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  1. Oktoberfest Season end time
  2. FYI: setting the same time twice for a track on the BMW event is not a good idea
  3. Ads related bugs
  4. Score hackers in the BMW-Rally event leg 2. (Android)
  5. Donuts hell
  6. Do rally tickets carry over between legs?
  7. Any chance for Step into the light now?
  8. 3x top 1% = no BMW?
  9. Colourful language used
  10. Bunker cheater?
  11. How long those cheaters in bunker will not be banned?
  12. How to unlock Road to Ruin?
  13. Connection problems
  14. What's in the midnite circuit track pack?
  15. Cheater complain
  16. On BMW upgrades
  17. Possible Early 2018 Retirement
  18. BMW F 800 If I build it will show up in Bunker?
  19. Dev answer requested
  20. Death Wheel in the shop
  21. Have I missed the Halloween event?
  22. rank 8 in bunker/how many wins in a row till i reach legends leaderboard/new map?
  23. Monthly Forum Discussion - November 2017 [Favorite World Map Regions!]
  24. How about anticheat system?
  25. New Track??? Mushroom Boom
  26. Currently spending alot of tickets to beat a guy i can get the times to sync up on...
  27. New update issues
  28. Midnight Circuit Issue
  29. MC question. will I get answer? yes I will from committed players
  30. RedLynx Is The Best !
  31. Missing tracks / no fair play
  32. Missing track
  33. Rigged MC again
  34. No more paying from me
  35. Players and red lynx stop
  36. Gtdave
  37. Stop adding me!
  38. LootWheel?
  39. X factor / X terminate new tracks give me asap
  40. Next up! Mob_Mafioso83
  41. Earning the new paintjobs
  42. CaptainWheelie
  43. RL RedLynx? NOPE. REAL LOSERS UbiSoft?? U R SOFT
  45. Midnight Circuit Joke
  46. New chip shop bunker maps??? been "coming soon" forever!!
  47. I need golden tickets. Add me android id: je109076
  48. CBUnKeRHMANiACN cheater!!!
  49. Ads Fraud
  50. Serious Leader board Issues
  51. anyway to see when and what we spent gems on?
  52. Hard working ( lol ) devs: MISSING TRACKS! WHY? FAIR PLAY? NO
  53. Golden tickets not for sale?
  54. MISSING TRACKS - THREAD ( for devs! Fixit! )
  55. Bunker query
  56. Monthly Forum Discussion - December 2017 [Favorite Rewards!]
  57. Game Crash during Bunker Regards - Lost all rewards
  58. global leaderboard
  59. Off Topic need help, Please!
  60. BunkerDonkey
  61. New events needed! Boring without events
  62. Poll – Vote for Missed Old Event Tracks!
  63. On impossible bunker track/bike combos
  64. New midnight circuit
  65. How to advance the story?
  66. All known scoring system bugs (actual for version 5.6.0) Developers, please read!
  67. Trials Frontier - Speedrun Montage
  68. Connection issues?
  69. Track in the shops daily items.
  70. Christmas Tracks?? So when releasing????
  71. Midnight Circuit Week 21 Results
  72. Buying track pieces for gems bug. Devs, please read!
  73. New iPhone X issues
  74. Does anybody know how to get the quests for the Agent bike?
  75. Merry Christmas to the Frontier Community!
  76. What and Where Do You Ride?
  77. What in the world?!
  78. Sewage Treatment
  79. Rigged Railway
  80. Christmas gift?
  81. MC - Fail to find opponent
  82. STILL MISSING TRACKS @capteinstealie
  83. Question about Legends Leaderboard in Bunker
  84. New time not being updated on the leaderboard
  85. "Your rewards have expired!" MC bug
  86. Vulnerability that allow to SPEED-HACK is FIXED in new version!
  87. How to disable speedhack, and how upgrade system works
  88. Dakar Rally Challenge
  89. Bought the ”Desert King” outfit... only generates 7 tickets anyway
  90. Ads not giving rally tickets!
  91. Security issue - game allows to change names without limit even to existing ones
  92. Dakar Rewards
  93. Tapjoy does not give rewards
  94. Question about first leg ?
  95. Screen resolution problems
  96. SPASTIC Controls
  97. One Coin?
  98. Leave it to my dirty mind
  99. Cheating resources
  100. Bike looses function randomly
  101. trials frontier can’t save over Ubisoft data
  102. For the sake of PETE
  103. Trackfinder
  104. Can we PLEASE get a way to fill in missing track "pieces?"
  105. Dakar ghosts?
  106. Dakar leg 1 rewards
  107. Monthly Forum Discussion - January 2018 [Slot Machine Missions!]
  108. No daily rewards, no free daily tickets
  109. Hax0rs?
  110. Dev's Please FIX the Crash! & Connectivity
  111. No need to say more.
  112. Dakar Leg 5 Sledridge and Mud Cakes for real???
  113. New version 5.7.1 is out, speedhack still working
  114. The Dakar 1-percenters...and other topics
  115. Times Not Saving
  116. I was banned but I am not a hacker/cheater
  117. Dakar: how to unlock Cliff-Hanger?
  118. Turn off moving background
  119. Trivial Pursuit Live online not working
  120. Trials Froniter: Add BMW F 800 GS parts
  121. Bug
  122. Stop nitrous people!
  123. terra cotta warrior
  124. 1 Coin on the Loot Wheel
  125. Please give opportunity for missed PJ's and Outfits
  126. This is why I never get out of Rank 2 in the Bunker 😂
  127. New Ubisoft banner ads
  128. Question about bunker season rewards
  129. Inverts aren't counting
  130. Monthly Forum Discussion - February 2018 [Your Community Champion!]
  131. Dakar Track Pieces Available on Map
  132. The game runs with double speed! WTF?
  133. Why did the Bunker have another day added ??
  134. HeartBrake kit?
  135. New "Love Express" Event/Update....
  136. The game disappeared from the Google Play store
  137. Love Express - Track renew bug (again)
  138. Cliffhanger track pieces available for 10 gems
  139. Glitch draw in the bunker
  140. We Need More Gift Options!
  141. What the hell happened?
  142. Holla ay ya boi!! Mob_mafioso83 for ubisoft president
  143. Cant i make in-game purchases because im from morocc ?
  144. Beware the bunker
  145. Server maintenance shedule warning bad timing...
  146. Does the handle turn?
  147. How you doing? Is there any way to make this event fun?
  148. Monthly Forum Discussion - March 2018 [Pre-Anniversary Special!]
  149. Love express event ended this morning ?
  150. Invasion of hackers in the ranking! Makc, Makc and Mack........
  151. New season or nah?
  152. And a quick look at our event leaders....
  153. Comment débloquer circuit de minuit?
  154. Game is dead! Its official!
  155. Birdman / Goon Costume Question
  156. Old Tracks in Daily Shop
  157. Not receiving my daily rewads
  158. I completed your crap event
  159. New slot machine bug?
  160. Daily reward from the Riders Club
  161. Time for a midnight circuit
  162. Love Express - *Different* paint job question
  163. *SUGGESTION* — Old Tracks in the Daily Shop
  164. Still missing tracks
  165. Question about Level / Experience Points
  166. Cheater wins midnight circuit in 0.2 of a second
  167. What are the "decent" rewards being received in MC this time?
  168. Leaderboard bug again!!
  169. "mods"
  170. Special starter pack bug
  171. Midnight Circuit bike selection
  172. A bug I have been experiencing for while
  173. Every track has 100 cheaters...
  174. Monthly Forum Discussion - April 2018 [The Doghouse!]
  175. Missing Road to Ruin (Android)
  176. Counting system error?
  177. Upgrade Requirements for Special Bikes
  178. Advertisements for Paying Players???!!!
  179. Advertisements!!!
  180. Missing new track?
  181. Emulator?? Really?? Gtfoh
  182. Zero help from customer service
  183. Wild guess, no new season tomorrow
  184. Bug
  185. Will blueprints for other bikes show if I get donkey?
  186. Spin Wheel Surprise - Crescent Night??
  187. So Many Problems, where to start???
  188. Tracks w/ High XP
  189. World score NOT updating
  190. New Midnight Circuit Event
  191. New MC leaderboard bug @wh(st)eelie
  192. Will be track Peaks of Peril released soon?
  193. Midnight Circuit Reward bug
  194. Spin Wheel Surprise - Track Pieces for Reverse Engineering
  195. Monthly Forum Discussion - May 2018 [Tracks & Bikes in the Bunker!]
  196. Replay feature
  197. Reverse engineering
  198. The science of bunker ping pong
  199. Bunker game play controls
  200. There are two more new tracks added to the chip shop.
  201. Some random new X-Factor event with no notification or explanation?
  202. New Bunker Season
  203. New bunker season is broken.
  204. Best wacked-out fan score
  205. What do you think of the current Bunker season?
  206. Actual bunker-breaking bugs from this season
  207. The game need a new update ASAP
  208. Don't quite follow the Bunker races
  209. What the hell is wrong with your **** ?
  210. faulty bunker calculation...
  211. RL / UBISOFT / @wh(st)eelie READ THIS
  212. wtf is up w/ this Norway Bunker???
  213. Les bugs du bunker affectent t ils les deux supports(Android et ios)
  214. Game play not Smooth
  215. 오피쓰﹁ 강남유흥 강남OPノ강남마사지 ØpSS9.C o m 강남건마 강남오피
  216. 울산밤문화㊎ØpsS"2"。N E T ㋝오피쓰 울산키스방 울산역신규업소프로필 울산
  217. 오피쓰♒강남유흥 opSs7닷₵Öm 강남OP❉강남마사지 강남건마 강남오피
  218. 송파OP 오피쓰 「 Οpss7。čφM 」 송파휴게텔 ☞송파안마 송파오피ナ송파키스
  219. 신논현오피 오피쓰 「 Οpss9。čφM 」 신논현건마 신논현op몸매보증((신논현안&
  220. “Your Rewards Have Expired!”
  221. Wtf with that bunker?!!?!
  222. MC Kaijyu canyon
  223. Bunker track win progress not updating
  224. Midnight Circuit rewards?????
  225. Yay! 😊
  226. Refund for tickets demand
  227. Trials Rising coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.
  228. Waiting for showdown...Want to stop it..Taking forever!
  229. Did anything change
  231. Oopsie!
  232. Temple of Doom-how to unlock
  233. BMW blueprints
  234. A special thanx
  235. Greatly excessive number of phone notifications for the bunker
  236. How to tell your bike level in the midnight circuit?
  237. Small price increase for the midnight club?
  238. Midnight circuit reward bug
  239. Showing respect to the ones who deserve it
  240. So this just happened...
  241. Bunker Legendary Players with no code of honor
  242. http://www.wellness786.com/adelina-cream/
  243. New update/event... and Fan points are baaaack.......
  244. New map likes to troll you
  245. Ranking system + unobtainable items
  246. Well that was short lived
  247. X Games Loot Wheel
  248. Can we stop with the random gimmicks of the track?
  249. Peaks of peril track
  250. Server downtime?