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  1. [XB360] Is rocksmith 2014 region locked?
  2. [PC] Problem buying DLC
  3. 2014 RS True Tone Cable STOPPED working
  4. [PS3] sound problem
  5. [XB360] Guitar Type
  6. [PC] the smashing pumpkins bullet with butterfly wings terrible tone
  7. [XB360] 360 Update on 2/14/2014
  8. Sustains on low E-String not recognized (or very late)
  9. [PS3] 2014 DLC bought but not showing up.
  10. [PC] Can't pass calibration or tuning stages.
  11. So what did the Xbox 360 patch do?
  12. [PC] TUNER PROBLEM and STATIC- Can't tune/Can't get past tuner first string low E
  13. [XB360] Calibration issues...
  14. [XB360] Game mostly unplayable since patch yesterday. Please help.
  15. [XB360] Issues still exist after latest patch
  16. Tuning issues
  17. [PS3] Problem with Not recognizing E string and bending
  18. Another tuning problem. Moved from XBOX. Cant tune.
  19. [XB360] Patch Notes 2/14/14
  20. [XB360] Xbox still freezes after patch!!!
  21. [XB360] Static noise while strumming
  22. [PS3] Tuning Fluctuations, why?
  23. [PS3] amp
  24. [PS3] How can I get the songs from Rocksmith 1 into Rocksmith 2014?
  25. [XB360] What happens when you create a new profile?
  26. [XB360] I think the Guitarcade games are a bit too fast.
  27. Infuriating bug - Tone randomly goes clean and doesn't change back
  28. [PC] Still can't buy Rocksmith DLC for Rocksmith 2014
  29. [XB360] Issues with Real Tone Cable
  30. [PS3] Can't Control Game With BD Remote
  31. [PC] Give It All wrong technique in the verse
  32. [PS3] E and A strings note problems and some other problems.
  33. [PS3] D string registers as missed even though I didn't have to play it
  34. [PC] Multiplayer not recognizing second cable
  35. [XB360] Transfer
  36. [PC] Suggestion: Search Option
  37. [PC] Rocksmith Cable not working after upgrading to Windows 8.1
  38. [PC] DLC deleted, can't retrieve it.
  39. Bug on song list sorting
  40. [PC] Have a problem with my game..
  41. [PC] Massive distortion when Rocksmith starts up, even with no instrument plugged in
  42. [PC] Not Getting Much Action in '2014' thread so...
  43. Can't even play a full song because of freezing.
  44. Poor audio with audiobox usb
  45. [PC] Old RS works fine, 2014 says "No audio output device"
  46. [PC] Realtone cable and 18volt preamp ? No Bueno. popped like a fuse. :(
  47. [PC] [Mac OSX 10.9.1] Sudden Rock Tone Cable Detection Issues?
  48. [PS3] Will new guitar damage Real Tone Cable?
  49. [PC] Import songs from rocksmith on XBOX to rocksmith 2014 PC
  50. [PC] Uplay won't record my time played
  51. [Uplay_Shop] Uplay rewards
  52. [XB360] Rocksmith keeps freezing!!!!
  53. [PC] Rocksmith cann't start
  54. [PC] Possible to play with 5.1 sound?
  55. [PS3] Green Day's Basket Case Missing From Game
  56. [PC] Sound drop
  57. [PS3] Not sure if this is a bug or just part of the software...
  58. [PC] Problem with second songs in rocksmith 1
  59. [PC] Songs not loading
  60. [PC] New user Help, cant get past tunning
  61. [PS4] Rocksmith NG
  62. [PC] rocksmith 2014 missions
  63. Still detecting audio delay with ideal setup?
  64. [PC] corrupt profile/sound test
  65. [PC] Can't pass calibration stage
  66. [PS3] Difficulty... How is it supposed to work?
  67. [XB360] Where did the sound go?
  68. [iOS] Play Session Mode between 11:59pm and 3am, but...
  69. [PC] 60 Day Challenge Stats Do Not Track Accurately
  70. [PC] unsurported
  71. [PC] Which Am7 to use?
  72. [XB360] Same Chord Practice
  73. [XB360] Level down for no reason
  74. Game Won't Recognize My Guitars
  75. RS 2014 Detection issues & troubleshooting tips
  76. [PS3] Rocksmith 2014 PS3 real tone cable fix
  77. [PC] USB Device Installing Ok - Not Showing up in Recording Devices
  78. [PS3] Single Player Bonus Arrangements - question
  79. No Way Tuning
  80. [PC] Rocksmith crashes at the uplay login/create account screen every time
  81. [XB360] Successful HDMI
  82. RS1 Steam DLC download fix?
  83. The OFFICIAL RS website LIED to me! RS1 DLC in RS2014
  84. [PS3] DLC Multiple User Issue
  85. [PS3] Game worked during calibration and tuning, then stopped detecting guitar permanently?
  86. how do I set difficulty in RR? Do I have to play it first?
  87. [PS3] Suddenly cannot calibrate or tune, RS14 with ps3
  88. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 will no register my notes.
  89. [XB360] Note Detection, particularly with scale racer
  90. [PC] 2nd cable died, not seeing it on the USB bus
  91. [PC] Why don't my display options cover my post options?
  92. [PC] [Pc] I have a lot of bugs
  93. [WP] Playing with a splitter to your amp
  94. [PC] Notes and Chords not being heard
  95. [Ubisoft_Account] Annoying Audience sounds
  96. [PC] Second-Hand Rocksmith 2014 - Can't Register
  97. Without FB where do we post DLC ideas?
  98. [XB360] Tuner will not tune and has me breaking strigs
  99. Trouble starting RS2014
  100. [PS3] Mission: Learn 3 new songs (Bass)
  101. [PC] Always platiium
  102. [XB360] Tuning Fender Stratocaster Bass and Davison Electric Guitar
  103. [PC] I have no clue how this works
  104. [PC] Guitar not working and calibration is all weird
  105. [PC] Riff Repeater
  106. Does it matter which "base game" I have when importing into the 2014 edition?
  107. Real tone cable for ps3 states that it is unplugged.
  108. is an internet connection required for rocksmith to work?
  109. [PS3] Frustrated with the video latency
  110. [PC] Helpless and frustrated w/Rocksmith
  111. [XB360] How do I import RS 1 content into RS2014? Xbox 360
  112. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 keeps crashing in Session Mode
  113. [PC] I want to transfer Rocksmith 2014 from my PC to my laptop
  114. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Constant Crashing
  115. [Ubisoft_Account] uPlay not updating
  116. [PC] Rocksmith USB Guitar Apater
  117. [PC] How stable is this thing, anyway?
  118. [XB360] Change Your Tempo session challenge
  119. [XB360] Can't Play RS2014 multiplayer
  120. [PC] Crazy On You rhythm intro out of sync, low volume in Riff Repeater
  121. [PC] Distorted / buzzing sound from guitar
  122. [PC] Rocksmith refuses to work, something wrong with Real Tone Cables
  123. [PC] No audio device is detected. Please connect and enable an audio output device.
  124. [PS3] Problem with my Rocksmith Store
  125. Is Rocksmith 2014 no longer available?
  126. [PC] sound/cable problem
  127. [PC] BAndicam Audio?
  128. [PC] All Around Me Sound Issues
  129. [PC] looking for suggestions on the laptop i should buy
  130. [PC] colour confusion
  131. [PC] Rocksmith Real Tone Cables register, but don't pick up sound...
  132. [PC] Internet drops while on Rocksmith 2014
  133. [XB360] totally messed up my 60 day counter :(
  134. [XB360] Many DLC downloads have disappeared form my xBox. Why?
  135. [XB360] Acoustic Guitar Won't Tune
  136. DLCs from Rocksmith still unavailable for Rocksmith 2014
  137. Anyone playing on a Dell Venue pro?
  138. [PS3] RockSmith 2014 always think I'm out of tune when I play
  139. [PC] Rocksmiths sucks on so many levels
  140. [iOS] New user cannot use Rocksmith 2014
  141. [Uplay_Shop] Canīt buy songs
  142. [PC] RS2014 not finding real mic through audio interface
  143. [PC] Time is running out by muse should have a rhythm track.
  144. [XB360] Freezing
  145. [PC] Rockmsith doesn`t recognize some notes
  146. (ps3) Real tone cable
  147. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 on Windows 8.1 sound issue
  148. [PC] Bug Report for Windows 8 Rocksmith 2014
  149. [PC] New Install-latest Version?-Auto Patch Update?
  150. [XB360] Will the Rocksmith 2014 freezing issue ever get fixed?
  151. [XB360] Will be here day after tomorrow... any suggestions
  152. [PS3] PS3 Hard Locking when First Starting Game from XMB. Game BROKEN.
  153. (Help) How to setup on PC without delay
  154. [PC] help
  155. [PC] [actually MAC] Install disc keeps ejecting
  156. [PC] Lesson Instructor Scrathcy Noise
  157. [PC] cannot post to support forum
  158. [PC] Rocksmith Realtone Cable Support?
  159. [PC] Drop D == Drop Da ball?
  160. [PC] Which version of Rocksmith 1? (for Mac)
  161. [PC] Why No [Mac] Prefix?
  162. [PS3] Notes lag in Song Score Attack
  163. [PC] Rocksmith doesn't know how to slow down...
  164. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  165. [PS3] Best cheap audio solution
  166. Jim bo
  167. Patch to choose our colors for the strings?
  168. Missing "MISC" instrument on Session Mode Mission :(
  169. [PC] Changing the tone
  170. [PC] My first hard crash
  171. [PC] DLC not appearing
  172. [PC] Steam won't allow me to buy DLC songs with RS2014
  173. Rs1
  174. [PC] Will Rocksmith 2014 work on my computer?
  175. [XB360] Stuck after tuning....help!!!
  176. Please move to Support Furom (unable to see prefex drop down)
  177. [PC] Is there a fix for quiet guitar?
  178. [XB360] Can't hear notes when playing songs but can when tuning or in the chord book
  179. hateing rocksmith
  180. [PC] Problem: Game Thinks Notes Are all An Octave Lower
  181. Question
  182. Am over RS2014
  183. Barracuda Problem on Mac
  184. [PS3] Multiple issues
  185. Is this forum ever going to let me post?
  186. Steam / Rocksmith DLC / Hard drive Reformat Question
  187. [XB360] can't get past 50% in double stops
  188. How UBIsoft should have done the realtone Cable. Please do this
  189. [PS3] Can't tune bass guitar with the game
  190. Troubles login on to forums and uplay?
  191. How to fix?
  192. [PC] Crackling noise coming from lesson mode
  193. [PS3] DLC downloading and installing but not appearing in the game
  194. What features do I lose if I don't have an XBOX Live Account?
  195. [PC] test
  196. [XB360] How am i supposed to play?
  197. [PC] the dreaded "no output device selected" question?
  198. [XB360] Patch Notes- 4/12/14
  199. [PS3] The Fredboard is the wrong way round...
  200. [iOS] "Sounds like your cable is unplugged. Connect a Rocksmith Realtone cable" Problems!!
  201. [PC] Guitar Calibration
  202. [PC] Windows 8.1 Update
  203. Master Mode not activating
  204. This game looks like it would be fun, if it worked.
  205. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 PC Audio Crackling (Fix makes too much latency)
  206. [PC] No Key with PC version of RockSmith 2014
  207. [PC] RS2014 bitrot
  208. [XB360] Audio issue-band drops out
  209. [PC] New PC Patch? Video/audio glitches
  210. [PC] Patch Notes 4/15/14
  211. [PS3] Stuck at calibration with no meter
  212. [PC] "Thread stuck in device driver" Issue
  213. [PC] Graphicsystem could not be initialized
  214. [XB360] Session mode mission problem - Play with the harmonicity meter
  215. [XB360] Black Keys Mind Eraser bass volume
  216. [PC] Problem with launch
  217. [PC] Problem with launch
  218. [PC] score attack vs learn a new song
  219. Strange RS cable behavior
  220. [PS3] Transfer songs from rocksmith
  221. [PC] Buying Rocksmith songs for Rocksmith 2014
  222. [PS3] Cable cutting in and out
  223. [PS3] does 'Best Buy' edition support bass?
  224. [PS3] GroundHog Play
  225. [PS3] I Believe in a Thing Called Love DLC missing..
  226. [XBOne] Fender Bass VI--does it work with Rocksmith as a guitar AND a bass with no problems?
  227. [PC] Tones fail to load on several occasions
  228. [XB360] Realtone Cable is faulty
  229. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 Mac Backup
  230. [PC] RealTone cable ceases being detected by my PC.
  231. "Sorry An Error Occurred, Please Try Again"
  232. [Ubisoft_Account] 60 Day Challenge Error
  233. [PC] Minor Song volume bug (drops out)
  234. had u guys see this before?
  235. Noisy Feedback?
  236. [iOS] Sound dropping out
  237. [XB360] Rocksmith Songs Missing in Rocksmith 2014 - XBox 360
  238. [PC] What is the best platform for playing RockSmith 2014
  239. [PC] Rocksmith song import from 2013 to 2014 for PC
  240. [PC] Computer Shuts off during play
  241. [PC] Installed Uplay afterward playing 2 weeks on Steam. Can't unlock Desolation Motion!
  242. [PC] Guitar volume automatically lowers
  243. [PC] New revisions of the cable ?
  244. [XB360] 20 minute session mode mission question/problem
  245. [PS3] Song Formats
  246. [PC] can't get guitar to tune
  247. Rocksmith is a waste of money
  248. [PC] Shadowplay not recording audio help!
  249. [Ubisoft_Account] Mods ... when
  250. [PC] Cable Broken! How do i get a replacement?