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  1. Forum Rules
  2. Solo/Practice mode
  3. Camera should "follow" the Player and not be "static"
  4. Ball Cam? (Similar to Rocket League)
  5. Overtime is inconsistent/unclear
  6. Shooting Arrows and physics
  7. Can't dodge without the ball?
  8. Tackling can be overused.
  9. PC Controls?
  10. Bigger Maps, Faster Skaters
  11. left/right inverts for player control
  12. Assists give no rewards
  13. Communication
  14. Point limit per game
  15. Add a second goal to improve making laps
  16. Off start positions and ball spawn
  17. Cooldown on Dodging
  18. consider lowering the system requirements.
  19. Massive lag (+ music)
  20. Controls for PC?
  21. Penalties for post goal tackles and targeting
  22. Free Camera Photography / Cinematic Mode?
  23. Turning Controls
  24. Passes
  25. This game has so much potential
  26. Double tackle
  27. tackle camping needs be fix asap
  28. Feedback + 1 Idea
  29. Wrong way indicator
  30. Can we get scoring effect from trailer?
  31. Ideas/concepts (Ubisoft read me plz)
  32. A lot of potential, but the core game must be equilibrated
  33. Servers!
  34. Observations so far
  35. Some Suggestions :D
  36. Lap confusion, Timer, and Music
  37. Question/Request
  38. Has potential
  39. Feedback | [3-4 hours]
  40. Nintendo Pro Controller
  41. My toughs and what needs to be changed/added
  42. Feedback!
  43. Make the tutorial interactive
  44. A couple of suggestions
  45. Turning Player needs fix
  46. Body checks - Passes - dodges
  47. What I think should be added to the game
  48. Some thoughts
  49. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (and some suggestions!)
  50. Feedback and Wishlist Changes Thread.
  51. my thoughts so far
  52. My observations and suggestions
  53. My thoughts on the game so far.
  54. After 1hr of Game Play.
  55. Emotes and quick chat should change places
  56. more customization for graphics
  57. Mega-thread
  58. Improvements that need to be made
  59. Some feedback
  60. Ballphysics/Aiming/Tackling/Jumping - Quick feedback&suggestions
  61. Friendly bots constantly get in the way
  62. Input from an Inline Skater
  63. After several hours of gameplay - fixes and suggestions
  64. Loving this game.
  65. after reaching 3000 fans.... (same team collision, speed building/ drafting..etc)
  66. Some General Feedback from a Rocket league Fanatic
  67. No PC controls WTF !?
  68. Balancing issue
  69. my suggestions
  70. On intuitiveness and other things
  71. Make players unable to sit in the goal.
  72. This game is amazing and it isn't even near its full potential
  73. My feedback thus far
  74. My biggest problems with the game
  75. Private Game and SPECTATOR MODE PLS
  76. Aim reticle should not be white.
  77. Scoring and reverse direction intended?
  78. Ball Drop
  79. Change goal
  80. The camera is by far the worst thing right next to controls
  81. Aim cannot be cancelled
  82. Teammate visibility, Dodge/Tackle, Arena hit boxes
  83. My bad game experience
  84. My Feedback so far
  85. Please add songs in a game, skip action, and i found a bug
  86. A Few tibbits of gameplay/balencing/ and expected features
  87. What I would change.
  88. Buy IELTS and TOEFL Online Buy passport online
  89. Black Screen. HELP!
  90. Roller Champions feedback - 3000+fans, 20hrs+ of experience
  91. Minor feedback
  92. Good and Major Changes (I think)
  93. Broken Meta
  94. Some feedback from guys in the Topranks (most >3000 mmr, tops at >4000)
  95. Suggestions for dodging/tackling
  96. New Abilities or classes And a New Goal suggestions
  97. My changes and improvements
  98. Feedback from a casual player
  99. Suggestion: Stamina Meter For Dodging
  100. 4 vs 4 bug
  101. Suggestions & Feedback
  102. Increase Sensitivity
  103. My suggestions
  104. Fix the turn in the direction of a clockwise
  105. Fun game, needs work to be competitive
  106. My suggestions +10hrs
  107. Some suggestions from my perspective...
  108. Suggestions
  109. Button to Stop Searching Would Be Nice If Faster
  110. Stop spamming the pass button, and run a block.
  111. Suggestions
  112. Invert horizontal camera as well.
  113. Juke is Op
  114. Remove dodging and force passing
  115. You can stand in the goal while your teammates build meter.
  116. My little Feedback/Suggestions after some hours of play
  117. We should be able to get through the allies.
  118. How about a pure racing mode?
  119. Throw players, Tackle protection & more
  120. About being a new player...
  121. Awesome game but needs improvements and fixes.
  122. Thanks for the early access UBI, and here are some suggestions
  123. Don't Add Stam to Dodging, Just make it physics based....
  124. Faster gameplay in general and game performance
  125. Matchmaking
  126. I loved 3000, But here some suggestion to make the game better
  127. Someone found a way to block the goal
  128. Addition to the camera settings
  129. Honnor system
  130. Some hopefully useful feedback from a fan
  131. My suggestions
  132. Music that won't get muted/flagged. Physics adjustments. Game modes. Emotes/callouts.
  133. The game crashed after the inicial cutscene.
  134. Controls are Janky
  135. In game messages
  136. More Control/ More Mechanics
  137. Great game, but a few things need to be fixed
  138. Very entertaining game, but there is one small thing needs to be fixed
  139. Thoughts and suggestions
  140. Some feedback with My Friend Greez. (with a dot)
  141. My experience and feedback
  142. WOOW just woow !!
  143. I love it! Cant wait for the full version!
  144. Sigle player mode
  145. Amazing
  146. Feedback on the demo
  147. Blocking and Dodging
  148. Experience, feedback and suggestion
  149. Roller Champions Feedback
  150. Roller Champions dodge system
  151. Feedback & Suggestions
  152. Feedback after playing the demo.
  153. Feedback for the 3,000 fan club
  154. Haven't been this HYPE! for a game in a while, here's what I'd change :)
  155. roller champions
  156. Features I'd like to see in the release version
  157. Leaving feedback and a bug or 2. Keep up the good work.
  158. Feedback and ideas
  159. My feedback after 4 days of fun (as an esport fan)
  160. A few things I noticed while playing this awesome game
  161. Amazing Game
  162. Suggestion & Feedback
  163. Suggestions for map
  164. My feelings
  165. My ideas
  166. Fantastic Game and with Potential
  167. Great Potential!! Feedback-- First thoughts in my head
  168. Slightly smaller goals, scoring equal to number of individual laps.
  169. Game Expired.
  170. short feedback
  171. Suggestions & Feedback from an Esport player.
  172. Some thoughts and a bug I found
  173. tutorial mode in the next alpha/beta?
  174. Few Thoughts...
  175. Feedback
  176. Feedback on the alpha and suggestions (More than 10 hours of play)
  177. Alpha Opinion and Feedback (#8 Global, over 300 matches played)
  178. 20 Hours, 3,900 MMR, Thoughts and Feedback
  179. Game Play and Quality Suggestion
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