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  1. mystery boxes?
  2. Retired and breeding time questions
  3. Question... Horse Levels
  4. costs to much
  5. Apple Cookie??
  6. Rainbow
  7. Treats.
  8. Keep BOTH??!!
  9. how do you restart the game?
  10. Breeding meadow?
  11. I need deeds /www.facebook.com/#!/lisa.mcdowell.12
  12. traveling
  13. Intermediate Level?
  14. Just wondering...
  15. salaries
  16. Appaloosa and tree collectibles
  17. How i do get rid of retired horse?
  18. What age are breeding stations for?
  19. Apple coockies
  20. Problems loading..?
  21. Green Screen
  22. Thank you to our helpful players!
  23. Collecting application
  24. Windmill?
  25. Zealous?
  26. Just a few suggestions
  27. Pinky
  28. Zebra Horses?
  29. Have you bought any Angel Acres items? (Discuss)
  30. Green Screen
  31. Flower Child Questions
  32. What should I be trying to master?
  33. question about the breeding paddock
  34. So Sorry but you can't start this competition at this time
  35. How do i compete?
  36. Horse ages
  37. My neighbor won't leave
  38. Food Pantry Question
  39. intermediate buggy??
  40. Roof Tiles
  41. Friends and Gifts
  42. intermidate
  43. My horses have vanished!
  44. cities and missing events?
  45. Getting aggrevated
  46. part of game dissappeared
  47. What Happened???
  48. Events
  49. Roundpens?
  50. HH Moderators.
  51. Time to quit
  52. Questions!
  53. How do you make money
  54. how many deeds do you need to expand?
  55. Jobs
  56. level 31
  57. granola bars
  58. What happened to the Expansions?
  59. Whoo-hoo!!
  60. what gives???
  61. issues
  62. I need help
  63. Can you sell your horse?
  64. How to get things done on my farm when my friends dont play?
  65. Breeding Paint Horses...?
  66. If things are not bad enough with all the weeds
  67. Problems with my stables!!
  68. requirements for the Cheffyl competitions?
  69. Is there a "best" horse to have?
  70. Horses and Ponies for Sale : Paint mate ( 09 maromac mia famous )
  71. Name change
  72. Can no longer watch Videos
  73. Food
  74. Wheat
  75. Help! The quest with Private Policy
  76. Help!!! Horse stuck in paddock
  77. Мне нужна помощь
  78. Help needed! adding my daugther as friend don't work.
  79. Anyone have a female libra horse?
  80. All horses in paddocks at once
  81. Feed
  82. How does the forum friend request work?
  83. Rare American Indian Female Breeding
  84. Have both male AND female Sagittarius horses
  85. Rare female Breton needed
  86. How can i get the snowflakes (sleigh quests)?
  87. we're to get snowflakes?
  88. Why do I feel like I'm playing a completely different version of Horsehaven
  89. can't login my account to another android device
  90. Help Please
  91. How do I add friends on the game that isn't on facebook?
  92. Mythical horses?
  93. Friends in game but not in forum
  94. Need friends and help
  95. Add me !!
  96. Add me!
  97. Add me please! (via GameCenter)
  98. Female Westphalian needed
  99. Friends
  100. Do you have a Virgo male?
  101. friends
  102. Rare or elite QH studs? arabian as well
  103. Looking for T2 Male Halflinger
  104. Anyone out there?
  105. Fjord Horse
  106. How do I upgrade my tree house if materials are no longer available?
  107. Need a restart to synchronize your progress error?
  108. Just Me?
  109. Ubisoft Please Fix Game Bug!!!
  110. Help
  111. T2 Quarter male horse/Any tier male mustang
  112. Edward Peruta and other gun owners reportedly attempted to obtain concealed carry per
  113. Black beauty event
  114. Black Beauty Event Merrylegs special
  115. Looking 4 Guild (active members lvl 30+)
  116. Looking for Exclusive Arabian or Aquarius lll stallion
  117. Need to find a female rose derby horse to breed with please
  118. How to make muffins to feed horses, how to get or make the buckets
  119. Horses that are worth keeping?
  120. Friends