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  1. Suggestion Thread
  2. Advanced graphic settings?
  3. Remove the Blurr just added in new build.
  4. Can we improve the Iron Sights?
  5. it gets one sided alot
  6. Some feedback first impressions
  7. Audio feedback
  8. motion controls
  9. Punkbuster silently installed
  10. Avid Ghost Recon fan for a decade
  11. The Kill Economy and How it is Destroying the Defense Gameplay
  12. Things that need to be fixed.
  13. PLEASE TELL ME at least one of these two things are temporary/only CB
  14. Suggestions
  15. The game is awsome!
  16. Love the game, but I hate the idea of set beta times...
  17. Weapon and Power tweaks
  18. Ubisoft should be ashamed for this junk
  19. Help the Noobs!
  20. Shotguns, any of them.
  21. Team selection.
  22. Awesome game
  23. A few ideas
  24. Initial Impression
  25. Inbox Management (ingame mail)
  26. Allow players to specify that they want to join "Games In Progress"
  27. After three days
  28. Missing XP?
  29. Horrible game
  30. Lag
  31. WHY ARE YOU NOT MOVING!! WHY!! o and wee need more lane's to move in
  32. My impression so far
  33. Frustration vs. Challenge & RPS Design
  34. Several Things Wrong With The Cover System + Extra
  35. Magnum ammo!
  36. My Opinion on Cloack and Smg users.
  37. Team-based game, yet anti-social
  38. VoIP
  39. Typhoon's Suggestions
  40. alt+tab is a disaster for the sound!
  41. My opinion so far
  42. First Impressions
  43. Possibility Of Recording Demos/Having Theater
  44. Alright, so what's up with the Sniping sway?
  45. Third Person should be Third Person.
  46. Is there any plans for Clan interactivity like clan match making?
  47. Quick suggestion on missing ADS options that could be easily added.
  48. Laser toggle?
  49. 9 things that MUST be revised to fix this game ASAP!
  50. Game Desing
  51. Can't play
  52. Un-snipable spots.
  53. Broken Snipers, Rediculously Bad Autobalance, and other things that NEED to be fixed!
  54. When you get shot....
  55. SMGs Need A Helluva Nerf
  56. Complaints Of Version 0.5.6
  57. A few things I've noticed, and a few things I'd like to see...
  58. A glitch I've noticed
  59. Inventory Screen gripes
  60. First Hour thoughts - Good, but run-and-gun needs work
  61. bullet snaps
  62. Kern Feedback
  63. Headshots.
  64. Game promotes spraying.
  65. Ugly sights?
  66. No auto team balance?
  67. My god fix the matchmaking already.
  68. Beta Key error?
  69. Deal Breakers
  70. Framerate
  71. Some sniper issues
  72. My Main Gripe - Map Design Related
  73. UI, Hud, and Gameplay
  74. Bought a assault rifle and I can find it?!
  75. Error Message: AI Assertion Failed
  76. Sprinting and other various actions.
  77. New Sniper Scope shaking is too much, needs reduced
  78. IR Lasers are too bright now with sniper rifles, BIG green glare on targets
  79. Elimination-style game mode?
  80. Scope Resets After Death
  81. Request: Option to save password or allow pasting
  82. Dolphin Diving and the Blitz Shield
  83. Aegis shield should be a complete sphere.
  84. Suggestion: Weapons range
  85. What if melee just knocked you down?
  86. Great Job on this Game!!
  87. not bad
  88. Cloak.
  89. Simple five-point capture gametype overhaul.
  90. Do you like the blue tint on the weapon scopes/optics?
  91. Are statistics going to be available outside of the game?
  92. Two things.
  93. Kitsuni's Thoughts on GRO.
  94. " " has added you as a friend message
  95. Blitz, just weird.
  96. Maps Discussion
  97. My First Impressions and Questions
  98. Changes to Chat Window At Round/Match End
  99. Brutal Scoring System
  100. Obituary list top-down or bottom-up?
  101. Console
  102. DOF/Blurring Issues, Add customization!
  103. Why so much recon?!?!?!?!
  104. Throwing Grenades
  105. Host control!!!!
  106. My Feedback for Ghost Recon Online!
  107. GRO is better than Future Soldier
  108. Servers Servers Servers
  109. Closed Beta Keys for Purchase of Tom Clancy Games makes me Sad Panda
  110. Beta Key
  111. Great game play some out of game play issues
  112. Scout Class
  113. Some intial questions about GRP Beta gameplay
  114. whats up with the amount of people you can bring in a party???
  115. After Day 1 of Playing - Impressions.
  116. Cant connect to server
  117. Who's who? Friend or Foe? Can't Tell. Teams need color!
  118. Ok! a bit of a rant a bit of sense!
  119. Class Selection
  120. Personal thoughts so far.
  121. Select audio device for VoIP channel
  122. Scout Issues
  123. A new players first impressions! Issues and Suggestions
  124. Issues with the game.
  125. Spawning issue
  126. Line of sight is broken
  127. Suggestion: Class change during game and ect.
  128. LOWER system requrements needed!
  129. Fix the prone shooting
  130. Editing Controls
  131. P2P Uploading with the launcher.
  132. CarrionCrow's List of Suggestions and Feedback
  133. Down time
  134. Cresky's Wonderful list of Wonders!
  135. New to GRO my thoughts.
  136. I know Mac's suck but still....
  137. Radio Menu System
  138. Recon ONLY teams
  139. Give us a REAL "Hardcore" Mode
  140. Mk 16 Ironsights
  141. Suggestion for armor revamp
  142. The issues I faced
  143. Feedback Summary and a List of issues w/ Solutions
  144. I like the game and thinking makes you better than just raging.
  145. Something Wonky with Melee
  146. Please fix close range sniper rifle accuracy
  147. Discussion and Thoughts About the Existing Maps
  148. Pervasive Exploitug: Clipping, Red Jacking & Snap Shooting
  149. A Few Things That Need Fixed A.S.A.P.( more like yesterday)
  150. Extra pistol ammo options
  151. what should happen to snipers
  152. mag ammo stacking in inventory
  153. Inventory Management
  154. Feedback
  155. I have the following suggestions regarding gameplay
  156. Riot Shield Coverage on the Back
  157. Team balancing - how it should be
  158. Under the map nice
  159. Sniper hoods are no longer camo'd!!!????!!!
  160. Sniper Rifle accuracy is now the same as Assault Rifle accuracy???
  161. Shiny plastic guns - 5/10 patch
  162. High-resolution/multiple-resolution scope textures
  163. Change Conquest Gametype to 2 rnds and Tiebreaker
  164. First Impressions: Enemy Detection
  165. Selling Default Items
  166. what i think should be improved
  167. I got the Shotgun blues T^T
  168. Xbox 360 Controller
  169. Dear Ubi...
  170. General Feedback From "an old"
  171. Crossfire and other feedback
  172. Just a few insights/suggestions
  173. Crow’s In-depth Suggestions and Feedback for Ghost Recon Online: Game update V 0.6.0
  174. Onslaught suggestions
  175. Thoughts and first Impressions
  176. A suggestion that everyone would like, and also 70% of my friends want
  177. Key Mapping
  178. issues
  179. Just a suggestion.
  180. Try my gun!
  181. [Poll] Bring back scoreboard kill count
  182. New scoped accuracy reticle is game breaking to me.
  183. Why does it feel like the LMGs were nerfed to the ground?
  184. Floating debris and others
  185. 0.70 - my thoughts
  186. my thoughts!!!
  187. Package launcher with uTorrent
  188. Head armor & LMGs
  189. Some Things
  190. Win32/heur Virus for Yeti Release
  191. A way to toggle multi-zoom scopes without shouldering the weapon?
  192. Ghost Recon Online Ideas
  193. Resolution!
  194. Thoughts on GRO
  195. Thoughts on first few hours of gameplay
  196. Gameplay problems
  197. Connectivity
  198. Double Inventory Items
  199. download dont work
  200. Reduce the ROF of long barrel + bipoded ARs?
  201. Just my thoughts
  202. Suggestions/Feedback
  203. Don't display level publicly
  204. My First Impressions on CB3 Review
  205. Sever Browser vs. Match Making Systems
  206. FPS Lag Since New Update [Feedback]
  207. A list of suggestions for this game.
  208. Matchmaking Feedback - Post your thoughts here
  209. A Few Thoughts on the Length of Conquest Games
  210. Class limits, would you like it?
  211. Bare-bone Match type
  212. Gun Icons or labels in the Killfeed
  213. healing issues
  214. Feedback and Improvement suggestions
  215. Conquest mode, what's the rationale?
  216. Meleeing Faster than Normal
  217. feedback on the beta
  218. Ghost Recon Online Client Crash
  219. Assault
  220. Oracle - fancy name for what use to be considered a wallhack?
  221. Still Got A Long Way To Go
  222. Strang-ness afoot
  223. Why are abilities so **** gimpy now?
  224. Error patching
  225. "Spawn Camping"
  226. Offer Legacy Mode for 20+ Players to fix Matchmaking Issues
  227. Installer client
  228. GRO: Installer client
  229. VOIP suggestions
  230. Launcher suggestions
  231. Glich
  232. Text Chat suggestions
  233. Why can't we at least preview attachments?
  234. Game Master Feedback
  235. Jerky gameplay
  236. An Idea/Suggestion for the community forums!
  237. polski needs help
  238. Feedback: Too many snipers
  239. Should Melee Provide Knockback?
  240. Couple short, simple ideas.
  241. Math, this company fails at it.
  242. Blitz should cancel Blitz And some fire rate related issues
  243. Community Designed maps, Im interesting in designing some maps.
  244. M-200 SV barrel attachments do nothing but lower handling?
  245. Feedback: Overall Product so far
  246. The Two Column Inventory Interface Needs to be Reworked
  247. Feedback on a few OP weapons and some features
  248. My feedback thread
  249. Ghost coins
  250. Love the XP/RP Boost UI notifications!