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  1. Collision problems
  2. ATTN: RedLynx - Walking around in SX with your friends !!!
  3. 360 Seasonpass Paid for, No Content
  4. Tournaments Glitching?
  5. Need help wont let me play new dlc
  6. Can't download Season Pass content #2 on PS4
  7. doing tricks in supercross tracks
  8. Skill Game 'Set Scoring' format Time
  9. Multiplayer with only 10 tracks???
  10. Silver Spoon Squirrels achievement
  11. Empire of the sky DLC. getting annoyed.
  12. Friends not showing up on leaderboards!
  13. Download Problem PS4
  14. Sound loss
  15. Track central SPAMMERS !
  16. Wax On, Wax Off not unlocking (XBOX ONE)
  17. Trials Fusion Season Pass on Xbox One
  18. My game is unplayable
  19. Local Multiplayer Bug and CRASH/FREEZE
  20. [PS4] "Loading additional content" dialogue never goes away (but is non-blocking?!)
  21. [XBONE] Glitched Achievements?
  22. Step Into the Light Outfit not Unlocking in Trials Fusion
  23. Empire of the sky ps4 hk?
  24. Big Problem For Empire Of The Sky DLC (XBOX360)
  25. Squirrel helmet locked again after unlocking
  26. issues with ps4 season pass (cant download)
  27. Save corrupt? Rank same but time played reset.
  28. Step Into the Light Jacket Not Unlocking PS4
  29. Save corruption
  30. Empire of The Sky wont download on 360
  31. I paid so where is my content?
  32. Own Season Pass, But Still Have To Pay For DLC.
  33. Know Issues & Status Updates: Welcome to the Abyss
  34. Welcome To The Abyss Won't Download (Xbox 360).
  35. My records on TC have been deleted after the latest update..[X360]
  36. Welcome to the abyss not showing up (ps4)
  37. accidentally deleted hazmat suit
  38. Unable to Download Empire of the Sky on Xbox 360
  39. ubi server out ?
  40. editor personal fvorite folder, freeze the game
  41. Game crash
  42. Notifications
  43. Leaderboard hack/error XBox 360
  44. Trials Fusion - Unyielding 3 achievement on 75% after I completed the 3 tracks
  45. I lost my saved data a while ago on PS4
  46. Editor layer bug
  47. Problems with track central score
  48. Ubisoft server doesn't work... again...
  49. friend track feed not working (updating) X1
  50. Season pass question (xbox one)
  51. Throttle sound bug?
  52. Have to buy again for XB1?
  53. Upcoming Maintenance - 11/11
  54. All Data Lost (Xbox One), PLEASE HELP!
  55. I'm 1st in Global Rankings, need recalculated I guess
  56. leaderboard issue
  57. How is score calculated?
  58. My score needs recalculation
  59. My score need calculated !
  60. And so it begins... (again)
  61. lost backup
  62. What is wrong with the TC. ?
  63. Notifications reappearing??
  64. Cannot post scores to the leaderboard
  65. My score need recalculation
  66. PS4 Please Reconnect
  67. Can only post leaderboards while racing ghost.
  68. Track Central freezing issue [360]
  69. Serious Track Central Spam (Xb1)
  70. Warped screen in editor - ps4
  71. left stick problem, making track building a near impossible task..
  72. I Have Vanished From A Leaderboard!!!!
  73. Can't redeem Scorpion kit on Xbox One
  74. PS4 - can not download season pass
  75. Editor Favorites Corruption
  76. Trials Fusion Multiplayer XBOX One
  77. Do I have platinum?
  78. Ps4: My R2 trigger only works when more than half compressed
  79. Known Issue - Potential Game Crash - Special Characters
  80. xbox one achievement didnt pop :(
  81. Inability to connect to ubisoft servers
  82. Can't Connect to servers & possible bug? 17/01/15
  83. Account not have the privilege to access user-created content? Please help.
  84. Leaderboard reply unwatchable
  85. Problem with trials fushion ps4
  86. Game crash and sound bug
  87. Teams Glitching out
  88. Bug reporting Online MP 360
  89. Never been able to connect??
  90. MP Issues XB1
  91. Ps4 Unable to connect to multiplayer games
  92. Apples and Rainbows x-supercross PS4 stutter
  93. Supercross broken since patch
  94. Can't connect to multiplayer if the other player is using DLC
  95. Blue arrows in programming disappear.
  96. Season Pass Not Working
  97. fire in the deep dlc for xbox 360
  98. no iphone cant get extra costume
  99. 'We were unable to get your latest save data'
  100. can not join any sessions on ps4
  101. My time has disappeared on my OWN custom track
  102. [360] Adding content issues..
  103. [Xbox1] Online Multiplayer - Race finish does not register.
  104. [XB1] MP cannot move..
  105. [Xbox One][Bug] New 'Lava Drip' effect won't show colour/alpha change.
  106. Bug drive line local supercross
  107. (Serious) Loading Favorites Bug
  108. Rider Shadow Glitch with sort of Fix 360
  109. Abyssal Interference Achievement Glitch
  110. Season pass code does bad
  111. Stuck at 94% overall completion
  112. Trials Fusion Update failing (to even try)
  113. 360 Leaderboards?
  114. Platnium won't unlock? XBone
  115. PS4 Maintenance - 2/20/15
  116. Testing Track in Private MP session - No Lights
  117. Loading track in editor crashes game....
  118. PS4 Leaderboard Scores...
  119. [PS4] Stats reset since update
  120. [Xbox360] Achievements error
  121. Timing differences on 4K TV
  122. [X360] Achievements not Unlocking - DLC5/6
  123. Back to level 1 :/ help
  124. Problems with online MP matches and tournaments after DLC #5 on Xbox360
  125. rider's shadow issues in xsx
  126. My online stats have been tamperd with
  127. Scheduled Maintainence - 11/04/15
  128. Other Riders dont appear at start on XSX track.
  129. Hazmat Suit Gone
  130. PS4 leaderboards issue
  131. Music bug, theme song
  132. 360 not showing notifications
  133. CAnt connect to Ubi Servers after latest patch
  134. so, ninja feed
  135. PS4 game data corrupt from last 7 patch...all wiped out
  136. Can't connect to the servers - Xbox 360
  137. Best track of the week
  138. XBOXONE - Cant connect to uplay/online
  139. Missing entities - error box
  140. Glitched distance in statistics
  141. Fixing leaderboards, top priority?
  142. User Tracks Favorites not in local Multiplayer
  143. Trials update stuck at 100% XB1
  144. sample changed in sound source - impact ground
  145. Trials Fusion PS4 progress losted
  146. How do I publish my Gameplay?
  147. PS4 Track Central down
  148. [PLEASE READ RL] Big issue with the leaderboards/Track central....
  149. trials evolution
  150. What is the Bishy Bashy challenge in Fire in the Deep's Tectonic Jolt track?
  151. No acces
  152. Cannot post scores to leaderboards
  153. How do I delete my progress?
  154. Will this issue on PS4 ever get resolved?
  155. Game Freezes When Selecting a Track Central, Track.
  156. Game refuses to load Online Multiplayer after updating to TU8
  157. Multiplayer Slow Mo on PS4
  158. Please Redlynx fix/help please IMPORTANT could do with recent update
  159. How to start a new career?
  160. [PS4] Local supercross keeps getting buggier every patch
  161. X1 Leaderboards glitched again.
  162. Xbox 360 Deluge Ninja darkness problem
  163. Is there any way to restart the game from the beginning?
  164. Downloading UGC Tracks
  165. UGC in Fusion Matchmaking - Update
  166. "dlc_19_name" Bug in Track Central
  167. Cross Buy
  168. Issue: Connecting to Ubisoft servers
  169. PS4 Season Pass: No access to After The Incident
  170. PS4 Single Player crashes constantly
  171. (ps4) friend's tracks aren't showing up in the "friends tracks" feed
  172. Duplicate Driving Line bug in Editor
  173. Tracks Not Actually Saving
  174. Why do you have to pay full price again?
  175. Friends feed broken - since April 2014 actually
  176. Bought Awesome Level MAX, can't download the content. Possible PSN bug.
  177. Multiplayer bug Xbox one
  178. Xbox 360 version not updating (?)
  179. Impossible to play online MP (downloading tracks problem)
  180. Multiple Issues with Trials Fusion XB1
  181. Where do I find the FMX Training Program?
  182. Xbox one keeps randomly crashing while loading TC tracks
  183. The End? Achievement
  184. Customisation item disappearing!
  185. Item's bought with acorns have disappeared!
  186. I can't use anything I bought with acorns.
  187. Trials fusion on xbox 360
  188. trouble synching
  189. Randomly Exploding on Circles of Hell
  190. Can't play my own track?
  191. Unlock game (again)?? x1
  192. Trials fusion question :/
  193. DLC Issues - Xbox One - Unable to download first 2 DLC packs
  194. didn't receive acorns from tournament.
  195. The Right Blueprints Achievement Not Unlocking [X1]
  196. Editor: Effect Selection Messed Up [PS4]
  197. MP: Track Selection Glitched
  198. editor bug, favorite and blue line.
  199. Trials Fusion The Awesome Max Edition : DLC Query
  200. Notification Error - Xbox One
  201. Multiplayer...
  202. Need urgent help!!!!!!!
  203. Save File highlights Default.
  204. Cannot find anyone for multiplayer
  205. Game crashes in acorn tournament
  206. Lost all tracks and favorites in editor
  207. Game freezes in track central (PS4)
  208. Leaderboards Tampering
  209. Xbone "New Experience" woes.
  210. Cannot access Additional DLC Content on Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition
  211. Cannot find other players
  212. Need some help from the devs please !
  213. ps4 tournament ladder bug
  214. Season Pass - Trials Fusion The Awesome Max Edition
  215. Roach Frontier bodykit bugs replay
  216. (PS4) Game crashes when launching some tracks
  217. I need help with my DLCs...
  218. Hard to see Leaderboards (Numbers & Text)
  219. Trials should be free when you upgrade from 360 to Xbox One,
  220. Crash after resuming play. Xbone
  221. [RESOLVED] [PS4 & Xbox One] Trials Fusion Multiplayer Outage
  222. Maintenance Break - Monday November 16
  223. Country leaderboards not showing my score
  224. Fps stutter on PS4!
  225. Trials Fusion : Can't log in AND Sons account is wiped clean. HELP!
  226. Is season pass on disc? or code in the case?
  227. Acorn Tournament, Kick to Dash, DLC issue
  228. Track Central garbled sections
  229. My DLCs are gone...why? (Xbox One)
  230. 90% of my track is gone in editor, but loads correctly in multiplayer.
  231. Complete progress disappeared!
  232. Delete progress on purpose
  233. Server Maintenance February 4, 2016 9-11am GMT
  234. Leaderboard issue
  235. Trials Fusion Awesome Max Edition : Season Pass where?
  236. Trials HD on XO - DLCs problem
  237. Removal of a glitched score
  238. Trials Fusion Server Maintenance
  239. servers ?
  240. menu problem!!
  241. Matchmaking Error (Ps4)
  242. Xbox One Server Maintenance - Wednesday April 6 at 3:30pm EST
  243. [PC] Crashing Mid Multiplayer (Custom Maps)
  244. Missing challenges?! 283/285
  245. No Acorns Awarded?
  246. [RESOLVED] [Xbox One/PS4] Trials Fusion
  247. MP is down on X ONE
  248. Awesome Max edition Bug?[PS4]
  249. Pre-Order Bonuses as DLC?
  250. Local supercross PS4 problem