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  1. [Uplay_Shop] 20% discount code not working
  2. [PC] Worst support ever
  3. Old account doesn't exist
  4. [PC] Concerned for fellow gamers security, that he may have been hacked.
  5. [PC] Have Archivament But Not Action
  6. [PC] Can't install Far cry 4 on steam.
  7. [Ubisoft_Account] How do you link steam and uplay accounts if you don't own any ubisoft games on steam?
  8. [PC] AC3 Problem Connecting
  9. [Ubisoft_Account] 2-step verification issue
  10. Mouse cursor
  11. Can't follow external links
  12. [PC] Missing game from library
  13. [Ubisoft_Account] acces acount
  14. [Ubisoft_Account] Game linked to wrong account.
  15. [Uplay_Shop] 20% Code nowhere to be found
  16. [Ubisoft_Account] Impossible to connect to my uplay account ON APPLICATION ONLY
  17. Mr Bishop
  18. [Ubisoft_Account] 2 Step Verification nightmare ;)
  19. Contacting support for login problems requires a successful login? WTH?!!!
  20. Assassin's Creed 3 Save Problem
  21. [PC] Error 0xc0000022
  22. [Ubisoft_Account] Mailbox back (Mother said the title long, will someone see)
  23. [Uplay_Shop] Game does not appear in the library
  24. [Ubisoft_Account] Email been hacked long time ago and I want my games related to this account
  25. Problems with linked game, bought on Steam
  26. [PC] Assassins Creed Terrible Screen Tearing and Jittering
  27. Failed to link Uplay and Sony Entertainment account
  28. [Uplay_Shop] Given Wrong Game Key - No Real Answer
  29. A Ubisoft Service is not available at the moment.
  30. [Uplay_Shop] I can't download games
  31. [Ubisoft_Account] 2steps problem
  32. [PC] My friends do not receive my friend request
  33. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't login because i lost my 2 step verification code
  34. [Uplay_Shop] Been 2 weeks. Still no games in my library.
  35. Xbox 360 games built in uplay app - the uplay service is not available
  36. [Ubisoft_Account] Login issues
  37. [Ubisoft_Account] Change User Name
  38. [PC] Uplay stuck at downloading game
  39. Uplay can't login
  40. [Uplay_Shop] Does the Uplay shop sell broken dlc for older games?
  41. ethernal loging looping
  42. Cant buy games in shop ????
  43. 2-step verification issue
  44. [Ubisoft_Account] I forget my email.
  45. [IMPORTANT] Can´t connect to uplay servers
  46. [Android] Friend list not in sync
  47. [Uplay_Shop] Nothing in Order History
  48. 2-Step Verification
  49. Unable tu use the cd key again on same acc
  50. 2 Step verification - i didnt add this!
  51. [Ubisoft_Account] My gf mistakenly activated her game on my account
  52. Email
  53. Uplay Stuck in Japanese
  54. [PC] Uplay cannot connect.
  55. UPlay command string still opening even after uninstalled
  56. Uplay download stuck at 0B/s
  57. [PC] Constant requirement to login to Uplay
  58. [Ubisoft_Account] Email lost
  59. Please help with email!!!!
  60. [PC] hey i have little problam
  61. [Uplay_Shop] Ubisoft Support does not repond
  62. A Uplay service is not available at the moment.
  63. [PC] Uplay blocks all sound
  64. [Uplay_Shop] refunds through uplay shop
  65. [Uplay_Shop] No answer to my case yet (refund request)
  66. [PC] Can't login to uplay, very strange debug log output.
  67. [PC] Both Ubisoft games are getting Procedure entry point errors at boot up
  68. Monopoly Plus - Uplay login doesn't work
  69. [PC] Where is free Winter dlc for Uno ?
  70. [Uplay_Shop] issues with codes
  71. [Ubisoft_Account] Google Authenticator
  72. [Ubisoft_Account] The Crew: Calling All Units activated on wrong account
  73. [PC] Uplay Can't Launch Games
  74. [PC] fui baixar far cry 3 e meu pc foi infectado
  75. [PC] UNO Online crash
  76. [PC] Copy vs. Download Game (Rainbow Siege)
  77. [IMPORTANT] Can't login UPLAY, 2 step login Google Authenticator
  78. [Ubisoft_Account] how do i remove google authenticator from my uplay account without logging in
  79. [Ubisoft_Account] suspended
  80. [Uplay_Shop] Two Rainbow Six Siege copies on same account..
  81. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't login in Uplay account
  82. Someone hacked into my account ?!
  83. [PC] Login Failed
  84. [Ubisoft_Account] FC3 and Blood Dragon soundtrack reward gone
  85. HOWTO: Move uPlay and games to a new drive
  86. [Ubisoft_Account] I cannot log in to my account
  87. No Response from Ubisoft support for over a month now
  88. [PS3] Child of Light issues
  89. [IMPORTANT] Uplay works fine, stops working the next day for no apparent reason.
  90. [Ubisoft_Account] Ican't login to 2-Step-Verification
  91. Xbox link issues
  92. Invited To Wrong Platform
  93. Uplay Account
  94. Turn Off 2 step verification
  95. [PC] Uplay stops downloading game midway. "Unable to start your download."
  96. Old email
  97. Account Compromised - Added Two Factor
  98. [PC] Can't Get Past the Uplay Launcher
  99. [Uplay_Shop] Pre-order for honor at uplay shop, and get 1000 credits
  100. Uplay has detected an uncoverable error and must shutdown
  101. A Ubisoft Service is not available at the moment.
  102. [Ubisoft_Account] Linked accounts problem
  103. [Uplay_Shop] Unable to purchase: No payment methods
  104. [Ubisoft_Account] account wrong location information
  105. [Ubisoft_Account] Bought games on Steam; Unlink?
  106. [Uplay_Shop] Only download as a purchase option.
  107. [Ubisoft_Account] Login error on Ubisoft websites
  108. [PC] Uplay freezes my computer while downloading for honor (closed beta)
  109. Cant log in due to authenticator
  110. Uplay friend list is offline
  111. 20% Discount for 100U
  112. [PC] Connection and NAT problem
  113. [Ubisoft_Account] Different account asociated to my email when logging in to uplay
  114. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay account
  115. [Ubisoft_Account] Google authenticator problem
  116. [PC] Weird graphical bug
  117. Don't log out due to inactivity
  118. Uplay can't cloud sync
  119. [Ubisoft_Account] I lost access to Google Authenticator
  120. 2-Step Verification
  121. [PC] Some games will open instantly and others take forever
  122. What is wrong with customer support
  123. [Ubisoft_Account] Why "Shizuka" name constains restricted words?
  124. I want to delete my account
  125. [IMPORTANT] Logging onto different PCs alternatingly causes "email or password incorrect".
  126. [Uplay_Shop] Unable to login to Uplay - Service not available atm ERROR - Steep - Recommendations?
  127. Nvidia Redemption for For Honor Not Showing up in Uplay
  128. [PC] Wildlands isn't on my games
  129. Your Ubisoft account and your PSN account could not be linked. Please try again later
  130. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't log into Ubisoft Account
  131. [PC] Uplay is not loading friends list
  132. Please fix your account login error/s
  133. [Uplay_Shop] Uplay points refund please
  134. [Ubisoft_Account] Got an email telling me I activated 2-STEP-VER, but I haven't. Did my acct get stolen
  135. [PC] Hey Ubisoft, Uplay is not downloading any files (Games like The Division PTS, etc.)
  136. Won't let me sign in
  137. Assassin's creed 3 can't load frome cloud
  138. [XBOne] Unable to reinstall For Honor Beta/Wildlands code issue
  139. Uplay friendlist offline
  140. 20% Discount Uplay Coins Not Working!
  141. Ubi i need your help ! Please
  142. Ubi i need your help ! please
  143. Account hacked and forced 2 step varification
  144. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay problem with game invitations.
  145. [PC] Problem with input
  146. [IMPORTANT] Cant Login on Wildlands Closed Beta
  147. [IMPORTANT] Error Code on Uplay - 0xc0000022
  148. [Uplay_Shop] Bought Game and doesn`t recieve the game. Support is silence as they DIE
  149. [Ubisoft_Account] Access to account impossible
  150. [Uplay_Shop] Cannot buy Rainbow Six Season Pass
  151. Paeeword incorrect
  152. Not receiving Beta Code email
  153. New Phone and NO Authenticator NO Recovery Passcodes
  154. Safari/ Mobile vs Uplay login / password change
  155. [Ubisoft_Account] Please help this account has been hacked
  156. Issues
  157. [Ubisoft_Account] Problem with my account
  158. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay BETA access issue
  159. [Uplay_Shop] Lost 20% Discount and Charged Twice
  160. [Uplay_Shop] Coupon code "####-####-####-####" can currently not be added to your cart.
  161. [Uplay_Shop] Can the UPlay App be made to install in a different location?
  162. Can't add friends from linked accounts
  163. [PC] Sincronización de datos con la nube
  164. Cannot change Uplay password
  165. [Ubisoft_Account] I cant log into uplay
  166. [Ubisoft_Account] Account login
  167. Charlie
  168. Purchasing R6:S on Steam if I already own it on Uplay?
  169. [PC] 2 Division activated on the same uplay account.
  170. [Ubisoft_Account] Game was claimed by linked account after play on main account
  171. [Uplay_Shop] Is there any way around uplay?
  172. [Ubisoft_Account] [2 Step Veri Question] I Have A Question
  173. [Ubisoft_Account] Original Uplay account won't let me log in?
  174. [Ubisoft_Account] Not receiving 20% Code from uPlay Points
  175. For Honor pre order
  176. Client
  177. [PC] Unable to log in to Uplay
  178. Cant login in uplay app on windows 10
  179. Cant log in to uplay
  180. [PC] Uplay error on logging in.
  181. [PC] Failed to login to the Uplay
  182. Uplay down?
  183. [Uplay_Shop] Net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm
  184. Ubisoft Club App Xbox one
  185. [PC] [uplay] Can't login (log inside)
  186. [PC] Got charged but didnt get anything.
  187. [Uplay_Shop] Cannot check out
  188. Horrible download speed
  189. 20% discount, no e-mail but points are gone
  190. What do I do if I find someone BLATANTLY hacking?
  191. [PC] WTF with uplay downloading speed why ubisoft wont fixing it ?
  192. Uplay offline ?
  193. Linking accounts
  194. Payment issue
  195. [Ubisoft_Account] Password bug
  196. [PC] Problem with google authenticator
  197. [Ubisoft_Account] What on Earth is Authenticator and Why Can't i Play Anything
  198. 20% off Uplay club discount not loading.
  199. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't change personal information in Uplay account
  200. [PC] Assassin's Creed III problem between STEAM & UPLAY
  201. [Uplay_Shop] Shop discount
  202. UPLAY lost connection
  203. [PC] Uplay down again.....
  204. Game not showing up
  205. Uplay starts Steam to Donwload??
  206. [PC] Can login, but can't play any games.
  207. [PC] Ubisoft Service Is Currently Not Available
  208. Uplay overlay causes windows mouse to appear over for honor
  209. offline friend invite?
  210. When uplay start working?
  211. [PC] Trackmania Turbo no longer working with the newest version of Uplay (28.0)
  212. [PC] Password recovery not working
  213. [PC] Conexão perdida
  214. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't find my code or a display for 20% off
  215. New overlay voice chat?
  216. [PC] 4 times in 4 days, really!
  217. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't login into my ubisoft account due to broken Google Authentication
  218. [PC] Uplay causes a white screen in Firefox
  219. [Uplay_Shop] PC(uplay) UNO Winter dlc no where to download still
  220. [PC] Online mode not working!
  221. [Uplay_Shop] purchased failed but money still charged but no order confirmation
  222. [PC] Microphone
  223. UPLAY Update Has Broken Game Invites - Nothing Shows!
  224. Merge newer account with older account?
  225. [Ubisoft_Account] lost recovery codes...
  226. ubisoft support
  227. Ubisoft service is not available at the moment.
  228. Authorisation hold
  229. [Ubisoft_Account] Cant terminate authenticator and cant log in with recovery codes
  230. [PC] Ubisoft Service Is Currently Not Available FIX
  231. [Uplay_Shop] Purchased Game hasnt been received
  232. [Ubisoft_Account] Didn't receive 20% discount code, but 100 Uplay points were removed...
  233. [Ubisoft_Account] Miss typed email and the support team haven't answer yet
  234. For Honor Beta Crashes right when i open it
  235. 20% Discount Code Not Changing Price
  236. [Uplay_Shop] Get game to right account
  237. Restricted word cannot be used?
  238. [Uplay_Shop] Charged TWICE on my credit card
  239. Silent Hunter V no Reward/Action page in Uplay
  240. [Uplay_Shop] Can't access Shop Discount
  241. Purchasing physical items from UBI Store not getting shipped right away?
  242. [Uplay_Shop] Payment Help
  243. Change mail
  244. [Uplay_Shop] Linked account to get Uplay points but didn't get any.
  245. [PC] Steam version of The Division not prompting Ubisoft to open
  246. [PC] Uplay Slow Download Speed
  247. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay account merge or deletion, is it possible?
  248. Cannot use Unity UPlay rewards
  249. [PC] Could I get help now?
  250. For Honor only boots up as a Background process.