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  1. [Official] House MD Facebook Fanpage
  2. How do you draw blood?
  3. Been gone forever...
  4. game
  5. hi add me
  6. hi add me please
  7. adding friends
  8. New Facebook Group for adding players
  9. add me!!
  10. game wont load fully cant play
  11. game won't load
  12. connectoin ;ost
  13. connection bug
  14. Issues
  15. add me please clawsandflowers@hotmail.com (meghan Smart)
  16. house players add me
  17. add me plz...house players
  18. Friends needed asap
  19. How to get Oxygen Masks???
  20. Achievements
  21. elevator?
  22. Gifting and request response issues
  23. promo code
  24. House Credits
  25. Very Bad Lag
  26. How do you post a link to your FB timeline?
  27. Walkthrough
  28. Upgrades are expensive, are they necessary?
  29. Help! I am confused?
  30. Progress lost :-(
  31. Adding people!!
  32. Pick-Me-Up
  33. Can you switch what kinda doctor you are. That would be super.
  34. gifting
  35. med packs for House game
  36. Need help with 2 achievements
  37. I have a pacient waiting in my blood lab, but cant do anything with him!
  38. I have a patient stuck waiting to be resuscitated
  39. Supply Problem !
  40. The music is so amazing
  41. Question
  42. Help!
  43. How to get "Business Is Good" achievement
  44. Help!
  45. Help a first time player!
  46. Getting a specific patient is really hard
  47. Favor Points?!?!
  48. Game outage?
  49. about Lost & Found.
  50. loving the game wish there was a easier way to get house credits
  51. Re Lost and FoundI
  52. I went from being a male into a female!!! anyway to fix it?
  53. Amazing game!!!But....
  54. MedPacks!!!
  55. bought house credits but was not credited-PLEASE FIX
  56. HELP.Problem "resuscilating"
  57. Always Share Without Annoying Your Friends
  58. Dr.Foreman
  59. Number of critical cases?
  60. about that RAT in lost & found game
  61. How many colleagues can you have?
  62. House credits
  63. existe version de dr house en espaņol por que solo me aparece en ingles
  64. can't get on.
  65. link to my timeline
  66. 2nd floor
  67. what is highest level???????????????
  68. Meds!!!!
  69. Is the game dead?
  70. are we abandoned`?
  71. hi you all
  72. i like this new mini Quest thing.
  73. YAHOO! my 1st Panacea used (from reward)
  74. about new mini Quests
  75. my game doesnt work
  76. Case #3
  77. New Errands!
  78. Hospital expansion
  79. Loading issues
  80. Hector, the dog?
  81. Ward patients???
  82. Giving gifts in the new format
  83. Where is the Ranking Board?
  84. How does this game work?
  85. Budget ???
  86. minigame emergency patients questions
  87. Facebook credits for House credits
  88. Cooperative investigation
  89. Android and iOS
  90. House credit for adding colleagues
  91. How is your specialty determined?
  92. Boring
  93. Game wont load
  94. budget
  95. Currently lost connection, anyone else?
  96. Game posting on newsfeed?
  97. help
  98. Don't Upgrade lab or imaging!!!!
  99. anyone else having problems with gifting?
  100. New "Buy A Spin"
  101. the highest level? My level 113
  102. resuscitate patient wont let me
  103. Help for House: Critical
  104. Missing
  105. is anyone else having some trouble??
  106. Quick question for battelfield 3 players
  107. Case #13 - I can't resustitate patient
  108. In desperate need of supplies
  109. Sept Challenge is underway
  110. Missing 2nd time critical cases buff?
  111. need neighbours.
  112. Earn money
  113. Please add me new player
  114. Upgrading
  115. where are the ward patients ???????
  116. i cant resustitate my patient??
  117. Patient backlog at pharmacy.
  118. new cases?
  119. Nurses Station
  120. Game Slow or Lagging
  121. When will facebook game makers realise this?
  122. Completing all episodes.
  123. Needing More Colleagues
  124. not recieving free spins
  125. need more colleagues!
  126. Reinvestagion and Stars
  127. second floor
  128. Level 72 Getting bored make House credits more easily available
  129. I need a heart doctor
  130. new player needing friends
  131. How can i find out good hotel?
  132. need friends for house
  133. Music
  134. help needed.
  135. Anyway to add neighbors without FB
  136. Requsts
  137. New player needs Friends :)
  138. Need Collegues
  139. Nurses station
  140. Free Item Gift Box
  141. new player need colleagues
  142. enjoy the each moment of Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers Live
  143. Best Place for Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers streaming
  144. Need colleagues? Add me, please.
  145. I need Friends on House
  146. Need new friends
  147. Bad News Ubisoft now owns South Park The Stick of Truth!
  148. Need More Colleagues!
  149. collectable items - nurses station and exam equipment
  150. Looking for House Facebook friends
  151. need friends for house
  152. Need More collagues!!!
  153. Busta Rhymes is gangster
  154. Dr House in Spanish Dr House en espaņol
  155. Is there a colleague limit?
  156. Trackmania 2 Stadium
  157. Hospital Cynicism
  158. Credits
  159. Why people like the high IQ villain?
  160. Won't Load?
  161. Game Fan Anime Music Video's
  162. New Game Needs Funding: Calling All KickStarters
  163. House M.D Critical Case Facebook
  164. House MD Adds Blocking
  165. Hello
  166. Need help on selecting a vpn for playing a Korean game
  167. My Favorite Manga Game Named as Game Pirate King Online
  168. The Different Multiple People Online Game, Do you Know it?
  169. As it says on the tin
  170. One Piece Ultimate War
  171. [iOS Game] Dragonslayer Alliance
  172. First top-up Rewards in Heroic Adventures
  173. Epic Warlords-Horde VS Alliance based manga
  174. Our sense of loss is too profound for words," the club said in a statement on Sunday
  175. What ios game are you playing?