besides aim
  163. [PC] Watch_Dogs game crash.
  164. Really weird bug | Cannot Move/Stuck
  165. Uplay reward bug?
  166. game crash question/help please.
  167. Watch Dogs Not Installed
  168. Ubisoft pls help fix this as soon as possible
  169. Problems Obtaining Spec Ops 1911
  170. [PC] Extremely Low Volume in Headset
  171. Cant play online! Cant login Uplay
  172. [PS4] Only ONE save file..???
  173. [XB360] watch dogs unable to play online!(xbox 360)
  174. [PC] [PC] Graphics software not compatible with direct x 11
  175. [PC] Windows Error
  176. [PC] WatchDogs Blue Screen
  177. No UPlay overlay?
  178. [PC] No uplay points awards.
  179. Uplay Game Skips!
  180. Major glitches ( no heads, legs, falling through map etc)
  181. [PC] Watch Dogs Stops working as soon as I try to Play BEX64
  182. [PC] Fix for Crash on Start-up
  183. A ton of problems.......
  184. [PS4] Received No Additional Content
  185. [PC] Can anyone play online?
  186. [PC] Watch Dogs crashes at loading screen
  187. [PC] Why do I have to download and install a game I installed from DVD
  188. DirectX 11
  189. Watch Dogs Invading
  190. attempting to connect to multiplayer causes 30 second freezes.
  191. Season Pass DLC Issues [Xbox One]
  192. Season Pass Content?
  193. Achievements and Uplay points problem
  194. [PC] [BUG][SPOILER] Game crashes on 'this' Hack
  195. I have One Of The Best PC's And This Is What I Get? :(
  196. [PC] Watch_Dogs not showing in my games
  197. Mouse Acceleration Issue
  198. [PC] Overheating
  199. [PC] Username Issue
  200. Season Pass content for PS4 missing
  201. [PS3] Stuck on the loading screen
  202. Flickering shadows.
  203. Uplay closing watchdogs!!!
  204. Audio log exp bonus?
  205. [XB360] backseat driver mission
  206. Can't activate key for Watch Dogs
  207. PSN Gamestop Season Pass Issues
  208. Stick in first mission
  209. just finsh dowloading but!
  210. Unable to find any mutliplayer matches
  211. [PC] Game will not start. Error messages
  212. Stuck in the train on first mission bug?
  213. Ubisoft should release a new wardrobe item in Watch_Dogs for pre order customers
  214. [PC] Game Save Corrupt
  215. [PC] Nop, not the pizza guy... (crash) (small spoilers)
  216. [PC] [SPOILER] Graphic glitch and crash to desktop
  217. [PC] activated but no game appear what should i do?
  218. [PC] watch dogs infinite loading every time I click "continue"
  219. [PC] Watch dogs crashed and corrupted my pc!!!
  220. [PS4] Pre-order digital deluxe missing dlc....
  221. [PC] Game slowing down to a crawl, only when I look up?
  222. Watch Dogs crashes at the same part of first cutscene
  223. Watch dogs crash after seeing the ubisoft logo. http://static5.cdn.ubi.com/u/ubiforum
  224. [PC] My preoder code for Uplay says invalid... lil help!
  225. Watch Dogs "In-Game Overlay" Help!
  226. [PC] Watch Dogs crashes at the same part of first cutscene
  227. [PC] Still can't Start the Mother F#UCKIN Game!!
  228. Watch_Dogs will load Steam, but the game itself will not launch
  229. Problem with Watch_Dogs' multiplayer ranking
  230. Missing 3d models - Car wheels and invisible balconies.
  231. Squashed Mini Map
  232. [PS4] PS4 digital "Gold" edition, no Season Pass content.
  233. [PC] Why make me download with disk copy
  234. [PS3] Camera hacking in first mission won't work.
  235. They can't Hide, broken?
  236. Says I don't have DX11 even though I'm running Windows 7
  237. xbox one d/l taking forever
  238. [PC] No voice actors!! Pc Version
  239. Game freezing on First Online Hacking Mission on PC
  240. Season Pass issues? (PS4)
  241. [PC] cant start game
  242. [PC] Black Screen with Audio
  243. [XB360] Game Disc install problems
  244. [PC] Game crashes right away, cant even launch it.
  245. [PS4] Online Doesn't Work
  246. [PC] Watch Dogs
  247. Can't Redeem Code
  248. [XBOne] Cannot continue?
  249. I lose my weapon?
  250. [PC] Cant get past evading the police - 1st "mission"