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  1. High Brightness inside Buildings
  2. Beta feedback
  3. Beta Feedback
  4. Far too many crashes
  5. Game isnít ready
  6. They are making the same mistakes again
  7. TD2 endgame bullet sponge is concerning
  8. Thoughts From BETA Play
  9. Beta issues found
  10. Soapman88s Beta Feedback
  11. Penalties on Weapon Attachments? Thoughts?
  12. Suggestion: Free To Play Multiplayer Matches
  13. I know this is not the beta forums; question about TD2 menus
  14. Assault Rifle vs. Rifle Issues- Thoughts from the BETA
  15. Private Beta - Non-zoomed Scope Option
  16. Forum Rules
  17. Stretched textures in water
  18. The Flash Gordon effect
  19. Flashing stuttering menu effects
  20. player got stuck in between sack
  21. Dear Devs: My Private Beta Opinions & feedback
  22. "Clans"
  23. Need a profanity or language filter option
  24. Ps4 bluescreens
  25. The PvP is boring
  26. [PC] Model Issues & Glitches
  27. Dark zone
  28. A compass....please.
  29. We need to talk about how bad the menu UI is...
  30. character customization
  31. Clan info and bonuses
  32. Survival
  33. Programmable rapid-fire macros
  34. Streamlining Party Mechanics
  35. Enemy A.I. Competency VS The Agent's Arsenal
  36. My feedback and errors I noticed from the Beta
  37. 無法領取獨享Beta獨特獎勵
  38. Please take our money and let us upgrade!
  39. Change the menus back to D1
  40. My Review of The Division 2
  41. Accessibility sugestions
  42. UbiMass: Any update on incorporating a FOV slider?
  43. 3 DZ all can be satisfy Suggestion!!!!
  44. [SUGGESTION] Augmented reality clones! New Skill
  45. Dev question: multiple weapon versions, why do they exist?
  46. Weapon mod perks: an unnecessary evil
  47. A New Under Ground - A semi-open world experience.
  48. Private Beta feedback
  49. Please nerf sniper Rifles in PVP
  50. Additionnal Character movements
  51. A Flashlight is needed!!!
  52. How to videos/information
  53. No survey.
  54. some of what I'm expecting to see in the open beta
  55. Being able to switch between servers
  56. Private Beta Feedback
  57. Private Beta Feedback
  58. Armor kit animation slowing us the most
  59. Beta Bugs Feedback
  60. ●pulse - jammer
  61. Add scoring to Missions and a scoreboard (and a leaderboard maybe?).
  62. Can't Post Feedback for TD2 Private beta on the Private beta forums...
  63. The game mechanics
  64. Feedback on progress
  65. Remove signature weapon from rotation
  66. Breaking out from cover
  67. For normalize DZ remove hitting T
  68. Will all of the Beta Player Feedback be considered
  69. Pre ordered and never received my Beta Code
  70. General Feedback to private beta
  71. Private beta feedback
  72. Do you like div 2 pvp
  73. Divison 2 Beta
  74. ベータ版をプレイして感じたこと
  75. A reply to jrista1979
  76. Need melee weapons
  77. Make a mix between both tom Clancy games
  78. The Division 2 Hungarian Language! Over 3000 signatures!!!
  79. The Division 2 Code of Conduct
  80. Concerned with all the bugs in The Division 2 Beta
  81. Please make font size bigger (optionally)
  82. Game Atmosphere, Music , Game Directing.
  83. [Suggestion] NEW Game Mode idea: MANHUNT
  84. Video Report of PB glitch...
  85. Statistics Window Suggestion
  86. So many noobs here...and farmers!
  87. PvP improvements Slow is not Tactical!
  88. feedback of hte beta 45hours + playing (TD1 player)
  89. Private Beta Feedback
  90. Give switch to turn on off the auto zoom for sniper rifle
  91. Please add a feature to highligt hyena patrols in the game.
  92. Focus Group Division 2 feedback
  93. Why is our feedback being hidden from us?
  94. Taking cover and movement
  95. is the devs aware of the usless +health bonus on gear ?
  96. Loved it
  97. tecnical test but forum not allowed
  98. HUD minimap vs. Pulse
  99. Feedback on The Division 2 Private Beta
  100. Can I stream Feb 21st's Technical beta?
  101. My five cents on the closed beta,
  102. Cutscene teleported me into a locked room.
  103. Add a keybind to manually switch on torch
  104. Change ammo type.
  105. Incentivize the Open Beta
  106. My feed back to Technical test
  107. After Beta and changes i think the creators should focus on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  108. Agent support calls
  109. What now? Moderator approval required.
  110. This have gone out of hand!
  111. SHD tech pickup
  112. Keybind issue for me that is basically gamebreaking.
  113. Directx 12 still crashes!!!!
  114. My Take/Impression on the Private Beta
  115. GR:FS outfit for FS holder
  116. Bugs in Technical Test
  117. Blueprints in TD2
  118. Player world invasion
  119. Heal Drones & Griefing
  120. Can anyone provide any insight?
  121. Open Beta, Tech Test...my 411, Bugs and Issues
  122. Clan: 50 people
  123. test feedback
  124. Clan Intelligence Annex
  125. Keyboard lighting issue and enemy stick in walls
  126. Why "Clans"?
  127. "Measured" weapon talent
  128. Skill mod concern
  129. Failed pre-order
  130. Melee Executions / Stealth kills
  131. Specializations and their Mods
  132. can we get the desert eagle as a new weapon?
  133. Add a way to pay proper respect to the flag in the opening scene.
  134. Why don't we have anti-grenade skills?
  135. Feature For Clans - Notification to Help Downed Agents in your Clan
  136. Comprehensive UI feedback from ETF Mike
  137. Who is in charge of typing PS4 patch notes?
  138. The DIvision 2 Preorder Gold Edition Suggestion
  139. A couple of bugs/glitches I've noticed.
  140. some feedbacks and a wish
  141. Bugs still in the Technical beta/changes that should be made
  142. Dear Devs : Please don't be ....
  143. Couple suggestions
  144. Stop kicking users out of zoom after every shot with sniper rifles, destroys the flow
  145. UI is still too small
  146. clan share
  147. About the in-game Photo Mode of The Division 2
  148. unchangeable menu keys
  149. This tracers in the scope sucks too much!
  150. Specialization perks, or talents?
  151. Key bindings and Settings
  152. Please do not carebear the endgame :(.. (Super Lengthy and no TL;DR)
  153. Lots of new game modes for The Division 2 PvE/PvP/PVPE
  154. Suggestions in the weapons and equipment menu
  155. Suggestions in the weapons and equipment menu
  156. Suggestions in the weapons and equipment menu
  157. Suggestions in the weapons and equipment menu
  158. FOV (Field of View) slider needed
  159. Scope/Aim Sensitivity
  160. Story difficulty option
  161. Backpack transmog.
  162. Should lights remain off when shot?
  163. Feature suggestion - add a ping system
  164. Key Mapping : Z key
  165. Character Transfer and other ideas
  166. Character Transfer and other ideas
  167. [SUGGESTION] Another way to extract from DZ!
  168. Interactive cutscenes
  169. Cutscenes only show part of the image
  170. keymapping
  171. Open Beta already has too many bugs!!!
  172. Bug on main mission Grand Washington Hotel
  173. Carried over minor annoyances
  174. Setting Suggestion
  175. Bug- Dark Zone East accessible without intro mission
  176. [Performance Issue] Models and texture
  177. a few things
  178. The NPC's are to squishy
  179. Improve more the graphics of The Division 2
  180. Launch Error
  181. micro stutter, fog density, light problem, and error when quiting the game
  182. Anti-Cheat and Aura Sync
  183. game causes 100%hdd usage where the system is located
  184. Audio distorsion with Dolby Atmos for headset turned on
  185. Running Animation feels a bit slow.
  186. I can not run the game
  187. CONSTANT Delta-04 when selecting an end game build
  188. Launch issue
  189. The Sound-Bugs are still an issue....
  190. Awful optimisation and crashing
  191. Games launches to a black screen
  192. The UI...it SUCK
  193. Mission bug
  194. DZ East Recon Mission BROKEN
  195. Open Beta - Stuck at Connecting Screen Forever
  196. More Bugs as the Close Beta
  197. Some Bugs - Open Beta
  198. CTD, Delta-03s and game breaking desync
  199. field of view full
  200. Skills usuage option
  201. Opservation Display issues
  202. Can run the Game / BUG / Open Beta
  203. Division 2, a Division 1 but in D.C?
  204. Bugs and Problems I see
  205. Exit button in ESC Menue
  206. dual shock controllers a no-go :(
  207. Division 2 Beta Notes
  208. issue with voice chat
  209. Severe input lag on public beta !!!
  210. Can't assign perks
  211. Quitting the game takes so long
  212. A few bug on a mission
  213. Cannot go through White House
  214. Crafting item exits the crafting menu
  215. direct X 12
  216. Explain this? Either a cheat or somethings very wrong..
  217. Auto Run option for players using controller - PLEASE
  218. Loading screens and answering agent's calls
  219. Ps4 - Visual error at the Demolition site
  220. Please make it possible to rebind the deconstruction on the fly button
  221. Game problems - Xbox One
  222. Add Logitech keyboard support back in.
  223. Remove double clicking.
  224. Chat not working (PC)
  225. Rebalancing weapons
  226. Glitching through stuff
  227. Game Crashes/instability
  228. Open Beta Easy Mode
  229. Can't play endgame, crashes on load every time
  230. Sound Bug
  231. Memory Leak [earlier beta > open beta]
  232. Conflict crashes
  233. Seeker Mine Doesnít Always Seek on PS4
  234. Sound Cuts In and Out on PS4
  235. Trying to climb or hurdle items in the Alley on PS4
  236. Square button sometimes shoots your gun on PS4
  237. Canít Deconstruct Mulitple Items Flagged as Trash on PS4
  238. -- amd fx 8350 --
  239. Keyboard Bindings
  240. Coop scaling
  241. Game froze then quit
  242. Bookcase
  243. [Bug] Character Stuck On Environmental Feature & ISAC Message Spam + Feedback
  244. Stuck with destroyed barricade
  245. Field of Vision Too Narrow
  246. Loads Of Issues
  247. wireless headset
  248. BUG - Spawning at the Theater - White Screen
  249. Issues with discord
  250. [BUG REPORT] Textures not loading and character freeze