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  1. Christmas Season
  2. So I risked building the Donkey
  3. Am i doing something wrong/ missing something?
  4. RedLynx, we want HIGH ROLLER outfit on Christmas Eve!!!
  5. My Simple Xmas Wish for the Frontier.....
  6. Back on IOS, lost some progress.. overwhelmed and need advise please!
  7. Xmas event geared towards novice players
  8. Fix the fuel!!
  9. My Game is going wonky!
  10. Week 2 leaderboards are broken
  11. Should have bought the Death Knight outfit when it was "cheap"
  12. Game doesn't start after update content!
  13. Showdown limit
  14. Super Timesaver
  15. What will happens once the map is full
  16. Is it a Bug?
  17. Tm_*_gt ?
  18. those who missed winter event
  19. Event feelings videos...
  20. Still Receiving Gas + Gas-Related Items
  21. Easier golden ticket gifting idea
  22. crashing download
  23. The freezing issue video...
  24. Dodgey Stallion Start Needs Sorting.....
  25. Not receiving any Gifts from Friends
  26. Merry Christmas riders!
  27. How many total gifted tracks at end of week 2?
  28. Hope you ALL had a Bonus Boxing Day as well !?
  29. Alexbyrne79 is back
  30. The same reward....
  31. Time for RL to get real about the xmas event
  32. [ANBA] coin: bug ?
  33. Maps for sale?
  34. leaderboard time not updating for my friend..
  35. Bell Tower through to The Naughty List
  36. How much money do you have?
  37. Profile Page idea
  38. Week 3 Xmas Gifted Track Status
  39. Game suggestions
  40. Hit detection on Woodwork Conclave
  41. Gifts not adding correctly.
  42. Happy new year to all trials frontier
  43. Suggestion: Easy way to make LB unhackable
  44. free"specials" rewards from the shopkeeper have stopped working,also rewarded offers
  45. A Request Concerning the Christmas Event
  46. How many people have the Christmas tracks so far? (not a poll)
  47. Cracked the donkey LB top 10
  48. When are the Dev's going to be back?
  49. Loot Wheel Glitch (Not able to spin)
  50. Any free to play players got 7 tracks from the gift box?
  51. Just got the donkey
  52. A Message to Forkmantis.....
  53. WHAAT is going on
  54. Bunker not Working
  55. A hacker?
  56. Transportation Planning and Traffic Safety Modeling
  57. Lestrophe
  58. Blitz Season IV
  59. An idea for a bunker theme
  60. I used unlimited fuel, manbird costume and a double coin magnet. Results inside.
  61. Goodbye Trials Frontier
  62. Poll - Least favorite bike
  63. My next Idea for a Time Safer @ Refinery Abyss
  64. End of the Chrismas Event - your Prices
  65. Medal Times Bug, Present Village
  66. Hey RL! Thanks!!!!
  67. What will the next event be....
  68. I dont think my score is right (correct)
  69. Mystery of the weird noise at barrel chase(can't think of a better name)
  70. Omg make it stop
  71. Devs/QA.... how does Trials Frontier LB scoring work?
  72. How do I collect items?
  73. iOS - Global skill Leaderboard top 300
  74. Slick Slalom HELP!
  75. Donkey in bunker
  76. Fully upgrading the bikes
  77. Current Version? (Android)
  78. update 14/01/16 - what's new
  79. Game automatically gets quit after initial downloading page.
  80. Planks and Mozzies Broken
  81. some tracks crashed
  82. Getting golden tickets
  83. Ghost Donkey is incorrect
  84. Problem with Leaderboard points
  85. Big Swing
  86. New Update Function for Offline Times
  87. Bunker not working.
  88. best coin/fuel track on the map
  89. New bunker season
  90. Best Bike Per Map
  91. Pvp rewards
  92. Uplay button on track menu [bad placement]
  93. Lost game save from server
  94. Rider with a verry verry Stupid Nick-Name *without words*
  95. Wrong playername In-game and bunker
  96. RedLynx hinting new event?
  97. Can Restore Progress Dialog have "Details"?
  98. new Outfit for full upgrade bikes
  99. Your must be kidding me
  100. Friends and gift's ERROR : Connection timed out?
  101. i get nothing Points on the global Leaderboard
  102. no faults in bunker of extremetracks
  103. The Quagmire - Donkey
  104. Does upgrading the Agent bike to the max affect the daily missions?
  105. IDEA: Sneak Peeks
  106. Lag
  107. Platinum medals
  108. Well......here we go!!!!
  109. [Feature request][JollyCharly gtfih] Checkpoint locking
  110. A few suggestions
  111. Issue with Daily Ads?
  112. Mission problem
  113. No Donkey LB for Bunnyhop?
  114. The Bunker
  115. Quick check please
  116. Did you receive unlimited fuel back after previous bunker season?
  117. Username problem
  118. Hot Deal It's a Steal ??
  119. ? About Legends
  120. 2015 specialized stumpjumper expert carbon world cup
  121. Warning IOS players
  122. missing tracks.. from crow nest to sled loading bay
  123. Rodeo event redemption
  124. Bunker match won't start
  125. Candy Rush Season
  126. Didn't get outfits
  127. Uplay + Bunker is down!!!
  128. Weird Stat that Blew My Mind
  129. Sandbox ID
  130. Button to upload/download progress to/from server
  131. wtf is going on?????
  132. What device do you play Trials Frontier on & Does it over-heat etc. ????
  133. Where is Igor?
  134. Statistic
  135. Uplay's new potato servers
  136. Donkey question
  137. If anyone wants the squirrel outfit, please add me !
  138. Update an new track
  139. We have a New Event and Content but STILL NO Points are being added to LB's !?!?
  140. New KTM Mission - Thoughts and progress
  141. Constant appcrash after the new update
  142. Why do iOS always have to wait
  143. The KTM bike
  144. KTM Event has started
  145. New update brought unwanted commercials with it
  146. When are we meant to receive the Event Rewards ????
  147. The 7 million club
  148. new update game completely unplayable!!!
  149. *Insert Name Here*-TFG?
  150. KTM event as seen from an average player
  151. @carterclem7, or any top tier KTM rider
  152. Uplay
  153. How many donkey nuts do you have stockpiled?
  154. KTM event: Fun, simple and too short!
  155. A Counter For Tracking Donkey Doughnuts
  156. is there any way to get the high roller outfit now?
  157. Why si Friends for Golden Tickets now under Android Suppport? :)
  158. KTM event rewards
  159. "Ghost" No.1 in KTM
  160. Stallion and KTM
  161. KTM Ghosts
  162. How screwed am I
  163. ktm doesn't have a separate lb
  164. Can someone please confirm you get LB points from the 4 new tracks after the ferry?
  165. TrackPack 2 & 3
  166. Quick message to people I played in the Bunker recently
  167. ?Changelog for 3.9.1?
  168. So is agent in the slo machine?
  169. Does anyone still plays for free ? Or do you buy packages every now and then ?
  170. Bunker KTM Season has track reward
  171. Help admins!!!
  172. Bunker acting up again!
  173. What to do.....????
  174. The new Frontier of...advertising.
  175. Missing tracks
  176. Cost for Extra Showdowns this season
  177. What parts will the KTM use?
  178. Nexus 10 "stuttering" - best Android tablet to play Trials ?
  179. Leaderboards and Medals for each separate bike. Suggestions for end-game players
  180. No KTM Event Rewards... Again
  181. Almost got Ghosts on a KTM event?
  182. getting sick of TF
  183. What is that number...?
  184. How to make TF more Enjoyable
  185. Buy KTM bundle at your own risk!
  186. need to get some air at the start of Backyard Catwalk
  187. Hacking event "KTM"
  188. Full trackline/pathline
  189. Please can the forums keep you logged in
  190. Who is playing TF with more than one uplay account? Best player across two accounts?
  191. First place in KTM!!
  192. Where did these tracks come from?
  193. Only 2 KTM blueprints for week 4 top 5%
  194. Force device/server prompt
  195. Bring back Lesorsierīs thread
  196. !! Riding the Frontier.....1 Year Anniversary !!
  197. Stutter issue!
  198. 1% position - KTM Event?
  199. Trials Frontier on Windows Phones ?
  200. Do most riders not have monster lake and toad hole?
  201. Ok wtf is this ?!?!?!?!!?
  202. Login????
  203. Ktm Course........
  204. Maxed out KTM
  205. missed out on the KTM
  206. Buggy game and events
  207. Refusing Showdown Challenges
  208. When you don't win KTM bike because
  209. Will we get missing KTM blueprints ?
  210. The Big Mistery: How is Ubisoft making money out of this
  211. Whats new in version 4.0
  212. KTM vs Tango
  213. Updated game to ver 4 on iOS 9 still not working!!!
  214. No shark outfit for IOS
  215. Swipe?
  216. Whats the connection between contacts and buying something in the shop?
  217. Downloaded shark game, but no outfit
  218. my global score is not working
  219. KTM Rewards - HELP?!
  220. Bug control in the race!!!
  221. The Big Swing
  222. using Agent in Balance Avenue
  223. Does Slot Machine pick from recently raced tracks?
  224. Which tracks are in Challenge Pack 2 and Pack 3.
  225. Donīt get my Priceīs from the KTM Season
  226. Bought track I already had - Goodbye 40 gems
  227. Bunker Ultimate Season
  228. Purchasing blueprints
  229. FR names
  230. chips from the bunker
  231. Please sort this out
  232. Costume bug
  233. Tips for extreme tracks?
  234. tf.lforo
  235. Please fix anba
  236. Something I hate about PVP mode
  237. Is the Regular LB stuck now?
  238. The garage: upgrading bikes and parts. Have I missed something?
  239. Happy Birthday Trials Frontier!
  240. Quagmire+Donkey Impossible?
  241. Game Speed Issues (VIDEO)
  242. Got a couple of questions...
  243. christmas event tracks available to buy
  244. anyone spotted anything new in 4.0.2
  245. unlock customs
  246. Bike Balance within the game
  247. Donkey Leader Board Not Updating from Specific Tracks !?!?
  248. Berserker blueprints
  249. Jailbreaked and modified rom
  250. IOS app not loading