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  1. TU4 Known Issues
  2. Error MIKE-01
  3. Apparel/Dye Drops Not Dropping
  4. PTS Bug: Can not equip any loadouts (visual evidence inside)
  5. PTS Bug: Specialization sidearms have incorrect damage values(picture proof)
  6. Bug in PTS and LIVE can not equip loadout
  7. Can not pick up special ammo with Demo so far
  8. New Specialization Unlocked?
  9. To unlock you have to capture specific control points
  10. PTS Requires not colored
  11. Shocking Roach
  12. Still getting Error Echo-2 on log in attempts
  13. Shield Splinterer Missing Texture
  14. Don't forget to fix this please
  15. Demolitionist ammo -- can't pick any up
  16. Post-match stats are broken
  17. Gunner unlock -- doing stuff, but it's not showing up in the BoO
  18. GUNNER still not unlock even after maintenance!?
  19. Signature Ammo Visual bug
  20. PTS BUG : Major lag happend
  21. [BUG] Signature ammo marker stays on the floor after picking it up
  22. Not able to obtain specialization ammo
  23. Gunner Specialization Field Research Group sharing inconsistencies
  24. Specialization sidearms problem
  25. connection problem
  26. Delta-01
  27. BUG-sig ammo for DEMO SPEC
  28. BUG - Demeter Quick-Stash appearance
  29. Banshee Pulse Directional Transmitter mod has no effect
  30. Band Dance Emote's Baton is missing
  31. Bug: Filling the special ammo bar gives no ammo(videos)
  32. Gunner Spec, Special Ammo unable to be picked up. No ammo in Minigun
  33. [Bug] Cluster Seeker explosions/destructs count towards specialist ammo kill bar
  34. Echo-2 Error fixed by a forum user - Thanks Catsuperhighway
  35. Field Research: Gunner Tier 2 Reward
  36. Special ammo doesn't always drop after bar fills
  37. Specialization pistol deal little damage
  38. Bug with blueprints Possibly?
  39. Can't pick up Gunner special ammo
  40. Minigun Bug
  41. Jefferson Plaza Invaded last boss doesnt show
  42. Roosevelt Island no title
  43. Jefferson Plaza will not spawn next phase for secure the plaza
  44. dark zone xp lost without a reason
  45. [BUG] jefferson plaza softlocks in multiple instances (with video)
  46. Gunner Loot Issue
  47. Bug-Unreachable npc
  48. The "Holster Intel: Go West, Young Agent..." can be purchased repeatedly from Inaya
  49. Sonic speed drones
  50. bug mission siege de l'administration spatial
  51. Bug: Healing Mods on Restorer Hive doesn't increase healing received by team mates
  52. BUG: no way to get special ammo
  53. Issues found with the menu updates (TU4) and other PTS bugs
  54. minigun bug take a ammunition
  55. error display entry sewer
  56. Sound Output Level is too low after Update 4.0
  57. preciso de ajuda. meu game nao abre so fica na tela preta
  58. Error in exchange of compositions
  59. Incessant
  60. Tecnical support reply
  61. Brand new purchase -- Division 2 PS4 -- MIKE-01
  62. TU4 Phase 1 Bug report.
  63. Push to Talk
  64. PTS Bug: Still can't get special ammo after todays patch
  65. PTS version start up is slow again [PC]
  66. Can I stream the PTS with TU4?
  67. 2 new issues
  68. Merciless Nerf - Intended?
  69. I'm pretty sure measured isn't working with allegro.
  70. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online Buy driver's license online
  71. Healer Seeker mines
  72. Full Deck Distinction bug
  73. PTS uninstall
  74. Uplay Shop button missing!!!!!!!!!!
  75. Nemesis part is in inventory but crafting table says I am missing it.
  76. Ubisoft store will not let you use your ubisoft discount on the game.