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  1. Looking for fun active crew
  2. PS4 - HUNGARIAN or EU players pick up
  3. HG(homicidal gaming) is looking for crew memebers
  4. New crew
  5. PS4 NDA looking for crew members
  6. LookING to make or join a crew.
  7. looking for a crew
  8. -SPANISH- Comunidad Española THE CREW PC
  9. [PC]Looking for German Crew/Player - Suche deutsche Crew oder Spieler
  10. Gumball 3000 Idea
  11. Unofficial Community Teamspeak
  12. xbox one crew looking for people
  13. Looking for people in Australia PC
  14. Car Meets?
  15. [PC] Looking for people/crew.
  16. [PC] Level 50 looking for other high-levels for Faction Mission
  17. looking for crew group to play with xb1
  18. [PC] EU - Looking for mature crew
  19. Looking for friends/crew
  20. UK, Xbox one. Setting up a crew.
  21. Looking for Australian\Oceanic Crew to join.
  22. PC Active/Fast Aussie LF Crew
  23. Polish players needed! Polscy gracze poszukiwani!
  24. [PC] I AM MY OWN CREW! jk, Join me? xP
  25. Looking for any Crew
  26. Looking for a crew anyone welcome :D
  27. Xbox one, 9pm est-12pm est. Casual cruising across the map if any one wants to join..
  28. xb1 grouping for crews
  29. Gold Plates 12 Codes, let me add you please
  30. Gumball 3000 XBOX One
  31. UK, Xbox one. Setting up a crew.
  32. Looking to start or join a crew! XB1 East Coast Player
  33. Looking for mature crew
  34. 360 players
  35. *PC* Looking for a Midwest Crew!
  36. PC player looking for a Crew
  37. Looking for a crew for this newby
  38. <PC> Looking for crew - EU
  39. Belgium (Nederlands & Znglish) looking for a Team
  40. [PC] Looking for a Crew
  41. *PC* *Danish* *Multigaming community AvitoX Gaming sĝger medlemmer*
  42. I search for Players for the Crew (PC) mainly German
  43. Cant join or create crew / cant play with my friends
  44. looking for crew pc
  45. Ищу напарников для совместной игры
  46. Ps4 Ищу напарников для совместной игры
  47. (PC) Any furs around?
  48. Looking for Xbox 360 crew
  49. PC Crew
  50. Looking for pvp crew
  51. Looking for Cruisers
  52. Around 40 want to do coast to coast faction
  53. Xbox one crew needed
  54. looking for a crew or thinking of making one ps4
  55. I'm serious are you?
  56. looking for a crew
  57. new gaming community looking for members [18+ age requirment] [all games]
  58. PC italian crew
  59. looking for the crew 40 + age
  60. Aussie xbox one crew
  61. CZ-SK crew paradise
  62. PLAYERS needed to farm with me
  63. XB1 - Making a crew or looking for a crew
  64. Game not loading on xbox one
  65. Golden plates rewards
  66. crew lvl 20-25 xbox 360
  67. Looking to form a Crew
  68. The Final Chapter PS4/XBOXONE/PC
  69. Exclusive must read if looking for crew:Join us, Wolves Midwest Faction
  70. PS4 Player looking for friends/crew/clan lvl 50 for Faction Missions farm
  71. MCO (motor city online) Project Torque, Heat online. MMO's that have died,
  72. EU PS4 crew wanted
  73. Looking for friends or even founding a crew!
  74. Pc-eu lfc
  75. Looking for Xbox ONE players
  76. XBOX One The Crew
  77. *XBOX 360* Looking for crew members/cruise friends
  78. Tatical Gaming Recruiting
  79. [PC] Looking to join a crew, group, clan or help create one [UK or Europe]
  80. PS4 The Crew: Australian & New Zealand
  81. me and my friend are looking for some people to drive with! (PC)
  82. Looking for semi competitive crew SEA timezone GMT+8
  83. I am sad this game can't do this... SO DISAPPOINTED :(
  84. Looking for 1 other to cruise with. UK PC
  85. 69 camaro crew on ps4
  86. Looking for a Crew! {PC} HEadset TS-Skype-Steam MUST HAVE MIC
  87. PC lvl 50 Crocodile faction after crew PvP/Rep/Skills
  88. [PS4] Heart & Soul Recruiting Crew Members
  89. PC, West coast Bears, looking for crew!
  90. invite me to friends on Uplay...
  91. Deutscher Spieler Gesucht
  92. XboxOne User Looking for a Crew
  93. lvl 50 p spec 1299 rep skyline lookinng for farming partners
  94. Lvl 50 Elite Racer LF awesome Crew XBOX ONE
  95. XBOX one crew and friends
  96. Looking for friends [PC]
  97. PS4 Crew
  98. Need a hand with take down troy please
  99. Looking For Crew - South East Asia and Europe
  100. Exclusive must read if looking for crew:Join us, Wolves Midwest Faction
  101. Forming Fresh Crew- PC! the-crew.tk
  102. Serching german crew members (PC)
  103. [PC/Xbox/ps4] List of poeple to add to get free $$$$ from faction missions
  104. Looking for others [pc]
  105. [POL] Polish players - join the community
  106. xbox one, looking to join or start a crew
  107. Looking for Xbox One players to add as friends!
  108. UK PS4 player looking for a crew
  110. PS4 player looking for a relaxed but semi-competitive group of players
  111. [PS4] LF Crew
  112. Xbox One Crew and Friends
  113. Needing a crew to join..............
  114. [Ps4] looking for some cruisin
  115. Uplay Actions (Achivement) did not work
  116. xbox 1 grouping
  117. Looking for a PS4 Weekend Crew
  118. [PC] LF competitive crew members
  119. Searching players to join me and my mates crew. PS4
  120. UK - PC - Looking For Crew
  121. [PC] Looking for a crew, or people to create one, English or Polski
  122. Looking For A crew From india here
  123. old gamer on xbox one looking crew buddies
  124. join crew
  125. Looking to start a xbox one crew
  126. Looking for a Crew
  127. The Crew - Looking for Crew! Norwegian or English
  128. Exclusive must read if looking for crew:Join us, Wolves Midwest Faction
  129. help please
  130. PS player looking for other mature players
  131. [PC] Looking for a mature crew
  132. [PS4] Looking for fellow drivers
  133. {XB1 NA Community} The Syndicate Experiment - "Gaming doesn't begin with gender."
  134. XBOX ONE crew members any age
  135. Söker 3st Svenskar 30+ att cruisa med.
  136. Looking for Crew EU/PC/BEAR faction
  137. [PC]Looking for 20+ aged people to crew up with!
  138. Looking for people to ride with. (PS4, Norwegian or English)
  139. Any one interested in having a Mature 30+ PS4 Crew
  140. Looking for dude's to cruise with
  141. Invaders commmunity wants you!
  142. Russian, male, 22, looking for english friends 20+ for fun in Skype, TS
  143. Deutsche Spieler für Crew gesucht
  144. LooKing for a crew (PC)
  145. Looking For Friends To play The Crew On Skype call
  146. Looking for friends
  147. Gathering people to make a serious racing clan.
  148. Suche Crew (CH/DE/AT)
  149. What a let down
  150. [PS4] Looking for a crew/clan
  151. Teamspeak Community Public.
  152. [PC] Swiss Gaming Community 'fGn
  153. looking for people to race with
  154. About the Harry mission..
  155. fake out (ps4) crew up
  156. PC - Aussie Crew
  157. Looking for crew/friends
  158. New England is 5-1 against San Diego
  159. Looking for ps4 crew members
  160. what region does everyone PvP in?
  161. Mmo
  162. What did you do to replace AI? UBI ?????
  163. Anyone on right now? 2:31AM eastern time
  164. Looking for people to crew with on PC
  165. Looking for Australian crew.
  166. [PC] looking for normal players!
  167. New Crew Paterno Racing
  168. Faction PVP never happens.
  169. PC Clans
  170. Looking for crew members PC
  171. [XB1] Looking for Crew to run with.
  172. Insxne Street Family [XBONE]
  173. LF Clan/Crew/People to play with at night.
  174. Looking for a Crew
  175. New Player Looking4Crew [PC Version Uplay]
  176. Looking for people to ride with. (PS4, Norwegian or English)
  177. Looking for Xbox One players to go off roading and long drives.
  178. Helping with missions
  179. (PC) Looking for Crew.
  180. Looking for crew [Xbox 360]
  181. Looking for mature PS4 players to team with.
  182. lets cruise! PC players
  183. Faction: CROCS - Need more People/Friends!
  184. Crew and Friends
  185. Broken Uplay Overview and Micro-Transactions
  186. Looking for active crew in Australia
  187. [PS4] LF chill people with mic's
  188. Looking for Asia Crew
  189. Looking for people for an offload crew (PS4)
  190. Looking for Xbox One players to go off roading and long drives. No recruiters please.
  191. starting new clan PC players with wheels only
  192. Looking for people to start a crew with. (PS4, Norwegian or English)
  193. Hledám CZ/SK Crew
  194. Crew for Noobs [XBOXONE]
  195. Looking For PS4 players to add 18+ please
  196. [PS4] R34 Crew? ;)
  197. [PC] German Player search a Crew :o)
  198. Looking for help/crew/friends
  199. Anyone need help/people to play the game with?
  200. [PC] REV CREW! Race Ends in Victory
  201. Looking for a crew on Xbox One
  202. People add me on The Crew for the "Send friends" faction missions! :D
  203. The Crew Norway
  204. Xbox one Uk Crew
  205. Looking for the crew or friends
  206. Looking for some cruisin
  207. I need Help
  208. Twitch channel - Resinated
  209. looking for a crew or some to play with ( PC )
  210. Looking for Crew - European - Xbox One
  211. People that I can add?
  212. Friends for the crew (PS4)
  213. Looking for crew members (PS4)
  214. Anyone interested in some PS4 Crew vs Crew matches
  215. Looking for PC DK Crew.. Or other DK's for making a Crew.
  216. [PC-EU] White-Stripes Crew!
  217. Los Angeles Game Center cannot find!!!!
  218. PC Crew - Canadian
  219. Any girls on PC?
  220. A beginners guide for getting the best parts for each spec!
  221. My car wish list
  222. Route 66 - Race
  223. Website idea
  224. ( Over The Hill Gearheads ) for the 360. Older gamers age 30+
  225. Nederlandse crew zoekt nog 2 members en kan altijd meer mensen gebruiken!!!
  226. Looking for more crew members!
  227. Friends for faction missions
  228. Spanish Speaking Racers for Crew, PvP and Cruise
  229. Finished the game looking for people to play with or help
  230. LooKing for a crew
  231. LooKing for 2 low lvl ( PC )
  232. Anybody want to meet up and race?
  233. Looking for people to start a crew with. (PS4, Norwegian or English)
  234. french crew
  235. This games matchmaking is dreadful
  236. PS4 English, looking for crew, NO PVP!
  237. PC Nederlandstalige crew
  238. Motor City Motor Club- Wolves Faction
  239. Let´s fix Faction PvP!!
  240. [PS4 (For Now] Join Nightfall Racing!
  241. PC - Spanish Se Buscan 2 miembros para Equipo - 2 members Wanted for Equipment
  242. (Xbox One) Looking for crew/Friends
  243. 2v2 3v3 4v4 [PS4]
  244. Looking for a crew or to join a crew.
  245. *PC* *German/Deutsch* *Multigaming Clan WEHASCAKE sucht aktive Member*
  246. make or join crew ????
  247. Looking for a crew
  248. Cherche joueurs Francophone (Français, Belge, QB, ...)
  249. Looking for crew members
  250. Crew românesc