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  1. Password recovering not working
  2. Security update regarding your Ubisoft account - please create a new password
  3. Received a phishing e-mail today.
  4. Cannot change login email address
  5. Problem logging Into Ubisoft site - Always wants to change password
  6. So my email was hacked...
  7. Deleting accounts
  8. Old email account associated with account - help
  9. Delete my account!
  10. For the love of God, let me delete my account
  11. Changing Email Address
  12. Invalid Password (after recommended password change)
  13. Password change per email. Opened Uplay. Updated. Now my games are gone.
  14. so hackers have our e-mail address now.
  15. Delete my acount you f a-holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Unable to login to UPLAY
  17. Unable to log in to UPLAY
  18. Need help UPlay!
  19. I didnt recive any email with instruction how to change password.
  20. Lots of problems and you can't even make a new topic on "technical difficulties"forum
  21. I can't log in to my Uplay account.
  22. So my email's dead now with no possibility of getting access to it
  23. Problems with chaning my password/Email
  24. password username not working help please
  25. FAQ about recent events
  26. How do I delete my account?
  27. change password and mail
  28. No access to my game far cry 3
  29. Cant change account details!
  30. Stuck in an infinite loop of changing password logging in, logging in again, logging
  31. Change your EULA. You are not the Government
  32. password change
  33. Help i cant access to my Email
  34. Still no go after password reset
  35. Email problem
  36. Where is my game? (FarCry)
  37. Need to change email to change password!
  38. Email changing and password changing problems
  39. Changing password link goes right to Error page
  40. How do I change passsword to connect to CONFLUX
  41. Other games I use with similar info are being hacked now. Anyone else?
  42. key does not work for fc3 after password change
  43. Fire Your Lazy System Admin The F-ing Passwords weren't properly encrypted and salted
  44. Change my email
  45. Can't access my Uplay account anymore...
  46. Broken System
  47. Unable to edit account information other than password
  48. Games on UPLAY gone after password change
  49. Delete Account
  50. Update password and lost game
  51. E-mail
  52. arthuses
  53. How?
  54. i have two accounts under one email adress
  55. Wrong email
  56. Joke
  57. Went to ask for my games back...
  58. Help!
  59. Another One Bites the Dust. (Since I updated my account I want to say..")
  60. Email address with + symbol
  61. How were the passwords hashed?
  62. change email
  63. Fraudulent Charges on my Credit Card
  64. I never get an e-mail back from ubisoft
  65. Problems with email Uplay
  66. why do we have to create a rediclously long password
  67. UPlay wants me to change password
  68. "Seems to be a problem with internet connection"
  69. awareness
  70. Playing games on uplay
  71. Posted threads
  72. Steam to UPlay
  73. account issues
  74. uplay error of connection
  75. I've contacted the BBB
  76. Can somebody help me! I need to change my old email!
  77. Really?
  78. PC system requirements
  79. Password change email
  80. enough is enough
  81. Who wants to join me on The Watch?
  82. Help with password reset!
  83. Unable to change password
  84. Uplay removed all my games
  85. Wasn't it not too long ago I was asked?
  86. Your kidding right? (lost key - anno 2070) over update
  87. I already changed my password three times since yesterday.
  88. Support wants my password
  89. I'm stuck in a loop
  90. The one day I wanted to play a Ubi game and UPLAY is down?
  91. Inactive e-mail address
  92. Password? 2 games/saves gone/Seriously angry - PC versions
  93. Fraudulent charge on credit card account
  94. UBISOFT remember Voda fail maybe UBI fail now
  95. Someone Stole My Account Somehow
  96. Account fusion
  97. Ubi keep forcing me change password
  98. i have 2 accounts with same email address. i am not able to login with the first one
  99. Uplay name
  100. Stolen email and lost games parts 1, 2, 3 and 4
  101. Bad security.. To unsafe to use UPLAY,
  102. Apparently UBI soft isn't willing to HELP me get back my serial key for AC3
  103. Взломали почту что делать?
  104. ПРивет поцики. Как узнать когда был создаl
  105. Ubisoft hacked!?
  106. Assassin's Creed 3 CD Key
  107. Account hacked
  108. Banned for 60 Minutes
  109. Account without e-mail
  110. So I come back In a long time to see my games gone And no help for Ubisoft customer S
  111. sync account with playstation network
  112. Steam / Uplay problems
  113. Moderator! IL2_CoD stolen product key?
  114. Steam+uplay+change password
  115. Can't change email
  116. Помогите!
  117. Probleme
  118. Helppp
  119. No email associated with my account.
  120. Uplay Account doesn't recognize my install code
  121. Не могу попасть в свою учётку помогите!!!!!!!
  122. Не могу попасть в свою учётку помогите!!!!!!!
  123. I can not play multiplayer Assassins Creed III.
  124. So what's up with games vanishing from Uplay
  125. Lost mail - Help me!
  126. Change EMAIL adress
  127. Lost account
  128. Assassin's Creed 3 Installation Error 5 and PunkBuster
  129. Far Cry 3 game not launching from Uplay. Saying, Game Running only
  130. Ubisoft support asking to provide Steam account username and password ?!
  131. Frustrating experience with multiple titles
  132. requette
  133. Know my UPlay account name, but not the e-mail, i need help.
  134. all lost-.-"just remember the user name?
  135. is this a glitch they will fix in watch dogs or is ubisoft just lazy
  136. fermeture de mon compte pour en réouvrire un autre pour més jeux ps
  137. Log In Confusion?
  138. Password change problem
  139. Unable To Change Password/Email -or Contact Support No Access to Email Account
  140. Unable to recover my account password.
  141. This man steals uplay accounts!
  142. Don't know if this is the right place to ask...
  143. проблемки
  144. Download starts failed...
  145. How to find what dlc I have.
  146. Unable to access forums on my main account.
  147. Profile Loading Error!
  148. Email Address
  149. My game gone after i reset my password Need Help
  150. Mail
  151. changing email address
  152. Copyright Infringement
  153. Neglect of the Brazilian championship?
  154. Password recovering is not working for me
  155. America's Army back on the Console?
  156. I lost my account
  157. Suspended for 10 min?
  158. Unable logging into Uplay Client
  159. Uplay client banned uplay account log in error whats happening
  160. Can't access 'My Questions' on the Ubisoft Support Site
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  176. Change E-mail Help
  177. Cant change password
  178. Porque no se puede jugar
  179. Help me! Can't change e-mail adress!!!
  180. Unable to get Far Cry 2 update, after a new install.
  181. my account was hacked. please help
  182. uplay not sending password reset email
  183. Cannot recover original account
  184. GUIDs for saved games
  185. I need help with my uplay account
  186. Account was hijacked
  187. Account suspended
  188. I can't use ubisoft support.
  189. Account suspended. I can't log into my other account. ( password reset wont work )
  190. Account Stole
  191. Risk Resetting regularly
  192. I need help, Change my email
  193. Hacking attempt
  194. wrong mail adress opened acc
  195. Forget your password ? Well too bad, your not getting it back apparently
  196. Can't retrieve my password
  197. Cannot change password.
  198. i have been hacked and unisoft are doing nothing
  199. Banned without reason! Case# 03373352
  200. The password reset link is not working.
  201. Password Recovery Not Working
  202. My account got hacked. I cant login to uplay game launcher.
  203. password reset please
  204. changing forum password?
  205. 2-Step Verification
  206. 2-step authenticator
  207. 2step auth
  208. I need to have my e-mail was not sent activation code
  209. Being Logged out in another location
  210. How te re-setup Ubisoft on Google Authenticator
  211. My account has been hacked plz help !
  212. Secure your account with 2-Step Verification
  213. can't update uplay
  214. Kitchens For Sale Birmingham UK
  215. i need help with my account
  216. Problem with 2 step verificaiton
  217. QR code scan
  218. Someone hacked me.
  219. can not login uplay
  220. 2-Step Verification
  221. 2 - Step Vertification please read in the post
  222. How do I close a Ubisoft account?
  223. Account, Confusing
  224. Logging in.
  225. Legacy Name
  226. 2 Step Verification , the options when i log in don't load ...
  227. Accordingly, you will have the capacity to...
  228. 2-Step Verification WTF!!!
  229. Password recovery not working
  230. Can not change e-mail
  231. Account hacked
  232. Ubisoft account sign in with PSN
  233. Can't reset password, cant contact customer support, no idea what to do.
  234. Why all my addons of UBI games got mixed in PS4 library??I don't know how to fix it?
  235. account hacked
  236. Login Problems - 2 Step Authatification
  237. 2 Step Authorization
  238. 2 step authorization automatic actived
  239. current E-Mail is out of service, How i do to change de current email for a new one
  240. Login Error
  241. Wrong xbox live account
  242. Lost 2-Step Recovery Code
  243. Do not have access to my old Email used for my Ubisoft account
  244. Account Information is not loading
  245. I cant disable my 2-step verification
  246. email address change
  247. ubisoft Support !!
  248. 2-step verification
  249. Password won't reset - Submitted ticket a week ago.
  250. Wont recieve password reset email