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  1. The crew wild run Custimazation
  2. Ferrari Laferrari FXXK
  3. Ford Raptor Drift Spec, why not?
  4. can we change the circuit spec ninja into an H2R?
  5. Матовый черный цвет
  6. That moment when your cars start Flying in MID-AIR ;)
  7. New bikes, stickers for bikes and changeable helmets! [Suggestion]
  8. Need on game
  9. Corvette C7 in Circuit?
  10. Something faster than viper
  11. eldorado not in pink?
  12. What's the difference between mixed and normal interiors?
  13. Idea of "Law Side" DLC
  14. Monster Truck Weight Reduction Parts Backwards?
  15. need to add more cars like the bandit trans am
  16. Custom bug
  17. Raid & Circuit Spec Body Customization
  18. in-car camera
  19. Personalistion spec RAID et CIRCUIT
  20. Default Car Color
  21. The Hybrid/EV DLC?
  22. Improved car logic? And A Koenigsegg One:1 or Regera?
  23. Extreme spec bikes?
  24. Hummer H1 Monster Spec Hardtop
  25. Speed difference between Drift and Perf Spec
  26. Exhaust Mods And Sounds PLEASE DISCUSS
  27. GLE 63 S ///AMG [Suggestion]
  28. Please add Audi!
  29. добавить автомобиль
  30. sell tuningparts
  31. Koenigsegg One:1
  32. New cars
  33. selling cars
  34. Car prices
  35. American trucks, pick ups and cars
  36. More & more new vehicle requests. (Honest one) [Might Update it]
  37. Dodge
  38. The Crew (game) Cars / Bikes List by CLASS (June 2016)
  39. Any Word On Fender Customization?
  40. More drag specs?
  41. more european cars
  42. Fast and Furious 7 Offroad Charger
  43. Who else thinks we need more Ferarris?
  44. BMW M5 drift, drifts to the left?
  45. Hummer H1 customization (disable parts?)
  46. Best circuit car?
  47. Need stock hood and fender back in P spec!
  48. Bike customization
  49. Please Add New Car (GT-R R35, Audi)
  50. Police lights
  51. Please add this car
  52. Please help
  53. Drive train
  54. MT Plat parts ?
  55. New Car Suggestion
  56. more than just one police paint job please
  57. Parts Setups
  58. bikes
  59. Maserati Gran Turismo S, Raid and Circuit Cars
  60. A few vehicle ideas
  61. New Vehicle Ideas
  62. 🚓calling all units dlc suggestion 🚓
  63. hidden bike
  64. Stickers - can we get more (and can the exisiting ones get fixed)?
  65. This game desperately needs individual Vinyls
  66. cool police liverys for calling all units that need to be in the DLC
  67. a new motorcycle plz
  68. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Suggestion
  69. Chevrolet Camaro SS front bumper issue?
  70. Perf and Circuit best cars
  71. New cars.
  72. Which car is the the best for Perf And Circuit ?
  73. Platinum Parts, how and where?
  74. Pagani huayra vs Agera R (Perf Spec)
  75. 370z Woes
  76. How to reduce bounce on trucks
  77. What starter car is most fun with drift spec?
  78. Dodge Charger Dirt Spec issue
  79. Discount price on car
  80. what is the best car for Raid, Street and Dirt ?
  81. Fastest Circuit Spec
  82. More visual options
  83. The Crew Specs & Earned Performance Parts Should be Fixed.
  84. CAU: New Vehicle Level Cap?
  85. The Crew needs a Dyno Platform
  86. Nicki Minaj has spoken out
  87. Custom stickers and plates would be awsome
  88. [Circuit lvl 1299] McLaren 12C GT3 vs. Ferrari 458 Speciale?
  89. Question about Ferrari Italia 458 Speciale
  90. Please do this
  91. Hey, i have a question about the BMW M4.
  92. New Extreme Spec's?
  93. calling all units cops customization
  94. I want neons
  95. Much needed features/improvements
  96. i want the AI police stickers
  97. Fenders again
  98. I want a circuit-spec Lamborghini Aventador
  99. Ferrari F12 Novitec Rosso tuning
  100. Any chance of these cars making it into the game?
  101. Plat parts LOL
  102. Can't get any vehicle above level 1458
  103. Non customizable cars
  104. Exclusive 2 year anniversary sticker
  105. State Patrol paint jobs
  106. Lotus Exgise S as Circuit Car^^
  107. Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan two tone color
  108. How comes there's no german flag sticker?
  109. Old School and Interior Decorator rewards are a ripoff...
  110. Aston Martin Vanquish
  111. Ferrai 458 italia
  112. Driver Customization
  113. Why I can't have car point above 1436
  114. CAU Police Cars License Plates
  115. Movie Cars
  116. The ability to sell Cars
  117. Best car for each spec?
  118. Favorite's tab in mobile garage
  119. Neon on Cars
  120. British flag stickers and Aston Martins
  121. Individual Car Level @ 1465 -- Multiple Vehicles/Specs
  122. fenders???
  123. Let's get players for this game! {VIDEO}
  124. all hubcaps are now silver? and mine glow bright red if i do donuts? lol wth
  125. Custumization improvement
  126. Additional motorcycles suggestion
  127. The Crew Ideas
  128. Question about customization limitation.
  129. add toyota supra
  130. GTR pink zebra
  131. Adding an actual Veilside fortune bodykit.
  132. What is the best spec for everything?
  133. The Crew: Where's matte black?
  134. Are these cars the best for their spec?
  135. Costume skins far a car.