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  7. Hopefully Ubisoft markets this game properly
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  11. So how is this game?
  12. Bored, decided to put myself into No More Heroes :\
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  15. Suda 51 please make versus fighting game based off of No More Heroes !
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  18. No More Heroes...no more awesome manual
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  20. American No More Heroes Manual Is A Black & White Disappointment
  21. how are the American sales doing so far?
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  25. An Open Letter to UbiSoft
  26. Page 3 of the Comic (Technically, JP Manual)
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  30. Dear Mr. Suda 51.
  31. Anyone Beat It On Bitter?
  32. Funny that.
  33. trading cards.....
  34. The "darkstep" technique
  35. Plans To Sell NHM T-Shirts In US?
  36. Freezing
  37. How about a "love making" mini-game ?
  38. artwork on trading cards
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  40. Please Reveal The Dark Past
  41. Another good game.
  42. Pure White Love Bizarre Jelly
  43. Level 3
  44. Thanks for ruining a great game.
  45. Suda Will you ever release silver case or fsr in north america
  46. is that a shuriken around helter skelters neck
  47. the first trailer for no more heroes with helter skelter
  48. if anyone could tell me whats around helter skelters neck?
  49. helter skelter??????
  50. No blood? What were they thinking...
  51. Can't Read disk
  52. No More Heroes assassin theme songs.
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  55. NMH Story Continues Through New Music Album
  56. No More Heroes inspired short film
  57. Im sowy ubi
  58. My Story Behind The Sequel To No More Heroes.
  59. Dead board is dead. No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle.
  60. no more heroes death blow
  61. Lol this happen to anyone else?
  63. Favorite Assasin?
  64. Travis
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  66. How Delete A Profile?
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  68. Bad Girls' bat
  69. No More Heros 2 For 360
  70. Dee Bradely Baker facts!!!
  71. travis and beam katana
  72. Hardest Assassin boss?
  73. No More Heroes 2 Media
  74. So since this is getting a PS3/360 port, can it go on PC too?
  75. Travis looks different
  76. UK release date?
  77. No More Heroes 2 will be censored in Europe?
  78. Henry Might die in NMH2?
  79. Official European release date... When?
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  82. So any REAL promotion for this game?
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  84. The accidental Travis Touchdown cosplay
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  87. Sir Henry---
  88. No More Heroes 2 Fanart!
  89. No More Heroes 3 not on Wii?
  90. I don't care what Suda51 says
  91. So, what's the best way to beat New Destroy man in bitter?
  92. Give us the F'ING RELEASE DATE!
  93. 8bit games are ok, but
  95. No More Heroes 2 loose ends
  96. No More Hero(1&2) alternative story
  97. Anyone beat NMH2 on Bitter? (Question regarding a rumor)
  98. The problems with this game
  99. What's the best way to take down Pizza Batt on Bitter?
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  103. might have to give up....
  104. We loved NMH2
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  106. I'm late to the show.
  107. Who's bright idea was it to make Europe wait half a year?
  108. Please make No More Heroes:Paradise for the Xbox 360 region free!
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  110. Xbox 360 or Wii?
  111. Problems with wrestling moves in No More Heroes
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