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  1. Major problem with using a G27
  2. A Pacific Northwest Native with some minor issues
  3. Can I get a Definitive Answer on Challenges?
  4. What should I waste my CC on?
  5. driving assist in hardcore mode
  6. Around The World, Oldschool, Fullstock.
  7. [Video] AWESOME VIDEO
  8. Have you ever wanted to be inside a rock/cliff?
  9. Ingame Advertising
  10. Lvl 50 Platinum parts
  11. Some noobie questions...
  12. multiplayer races question
  13. Ivory Towers, please add an option to turn off that stretched centered FOV on PS4!
  14. Disappointed with the In-Game Economy
  15. Are any XBox 360 users having this "experience"??
  16. Cops chasing you without stars?
  17. I Think the NPC's Got a Little Confused
  18. This Guy Gets It
  19. Shuttle Launch (Easter Egg?)
  20. Multi mission - change the continue/ try again button
  21. Bugges Test Results, What will be Done?
  22. Manual controls for gamepad
  23. got pretty excited when seeing all those symbols
  24. The Crew Beauty Shots
  25. PVP lobby idea's
  26. Bug
  27. Timed missions are too hard
  28. Time Lapse: The Crew - Nature (Vol.1) in 1080P
  29. As Far As All The Nit-Picking Goes..
  30. Ps4 fraction missions
  31. So... This struggle....
  32. Bonneville Salt Flats
  33. No longer receiving faction daily salary
  34. Factions vs Factions PVP
  35. Takedown targets OP, NOS has no effect
  36. Simple but important for PvP
  37. Fix this stupid AI and the dumbest Cops i ever have seen in a game...
  38. Glitching game points / medals
  39. Owned.
  40. Some feedback
  41. Skill Reward System Proposed Fix
  42. Hot-Key to Disable GUI
  43. Things to fix or a wrong with The Crew
  44. Finally Completed The Story! I Just Wish...(Potential SPOILERS)
  45. Full Stock Cars
  46. Livestream: 2.5 hour race w/ 1299 LaFerrari 9 AM EST
  47. The Bloody police chases
  48. Green Mission
  49. A personal Gripe on Crumple zone
  50. Can't pass the mission!
  51. [VIDEO] Hot Rod/secret cars
  52. Soooo... This happened:
  53. Secret Award The Eagle
  54. Am I slower than any other Player?
  55. Video 60fps dedicate to physics, I hope you like it
  56. What about letting the player select the difficult level?
  57. Route 1
  58. round two mission
  59. The Road to Amarillo Faction Mission
  60. Fleeing the Country Faction Mission
  61. PvP cheats
  62. Chase from cops!!!
  63. The rubberbanding is a hate crime against human beings.
  64. Ironclad Dash mission
  65. What was that?
  66. Coop
  67. unrealistic ai
  68. Disable skill challenges feature
  69. crash animation on barrel roll
  70. Why do the 4Hour faction mission?
  71. The beauty of: Vegas at Night (Time Lapse)
  72. The Fugitive short cut walk thru
  73. Dry Run
  74. upside down crash cutscene
  75. what is this for?
  76. Season pass or Crew Credits
  77. Lightbuuuuuuuulb
  78. Some missions are stupidly hard
  79. Going to post my World Records here. Please beat them! :D
  80. Just beat the campaign - my thoughts
  81. Welcome to Detroit Timed Mission *ASSISTANCE NEEDED PLEASE!*
  82. Feedback and suggestions thus far from someone with 40+ hours of gameplay
  83. Last level 50 part + World Record in one attempt
  84. Should ubisoft reset the world records?
  85. Where is everyone??
  86. Driving underwater glitch!?
  87. Keep Bought Items In Tuners
  88. speed questions
  89. Make X360 (Xinput) controllers bindable!
  90. Hey Ubi
  91. Way Out West
  92. Colorado Brawl
  93. Perks 101
  94. Dam Fast award
  95. St Louis Setup
  96. Rarely seen such a bad game
  97. What is mean Green or White misson name?
  98. We don't want cheaters in The Crew
  99. Oh dear..
  100. Predicament
  101. I'm new to The CREW and I need help with a few things.
  102. Lee vs N2O
  103. Im astonished
  104. My patience is over! This game is a bad joke!
  105. new PVP races please
  106. Precision skills...
  107. Public PvP Match Settings
  108. So, I found a guy who was AFK and hding in a few bushes north of Los Angeles.
  109. Let's talk Community Challenges...
  110. How the heck do you leave Detroit ? I want to free roam in THE Crew !!!!
  111. Platin on PC?
  112. Ironclad Dash Platinum
  113. Game Graphics
  114. Skill challenge review database
  115. straight line wobble
  116. Where are the road signs?
  117. nos upshifting and wheelspin
  118. op cops
  119. Multiplayer PvP...err really?
  120. The Beauty of: The Crew - Nature (volume 2) + Los Angeles
  121. Review
  122. Done
  123. Some Cars Burn Way To much Rubber [UBISOFT NEEDS TO READ THIS]
  124. Shadows, really ? REALLY?
  125. No Christmas in The Crew ?
  126. check points in pvp
  127. Medal Ghost
  128. A new user's impression of "The Crew", or "how you've lost a customer in 13.7 hours"
  129. Can't complete Burn Coburn mission (dirt part)
  130. Top Speed Challenge! Current Record: 307 mph (494 Kph) Can you beat it?
  131. And multiplayer is...WHERE?
  132. Faction VS Faction
  133. jumping
  134. Mission: TKO
  135. I did some stat estimations for 1299 car's with "perfect" parts
  136. hackers -,-
  137. Is there cops in multiplayer?
  138. Indicator for completed Faction Missions?
  139. Ivory Tower | Great Game, Gone Stupid.
  140. Please Improve Communication
  141. Game went full *****-mode today
  142. Need ability to hide player from session or join new session.
  143. Missing Specs
  144. Whats Wrong With The Crew
  145. Vehicles with fender parts
  146. What Happened with San Diego?
  147. Controller settins
  148. The Crew nitrous charts
  149. Traffic vehicle missions
  150. 5 Star Police Chase HD
  151. I Jumped A Moving Train and I Liked it
  152. My Platinum Route (Works For Street/Dirt/Perf/Circuit Specs)
  153. Solution for "how to see online players in the game"
  154. Radio Mix
  155. Skill Challenge Review Database for Dirt/Raid spec V2
  156. Seriously
  157. You can REBUY level 50 parts you already own
  158. My Own Personal Option About This Game
  159. servers down?
  160. raid
  161. My Thoughts.... 7 days in.
  162. "Perk Powered" Award
  163. Suggestion to the devs how to partly fix the raid cars...
  164. PVP and Car Handling Help Level : How to make it fair for everyone !!
  165. Does anybody know what the Awards icons mean and how to read them?
  166. 3 broken things to change...
  167. I finished the main story, and my opinion of the game.
  168. Faction versus and crew versus...
  169. I'm sick of seeing these uPlay avatars. They're hideous.
  170. Game done. Some feedback...
  171. question for pc users about PvP settings
  172. My comments and suggestions after 100+ hours and completing everything
  173. Is there a way to disable player icons?
  174. New save game not possible?
  175. Is there a way to turn the "GHOST" off in skill challenges. . .
  176. Challenges, PVP, and Time ... Oh My!
  177. New to The Crew? Check out this thread
  178. My Impressions & Suggestions - THE CREW
  179. Traffic cars not moving?
  180. traffic lights are in bad position
  181. ******** handling on Mercedes SL on snow missions
  182. My Experience
  183. Turn off throttle blip option
  184. My quest to photograph every landmark
  185. Now this is just upset...
  186. I can't believe you UBI!!!
  187. PLZ UBISOFT PLIZ - Option to turn off auto-steering lane correction
  188. Bug on Mercedes SLS 55 Rim Choice
  189. invisible cars?!?!
  190. Any G27 Freedrive vids?
  191. Part upgrading is horrible.
  192. Radio Chatter
  193. My 8 World Record's (PS4)
  194. vehicle top speed issue
  195. Am I on a sinking ship? Throw me a floaty, UbiSoft!!
  196. T300 RS Racing Wheel (Thrustmaster) - Horrible
  197. Challenges coming back after completing saying I have to re do.
  198. how do i get on the same server as my friends so i can create a crew with them?(PS4)
  199. Excellent physics.
  200. Change Interior n Sit in Car...Award
  201. HUD wont fit on screen?
  202. Just some Perfomance PvP
  203. Finally beat the story!
  204. Why no collision !?!?!?
  205. What it looks like to plan a Takedown mission
  206. Großes Problem
  207. No Achievement?!! Wtf
  208. Light The Fires (Nitrous perk) does not appear to do anything.
  209. Discussion on Various Game Aspects
  210. Why "We" Turn Collisions Off...
  211. Completion (In-game Award)
  212. Why are the songs censored?
  213. what does it mean when mini map flashes green
  214. Origins > Asian > Import Infraction
  215. The oilfields are complete ********. missing well heads
  216. The Crew Funny Moments 3 - Seňor Alex & The Sombrero Struggle !
  217. Traffic system, acceleration button problem
  218. New YouTube Channel - Movie ReCREWations
  219. Cross country road trip
  220. Bloody fences
  221. They should have more iconic locations, fictional or not...
  222. Police (non)responsiveness
  223. Need a update
  224. Problem with Manual Transmission
  225. Instant replays?
  226. Add new cities maybe?
  227. Hot-fix nerf?
  228. Well, that just happened
  229. Bonus Faction Missions HUGE Disappointment
  230. "The Crew" My Experience upp's and downs.
  231. 3rd Person camera lock option... maybe? please???
  232. Highly importanat message
  233. Elliot Bay Towers - Frasier fans?
  234. Can somebody tell me why i dont find other players while logged into uplay ?
  235. NY to SF (dutch spoken)
  236. The Crew Full Platinum
  237. The Way to Amarillo (wow ubi, just wow!)
  238. Off Road...Rock Crawling...Rubicon Trail!
  239. Crash Scenes
  240. How do i change mission difficulty???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????
  241. Some of My Data Get Resetted Everyday
  242. Sooo today i decided to try PvP again...
  243. XBOX 360 graphics very poor
  244. 100% Platinum - 12800+ AP
  245. Need more time to choose cars in PVP.
  246. Secrets that need to be answered!
  247. Camera modes
  248. Traffic takes Skill out of Skills and replaces Luck -> they should be called Lucks.
  249. Teach traffic to drive
  250. No More Stunts?