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  1. READ FIRST: Forum Rules
  2. 3D Vision Support(pc) request.
  3. Watch_Dogs Collector editions
  4. Watch Dogs Preorder Uplay Exclusive Problem
  5. Can i play watchdogs (PC)
  6. Controller support for PC version
  7. Can your PC run this game?
  8. PC specific features and performance figures?
  9. For the windows 8.1 (8) & 7 users out there
  10. Preload ? Uplay
  11. Watch_Dogs - AMAZING Street Hack Video!
  12. Watch Dogs - Nvidia surround?
  13. READ FIRST: Spoiler and leak rules!
  14. Play Watch Dogs on my laptop?
  15. PC Specs
  16. In game name
  17. PC peripherals
  18. What's next for Watch_Dogs?
  19. Amazon Exclusive Pre-order Bonus Offer only applies to digital copy?
  20. Watch Dogs language issue
  21. YAY Dedicated pc section
  22. The find a friend list, PC Edition.
  23. Physical PC Copy
  24. PC download size ?
  25. Bugfest concerns
  26. about the saves
  27. Watch Dogs Controller Support For Pc?
  28. Which edition did you pre-order for PC?
  29. Ubisoft® launches a “track & hack” fan contest for watch dogs™ [EMEA Only]
  30. The difference between Watch Dogs’ heat system and GTA’s wanted level [Spoiler]
  31. watch dogs one save slot it seems
  32. Watch Dogs on Steam needs Uplay
  33. Ubisoft® announces Watch_Dogs™ apparel and accessories inspired by upcoming game
  34. Requirements
  35. Any word on release Time ?
  36. Watch Dogs FPS
  37. Russian voice acting in WD is horrible :(
  38. Any word on the mouse/keyboard gameplay ?
  39. Cheats?
  40. Watch Dogs on CloudLift
  41. Watch Dogs locked at 60 fps?
  42. Price just increased to $84.95 for DDE + $27.95 for PASS
  43. 27 June in my region on Steam
  44. Watch gameplay
  45. Watch Dogs on Next-Gen Equal to PC on "High" Settings, Says Director
  46. Windows Aero
  47. Watch_Dogs Launch Trailer!
  48. Camera System?
  49. Should I buy Watch Dogs for my PC with these specs?
  50. How well will these run this
  51. My Twitter Header For Watchdogs
  52. When we will Pre-Download WD?
  53. Coop mode
  54. A rambling from a disgruntled user, re: Steam price hike
  55. Download from Uplay
  56. In Game Music Support
  57. PC Download
  58. PC Download
  59. My order has arrived!
  60. First person driving view and driving wheel support
  61. 'Watch_Dogs+' Available?
  62. PC HUD size [SPOILER]
  63. How do i access the extra content?
  64. Ubisoft do something ASAP
  65. PC Gameplay: Beautiful, But As Good as E3 2012?
  66. I have a bone to pick with Ubisoft.
  67. Ultra settings require 3GB+ Video Memory - GTX 770 not good enough.
  68. does ubisoft own all the music that use in watch dogs
  69. Ubisoft can you let Steam Users
  70. How do we activate are pre-order offers?
  71. can i play watch dogs with my hardware.
  72. SweetFX
  73. Watchdogs PC - Language alteration?
  74. To people who got the PC version early and are compaining
  75. Pre-order
  76. Performance on an AMD GPU ?
  77. Trouble finding code for WD
  78. Nvidia Watch dogs copy
  79. Watch Dogs Pre-orden in Origin
  80. Is watch dogs a controller game or a keyboard game
  81. here you go my brothers who want watch dogs
  82. [SPOILER] - This is what a thread with spoilers should look like
  83. should release early due to hacker attack
  84. Experience with playing Watch_Dogs on laptop
  85. No Blood in the game?
  86. When can i pre load watch dogs deluxe edition on my pc
  87. You done ****** it up. Relase the game NOW!
  88. Nervous
  89. Ultra Settings (HBAO+) The Night Is Beautiful! Thank you Ubisoft!
  90. Review/Experience
  91. Watch_Dogs will not have Pre-load available according to support.
  92. Can I play with this CPU?
  93. Nvidia Pack-In - unlock time
  94. Shipping on 12/28/2015?
  95. activated Watch Dogs on PC about an hour ago and its still not on my uplay account
  96. Will Watch Dogs have ENB?
  97. Uplay edition unavailable to pc?
  98. white collar pack question
  99. 7 minutes drive end to end
  100. Can't join friend in online or private sessions
  101. What TIME on the 27th?
  102. Feature Request : Option to select monitor
  103. A question about Uplay
  104. Why did I not win these online matches?
  105. xbox360 controller emulator
  106. My experience with tailing & being followed. Best experience ever! 10/10
  107. Why Watch Dogs won't come for win 32 bit?
  108. My first experience being hacked when playing on my own, amazing experience!!!
  109. Found a TYPO in game
  110. FOV (Feild of View) adjustment option needed
  111. FPS Display or In-Game Benchmark?
  112. Coming out tommorow
  113. Hacking Message Boards
  114. Are you serious?
  115. Tomorrow.
  116. Can I run watchdogs ?
  117. Tips for running Watch Dogs on PC
  118. Can I play Watch Dogs with my PC?
  119. Negative Steam tags blocked
  120. about steam and origin..
  121. Could i Possibly run The game?
  122. Pre-Order Via Uplay Codes?
  123. (Pc) Were you ever hacked?
  124. How do we claim are pre-order skins from Ubishop?
  125. Nvidia Drivers - When
  126. When will the game unlock on Uplay for New Zealand?
  127. Why consoles get early acces but not PC ?!?
  128. Q6600 Old Minimum Requirements
  129. for the guys who play
  130. Orders via game.co.uk
  131. Watch_Dogs Nvidia optimized drivers already available.
  132. Can We upload gameplay to youtube?
  133. PC forum veterans unite for release day!
  134. Profiler Optimization
  135. GTX 780 not enough to run this game on ultra? Are you serious?
  136. Is Watch Dogs region locked?
  137. Controller Sprint/Shoot button conflict
  138. Save Games
  139. Driver 337.88 WHQL are out !!! :)
  140. When is this game released FOR ASIA REGIONS?
  141. Release Time
  142. Multiplayer for Uplay, origin and steam
  143. Secret,Interesting and Less Known places video series [SPOILERS]
  144. 3gb VRAM enough for ULTRA according to NVIDIA
  145. English Subtitles
  146. No Watch Dog Game showing up in my Uplay ?
  147. HELP PLEASE! Watchdogs Activation
  148. No Email?
  149. Pc Data Syncronisation
  150. Why is it that everyone is playing watchdogs but me?
  151. Spoiler! Stuck in Act 2
  152. Watch Dogs Release Time
  153. Watch Dogs Order submited,not completed..
  154. D3DOverrider not working with Watch Dogs
  155. Watch Dogs Nvedia Promo Code not working on Uplay
  156. Windowed Mode?
  157. wtf is with people playing already?
  158. Pre-Load
  159. Steam Pre-Load Available right now.
  160. Game
  161. This Is really Disappointing. *No Spoilers*.
  162. nividia geforce driver update 337.88
  163. Is there a certain time between online invasions?
  164. Steam Preload now AVAILABLE
  165. Can I play watch dogs with my steam friends if you use Uplay?
  166. Game keeps crashing when pressing "New Game"
  167. Can't download through Uplay
  168. So When I Can Pre-Load Watch_Dogs I From Egypt ?
  169. Watchdogs = Shadow Run
  170. Sortie officiel: Mardi 27 Mai 00:01 ou Mardi 27 Mai 23:59 ?
  171. can i run it?
  172. Not recieved costume pack from Uplay Edition
  173. Watch_Dogs installation language question
  174. Mistreating your customers
  175. Game seems to jump a lot?
  176. Multiple savegames?
  177. Watchdogs release time on uplay
  178. Broken game.
  179. Broken game.. lack of multi monitor support, bad mouse acceleration..
  180. Pre-Order Process???
  181. Nividia GameWorks a bad thing for the Industry.
  182. Is there any Steam redemption for Dedsec edition
  183. Where is my game Ubisoft?
  184. Eyefinity not working
  185. amazon uk
  186. PS4 midnight digital release??
  187. Any UK got their copy yet?
  188. No watchdogs showing up yet
  189. Watch dogs cross-app
  190. Temperature problems
  191. Is Watch Dogs this generation's Crysis?
  192. Team-based multiplayer
  193. Hack-indicator Colors white/red (?)
  194. Day 1 Patch Out Already ?
  195. Positive Thread Alert!!!
  196. Mouse Acceleration/smoothing
  197. its really hard to play this game in mouse and keyboard
  198. Can't bind some keyboard buttons
  199. Digital version pc
  200. Not in my uplay library
  201. Performance (FPS) for the curious
  202. Well its past 12:00AM EST.. Where is my game?
  203. Uplay Pre-order Bonuses
  204. Preordered from origin. Still not letting me download.
  205. Keyboard binding
  206. How to lock the camera behind the car
  207. Download
  208. Uplay kicked me out, said my code was used. and Now i cannot log in and DL
  209. PC... won't recognize windows properly
  210. Watch Dogs through Green Man Gaming?
  211. Controller setup through Steam
  212. I'll never buy games from Uplay again
  213. Controller of Keyboard
  214. Weird Neon Colors (Pictures)
  215. Game not launching after disc install.
  216. Watchdogs on Origin ... when is it going to be released.
  217. Anyway to fix this horrible camera?
  218. Really Ubisoft? Slow Patch Download
  219. SLI Issue
  220. Only russian language
  221. Game wont even start for me...
  222. The game still not on my game library? This is normal?
  223. Anyone got their key from Greenmangaming yet?
  224. How do I disable mouse acceleration?
  225. Is this the new Battlefield 4?
  226. Driving mechanics horrible, desperately needs patch.
  227. Documents\My Games\Watch_Dogs
  228. Watch Dogs Requirement issue
  229. PC Reviews - First from Strategy Informer
  230. where is my game
  231. Really bad frame drops for no obvious reason.
  232. Possible steam fix for watch_dogs!
  233. What a bunch of cry babies...
  234. where is paid game in Uplay?
  235. Watch Dogs Wiki
  236. Just finished Downloading, Says not installed properly
  237. anyone else getting constant blinking shadows?
  238. Graphical Glitch or Part of Game?
  239. Bugs, fixes and workarounds for Watch_Dogs on PCGamingWiki
  240. watch dogs help please
  241. Glitchy circle around player
  242. UK Uplay Released
  243. Help again please!!
  244. Nvida Driver Crash.,
  245. Anyone else getting ubisoft service is not available
  246. Using baton and other melee
  247. Audio sound missing (localisation issue?)
  248. No pre-order bonus for Nvidia promo people?
  249. Watch Dogs Graphic = Amazing
  250. Nvidia Surround broken