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  1. [Ubisoft_Account] cannot update&login
  2. [Uplay_Shop] Game doesn't show, support don't answer ticket
  3. [PC] Uply unrecoverable error when launching Far Cry 3 from Steam
  4. [Ubisoft_Account] Linking Uplay-account to PSN and PS4
  5. [Ubisoft_Account] Unable to register a game to Uplay
  6. [Ubisoft_Account] email oroblem i havent been able to get help with!!
  7. [Ubisoft_Account] forgot email
  8. [PC] AC3 can't download/install
  9. [Ubisoft_Account] Unlinking a forgotten Uplay account
  10. [Ubisoft_Account] How long is the Upay.com maintenance going to last?
  11. [Ubisoft_Account] Where do i go to download Uplay?
  12. "A Ubisoft service is not available at the moment"
  13. [Uplay_Shop] Unable to access shop in client and in browser
  14. [Ubisoft_Account] Cant see play online when playing ACU
  15. [Ubisoft_Account] Help finding my Mail
  16. [Ubisoft_Account] Wrong e-mail, support doesn't work.
  17. [PC] Can you fix the downloading of UPlay Games for heaven's sake!
  18. [PC] Uplay Lag
  19. [PC] unable to launch games on Uplay
  20. [PC] Uplay and "discovering existing files"?
  21. [PC] What is wrong with Uplay?
  22. [Ubisoft_Account] Linked games are gone/AC Initiates data lost
  23. [PC] UPlay Wont Let me play FarCry 4
  24. [Ubisoft_Account] Why the UPLAY homepage game, my account is not the same?
  25. [PC] uplay has detected an unrecoverable error
  26. Uplay is garbage
  27. [Ubisoft_Account] Unable to connect Xbox Live Account
  28. [Ubisoft_Account] Can I change my country of residence?
  29. [PC] Cant launch Farcry 4
  30. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay Linking to Xbox Live Error
  31. [Ubisoft_Account] wasup with ubi
  32. [PC] No download button
  33. [PC] How do I play Far Cry 4 after I downloaded it from discs?
  34. [PC] Assassins creed unity save file gone after downtime
  35. [Ubisoft_Account] Old username still showing up in games
  36. U Play Problems
  37. [Ubisoft_Account] Friends issue.. All offline
  38. shape up freezes
  39. [Ubisoft_Account] Serious Problem
  40. [XBOne] Uplay/Initiates problems (Assassin's Creed)
  41. [PC] Uplay freezes system whenever connecting online, making games unplayable.
  42. [PC] Uplay Dose Not Update Properly
  43. [Ubisoft_Account] Change email Uplay account
  44. [Ubisoft_Account] uplay facebook page offer
  45. [Ubisoft_Account] What is going on?
  46. [Ubisoft_Account] Ubi removed my account?!
  47. [Uplay_Shop] How to start live chat With CS
  48. [Ubisoft_Account] Username Change
  49. [PC] Omg can someone help me with Just Dance autodance??
  50. [Ubisoft_Account] Duplicate games on my account.
  51. [Ubisoft_Account] Username change doesn't change in Far Cry 4?
  52. [Uplay_Shop] Dragon Age™ Inquisition preoder bonus DLC activation problem
  53. [PC] Forgot username and password
  54. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay Account Issues
  55. [Ubisoft_Account] Is it possible to hide my activities in Uplay
  56. [Ubisoft_Account] my uplay doesnt work
  57. [Ubisoft_Account] AC error 0x70000006 and in-game Uplay/online FIX
  58. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't Change UPlay info In account
  59. [Ubisoft_Account] Change email on account
  60. Uplay A&R still unavailabe on console.(China IP)
  61. [PC] My Uplay will not connect to any servers!!
  62. [Ubisoft_Account] can't link xbox live to my current uplay
  63. [PC] Game is re-downloading
  64. [Ubisoft_Account] Tagged favorite games are disappearing
  65. [PC] Thank you uplay for letting me waste 5 hours
  66. [PC] Cannot install Splinter cell Conviction to second drive
  67. [Ubisoft_Account] Password Recovery isn't working!
  68. [Ubisoft_Account] Reset Password - Can no longer login through UPlay.
  69. [Uplay_Shop] Where's my order?
  70. [Ubisoft_Account] I cannot access my account
  71. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot Log in to Uplay
  72. A ubisoft service is not available at the moment
  73. [Ubisoft_Account] Facebook login
  74. [Ubisoft_Account] Username Problem
  75. [PC] Uplay Download Problem
  76. [Ubisoft_Account] uPlay not patching Far cry 4
  77. [Ubisoft_Account] Can not download Uplay launcher from uplay.com
  78. [Ubisoft_Account] Change email and error
  79. Email Problem
  80. Uplay points bug?
  81. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't log in
  82. [PC] There is a problem connecting to a Uplay Service. (Ubisoft Server is unavailable)
  83. [PC] God damnit ubisoft fix your cloud sync already.
  84. [PC] Uplay doesn't sync ac3 saves on a clean new windows installation , why?
  85. Initiates still not syncing properly
  86. lost saved game
  87. Are U.S. and Canada Uplay servers seperate?
  88. [Uplay_Shop] No confirmation email
  89. [Ubisoft_Account] can't send my questions
  90. Uplay or Steam
  91. [Uplay_Shop] Question about my order
  92. [PC] I can't run Far Cry 4
  93. [PS4] Uplay not updating on PS4
  94. Ubisoft support is fantastic ( sarcasm)
  95. [PC] Can't Update AC Unity
  96. [Ubisoft_Account] cant activate far cry 4
  97. [Ubisoft_Account] Farcry 4 Wallpapers
  98. [Ubisoft_Account] cant see the game i just bought
  99. [Ubisoft_Account] How do I connect my other Creed games to uPlay so the achievements count? PC
  100. [Ubisoft_Account] I cannot change my Uplay email ddue to it not existing anymore
  101. [PC] Far cry 4 Shadows all over the place
  102. Can't download Game
  103. [Ubisoft_Account] How do I unlink my Uplay and Steam accounts?
  104. [Uplay_Shop] Assassins Creed unity gold edition
  105. [Ubisoft_Account] User name wrong on ac unity app
  106. [PC] Why does Uplay / Ubisoft support not react at all?
  107. [PC, AC Unity] Disappearing DLC/Season Pass?
  108. More options 4 Uplay!
  109. UPlay in game comes up slightly off screen
  110. [PC] Farcry 4 downloading second time
  111. [Ubisoft_Account] I changed my uPlay name but the old one is still displayed in games
  112. Shawn White Uplay down
  113. [Ubisoft_Account] Stuck in an infinate loop.
  114. [Ubisoft_Account] Made support ticket about Uplay account, 2 days later...
  115. Local Backup
  116. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot buy Uplay rewards with my units
  117. The email I used to create my u-play account no longer exists.
  118. [PC] Crash msg when i exit uplay
  119. [Ubisoft_Account] I screwed up and now i can't log in to my other account.
  120. Why am i paying almost $20 more for far cry 4 in the uk than in the us
  121. [PC] Are the uplay servers down?!
  122. [Uplay_Shop] Can't download Valiant hearts comics
  123. [Ubisoft_Account] Can I Link My Uplay Accounts ?
  124. Uplay Hate in Steam making me not buy Anno 2070.
  125. [PC] Problem z zapisami gry w Uplay
  126. [XBOne] Waterfall Jump not working anymore on Shape Up
  127. Delete game
  128. Password Reset Problem
  129. [PC] Can't play ACIII
  130. Annoyed now.
  131. [IMPORTANT] UPlay for PC doesn't want to open.
  132. [Uplay_Shop] Dragon Age Inquisition
  133. [PC] Thank you Ubisoft!
  134. i cant connect to Anno 2070 server
  135. [PC] Child of light crashed every time after I started for less than 1 minute
  136. [Ubisoft_Account] When will Uplay Win be back?
  137. [PC] Moved Farcry 4 to my Harddisk
  138. [Ubisoft_Account] аккаунт
  139. [Ubisoft_Account] Totally bonkers service- Uplay Capcha and internet connections
  140. [Ubisoft_Account] I want to change my Mail Adress
  141. [PS4] Console version game is still unable to display and get some rewards and actions。
  142. [PC] Cloud Storage AC3
  143. [PC] Download drops to 5 KB/s
  144. [Ubisoft_Account] Code activated on my account, Game missing on libary.
  145. [Ubisoft_Account] Is there about problem using the same Uplay account for PC and Xbox One
  146. [PC] Numerous AC games stuck on the "press key" title screen (motivated repost)
  147. [Ubisoft_Account] Help i'm being hacked!!
  148. [Uplay BlackFriday]
  149. [PC] Upaly Far cry 4 question
  150. [PC] Wireless XBox controller not recognized after being turned off
  151. [Ubisoft_Account] Help
  152. [PC] I can't launch any Uplay game from Steam
  153. [PC] Assassins Creed Black Flag freezing after Uplay update
  154. [IMPORTANT] Where is my savegames
  155. Cant download The Crew! Been trying to for the whole day!
  156. [PC] "There is a problem connecting to a UPlay service"
  157. [Ubisoft_Account] Xbox one and PC on different Uplay accounts
  158. [PC] can't launch Anno 2070 keeps wanting to patch
  159. [PC] Uplay Admin Rights
  160. [PC] Uplay connection lost
  161. [PC] Uplay - Anno 2070
  162. BUG quand je joue uplay se deconecte et sa me fais que ca avec uplay pas avec steam
  163. [PC] Install Far Cry 3 from DVD and make it recognized by Uplay?
  164. [Uplay_Shop] Uplay is emailing me to play my Lara Croft preorder early but won't activate it
  165. [Ubisoft_Account] I need to change my email but I don't have access to the email currently registered
  166. [PC] UPlay completely freezes my computer & turns off my internet
  167. [PC] Child of Light Production Code problems
  168. [PC] Far cry 4 download is stuck
  169. [PC] Need help getting uPlay to recognize Far Cry 4 game files
  170. [PC] Re-starting a download on Uplay desktop
  171. [PC] Can't download Uplay
  172. [PC] Anno 2070 problem since UPlay 4.9.4
  173. Windows 10
  174. [PC] Windows re-install should be a problem for my Uplay Games ?
  175. Is there no one handling question ticket?
  176. [PS4] issues with linking PSN with uPlay
  177. [PC] Uplay application constantly loads CPU at 25% (Windows 7 x64)
  178. [XBOne] Monoplay Plus
  179. [Ubisoft_Account] forgot my uplay email account
  180. [PC] Can't Download Ubisoft Game Launcher - SSL Connection Error
  181. [Ubisoft_Account] How can I search for a user on uplay and view their profile?
  182. [Ubisoft_Account] Problem with Watch Dogs
  183. [Uplay_Shop] Incomplete Item received
  184. [PC] Too much time to run Uplay on windows 8
  185. [Ubisoft_Account] Using a Activation code twice!
  186. i cant open my UPlay Profile
  187. [PC] anno 2070 auto update can't connect
  188. Why...no HOW...is Uplay like this?
  189. [Uplay_Shop] Promo code -server error.
  190. [Ubisoft_Account] Mail
  191. Hello.
  192. [PC] UPlay server down-ish?
  193. [PC] Uplay problem
  194. [Ubisoft_Account] can I un bound my second cd key that is for gift from the same game?
  195. [Uplay_Shop] No download button for product?
  196. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay + Steam Version ?
  197. Ubisoft support not responding
  198. [Ubisoft_Account] Need help removing a game from my Uplay account!
  199. No support on my tickets! Been waiting for 6 days!
  200. [Ubisoft_Account] Not receiving any emails from Uplay
  201. [Ubisoft_Account] Email is empty on my account and i cannot change it
  202. [Uplay_Shop] Uplay Shop connecting issue
  203. [Uplay_Shop] Uboshop - Banking Information.
  204. [Ubisoft_Account] Unable to retrieving Uplay password
  205. [PC] cant change my email adress
  206. [PC] Uplay Overlay Not Working
  207. [PC] How long does it take before you see your bought game in Uplay?
  208. [Ubisoft_Account] Haven't received an answer in weeks !
  209. [Ubisoft_Account] Initiates not working
  210. [PC] Merging Uplay And Steam Accounts
  211. [PC] uplay and Assassin's Creed 3 1.02 patch won't update
  212. [PC] Cant use my UPLAY friends!
  213. [PC] Far Cry 4 game key activation.
  214. [PC] A way to make uplay register existing gamefiles rather than re-downloading 40GB?
  215. [Ubisoft_Account] Game Transfer
  216. [Ubisoft_Account] It is not possible to change the email
  217. [PC] Uplay Launcher stops working, can't play games at all
  218. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay jeux
  219. [PC] Cant download anything
  220. [Ubisoft_Account] I have no idea what's going on
  221. [IMPORTANT] Far Cry 4 won't start
  222. [Ubisoft_Account] Your Account has been accessed from another location
  223. [IMPORTANT] Linking games
  224. [PC] Games on Uplay won't start
  225. Can't contact support - wont send the question form
  226. [PC] Uplay Launcher 'Login failed.
  227. [Ubisoft_Account] Disappearance games the crew
  228. [PC] wont alow me to log in first time user
  229. [PC] New patch 1.6.0 wont start
  230. [Ubisoft_Account] Cannot access the uplay account
  231. [IMPORTANT] Fix for error code 0x8876086a when launching Valiant Hearts
  232. [PC] Assassins creed unity started in japanese
  233. [Ubisoft_Account] poor support team!
  234. [Ubisoft_Account] Get your S**t together Ubisoft!!!!
  235. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay pc won't let me change my avatar
  236. [PC] Cant see Assassins Creed Unity in games list after install
  237. [Ubisoft_Account] "Your email address is invalid- Even though I just logged in before with that email!
  238. [PC] World in Conflict CD Key?
  239. [Ubisoft_Account] farcry 4 banned
  240. [Ubisoft_Account] I can't open the gift today, why is this happening?
  241. [PC] UPLAY Download does not save progress
  242. [PC] Can't start Uplay or any games associated
  243. [PC] There is a problem connection to a Uplay Service
  244. [PC] Added a game but it doesn't show
  245. [Ubisoft_Account] Merging Accounts.
  246. All 'Luck Boosters' Gone.
  247. [Ubisoft_Account] far cry 4 and watch dogs unable to activate
  248. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay won't even start
  249. [IMPORTANT] Fake Technical Support?!?!
  250. [Ubisoft_Account] Nothing Works.