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  1. Epilepsy Filter Optional!
  2. North American Release Date
  3. Laptop CoD help needed: sounds but no picture
  4. hey UBI, you are starting to make me look like a mooron...
  5. A few questions after install.....
  6. UK - Steam activation now working.......
  7. The patch we've been waiting for today...
  8. Digital Download edition..
  9. COD - is it worth me ordering?
  10. why 18:00 GMT & when does steam start the DL ?
  11. Steam update adds selectable anti-epilepsy setting
  12. Could we get some feedback esp. on lower end systems
  13. Cliffs of dover question that i can't google the answer for.
  14. Steam pre-order now Installing
  15. why are the game not out
  16. Rendobj.dll in game files flagged as virus
  17. List of Bugs and Fixes
  18. Game is totally Messed up
  19. Ups Email ..............
  20. MY first thoughts...
  21. RSS-Martin chew on this buddy....
  22. Steam unlocked early.
  23. Cliffs of Dover Technical FAQ
  24. I want to purchase but need YOUR Feedback first
  25. got COD on steam just finished download doesnt work at all
  26. Dear Ubisoft
  27. At last
  28. Monitor sizing issue
  29. Steam and DRM
  30. Starting the planes in complex management
  31. Problem.....
  32. I wont be ordering from UBI ever again after been messed about
  33. **Completely Unplayable**
  34. IL2 Cliffs of Dover Feedback Thread
  35. A few weird issues...
  36. a question about buying from the ubi store.
  37. Who has the settings up and it still playable?
  38. Nvidia control panel launches lockon.exe instead of il2?
  39. game does not launch- FIX
  40. Running at 50 FPS and still skipping and rubberbanding, biggest load of bull ever.
  41. Let's say it in one word
  42. Messages in screen.
  43. Aircraft controls
  44. I have two launch.exe and am having problems?
  45. Multiplayer Modes ???
  46. Game wont Launch
  47. Keep up the good work Team-D...
  48. Help Joystick Problem
  49. Problems!!!
  50. Just Dont Understand
  51. will i be able to run cod on minimum?
  52. So how does the mission builder look?
  54. Should I upgrade my Video card?
  55. Joystick help
  56. IL2 Bad frame rate
  57. Graphic card
  58. Maddox Enquiry into COD
  59. Does the Epilepsy filter switch work?
  60. joystick
  61. Money not taken by steam
  62. CoD Unplayable
  63. No Multiplayer games?
  64. How do you get the free SilentHunter?
  65. can you take the position of a navigator?
  66. is team speak built in the game?
  67. Screenshot folder?
  68. Launcher Crashes
  69. !*!*! FPS SOLVED !*!*!
  70. Complaints
  71. What I found while flying around!
  72. To all craying people
  73. many problems reported but how about this one:
  74. Do not dispair!
  75. Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Roadmap
  76. online severs
  77. Crazy stuttering
  78. Big problems with the Blenheim
  79. best plane to fly in COD?
  80. X52 Profile
  81. hows the turn ratio of the spit vs the 109?
  82. Ugly message dialog box - how to turn off?
  83. How do you get your money back?
  85. cliffs of dover problems solved!!
  86. Icons who needs them?
  87. How to improve Cliffs of Dover
  88. Whats all the fuss about? No problems here. :)
  89. Anyone facing this?
  90. Why steam?
  91. It's running fine for me thread ....................
  92. Please help me with saitek x52 pro
  93. Problems not solved but better with these tweaks
  94. I just can't believe
  95. Reasonable request about activations
  96. RE: Saitek X52
  97. Is CoD in pre-pre-alpha stage ? Yes it does look like. Will the product get better ?
  98. Question about ubi support & suggestion
  99. Co-op only ?
  100. Low end system here....
  101. Download vs hard copy
  102. Launcher Crash
  103. 6 years in the making... wasted.
  104. Super slow frame rates
  105. In game sound
  106. cliffs of dover unplayable
  107. Sea textures
  108. Call the Help Cetre.
  109. High resolution Screenshots. Cliffs of Dover
  110. all you wanted was our money
  111. Do you think i can run this Game ?
  112. drivers 266/270
  113. Whiners thread
  114. Change resolution requires restart, why?
  115. The chatting on the screen
  116. Can't update steam and install
  117. the worst laggy game ever
  118. will this game also be UPlay
  119. New YouTube Vid
  120. A positive thread
  121. Can't Save Progress
  122. Does IL2 CoD support PhysX?
  123. Some basic questions regarding the game - can someone help?
  124. Single/Quick Mission Sides
  125. Settings for MS Sidewinder FF2 Stick
  126. Give me the lowdown peeps.
  127. Need Help on Frame rate and X52 pro
  128. Wrong or missing textures?!?
  129. Avg and Windows Launcher issues
  130. I brokeded mah submarine and got a Hurri.
  131. My 2 Cents/Pennies Worth...
  132. A Few Quick Questions(Differences b/n IL2 and COD)
  133. Definetly NO SLI/Crossfire?
  134. Miss Kleaneasy, please pass my thanks on to Ubi
  135. Silk map
  136. Lets talk video cards for COD
  137. Possible fix for launcher issue
  138. Gameplay Videos :)
  139. A Good conf to Try...
  140. Are there any dedicated servers online?
  141. What's up with the trains
  142. Laggy Game
  143. 65 avg fps with these confi.ini
  144. 36 He111H's (4 groups of 9) intercepted by 12 Spitfire MkI's (2 groups of 6)
  145. Trim on slider
  146. cod il2 Ben er zat van!!!
  147. By any chance....
  148. WEP
  149. COD FMB
  151. ClOD Makes IL2 Look Like Strike Fighters !!!
  152. Come on Lads !
  153. conf ini differences
  154. This game is not recognised in the nvidia control panel, Need help with this!!
  155. what upgrades?
  156. Questions and Answers - Last updated 6. april - (2 unanswered)
  157. Without wishing to get flamed....
  158. Help,dose any one no what this is
  159. Fraps
  160. What are your options???
  162. Problem with Hotas Cougar/Hot Keys in Game
  163. A word to all you unhappy CoD folks...
  164. LAN Connection
  165. Joystick not recognized
  166. Sidewinder controler question
  168. How do you get x52 saitek to work?
  169. It's a conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  170. Where to buy from? Thoughts?
  171. A weird bug
  172. Steam downloads.
  173. microsoft sidewinder precision pro-usb
  174. Drama...
  175. Anyone having this prob ?
  176. And why, why, why....?
  177. Hardware upgrade advice
  178. X65F profile
  179. What buttons have you folks mapped to your hotas?
  180. Just tryed the camagne
  181. ' Hot Fix '?
  182. Sound
  183. will it run OK on i5-670 + 6gb ram + ati 5770 (1 gb vram), or wait for patches ?
  184. Keys wont work etc
  185. Solution to 'will my pc run this' threads
  186. TripleHead2Go?
  187. 4th April progress report
  188. Campaign start - CoD
  189. steam download version
  190. Hey all:) Need some help with Joystick etc.
  191. Map information
  192. A big thank you!
  193. It is impossible!!!
  194. Game plays then reboots my PC
  195. Joystick not recognized
  196. everything OK but when fly no picture
  197. game won't run
  198. Beautiful game, works flawlessly
  199. Trim on a slider? Bah!
  200. My game won't run....
  201. Sounds?
  202. retro from directx 11;how?
  203. to HDMI or not to HDMI
  204. This is how a Spitfire should sound like...
  205. Campaign Battle Failure
  206. Try disabling items in your MSCONFIG for performance
  207. should i buy the game now or wait?
  208. 35-50 FPS and still lagging -WHY?
  209. Comments, by those actually playing.
  210. Swap German COD Collectors Edition for English one?
  211. Engine Start in Campaign
  212. any skins sites up yet
  213. Landscape Clour
  214. Just to let anyone who is interested know,
  215. Loadouts not saving
  216. frame rate information text
  217. patch.. I bet that wont make it better.
  218. Feedback – Hamburger concept
  219. Il2 - Release Date Conflict??
  220. Boxed version - Steam?
  221. Help for New Pilots
  222. Anyone still waiting for boxed version in the UK?
  223. Terrain and building optimization how/why so hard?
  224. Re Modeling of the He 111 in COD
  225. The problem with IL2: CoD
  226. Activation Limit: Thanks a Bunch UBI!
  227. What's the aircraft draw distance like?
  228. Assistance Appreciated
  229. Any plans for a proper Quick Mission Builder?
  230. Do you have to us Steam & dedicated server
  231. I thought patch was out today April 6th??
  232. Hard Copy not available?
  233. Black Box Issue, please help
  234. Good performance on my rig
  235. Refund
  236. So what is it UBI is doing for COD? avail for 1 week- still can't buy
  237. A suggestion for a good game
  238. Steam updates.
  239. Ok. I bought it.
  240. Beta patch live
  241. You are no longer allowed to be critical of the game on the 1C Maddox forum
  242. whats the best-cheapest graphic card i could buy for this game?
  243. fps INFORMATION
  244. Humans, Gunners, Drivers
  245. Have you hugged your Steam today..
  246. Steam refund! Yay!
  247. OK I am back...
  248. problems with il2
  249. Su-26?
  250. What is "The Heartbreaker" plane?