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  1. [Official] House MD Survey
  2. Closed Beta Feedback
  3. A little consideration... (feedback with a little suggestion or two)
  4. Latest Update 7 March slowing game play
  5. Updated perspective
  6. Really Great Game
  7. A suggestion on Energyi
  8. house credits
  9. Do not buy energy with your cash!
  10. Favor Tokens
  11. free gifts link to facebook page and promotion code
  12. Missing Favor Points
  13. Better friends/gifting interaction
  14. Lag
  15. Extra Side Missions
  16. This was not fair
  17. Suggestion for sending gifts/requesting materials
  18. frustrated
  19. I thought maintenance was to fix stuff.
  20. Maintanence did nothing
  21. Medical Supplies suggestion
  22. Funny I thought Doctors Made Beaucoup Bux??? So why am I always flat broke?!?!
  23. Frustrated with constantly spending and buying House Credits
  24. Can't this lag be fixed???
  25. Speciality...
  26. for Android
  27. Some of my thoughts about the game...
  28. Patient stuck in the blood lab room
  29. Feedback... not good
  30. Mini-game Rewards
  31. Feedback
  32. One game play suggestion: wrong diagnosis scenarious for clinic patients
  33. Help (Nurses Station)
  34. Feedback on upgraded machines - REALLY unhappy
  35. More Please
  36. mini game bug
  37. My feedback so far
  38. Clinic patients malady types
  39. Feedback on cooperative investigation
  40. Case consulting
  41. A bit frustrated with the luck
  42. Minigames
  43. Swapping teams after each match!
  44. VISIBLE Emergency Patients
  45. Blood Analysis Test/Gaining Budget
  46. Sending Neighbor/Friend Requests Suggestion
  47. Interaction With House and Team
  48. Completing Critical Cases again ...
  49. Collection Item Issues
  50. A Reset Case/Change Case button
  51. Game energy suggestion
  52. Need to be able to ear more cash.
  53. Assassin's Creed 3: Multiplayer DLC Character Pack (Suggestion)
  54. Achievements, why U not work?
  55. Emergency minigame
  56. New Lenguage
  57. Energy
  58. Energy to diagnose in clinic
  59. Help
  60. things i found out that needs change
  61. Gief us CONFIRM button on using house coins... darnit help me out mods
  62. Medpacks- Where Are They???
  63. moderator are u able to find out incoming updates on game?
  64. The Panacea price
  65. is house really here?
  66. Screen Movement
  67. Some feedback on the game
  68. Gift order
  69. Game Not Responding
  70. i thought upgrading and gaining XP was posed to give more budget... what gives?
  71. augmentedcamo
  72. Need to earn cash faster
  73. Need an OR
  74. WAAAAAAAAAY too many red blood cells
  75. Reward from Achievements. Will there be any?
  76. heart
  77. Need more friends to get more help.
  78. Please Move the chair in the Mri Room
  79. Energy when leveling up
  80. Adding batteries to gifts
  81. adding friends
  82. Up dating the lab & mri
  83. Chosen Dr Professions
  84. Do you require a Spanish version? - Necesita una versión en español?
  85. Need more changes in levels- too repetative
  86. Please do also in Turkish. pleasss (OYUNUN TÜRKÇESİ İSTİYORUZ HAYDİ DESTEK TÜRKLER
  87. Selling Items
  88. so frustrated!
  89. 1 House Credit instead of Double Budget??
  90. Earn Cash for visiting freinds
  91. Some feedback
  92. Ideas
  93. gifts
  94. did not receive credit after downloads
  95. Problems with House downloading to play
  96. Free spins
  97. Red Blood Cell
  98. MRI and Blood Test
  99. Give us a freeze animations tab please!!
  100. Bug Report: Waiting on Pills to Upgrade
  101. Daily Rewards, Achievements and other improvements
  102. Beyond Frustrated with Blood Analysis Game
  103. 500 cured patients plus...
  104. Colleague Problem
  105. Problem with my energy refill & other stuff
  106. Buying House credits, not fair!
  107. A great frenchise going down the drain? Feedback
  108. What's the point of the free spin on the wheel?
  109. "mr Fearless" episode- i keep resusctitating my patient but it doesn't work...
  110. Thank you Ubisoft House MD team
  111. replay episode house credit
  112. My colleagues gone missing!?
  113. Can't Play After Level 1
  114. FB Messages Bother me While I am playing
  115. Add collegues without adding people
  116. Additional MRI and Blood count spaces
  117. Game idea [Request]
  118. About the episode "Finding the Edge"
  119. Entertaining game...but...
  120. Taking this game to the next level idea
  121. Cheater(s) on PS3
  122. Ward patients
  123. New floors
  124. Lab mini-games are too reliant on speed, discriminates against older players
  125. Blood Lab vs MRI is a Round 1 TKO
  126. IV Bags and O2 masks needed too often
  127. Far Cry 4 - Wastland
  128. Posting Videos on Youtube
  129. blood lab should collect on mouseDown instead of mouseUp
  130. Assassins vs Templars Smartphone game idea
  131. Assassin's Creed V: Blitzkrieg
  132. Assassins Creed Feedback
  133. right through a sign while flying super fast
  134. 3D platformer Rayman
  135. Just Feedback If that is okay.
  136. What is the cheapest for quality place to buy lab equipment?