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  1. Money wasted
  2. Low texture quality on X1X
  3. Need Fix: Broken Goal Project Hard Wire Prototype
  4. Crit chance is not adding to my stat sheet
  5. Rooted Talent Bug
  6. Issues on Xbox One since latest patch: Safehouse doors, unlootable containers, etc.
  7. Crafting bench bugged
  8. Final Epiphany Safe House locked
  9. exclamation marks never go away
  10. Game is currently unplayable
  11. invisible npc's and group
  12. odea tech office quest breaking glitch. Also logs me out if I try for too long.
  13. Bugs this weekend with Division 2
  14. Still not getting specialist ammo! Help me Massive please!!!
  15. Ubisoft/massive will the music be fixed ?
  16. Hunters.
  17. I can't move! and then you die.
  18. District Union Arena
  19. Cant leave safe house???
  20. Factions changing during open world missions
  21. Game Breaking Bug need a fix ASAP (Crafting station)
  22. Crouch Crash
  23. This Game is UNPLAYABLE
  24. Game instability/unplayable
  25. Cant open some doors and weapon caches
  26. Can't upgrade exotics
  27. Can't Capture Metro Ruins XB1
  28. Cant leave safe house and open doors in missions
  29. Doing a console cold reboot fixes doors not opening and the safe house glitch.
  30. Maybe this will help some of you (Cache Dump proc)
  31. Hard Wire project glitched
  32. Bad activation code
  33. Missing campus patrol - campus settlement side mission
  34. Can not progress in game... Will not let me out of base.....
  35. Matmaking horrendous wait times !
  36. broken daily project
  37. Freeroam rubberbanding bug
  38. Possible to have a glitched map?
  39. Special ammo glitch?
  40. I am still not getting ANY special ammo dropped anywhere
  41. Clipping through the map
  42. List of issues.....
  43. Still Stuck.
  44. Possible fix for safe house/ weapon crates issues and more
  45. Game broken. Can't loot, can't leave safehouses, can't complete missions!!!
  46. Got stuck, couldn't move ina mission
  47. Duplicate weekly project.
  48. disappearing gear materials and can't get more
  49. Hard Wired K-Component NOT dropping.
  50. Game Is Really Broken ATM!
  51. Allied "super soldiers" at control point
  52. Level 3 control point not giving me a blueprint
  53. Commendations
  54. Biologoy Laboratory Access Key
  55. Jefferson trade center mission Delta_03 error
  56. Achievement not registering or accumulating
  57. seeker mines killing players
  58. Game unplayable
  59. Hunter spawn issues.....
  60. Few bugs since Tidal Basin update
  61. Upgrading a Ruthless, But took my Merciless instead.
  62. Technical Issues
  63. Unable to craft Kendra's Liberty
  64. Endless Struggle critical quest bug.
  65. Can't move after hive revive.
  66. Roosevelt teddy bear backpack item
  67. Exotic weapons not dropping
  68. Something wrong with loot drops ?
  69. Language Problem
  70. Clan store not restocking
  71. Return to theater level 13 stuck Iím level 30
  72. Stuck and can't move
  73. Hidden patch??
  74. Seeker Mine not deploying
  75. DZ Issue - Massive frame drops when nearby agent goes rogue
  76. LMG Unhinged BUG?
  77. Xbox GameDVR - Only recording 4 second clips
  78. (BUG) (XB1) Unable to Move after Dying while Ensnared
  79. Literally Canít Move
  80. Gamebreaking: Roosevelt Island - Invaded can not be completed
  81. Notification icons always on
  82. Specialist ammo disappearing
  83. [BUG?] Hard Wired Goal Project
  84. Named enemy unaffected by weak point effect
  85. the talent in the latter does not work
  86. Why only open beta rewards
  87. Currupted tunnel room
  88. Matchmaking problems!!
  89. Conflict bug queuing group members
  90. UBI-DEV-GODS please answer me. just a yes or no
  91. Can not upgrade 459 lullaby to 500 lullaby. Crafting conditions not met bug?
  92. No new weekly projects with blueprints
  93. game is freezing
  94. Exotics lost
  95. Unable to revive others or fire weapons in missions, and Delta error
  96. Will Worksite Community ever get fixed?
  97. Missing Nemisis barrel.
  98. Character stuck and cannot move
  99. Sound issues
  100. Unable to switch loadouts
  101. Game Breaking Time Waster
  102. Chatterbox BP Not Dropping
  103. Entry to dz
  104. Hard Wired Components Gone
  105. Outside Playable area glitch
  106. Doorway Glitch - showed up after 1st big patch
  107. Golan, Ceska Vyrobra ,Grupo Sombra gear not dropping
  108. Unable to pick up Signature Ammo
  109. XB1: Worksite community bugged will not start URGENT
  110. Consistent and progressively worse frame rate drops
  111. Issue with Gatehouse Facility Completion
  112. Exotic sniper is gone
  113. Weapons not firing or doing damage, unable to pickup loot
  114. Seeker mender mine
  115. [BUG] Nemesis Blueprint Not Dropping. All components are in inventory.
  116. Commendation reward issue.
  117. Div2
  118. bug with loadouts
  119. Matchmaking not working
  120. Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun not upgradable
  121. headphones and mic
  122. Bounty bugs
  123. Game crashes
  124. agent edwards support at 76%
  125. Missing Hunter Masks and Poor Chat Support
  126. Screen went black
  127. Supreme Response & Distinguished Service Commendations Unjustified Reset
  128. bug with loadouts
  129. VOIP is not working for many of us still
  130. Weapons not firing consistently, unable to pickup loot
  131. BUG: risk of exploit
  132. Bad rendering issues in a tunnel room
  133. Game crashing when pressing the home button
  134. sand storm in doors??
  135. freezing when in menu at least 5x a day started last patch
  136. Sweet Dreams upgrade Blueprint not in the game
  137. Yaahl Gear Not working
  138. Double tapping bumpers to use chem launcher self heal needs a rework.
  139. Doors open but can't walk through!
  140. Ruthless: Upgrade Gear Score
  141. Player stuck in place after dying in combat. Left control stick unresponsive.
  142. Whereís my gun?
  143. Stuck in WT4
  144. Not getting rewards
  145. Enemies spawning in the ceiling
  146. Merciless to scrupulously BUG
  147. Stats page inaccurate when in loadout mode
  148. Can't hijack extraction
  149. close & personal talent not activating
  150. swarm does not revive my companions
  151. Focused activity not the same as shown on the map
  152. Can't set open group in matchmaking
  153. Anybody noticing a slight delay in gameplay, hits registering and rubberbanding enemi
  154. Australian servers matchmaking still broken!
  155. Some clips of random issues I encountered last days.
  156. Stuck in WT4
  157. Hard wired armor rolls
  158. Some issues I've run into
  159. Hive not working properly
  160. Intermittent UI bug while playing conflict
  161. glitches
  162. Please at least give an option on skills
  163. fix these 2 please
  164. Unable to Donate Replica Holster for Daily Project
  165. Side Mission - Potomac Relief Camp Unable to Complete
  166. Chatterbox disappeared
  167. Nemesis bug or has to be
  168. A day in the division 2 (bug videos)
  169. Spawning of enemy RIGHT behind your character
  170. phantom mask didn't drop
  171. Clan Vendor Bugged??
  172. have you been messing with the ammo droprates AGAIN????
  173. Bounty screen cutoff, Xbox
  174. Skills
  175. Gear mods not reflecting effect in stats page
  176. Talk to Henry Hayes Post Black Tusk Invasion
  177. Multiple bugs
  178. Return to Theater Bug
  179. Bug: Upgraded Sweet Dreams to Lullaby, Upgrade of Lullaby to 500 fails
  180. 02.05.19 Log In failures and kick outs with Alpha Bravo Mike Uniform code.
  181. Priority House Speaker Thanks won't advance, unable to progress Campus
  182. [BUG]The Division 2 - Glitched Exclamation Mark in Inventory
  183. Missing exotics
  184. Disappointed with the amount of bugs in this game
  185. Game is unplayable
  186. More notes on the glitches
  187. Ivory Keys - 7/8
  188. Game froze and wont start up
  189. Hard Wired Tech not dropping for two weeks now.
  190. Unable to change clan name, I'm a lieutenant. Game lets me type it in, but wont save
  191. Armour on kill bug
  192. Seeker mine bug
  193. Game crashes during loading and turns off Xbox
  194. Foam Bug
  195. Mod bug and Capital audio bug
  196. Ruthless Upgrade to 500 Is Still Broken
  197. can you get this project off my list
  198. Missing Sharpshooter 93R
  199. Chatterbox 500 upgrade dropped damage!
  200. Delta errors
  201. Jefferson Plaza / Captain Wilson - Major Bug!
  202. Any update on the missing ivory keys/hunter mask?
  203. Stuck in world tier 4
  204. Did not receive Commendation Cache when I hit Tier One
  205. Enemy NPCs getting stuck in spawns. Unable to complete certain events.
  206. Speak with Manny Ortega
  207. Airaldi Holdings glitch or just bad RNG?
  208. Constant crashes on Xbox One X
  209. Potomac Relief Camp side mission
  210. Level 4 Control Point Rewards Issues
  211. Nemesis - invaded capital stronghold part not dropping
  212. Warhound able to shoot me through the floor?!?
  213. Bugs
  214. Division 2 WONT Load past 10%
  215. Capitol Hill Stronghold does not say completed after fast travelling out
  216. Infinity daily challenge bounty
  217. http://getmysupplement.com/truu-keto/
  218. Few problems with screenshots
  219. Revive hive
  220. Pulse not working
  221. Find Better Server button nowhere to be seen?
  222. Orange Crates that are supposed to give you gear Dyes no longer giving dyes
  223. No Save Delta Error
  224. Recalibrate Armor Regen
  225. Bloodsucker and Unbreakable Bugged for PVE
  226. Delta-03 Error While Playing Invaded District Union Arena
  227. On the Ropes Bugged?
  228. Frequent Delta-03 errors after update.
  229. Textures
  230. Big game hunter not unlocking. Post number 3
  231. Voip Not Working
  232. Cosmetics no longer dropping since last patch
  233. Rescue the community member
  234. season pass
  235. Roosevelt Island Wonít Progress...
  236. Ubi/Massive....Bug or Intended
  237. Gold Edition Season Pass
  238. Texture lag and invisible walls.
  239. Music still broken after update...
  240. After TB3 / Rosewelt Island Bugged / no progress
  241. Missing ivory key... stuck at 7/8
  242. Equiping Berzerker build issues
  243. No upgrade blueprint for sweet dreams?
  244. Cowboy Hat Moved
  245. Why is match making broken
  246. Bug: Recharged talent.
  247. Were Generic Assault Rifle mods changed with the update?
  248. Armour on kill bug
  249. BUG: Blueprint Buying/Looting Issue (related to Control Points)
  250. Wrong picture for turret battery