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  1. im looking for Polish Crew PC
  2. Looking for Crew, Scotland or UK lvl 50 driver...
  3. Can't create or join crew
  4. Faction missions and PVP
  5. Need Member or a Crew
  6. New to the game, looking for a crew
  7. Joining PVP Match
  8. DogzNutz teamspeak
  9. PC Tournament - interested?
  10. Looking for people who wanna do end-game missions - now!
  11. Trying to make an ohio crew
  12. LF Clan/Crew
  13. LF casual crew [PS4]
  14. Looking for 1-3 others to do coast to coast with[PC]
  15. Looking for some friends on The Crew...
  16. Gold Plates still going on?
  17. crew wanted xbox one cruising drifting racing and road trips add Rick carnagemcl
  18. Looking for Xbox one crew
  19. Searching Italians for a crew (PC)
  20. Looking to a crew and friends to play around with
  21. ich suche einen ü 30 clan für The crew
  22. xbox one crocodiles
  23. Looking for USA Landmark Tour players
  24. Need friends on PS4!
  27. Looking for ANYONE on the 360
  28. THE CREW ISSUES with uplay rewards and bonus 10k crew credits +crew/clan searching
  29. looking 4 a crew/clan on PS4
  30. PC looking for a clan/crew
  31. Xbox One Crew
  32. Looking for Xbox One drifters.
  33. Swedish Driver...
  34. Looking for a Community/Clan for Cruising and such
  35. (PC) Looking for crew members
  36. Looking for a Crew to PVP with!
  37. U looking for a place to start off come join us.
  38. LF Crew/Clan (PC)
  39. (PC) Me and my friend is looking for friends to play with!
  40. never got my 10K crew credits
  41. Never drive alone, looking for friends PC
  42. Looking for someone to drive around with on PS4
  43. 300$ Cash Crew PC Tournament
  44. looking for crew friends on ps4
  45. Hello The Crew Users
  46. (PC) I'm looking for active players to play with me and my friend!
  47. Off-Topic: So This Is What An MMO Community Can Be...
  48. [PC] looking for a crew/clan
  49. How can i get into a faction vs faction?!?!?!?!?
  50. Looking for good players (possibly who use no assists and/or wheel)
  51. Faction Mission Friends
  52. How to redeem golden plates codes? and friends for faction missions
  53. Looking for Elite Crew Members to race the best Drivers in this Game![Xbox 360]
  54. Looking for Elite Crew Members to race the best Drivers in this Game![Xbox 360]
  55. Looking for some friends or a crew [PC] [English]
  56. Need help
  57. Looking for graveyard shift crew on Xbox One... 6pm-6am est
  58. [XB1] Looking to join a crew!
  59. XBOX-360 crew
  60. looking for a crew
  61. Looking for a drifting crew or friends to drift
  62. Bug from the last update on Xbox 360
  63. "Predicament" Community Challenge
  64. Do you need help on a mission PC
  65. 4 crew members for ps4 co-op trophies
  66. XB1 Looking for crew
  67. looking for a crew
  68. pc game looking for a crew
  69. looking for a crew level 50 only
  70. looking for a ps4 crew
  71. PC CREW Gamer Looks for buds
  72. XB1 Looking for players
  73. Looking for people to do missions, make a crew and have some fun with on xbox one
  74. Trying to locate crew members ps4
  75. Looking for people to grind with, level 50
  76. Looking for people to have fun with on PC. 15 yr old, without an annoying voice.
  77. WRG BigBq The Best Driver in The Crew??? [Xbox360]
  78. WRG BigBq The Best Driver in The Crew??? [Xbox360]
  79. PC new The crew player looking for a crew
  80. (PS4) Missouri gamer
  81. musicas
  82. LF Australian/Oceanic Crew (PC)
  83. looking for players to play and chat with...
  84. Looking for players to play with on Xbox One
  85. Looking for crew members on Xbox One
  86. PC Looking for Crew (PvP machine)
  87. looking for a Xbox One Crew
  88. Looking for Crew Members (Xbox One)
  89. Bulgarian Crew
  90. [PC] Looking for a Crew to have fun with
  91. Swedish Crew
  92. Looking for Crew - PS4 - 24 years old, from Denmark
  93. Spanish Crew
  94. Forrum game
  95. Add Friends see Friends..... Hardcore Crew Fans Xbox One Users
  96. Add me to play The Crew, Xbox 360
  97. Iowa Crew - Xbox one
  98. looking for old skool tdu cruisers
  99. European gamer looking for some people to play with
  100. The Best, Still Looking 4 Competition!!!!
  101. Elite crew members wanted!!!
  102. looking for xbox one crew members!! im brand new
  103. Add me new psn account no mates lol
  104. Looking for Crew - PS4 - 23 years old, from Holland
  105. ps4 eastern US crew. level 9 rn in Chicago
  106. Looking for a crew on Xbox one
  107. Looking for a crew based in the UK on 360
  108. Suche sehr gute Crew Mitglieder[PC] TS³
  109. 25 Looking for Crew - NYC - PS4!
  110. [PC][ESP] Crew ESPAÑOLA - Golden Rims
  111. Crew for Beginners! (lvl 10 or below) PS4
  112. Ps4 Player Just Starting Out looking for a crew
  113. Looking for xbox 360 crew
  114. Dutch Guy looking for crew members on the PC
  115. [PS4] Looking for Faction/crew buddies :3
  116. HOW TO FIX "Always Drive Alone" READ
  117. The Crew: Looking for 2 players to join our crew. -On Xbox one
  118. Looking to join or create a crew (Xone)
  119. Pc crew
  120. The predicament rewards
  121. The Crew Gold Edition only on one profile(the season pass)
  122. Looking for Crew [PC]
  123. Send Friends
  124. Sending Friends
  125. The number 1 ranked pvp driver is calling out everyone!!!!!
  126. Looking to Join a Crew UK {PC}
  127. New to the crew looking for friends and crew xbox 360
  128. looking for pc players from greece :)
  129. Looking for crew PC (NL or ENG)
  130. [FEAR] PS4 Gaming Community recruiting for The CREW Group
  131. [PC] Crew looking to record gameplay
  132. This game
  133. PS4 24/7 Crew, 100% Podium finishes online always online looking for top crew!
  134. Help me on pc crew!
  135. Share your experience with this game!
  136. Looking to start a crew on xbox one (US)
  137. retired to their advocacy
  138. Happy Crew Year
  139. [PC] Looking for a crew
  140. [PS4]looking for crew and people to play with [PS4]
  141. Looking for a crew (PS4 - Norwegian)
  142. [FEAR] PS4 Gaming Community recruiting for The CREW Group
  143. Looking for a players to join me
  144. Looking for some people to join my crew Xbox One
  145. [PC] Looking for crew
  146. The Crew: Looking for a full crew on Xbox one
  147. Looking for a NYC Crew
  148. Looking for a crew psn acc: killermax1701 on ps4
  149. Will there be a patch that fixes the low fps and horrendous jaggies on XBOX 360?
  150. Looking for a crew to go on a roadtrip with. Level 50 preferably. PS4
  151. NEW CREW [xbox]
  152. [PS4] Looking for anyone that needs help that's not level 50
  153. looking for a crew and people to play with
  154. The Crew - Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) Testing video
  155. Im Stuck in a Mission that I cant get out >.<
  156. Drag Race Crew
  157. im lvl 37 looking to do story missions
  158. UK PS4 crew looking for more members, add: Benorock
  159. Xbox one crew members required
  160. Looking for Crew (PC)
  161. Looking for PC Crew Gamers
  162. Would you like Car Meet's, Cruise, Highway Racing? /PC
  163. Help me i cant beat mission
  164. [PC] Looking for crew and friends to send missions to.
  165. looking for friends to play with
  166. (PS4) stuck on mission " Fake Out"
  167. ((Live)) The Crew Twitch stream with LvL 50 Legendary Taino (Tips and Tricks)
  168. Looking for a little backup.
  169. looking for a crew on 360
  170. For some reason i never get my daily salary.
  171. Community challenge!!
  172. Hey everyone
  173. - PC - Looking for people to play with!
  174. ~~~~xbox 1 looking for 21+ to play with
  175. leaving a crew member (PC)
  176. January Items and Updates available yet?
  177. Looking for a crew
  178. xbox 1 Crocodiles Faction
  179. Crumple Zone Co-op
  180. Xbox one looking for crew 12-16
  181. Looking for crew PC Balkan
  182. Recherche d'équipier français.
  183. [PC]Looking for norwegians to play in a crew with
  184. More players in lobby?
  185. So 3 Friends?
  186. Add me on psn for faction missions PLZ!!!
  187. PC: Looking for crew members for long faction runs!
  189. yeah that happen in real life GG
  190. Looking for a Crew, Cruise, Whatever I could get!
  191. SHOW YOUR SKILL- new community challenge
  192. Looking for PC The Crew players "Biffcly"
  193. Looking for Crew [PC]
  194. Need a Crew (PS4)
  195. search crew for xbox360
  196. Looking for a crew online regularly
  197. PC Newly Formed Crew looking for 2 members
  198. G27 Full manual, cruising on twitch!:)
  199. Looking for crew to help achieve trophies on PS4
  200. The Crew Ultimate Crew PS4
  201. snake faction
  202. crew members xbox 360
  203. (PC) looking for an active crew Im a youtuber
  204. [PC]/[NA] New player looking for Crew.
  205. need a crew xbox 360
  206. New player looking for a crew PS4
  207. Need friends on The Crew (I'm level 50) PS4
  208. Looking for a crew Xbox one, online regularly 👊
  209. Romanian Crew
  210. Busco gente de España para formar equipo (PS4)
  211. Конкретный косяк в игре!Читать Всем!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  212. Looking for Xbox One Crew
  213. [PC/EST] New Player Looking For Folks To Play With
  214. Xbox One Looking for Crew
  215. need xbox one crew (any lvl)
  216. Looking for PS4 Crocs faction players to do faction vs faction pvp with.
  217. looking for crew
  218. LFC xbox 360 new level 2
  219. Drifting? It's possible, kind of!
  220. ATTENTION! Announcement for established crews!
  221. Looking for crew for multiplayer achivevements
  222. ps4 looking for a crew for multiplayer
  223. Treacherous Night Tailights Racing
  224. suche xbox one crew bin lvl 50
  225. Xbox one friend finder
  226. PitchBlack Racing Crew
  227. PS4 ( SIR ) Success In Revenge now recruiting new crew members
  228. ps4 players
  229. Looking for a PS4 crew!
  230. PC/EST Player looking for clan/crew
  231. Looking for some PS4 Convoys
  232. Looking for a Swedish crew on PC
  233. Looking for crew [PC]
  234. Platinum missions and getting crew awards
  235. looking for ppl to play with, add zbertrand
  236. Full Stock (NO NITRO) racing on PS4
  237. Looking for people to do achievements with on xbox one
  238. the crew em PORTUGAL
  239. Upcoming Crew Tournaments?
  240. Looking for PS4 Friends who are in the Gator Faction
  241. Need help with a mission
  242. new carier?
  243. xbox 360 owners
  244. xbox one - seeking crew
  245. PC - Searching people to send as friend for money.
  246. Looking for a crew xbox 360
  247. Looking for EU players
  248. Looking for a crew add me xbox one gt = matt076
  249. Xbox one
  250. [PDC] PLAYDUTCH CREW zoekt jou!