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  1. Escaping the Dahaka at tower
  2. Mechanical Pit-Past
  3. Stuck in accessing 2nd tower
  4. Stuck on Scarfield Altra ( fate Dark Hand Past )
  5. Question...
  6. Dahaka
  7. still stuck...
  8. Stuck at the Ruined Fortress
  9. iam realy stuck
  11. Stuck as a Wraith (or whatever that's called)
  12. .....one word
  13. How to get those Vampires of my neck
  14. Need help in trapeze room
  16. 2nd Dahaka encounter
  17. Don' know how to get to water tower
  18. how to get to towers?
  19. Can youp lease tell me how to get to the Second Tower? I'm clueless!
  20. Reach the Hourglass Chamber - Where do i go ??
  21. beware possible spoiler
  22. ropes over pit with saws
  23. Help Stuck before garden
  24. Question about the second ending (NO SPOILERS PLEASE!)
  25. HELP! can't rewind time in GameCube
  26. Just wondering.....
  27. Is this a glitch?
  28. Stuck at Ruined fortress (past) PLEASE HELP
  29. Prince of Persia Attack
  30. Utterly Stuck (spoilers, near the end)
  31. The power vaults...
  32. ok, I give up, I need help.
  33. The power vaults...
  34. I could use some help please...
  35. Help Please!!!!
  36. Defeating the empress
  38. Stuck in the Garden Present, Help Please.
  39. Need help desperatly
  40. Need Help, and lots of it
  41. Locations of special stuff
  42. How do I activate the garden tower?
  43. i hate the daha ka he is a b****h and plzz help
  45. stuck in mission: return to throne room (past)
  46. need help stuck in clock tower
  47. Ending confusion (spoilers)
  48. Help after empress and escape from island
  49. Help I'm lost!!
  50. Major Glitch Found
  51. Central Room: I'm stuck
  52. secret
  53. yo guys im major stuck
  54. Return to the Throne Room (Past) Please Help
  55. prince picks up second weapon " blinking weapon frame in red"
  56. I'm all backwards i think, so confused.
  57. The Mystery Sword
  58. Stuck in mission " A Throne and a Mask"
  59. I need help plz im confused
  60. Need Help W/ Life Uprgrade After Fighting Shaddee 2nd Time
  61. Stuck at the StarT... *hangz head in shame*
  62. Easy vs. Normal vs. Hard
  63. Activating Towers Question.....
  64. gardens
  65. Need help getting back to the 1st health upgrade!
  67. After activating water tower
  68. bird man at the begining.
  69. Life Upgrade in central hall thing STUCK
  70. Stuck mission get the mask
  71. For those who finished the game in PC **SPOILERS**
  72. finish clock tower at center hall
  73. help at the room with the bars chasing the girl in black.
  74. Fortress Rebuilt - After the pillar room
  75. i didn't get the scorpin sword? !!!WTF!!!
  76. help just after getting sword from Kaileena
  77. Stuck, please help
  78. Bird man, stuck big time
  79. In a tower, big boss throwing bombs at me
  80. stuck after the movie of Kaileehn and the empress while being the sandghost
  81. Iron Gate in the Ruined Fortress where the Cube is sitauated.
  82. Water Tower Stuck :(
  83. Where to go after finishing Mechanical tower and getting the Lion SwordI've activated
  84. stuck on "get back to throne room (past)" (mild spoilers)
  85. How can I activate the garden tower?
  86. Help in Library
  87. 9th Health Upgrade
  88. After killing the girl in black
  89. How to Kill the something in second ending
  90. what must i do somebodt help me??aub
  91. How do I get over to the Giant Golem Throwing exploding dogs.
  92. ...dammit
  93. Crow Skeleton guy
  94. Chatroom
  95. stuck on fortress rebuilt central hall past
  96. Completed water gardens tower ... what next? Help! (no spoilers)
  97. PLease help. i am stuck in SOUTHERN PASSAGE-PRESENT helpppppppppppp plzzzzzzzzz
  98. Where are the savegame located on pc version?
  99. Getting all the swords
  100. help: where to go next? reach the hour glass mission (see pic)
  101. scorpion sword?
  102. What does sand in containers do?
  103. Activate Towers (clockwork & gears) (past)
  104. Stuck in clock tower!!!
  105. the water maiden ... stuck!
  106. Return to the Access Hall (Past)
  107. clockwork and gears ....stuck on an elevator
  108. Wall jumps (wall to wall)
  109. Help, at Crow King, need to get there
  110. Help, I am at Crow King, third appearance
  111. Water tower, after life upgrade
  112. Help
  113. Help With Activating Towers PLEASE!
  114. "Find the Mask"
  116. Life upgrade confusion
  117. Looking for the Miscellaneous Weapons
  118. so dumbfounded...
  119. stuck at long way home
  120. HELP!!! I can't beat the black lady!!![not the boat fight]
  121. No second ending
  122. Fates dark hand HELP!!!!
  123. Secret Artwork
  124. scorpion sword????
  125. Stuck in prison present (screenshot)
  126. Clockwork tower revisited (spoilers)
  127. Good Job on a great game.
  128. Objective: Activate the Towers (past)
  129. Help in clock n gears: after the giant fight
  130. Sand wraith?
  131. Stuck in Clockwork and Gears
  132. getting sword after empress must've broken mine
  133. Possible Bug?
  134. How do I kill that eagle thing (spoilers )
  135. Curse you, Vampires!
  136. After the conversation of shahdee & the empress were do I go? (spoilers)
  137. Stuck in Curtain (Tutorial) Room
  138. Stuck activating 2 towers
  139. Does the Map actually serve a purpose (Please no Spoilers if Possible)
  140. Need halp with 2nd ending(spoilers)
  141. Need Help after Killing Shahdee
  142. beach present help
  143. Help get to 3rd platform Crow King
  144. Mysterious weapons *spoiler kinda*
  145. Stuck at 69%. Need help!!
  146. Clockwork & Gears Activation Room (past) Help
  147. ok simple question
  148. Question - First Time Prince of Persia Player
  149. fighting with empress
  150. Saved Game Glitch
  151. Ok what the hell is wrong...
  152. Stuck at golem throwing fire balls
  153. wraith question please help
  154. help!!!!!
  155. Room with four pillars
  156. HELP - Room with four pillars - PLS
  157. Question about the colckwork tower -- spoilers --
  158. Problem with game I think (possible spoilers)
  159. After activating clocktower
  160. Need help with clock tower
  161. Garden WaterWorks - Stuck
  162. The evil bird...how on earth do u defeat him??
  163. Walkthrough anyone???
  164. Just voicing some opinions here.
  165. Clock towers.
  166. Backtracking ...going to thrown room, stuck in garden waterworks
  167. something weird as sand wraith...
  168. im so pissed off!!!
  169. Stuck Scorpion Sword/Room
  170. level-out of the well
  171. PS2/POPWW/Shehdee fight/technical
  172. Crash after finding the mask!
  173. help me please!! 1st time portal
  174. Help at Garden Tower in the Present.
  175. SPECIAL WEAPONS Anyone?
  176. Combat Training(spoilers)
  177. XBox Pop2 - stuck at The Towers
  178. help after defeat the empress!!! PLEASEEE!!!!!!!
  179. Help seriously needed
  180. can anyone help me i just put the empris in the porthole and now i cant get out
  181. fihting with that lion bird thing ( lol, have no idea what it is called )
  182. Second ending help
  183. Fate's Dark hand - where do i go?
  184. can anyone help me
  185. Southern Passage Present Stuck
  186. can someone help pls
  187. Water tower
  189. To anyone who got the first ending
  190. please, i need some help in getting to Hourglass Chamber (Past)
  191. blocked at the top of clocktower
  192. please let me continue this game!!!!!
  193. What to do After fighting Golem after receiving Scorpion Sword......
  194. I'm Stuck in the First Level
  195. Stuck After Blue bird man first kill.
  196. just after getting the scorpion sword
  197. who do yo get to 2nd clock tower
  198. Getting to artwork from water tower
  199. Health Upgrades
  200. Back to throne room - present
  201. **SPoiLER** Only for who got 2nd ENDING and finished it !!!
  202. how/when did i turn into a new character
  203. after golem in clockworks
  204. I saw a big monster, and now im stuck
  205. Please Help Major Stuck Fates Dark Hand Cliffs
  206. The Water Maiden. Help me.
  207. Music
  208. ***PORTAL GAME BUG***
  209. Throne room??
  210. Water Gardens
  211. A Sequel to Warrior Within? (Spoilers!)
  212. Crowman
  213. Second Ending
  214. Help! I'm stuck in (I think second stage)!!!
  215. After scorpion sword, just gone through cracked wall
  216. Stuck at return to the throne room (past) help??
  217. 2nd tower
  218. **SPOILERS** How do you get the alternate ending ?
  219. Dahaka Runs
  220. Waterwheels in the clock tower
  221. Stuck in Key and lock
  222. help after serpents sword pls
  224. Help! I'm stuck in the Prison!!
  225. Stuck after beating the empress *spoiler*
  226. Stuck in second tower
  227. After Trapeze Room - Big gap - How?
  228. I give up.. scorpion sword.. 2 restarts still no sword
  229. 2nd Ending ( Spolier ) Who is...
  230. The path of the sand wraith
  231. reach the hourglass chamber (past) southern passage-present HELP!!!
  232. big *** creature running at my forehead
  233. Need Help Near Begining (Im Dumb)
  234. stuck as sand wraith after blowing up wall
  235. somebody please helppp meee!!!!!!!!!!
  236. Objective: Activate the Second Tower (past)
  237. Need help to unlock the second lock.
  238. Finsihed game, 1 ending. how long did you take?
  239. After Breath Of Fire (Need Help)
  240. SAVING the game...new files vs. overwriting...
  241. Right Tower Stuck
  242. how to defeat empress 1st?
  243. Need help in Sacrificial Altar Past
  244. combos don't work
  245. need help on the platform after i get the obj. to activate second tower
  246. after the 1st empress fight
  247. HELP QUICK! Killed crow king, where do I save? SPOILER
  248. Stuck in Clockworks and Gears - glitch??
  249. help, buzz saw on walls after crow king
  250. Just got recall, how do you use it?