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  1. Looking for 2 ppl to join my clan!!
  2. Looking for friends
  3. [XAX] Is Recruiting!
  4. [FUP] Full Pete, clan for mature players and parents
  5. clan members needed
  6. Looking for adult clan
  7. Looking for active clan
  8. Decent dps looking for clan
  9. Dragon Bn Hq
  10. Clan Recruitment - The Atlantians - ATL
  11. Knight of Good (KoG) Looking for active players.
  12. [XAX] Is Recruiting!
  13. [NA] Vicious Fossils - Clan & Xbox Live Club for adults over 30yrs old
  14. Black Knights Clan is recruiting [NA Mature]
  15. Join our Team! The Montanans - XBOX
  16. Looking for group for hunters
  17. Reaper Vanguard recruiting 18+
  18. Two friends looking for a clan to join
  19. Not So Filthy (NSF) recruiting new members!
  20. looking for group
  21. TCG Is Recruiting X1 PS4 and PC
  22. Teamwork commendations
  23. Clan recruits
  24. Indoensia Region Clan
  25. [XAX] Is Recruiting!
  26. Looking for very active xb1 clan. 510gs etc
  27. Anyone with a clan full of adults with no drama?
  28. Division (Xbox)
  29. Leveling group
  30. Clan looking for like minded players
  31. Allied Bandits Looking For Agents
  32. [XAX] Is Recruiting!
  33. Suche Freunde
  34. New clan looking for people.
  35. Looking for a group for the raid tomorrow
  36. Xbox One clan recruiting
  37. Looking for group to try out the new Raid
  38. Gear score 500+ player looking for clan and raid @ midnight EST
  39. [XBOX 1] Organized, Active, Max Level Clan Selectively Recruiting - Full Membership
  40. Looking for help w/raid
  41. Looking for a few guys to join our small group of dads
  42. [xbox one] looking for more European players
  43. 2 good players looking for raid tonight (5/16/19) 6pm central time
  44. Ghosts of death...lvl 27...older adults
  45. Anyone going to play The Raids once the servers are up?
  46. Looking for Clan members
  47. Looking for a group to do the raid with
  48. Good LFG site to find Division 2 groups for Xbox
  49. Search friends :)
  50. Lfg Dark Hours
  51. Raid group forming now
  52. Raid Run 500 only
  53. Anyone have a clan that is active on Mic's?
  54. Recruiting for New Clan: NerdRage [NRD]
  55. Matchmaking
  56. Xbox One Lvl 9 Clan Recruiting. Da Padded Room. Anyone welcome!!
  57. Looking for clan members
  58. Se busca gente para jugar raid este sabado por la noche, 10 p.m
  59. Looking to join a raid, GS 500
  60. L f g
  61. raid
  62. XBox 1 Clan for 35+ yr olds recruiting: Peace n Quiet
  63. If You Want To Join A Raid
  64. Looking to try raid
  65. CROOKSxDEN looking for more members
  66. Invite me 2 raid 497 Xbox1
  67. Clan recruiting
  68. Looking To Join a Raid clan???
  69. Agent Edwards side mission
  70. Clan
  71. WeWipe on Trash - Raiding Clan is Recruiting [NA - Adults only]
  72. [XAX] Is Recruiting!
  73. Laid back Mr. And Mrs clan looking for members
  74. XB1 Looking for raid group, im stuck on Lucy & Buddy
  75. Clan needs members [ACE] Pet Detectives
  76. Looking for an active clan to raid
  77. Rapture Gaming Wants You!
  78. Saturday night Raid (May 25th)
  79. [ISO] Isoflurane is recruiting - XBOX
  80. Looking for clan
  81. Galactic Order - Galactic Military Republic (G.R.M.) | Daily Events | Active Members
  82. Looking to join a raid or raiding clan
  83. [XAX] Is Recruiting!
  84. Looking for Raid Members
  85. xAllegiancex [xAx] is seeking agents
  86. Looking for clan members
  87. New Clan: *** "Raid Squad" *** Please look it up and join to connect to a squad!
  88. The United Kingdom Division Clan is Recruiting
  89. [XAX] Is Recruiting!
  90. Hooligansquad is looking for people who love the grind.
  91. Game Crew Network is recruiting!
  92. United Nations clan is recruiting on Xbox
  93. Join a clan with 12% of a plan.
  94. Newer player looking for a friendly clan
  95. looking for gamers to run with
  96. Xbox one clan recruiting for raid and more
  97. [XAX] Is Recruiting!
  98. KEG is recruiting
  99. Looking for active and consistent clan members
  100. Buy passport online Buy identity card online Buy driving lic
  101. Ready to raid? xAllegiancex seeking agents [xAx]
  102. Looking for a Division 2 clan to join!
  103. Semi Serious UK Based Clan Looking for members
  104. Looking for players to join.
  105. Looking For Players To Join Clan
  106. Tier 1 Reapers is recruiting [Xbox Clan]
  107. [XAX] Is Recruiting!
  108. EU Red Washington Looking for new players
  109. xAllegiancex is seeking new Agents [xAx]
  110. The Wally Gamrz Recruiting
  111. Special Task Force Unicorn is recruiting
  112. [xAx] xAllegiancex a very active community is seeking new agents
  113. [XAX] Is Recruiting!
  114. LF serious Division 2 RAID clan [EU / Xbox]