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  1. Forum Rules
  2. Road Improvement Thread
  3. Controls
  4. Replayability for the events/races/challenges
  5. General Ideas that could improve the game!
  6. The Crew Handling
  7. What kind of Racing game is it going to be?
  8. I hope there will be a lot of good soundtracks
  9. Is Houston in The Crew?
  10. Ps4 controller light suggestion
  11. car control
  12. Split Screen
  13. Car or Person as playing in game?
  14. Remake Trailer
  15. Salt flats
  16. Will you need a PS plus membership for PS4 just to play alone?
  17. Will we be allowed to free roam if we don't have PS plus?
  18. A good idea I have for this game?
  19. Crew System like in Need For Speed Carbon?
  20. a big concern of mine
  21. photos
  22. Car Crash
  23. Some spots ideas
  24. The Crew - Feedback/Suggestions based on the Livestream
  25. How the crew system functions?
  26. Just 1 question answered will make me buy!
  27. Sim or Arcade?
  28. One question will make me garenteed to buy the game
  29. Real world locations
  30. Tornadoes in Kansas: A story, and a wanted experience in game
  31. Turn Signals?
  32. Hurricanes in Miami (Wild ingame weather Vol. 2)
  33. Accurate acceleration times
  34. Traffic Light Locations in The Crew Should Be Fixed!
  35. The Crew cockpit view.
  36. Fast Traveling to the White House- Best Easter Egg ever.
  37. Drag Racing?
  38. Car's option
  39. Car's prices
  40. Traffic cars dirt
  41. Wish List for The Crew
  42. accelerating/gearing bug
  43. How are the cops in the game
  44. [Updated] The Crew: Beta- please do not post feedback or issues here
  45. The The Crew OST Wish List
  46. Car sell
  47. Missions
  48. Add drift missions and setups for cars with manual shift
  49. Demolition Derby????
  50. Forza fans - How is the handling
  51. Race Editor
  52. Control
  53. Anyone else dislike cars heal themselves?
  54. Performance vs. Circuit?
  55. Dev? Anyone? Police crew? Region police?
  56. Gameplay IDEAS
  57. Is handling similar to Driver SF?
  58. Multiplayer Servers/Singleplayer
  59. Drift events, Downhill Battles, Highway Battles, and Super Eurobeat
  60. 3x Beta key giveaway
  61. Ping, Internet Connection
  62. Will there be Single Player Servers in the BETA?
  63. Challenge race: PVP IN BETA. :)
  64. Xbox one and 360
  65. Long island
  66. What I expect to see in PS4 The crew
  67. Gameplay Ideas
  68. Old San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge East Span
  69. Assist in pvp, is it fair?
  70. Cars
  71. Greetings from PolishStarsGaming under Hollywood : )
  72. A Small Suggestion: Armored Car Takedowns
  73. Hollywood Hills
  74. Is there a Carnival, Amusement park or Fair in this game?
  75. Are these things going to be in the final build?
  76. Plasti-dip please
  77. Touging is pretty fun in this game
  78. Communication
  79. the crew best cars game ever !!
  80. For Devs and Fans for car games
  81. Idea for The Crew 2/ DLC
  82. this song NEEDS TO BE IN THE CREW
  83. Draw distance shallow
  84. Will there be a dedicated 80's synth Music station?
  85. The rubberbanding HAS to be fixed!
  86. Seriously Need Better Way 2 get friends into a PVP race
  87. Manual Transmission Mechanics
  88. Gumball Mode?
  89. how much long will take to release the crew beta for the ps4 and xbox one ?
  90. Perks question
  91. Red Light Racing
  92. When is the Beta for Xbox One and PS4
  93. Clans/Permanent Crews
  94. Level cap
  95. Car tiers
  96. car customization
  97. Music for cruising
  98. A dedicated irate ubsoft/uplay customer!
  99. car handling, rims,and paint jobs
  100. More than 2 crew members bugged out
  101. setting an individual route along multiple waypoints
  102. Racing and World
  103. Experience with 3d VisioN
  104. Car handling on PS4?
  105. Working Mirrors in cockpit view in final version
  106. My Previous thread where has it gone?
  107. so i made a bad video
  108. Animal Collisions
  109. What about the rain?
  110. Better Drifting Please!
  111. Suggestion: Season Changes in the Crew
  112. Prompt whether to fail the game on my computer?
  113. Garages !
  114. Weather
  115. Factions Q&A
  116. Missions Questions
  117. Wheelies
  118. is there any places in wisconsin?
  119. Xbox Live Gold
  120. Fix this, please!
  121. A question about music
  122. Any chance for pink slips?
  123. ALL of the USA? (DLC question)
  124. Changing Seasons
  125. The crew bosses
  126. Yipes! Is It Really That Bad?
  127. Scared Pedestrians/Open Up Parking Spaces
  128. radio
  129. cant access beta forums for feedback
  130. THE CREW will be playable OFFLINE!! Confirmed. Right?
  131. destructive player
  132. Just that one song
  133. Physics and Handling
  134. Playstation Plus Playstation 4
  135. jump camera
  136. About the gear changes
  137. comes a create mode at The Crew?
  138. Driving physics...
  139. Police cars...
  140. Hands on the wheel!
  141. my experience
  142. Jump physics
  143. Talking to nearby cars
  144. Perk Points - max earned..?
  145. Please come to a complete stop before changing directions...
  146. Cool Hidden Locations?
  147. multiple waypoint markers would be awsome
  148. Skills challenge (break in flow of game)
  149. Money payout
  150. Road trip , map circumference how long
  151. (PS4) i had some hope.
  152. Buying/Selling
  153. About pc handling
  154. My Review 9/10
  155. manual gameplay
  156. My beta review! :)
  157. Please improve the force feedback
  158. problem setting waypoint on first mission
  159. Cops and how you earn gold
  160. Repeat story
  161. Initial Impressions & Frustrations
  162. NVIDIA Shield Controller
  163. 60fps locking? Come on, guys...
  164. My Review. 8/10.
  165. My review: 4/10 - soon uninstalled
  166. PC - No rear view Mirror>>>?? console port then.
  168. Performance
  169. [Good wheel settings in here] Wheel Users, what's your experience?
  170. game experiance xbox360
  171. Somebody who works on the game PLEASE READ THIS
  172. :) Sorry it's Incredibly Boring..
  173. "Ubisoft promises smooth release for 'The Crew'"
  174. there is nothing co op about it
  175. Few things to improve the experience
  176. Combo system when driving
  177. So we going to get any feedback? Fixes on the way? Something would be nice!
  178. Could a massive patch fix all the complaints and issues?
  179. Awesome!
  180. Collateral damage How does it actually work?
  181. First experiences
  182. Loading screens Is this a joke???
  183. I am so Dumb!!!!
  184. Give us remove ghost feature please!
  185. Game play is great but everything else dissapoints. My review.
  186. Handling tips & tricks
  187. Microtransactions? Really?
  188. people restarting the race mid game :/
  189. Missing Cars and Engine looks/parts
  190. How do we earn decent amounts of money???
  191. no cockpit view for ps3 or xbox 360??
  192. Police Chase Edge Flash Graphic
  194. Can you start over?
  195. Griefers
  196. Bank trucks
  197. game experience
  198. loving the game
  199. Nissan Skyline R34..
  200. Thrustmaster TX with Xbox One
  201. Thrustmaster TX Wheels (Xbox One)
  202. For all PS4 T500RS Users
  203. What to expect later in career
  204. 2,5H tour
  205. What's your feedback after the first days?
  206. Making money
  207. My Review
  208. Something smells off
  209. 2015 Mustang GT
  210. [SUGGESTION] Photo Mobile App
  211. Greedy publishers
  212. The Crew Drift Series
  213. My feedback - These things need to be fixed, please read
  214. Not enough people in PvP
  215. Time Challenge Problems
  216. On 360 there is nobody on my map ever?
  217. Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 2 Questions
  218. This game has great ideas but poor execution.
  219. Join my crew/stream
  220. Car viewpoint and Open World
  221. PVP seems to be impossible
  222. Wheel + Manual H Players
  223. Offline Mode
  224. The XFINITY Speed Challenge
  225. Please fire whoever programmed the wheel settings in this game
  226. More then ANNOYED
  227. Really?
  228. I wonder if I'm playing the same game as everyone else?
  229. The curious case of the Mexican bush
  230. Xbox Silver
  231. Scramble mission 1, and first dirt mission in story.
  232. Casual players left out?
  233. Car losing power -,- this game went downhill too quickly
  234. Sound effects on dirt or mud are wrong
  235. Unable to complete certain missions due to AI being OP
  236. Radio Chatter from the police
  237. text chat
  238. Huge problem
  239. Family Matters WTF?????????
  240. More detailed map filters targeted higher usability
  241. Season Pass Problem!!!!!!!!!
  242. the character cinematic!!! no voice ?? anyone else ??
  243. [Bug?] Laferrari slip n slide
  244. Faction Missions
  245. detroit endurance race, 3 times connection fail at the end
  246. Impossible to beat this mission with McLaren 12C?
  247. Mission: Fake Out
  248. What do you guys do in the game ? What are the possibilities ?
  249. PvP Lobby suggestion
  250. Honest opinion about this game.