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  1. Hive healing mods bugged?
  2. Really confused about gear score at this point
  3. Glitching while gaming
  4. Bombadier drone - pathing issue?
  5. Logging in?
  6. Game completely bugged after last maintenance
  7. Can't progress on Capitol Building Fortress
  8. New Commendations Not Opening - Bugged?!
  9. Gamebreaking invaded mission blueprint glitch for the liberty exotic pistol
  10. Cannot Recalibrate Attribute on Kneepads
  11. Black screen
  12. Division 2 issues
  13. Raid server sync is way off
  14. Year 1 pass Tom Clancy the Divison2
  15. LMG Damage stat rediced when selected plus other issues.
  16. Orange crates not dropping dyes
  17. Cannot delete clan invites
  18. Still losing controller vibration
  19. Mask needs fixing
  20. Whitehouse vendors not appearing and other issues
  21. Little issues
  22. Persistent notification “New Skill unlock available at the Base of Operations”
  23. Freezing and mission notications
  24. Clan Bandana
  25. Exotic blueprints upgrades not showing at White House
  26. Full Deck Distinction
  27. Screen goes black after title screen. Unplayable
  28. new item looting
  29. Extremely buggy A.I
  30. Unable to cut rope...
  31. Audio bug
  32. Hard Wired Prototype Project - Hard Wired Tech not dropping
  33. Not getting anymore crafting blueprints
  34. BUG: Historic District Attack
  35. Specter Mask not working
  36. Overlap talent not activating
  37. Compensated still doesn't activate
  38. revive hive now take for ever why do you do this
  39. Season Pass and none of he perks
  40. blueprint missing - P416 G3
  41. Bravo-09
  42. First week raid patch not awarded?
  43. Modified gear
  44. Multiple bugs, video and photo evidence
  45. kill 5 named in wast end
  46. Delta Conflict
  47. missing exotic weapon......nemesis
  48. Hard Wire Crafting issue
  49. Gear dye not dropping
  50. PICK LOOT as junk with the R stick gone!?!?!
  51. Skills assigned to LB not working on Xbox One, pls help!
  52. No one is replying to me
  53. Signature ammo just disappears
  54. Invisible weapons
  55. Ivory Key Bug
  56. delta 4
  57. [Xbox] Blacksmith holster talent doesn't work in PVP
  58. Game screen to wide for T.V
  59. Armor on kill not working?
  60. Lullaby Exotic Upgrade
  61. No blueprints
  62. Conflict: unable to move after dying in riot foam
  63. Classified assignments have gone
  64. Still missing the first week raid clear patch
  65. Still havent received the teddy bear backpack from my preorder
  66. Bombardier Drone target area moving after activation
  67. Clutch gloves do not work with assault rifles.
  68. No week one raid completion arm patch
  69. Unplayable
  70. No replayable Invaded missions on World Tier 5
  71. Lullaby lvl 1
  72. Long loading time
  73. Invaded missions
  74. No gear dyes... ever.
  75. Week 1 completion arm patch for raid not received
  76. Completed project didn’t get rewards
  77. Freezing on fast travel
  78. Visual glitch
  79. Armor Glitch Exploit Abused Gamertag : Boons
  80. Bug spécialisation démolisseur
  81. Loading screen
  82. Long or infinite loading screens.
  83. [Bug] Aces and Eights stop due to EMP jammer and grenades
  84. No blueprints from blueprint vendor
  85. All named enemies not spawning Lincoln memorial
  86. Federal Emergency Bunker Bug.
  87. Weapon damage randomly changing
  88. Still can't meet the division coordinator/meet the president
  89. Screen has loading issues
  90. Doors not opening during bounties
  91. I received too much skills points
  92. Chatterbox not dropping!!
  93. Distance indicator not working
  94. Huge DPS drop - Fast firing weapons
  95. Can’t upgrade Lullaby
  96. Foggy Bottom, Territory Control and Resource Convoy
  97. Eagle Bearer Disappeared
  98. Glitch or bug
  99. Mission Difficulty select
  100. Invincible Backpacks and Full Deck Distinction Commendation BUG
  101. Seeker mines targeting explosive canisters?
  102. Close&personal not working?
  103. Assault Skateboard Bug
  104. Facebook Messenger Echo Issue!!
  105. Deltas
  106. lullaby upgrade to 500
  107. When is Division 2 going to be Fixed
  108. True patriot mask still small after the 3.1 update
  109. Grand washington hotel small visual glitch
  110. Xbox Completion Time Dark Hours Raid: error
  111. Game crashes
  112. Gear System Mods won't deconstruct - Help
  113. Can’t change difficulty on Jefferson Plaza
  114. Couple of bugs (snitch cards, talents, shooting range)
  115. Lincoln Memorial
  116. Check the video. Happened this evening.
  117. Hive healing mod broken
  118. Snitch Cards stuck at 51 of 52
  119. Crash/Freeze during rez
  120. Son Accidentally deleted my character
  121. Splash screen -> Black screen
  122. Enemy foam bug
  123. Xbox Game Sharing not working for season pass/extras
  124. Gear dye mis-coloring
  125. District Union Arena Stronghold Bug - Xbox One Solo Hard
  126. Fedewral Emergency BunkerMission bugged
  127. Hydden Hotel Check In at the Metro
  128. Blueberry The Bear Commendation Needs Better Description
  129. Dark Hours Apparel Cache Keys
  130. AI still twitchy/erratic
  131. Aim sights going in/out while holding down "left trigger" button
  132. Buy passport online Buy identity card online Buy driving lic
  133. Can’t recalibrate same attribute
  134. Apparel Items not dropping in open world
  135. Massive lags !!
  136. Floating guns and backpack items
  137. Merciless detonator round
  138. Lullaby Gearscore Upgrade not possible
  139. Bullet registration
  140. Connection issues all night
  141. Control point stuck in White
  142. Nemesis part is in inventory but crafting table says I am missing it.
  143. Raid completions not showing on leaderboard
  144. NPC erratic behavior
  145. Seeker mines not going to targets
  146. Commendation Fixes?
  147. Kendra blueprint bugged
  148. Xbox One version of Division 2 is darker than other versions
  149. Lost All Controls As Crafting Bench Glitched
  150. % Armor/Health can't be rolled on items acquired prior to TU3
  151. Xbox Raid Worlds First Team. Wrong Names in White house.
  152. Game frequently crashes while scoping TU4
  153. Blue(armor %, hp % and hzd protection %) can't be put on "old" gear
  154. Grenade bug
  155. All my Characters lost their weapon skins and the 2 year 1 pass backpack trophys
  156. Clan xp reset
  157. holster dodge city under score
  158. Can't Change Load Out
  159. Grenades
  160. Delayed hit registration
  161. SHD Tech and Side Mission Glitch
  162. T.U.4 new bug report
  163. Grenade bug
  164. Elevator Not Working in classified assignment
  165. Why am I missing skill mods?
  166. Unable to pick up Specialized Ammo
  167. Gunner specialization quest steps broken- Blocks progression 100% and is gamebreaking
  168. Loadouts
  169. Exotic holster on xbox
  170. Special field assignment
  171. Title Update 4 Bugs that are killing the game
  172. Can't progress unlocking the Gunner specialist
  173. TU4 Darker than intended at night
  174. Field specialization objective - MMR Public Executions
  175. TU4 Bug: Demolition Special Ammo Could Not Be Picked Up
  176. Control Point Officer Resource donations bugged
  177. Xbox Raid Portrait - Wrong Names
  178. Skill Animation Issue
  179. Generic mods can’t be removed from inventory
  180. My thoughts on skill builds...
  181. Missing items after latest patch
  182. Missing items from year one pack.
  183. Can't finish showdown in high noon saloon
  184. Field research issue
  185. Reviver Hive made worse
  186. 30 foam kills.
  187. Specialisation pistols
  188. Warhound Convoy - nothing to secure
  189. Delta-04 Error Every Time I Matchmake
  190. Flavor Dialog Not Playing for Missions
  191. Flavor Dialog Not Playing for Missions
  192. Missing Outcast control Points or am i doing something wrong?
  193. Unable to pick up special ammo
  194. Damage bug?
  195. Game locked at 30 FPS?
  196. Xbox dvr recording problem
  197. More issues after patch "fix"
  198. Mods inventory total not displaying properly.
  199. Specialization ammo sound
  200. All blueprints have gone
  201. Graphical error on skin
  202. Normalization
  203. Disappearing Stats
  204. Not getting raid completions on leaderboard
  205. Recalibration bug
  206. RAID Specialization Glitch... Exposed!
  207. Another example of shots not registering PVP/PVE
  208. bugs/performance issues/crashes
  209. White House: Cannot open door of "Speak To Manny Ortega"
  210. Unable to fire or interact in grand washington hotel invaded
  211. Foxtrot-01 error!!!
  212. Compact Coupled Small Laser Pointer and P320 XCompact
  213. Nemesis cuaseing game to lock up.
  214. Bounties Now Yield Purple Loots???
  215. Vendor Has No item to Sell - Theater
  216. Did not receive project completion blueprint
  217. Fox Trout 1 & Echo 01
  218. Lullaby Upgrade Gear Score Glitched
  219. Cannot start classified assignment
  220. Multiple bugs, video and photo evidence
  221. World Tier 5 Molds blueprint crafting bench upgrade
  222. Dark Zones Re-Locked after level 30 but I'm already DZ level 50
  223. The weapon icon for The Virginian - 1886 is still broken/missing after TU4
  224. Disorient glitch Grand Washington Hotel
  225. Continuous heartbeat sound
  226. Bounty Tracking
  227. Recalibration Capping
  228. Revive hive didnt proc while having Minigun out
  229. Nemesis crashes, is this gun even safe to use
  230. Space Admin HQ - Progression Blocked
  231. On-Empty weapon talent not working
  232. All exotics in inventory dissappeared.
  233. Servers Broke- Gonna just log out till it’s fixed
  234. Bugs: The night is too dark on Xbox one X
  235. Raid/conflict load times, deltas and eternal connecting to servers
  236. Re-activate SHD network Bug
  237. How would someone delete sent clan invites?
  238. So we don't care about cheaters then?
  239. Freeze and Crash in Scoping with Marksman Rifle
  240. Gunslinger Holster
  241. More bugs, video evidence provided
  242. Lost Progress on Gunner Field Research - Stage 05-Light Gunnery
  243. Again delta 03
  244. No New Weekly Project for the Campus (2nd week in a row)
  245. Having a nightmare trying to redeem new apparel via twitch
  246. Damage Dealt/Team Damage Numbers Seem Way Off (doesn't happen every time)
  247. Bug: Campus Weekly shows completed after reset
  248. Theater project wont reset and Dayly Project dont gives blue prints.
  249. missing wire scavengers quest giver bugged
  250. Crafting bench bug