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  1. am I supposed to see 360 players on the XBONE leaderboards?
  2. Lyrics to fusions theme song?
  3. Trials team is fully committed to making the game better in long run
  4. Has anyone figured out these challenges yet?
  5. Spider Mode..
  6. My opinions about fusion
  7. Redlynx's First Fusion Ninja Track In "Warp Zone 5"?
  8. Fusion or Nah
  9. Free Fallen Angel Bike Upgrade Giveaway [US Only]
  10. 5 Secret Ninja Tracks
  11. Getting there
  12. question about beta
  13. Why make Fusion UI completelty different and confusing?
  14. What time on the 24th?
  15. i found the fifth key - video !!!!
  16. Temple Trouble = Ruination all over again?
  17. has anyone done this?
  18. My Own Personal Wishlist
  19. FMX system is flawed
  20. User created tracks section
  21. Baggie
  22. Garage
  23. Multiplayer in Trials fusion?????
  24. "YouR profile does not have the privilage to acess Track Central, xbox 1"
  25. Challenge hunt help needed: Dizziest Heights
  26. Global Scoring Spreadsheet & Scoring Explained
  27. Digital Foundry Trials Fusion Face Off
  28. Bike select Option During a Level***
  29. Please fix Vita remote play controls- restarting by accident too easy!!
  30. Track Collaboration (Wish)
  31. Career help and possible timesavers
  32. Can I add downloaded tracks to local multiplayer?
  33. Can't connect to Uplay on 360?
  34. Developers....
  35. Ice Climb Skill Challenge
  36. list of the challenges?
  37. So whats the most likeliest that will happen with all these Coffin Runs
  38. Challenges
  39. How does Track Central ratings work?
  40. Cross-Platform One-PS4 > PC ?
  41. What are your favorite/disliked tracks on Fusion?
  42. Your Worst Trials Habits
  43. PC Launch Stream
  44. 100% Game completed club
  45. So, I haven't seen a report function for the tracks in fusion...
  46. So which track central is best?
  47. Xbox 360 controller support?
  48. The Almighty Swag Club!
  49. Video guide for the fifth key location!!
  50. When does The download come out for Trials Fusion on PC
  51. Trials Fusion, my opinion/review
  52. CRAZYFergie
  53. Are Track Central's rating broken?
  54. PC Game Launch! April 24th during the day!
  55. Closed Beta not working?
  56. Why isn't Trials Fusion on PS3?
  57. Glitched Global Leaderboard scores on xbox 1
  58. It's 9:13am GMT... Where's Fusion PC?
  59. Deleting BETA deletes main game too??
  60. "This is a demo version."
  61. The RAGE is REAL! Starting at 10pm PST
  62. A little question.
  63. Multiplayer?
  64. Supercross (Local Multiplayer) Custom Maps MISSIING? Where ARE THEY!!?
  65. Review of Trials Fusion; Comparison to Trials 2, HD, Evo
  66. PS4 Friends Specific
  67. People getting this game for free??????
  68. PC Trials fusion preorder Deluxe edition rewards not working.
  69. Track Editor 3D Coordinates XYZ labels in Spheres, Squares and Arrows
  70. Spammers spamming Track Central (360)
  71. Dates for improvements, upgrades, TC fixes, Multiplayer, anything??
  72. If the leaderboards are wiped...
  73. Request for a button to be able to disable all checkpoints for easy reset
  74. Got no other friends that this yet, pls add me so I can try to beat your times
  75. Ester egg trouvé! :D
  76. Pit Viper Impressions
  77. Surprised At How Much More Competitive Xbox One Is Over The 360!
  78. Our Commitment to Growing and Expanding Trials Fusion
  79. Comparing times on all platforms.
  80. Horrible Uplay Update: complain link
  81. The 5th key achievement guide!
  82. Trials fusion - supercross custom tracks please! Where are they?!?!?!?!
  83. your worst chokes thread
  84. Just asking something about Infinite Trials.....
  85. xbox 360 freeze / lockup - workaround
  86. Seriously? Do you have to start all over from Closed beta? Why?
  87. Not impressed with skill games
  88. Leaderboards already glitched! (PS4)
  89. Fmx score calculation?!
  90. Big Air on a Keyboard...
  91. Still haven't gotten my deluxe items for PC
  92. When release first Redlynx Pick, Recommended and Featured ?
  93. Reset your gameplay time and LOOK LIKE A TOTAL BOSS in the leaderboards
  94. Multiplayer
  95. Suggestion: Show Joystick movement and button presses
  96. Getting Over the Hump
  97. PIT VIPER Bodykit Fender Question!!!!
  98. ok this is killing me
  99. I wonder how many people noticed that the 360 is... well not the same game...
  100. Can we get an ETA for when the FMXploit is getting fixed?
  101. Why the Sci-Fi theme?
  102. Trials Portal - Trials Fusion User Profile
  103. Dear RedLynx, when will Track Central work as designed?
  104. Any chance of...?
  105. Looking for players who played all trials on 360 and now play on ps4
  106. Fusion DLC
  107. Trials Fusion | Bugs and Suggestions
  108. Did Trials Fusion sell more units than evo within it's first week?
  109. So when does mp come
  110. X1 ver has seriously bad screen tearing and bad frame rate
  111. Track central xp...exploit or cheating?
  112. Strange trophy percentage
  113. No MP WHAT?
  114. Leaderboards 360/ONE ?
  115. Online Multiplayer Question
  116. track thumbnail picture problem/glitch??
  117. Wait so is this cross platform?
  118. Digital Foundry Tech Interview
  119. Game patch deletes all replays?
  120. Menu Music is Unbearable
  121. Trials Fusion replay playback slow motion
  122. where can i download the trials fusion game manual 360?
  123. People recording Trials gameplay on PC, I have a question..
  124. Trials Fusion: True Fan | Nominations here!
  125. So what's really the point in playing this game over Evo
  126. Limbo TKO-Panda
  127. I'm still waiting an update
  128. Over two weeks in Top rated of the week
  129. Performance Issue and Possible Fix (for the developers not users)
  130. I really hope DLC won't be required to play TC tracks that use DLC objects
  131. Comparisons-suggestions
  132. ARTICLE: Redlynx' lead graphics programmer Sebbi talks about DirectX 12
  133. So am I the only one that is going back to evo to play trials?
  134. Dumb mistakes
  135. fmx tip
  136. User Created Tracks forum getting too full for 4 platforms.
  137. KODIAK Bike Design Proposal
  138. DONKEY Design Proposal
  139. XB1 Global Leaderboard Question
  140. This game
  141. Need some Xb1 friends
  142. Trials Fusion servers will be down
  143. Please add practice mode!
  144. User Created Track Ideas
  145. Servers down caused lost track time!!!
  146. Rating: good excellent bad
  147. Viper handling dumbed down .. I don't think so ..
  148. Need other XB360 riders on my system
  149. Any PC Multiplayer news?
  150. Not so top roach...
  151. Welcome to the PAST(?!)
  152. Questions
  153. Will there be Custom Supercross Tracks?
  154. Changing secondary colours on bike/rider
  155. The 5th Key
  156. Trials is the best on 360 and always will be..
  157. Hidden Ninja Tracks/Leaderboards
  158. Digital Download Plus Disc
  159. One simple rating system addition that could really add depth to Track Central
  160. Morillo deserves great thanks...from us all.
  161. Favourites limited to 52 tracks only
  162. The missing link
  163. Merging Tracks?
  164. Trials Fusion Clan
  165. Problem I have with Online Multiplayer
  166. So...why did customisation get a downgrade?
  167. Fusion Builder Wrenches and True Fans Awards..?
  168. 9 years of evolution...let's hope not!
  169. Pretty much sick of this game already!
  170. Rage level
  171. Dear Redlynx, please can I/we have some multiplayer news.
  172. Track central...no tracks found
  173. uPlay refuses to log in
  174. Can't find the forums?
  175. Scoring system
  176. Disable "Fmx tricks" before creating your Trials tracks
  177. Speedrunning Trials Fusion on Console!
  178. Fix the game
  179. Thanks Ubisoft
  180. What are these 3 feeds for: Featured, Uplay Recommended, RedLynx Picks?
  181. No Multiplayer Supercross ?????!!!!!!!! This Game Sucks!
  182. So hello people, some questions about Fusion
  183. A Letter to Redlynx....
  184. Step Into The Light
  185. So...This game/forum still really suck
  186. *Trials Fusion | YouTube, Twitch and Twitter directory*
  187. uplay forum login each time
  188. Sort it out ffs
  189. Time to say goodbye I guess...
  190. Chokes....
  191. Auto rotate.
  192. Where's The Love???!!!!
  193. Trials fusion: positivity thread (a place of joy and praise)
  194. [PS4] Let's Make Friends!
  195. Most deperssing moment in trials history!!!
  196. First update
  197. Partnered and Sub Button on twitch
  198. Trials Fusion OST - Availalble NOW on iTunes and Amazon!
  199. New Timesaver?
  200. Uplay Lounge Signups
  201. I -really- want some of my custom tracks to be deleted.
  202. Trials Fusion: Feature Pack 1 Information
  203. Local Multiplayer suggestions/tweaks
  204. We're running a Fusion league over at reddit, if you're interested! Just started.
  205. Wassupp?
  206. Leaderboards are broke as hell?
  207. Unyielding/Balancing Act - Everything
  208. Platinum track messages.
  209. From Urban Sprawl to Catus Challenge help
  210. Deleting my corrupted tracks online
  211. XB360 friends
  212. New look
  213. Nationalities of the Community
  214. When is the first season pass DLC out?
  215. Are the (global) leaderboards correct?
  216. Trials Fusion recreated in real life
  217. The Trials Community
  218. When is Trials Fusion set?
  219. Any Xbox Trials gamers jumped to PS4?
  220. Partners. A Flawed but Interesting Idea!
  221. r/TrialsGames League Week 2: Blimp My Ride & Mind The Gap
  222. HELP! Used wrong email in Frontier!
  223. Track Central Sections
  224. [!] So what was the reason that TC doesn't work again? Wit's end here.
  225. Hi all
  226. Minor question i have. (feel free to give your opinion) :)
  227. PC Track Central...
  228. Fusion discounted on steam
  229. Disappointed!
  230. Can someone stop me from being disconnected everytime I leave the forums ?
  231. OlliOlli vs. FMX
  232. GUTTED! theyve ruined the best game on xbla
  233. What is the best controller for Trials?
  234. vladiiiiiiii - Missing in Action
  235. Fusion vs Evo
  236. Multiplayer with Friends
  237. Is there going to be another TWC ?
  238. Trials CHALLENGE!!! Are You A Good Rider?
  239. Introducing Myself to the Forums
  240. Multiplayer
  241. Mult!player
  242. Looking for a good track to practice bunny hops
  243. RedLynx Developers and Trials
  244. A little joke
  245. ☢ Need Suggestions For Montages ☢
  246. What happened?
  247. JJ: Pyrosequencing
  248. Quietness of the patch/DLC
  249. Extreme feed is back!
  250. Xbox One 10% GPU boost?