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  1. Play with me, add on Uplay friend list
  2. is there anyone playing tom clancy splinter cell conviction now?
  3. xbox one control, does not work right on the convition.
  4. Help - Rewards and challenges with problems!
  5. Cant Run Game / Win10
  6. My VR ZVEZDA and SCAR-H Club Rewards are still locked
  7. My Tunngle is now set up; how do you play Co-Op?
  8. ANNOUNCEMENT: Splinter Cell: Conviction Multiplayer and Rewards Dropped
  9. BUG : Shaking objetcs affects the gameplay
  10. Remaster splinter cell conviction, please! anyone agree?
  11. Club Challenges not registering
  12. Does Conviction still require always-online drm?
  13. Help!
  14. Uplay points not added for Club Challenge?
  15. No DLC-Content ingame
  16. ATTENTION: VR ZVEZDA, SCAR-H and Club Challenges Are Working
  17. Are the servers still available in this game?
  18. SC Conviction : Coop anyone?
  19. Dear UBISOFT,
  20. Splinter Cell Conviction 3E HQ map
  21. Looking for a partner, call me. Cerchi un partner, mi hai trovato