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  1. [BUG] First game loading, display/loading problem.
  2. Deliver 1 message in a bottle to ??
  3. [Bug] Alt-tabbing issue : screen scroll with the mouse does not work after
  4. BUGS/suggestions
  5. The missing Information on the Ui
  6. Bugs and Suggestions from Evanec
  7. Missing features/bugs (Which should be added/fixed in the game)
  8. [Feedback] Negative Points
  9. Expedition glitchy thingy
  10. Suggestion: Charter Trade route
  11. Pirates, ship and UI
  12. Time of trade routes, Botanical garden, trees + some bugs
  13. [BUG] Quest: Don't Judge by the Cover
  14. [BUG] Mobilizing Additional Support/Crisis Units
  15. Unfinishable Quest
  16. [UI] Suggestion : show more goods in the warehouse detail window
  17. [UI] Missing available influences points when editing newspaper
  18. Hide UI - CTRL+G freezes the game
  19. [UI] Warning about no Public Mooring on a production island ?
  20. [BUG] "Debuffed!" on ship status
  21. My feedback on the beta so far
  22. [FEEDBACK] I5-4690K,12 GB RAM,1050gtx2GB, Win7x84 - After 14 hours
  23. Good Game Like the ANNO 1404 Venise !
  24. [SUGGESTIONS] I5-4690K,12 GB RAM,1050gtx2GB, Win7x84 - After 14 hours
  25. Search in the Forum
  26. Quest not finishable
  27. 4K screen and increased font size
  28. Wolves exploding out of clay pit glitch
  29. Grid and trading
  30. Question about finances
  31. [BUG] Quest: See you later, Alligator
  32. Question about finances
  33. [BUG] Artisans needs: fur coats need fulfilled with no coats
  34. BUG: journalos population requirement not updating after conquest
  35. My final thoughts on Anno 1800 Beta
  36. Small bug with French Azerty keyboard
  37. Suggestion: Controller support
  38. Game runs great on Bootcamped MacBook Pro
  39. [BUG] Expedition selection screen broken by equipping items outside of it
  40. Naval War and Influence
  41. Quais on rivers
  42. Comparing to Anno1404
  43. [FEEDBACK] Annoying sounds civilians make
  44. Show recommended output/input for production buildings
  45. good happiness not rewarding enough?
  46. coal mine vs coal kiln?
  47. demand/offer gifts in multiplayer? +MP Quest giving
  48. [BUG] Shares Overview - Acquire Share - Acquisition Cost
  49. aquiring military items like torpedo's and mortars
  50. [Localization] Shipyard - Construction Time
  51. Moving blueprints costs coins
  52. [PERFORMANCE] i7 7700| GTX 1070| 16GB RAM| NVMe SSD 970EVO Game runs@24fps on High
  53. Sickness on ships, influence and more
  54. conquering an island destroys everything
  55. trade history
  56. [Bug] - Quest - Escort VIP - Escort VIP stops after combat.
  57. [Bug] - Quest - Pie and Punch
  58. Screen resolution 16:10
  59. Minimap is a bit confusing
  60. moving resources b/n ship and warehouse
  61. Rescue Mission [BUG] all Items 0 with "Ship-of-the-line"
  62. Some QoL suggestions
  63. Trade routs cargo space
  64. Field's suggestion
  65. Trade routs cargo space
  66. Beta feedback
  67. Mission [BUG] - assigned Ship is not moving, just standing there
  68. Bug: Dirt Way / Stone Way
  69. Ship is hangig in the cliff after starting Mission
  70. SOUND BALANCE SUGGESTION there are many silent people + silent slaughterhouse
  71. Corrupted/Damaged safe file
  72. [UI]Feedback
  73. Flavour and Atmosphere
  74. General Feedback & some bugs
  75. Very first impression.
  76. Suggestion: Automatic and timed trade routes
  77. My positive feedback and thanks ...
  78. Feedback beta
  79. [BUG] Unable to start escort quest
  80. [Balancing] Influence Points vs Items one can acquire
  81. Feedback suggestion and bug report
  82. Feedback Beta
  83. Feedback, bugs and QoL suggestions ♥
  84. Bugs and Feedback
  85. escort SHIP between Sessions NOT possible
  86. [Feedback][Balance] On the topic of time, speed and timing
  87. [BUG] Completing quests for Jean grants relationship with Anne
  88. Some beta feedback
  89. [BUG] Directional sails in wrong directions
  90. Pirate Ship Stuck and Shooting
  91. Some thoughts
  92. Minor bug (?): Escape button not always closing focused dialog / Save option
  93. [IMPROVEMENTS] suggestions after playing closed Beta
  94. Bugs and feedbacks
  95. Feedback anno 1800
  96. happy
  97. black flicker - rarely onetime top-side of the screen
  98. trade route paused - button not responsive
  99. Didn't Progress to Artisans
  100. picking floatsome while in trade route - no item in ship
  101. Widescreen graphics ratio
  102. Anne Harlow bugged
  103. [BUG QUEST] audio is also male but there is a picture of a female
  104. [Feedback] Anno 1800 (mostly played in multiplayer)
  105. Suggestion and problems of Anno 1800
  106. Multiplayer speed modes
  107. [VISUALS BUG] lines in the sky
  108. {Bug] - Processing time & Items
  109. [Feature Request] - Option to Disable Right Click Menu
  110. [Suggestion] Setting transfer goods minimum limit
  111. Make context popup views resizable ?
  112. [Camera & movements] sensitivity and restrictions
  113. [Feedback] Museum and Zoo in New World Building Menu / Decorations in the new world
  114. [visual] Anoying transparent box
  115. [Building options] Quay through mountain
  116. [quests] Not fully work
  117. How to send a ship to the new world?
  118. [Feedback] Closed Beta - UI, Trateroutes, etc
  119. My feelings on tests
  120. final feedback
  122. Feedback
  123. Bugs, problems and suggestions
  124. Excavate oil in the Old World?
  125. Thank you for this "Closed" Beta
  126. Anno 1800 what to improve
  127. Feedback from ''new comer''
  128. Share debt
  129. [Feedback] Cons - Pros
  130. Personnal feedbacks on the beta
  131. [BUG / Suggestion] Newspaper pop-up during expedition window
  132. [BUG MULTIPLAYER] stuck in loading-screen after player left the game
  133. Beta Feedback from a huge Anno 1404 fan
  134. [BUG GOODS] Multiplayer Packing Goods in Ship - amount changeing even to minus values
  135. Qeastion and Suggestion
  136. [VISUAL] Available but not enlighted
  137. [Suggestion] Have population requirement appear on blueprint building upgrade pop-up
  138. Simple feedback from a casual builder
  139. So I built a fire department and watched my city burn
  140. Some impressions [Bug and Suggestions]
  141. Impressions from the second round
  142. Closed Beta Report | Bugs, Feedback, Suggestions and all Stuff
  143. Feedback from 20 hours of closed beta.
  144. Thx devs for great content in Beta. Also some screenshot's that i took from my city.
  145. Suggestions and impression
  146. Suggestions and impression
  147. Beta Question
  148. suggetions and improvements
  149. Is the beta still running ?
  150. [Sugestion] More avatars
  151. Closed beta list of feedback (improvements and bugs)
  152. Will there be another time to play the beta?
  153. [Suggestions] add double click to menus
  154. Some suggestion regarding Trade management.
  155. Some suggestion regarding Trade management.
  156. Please allow us to zoom in closer
  157. Suggestion: Turning multiple blueprints into actual buildings
  158. [My Opinion] ;-) on Beta Version
  159. Suggestion Trade routes: Load up to X instead of "Load X" amount.
  160. My two cents for the beta.
  161. 'Lock' Mouse to Game Screen.
  162. Ornaments and city attractiveness
  163. Is it possible to upload screenshots?
  164. Feedback on the closed test
  165. [QUESTS] Beta Report
  166. A.I / NPC’s far too “soft”
  167. [UI Suggestion] Scroll bars: Ship management
  168. [Gameplay] Overtaking Islands through Force or ships
  169. Good points and suggestions
  170. A list of bugs i ran into during the Closed Beta
  171. [BUG] Baker uses raw Grain
  172. Suggestion: Hightligt the same type of buildings
  173. [FEEDBACK] My thoughts on 1800
  174. Suggestions Feedback
  175. Bringing back the wonder
  176. Suggestion / feedback
  177. Suggestion: Make your trade ships a bit more clever when island under siege please
  178. [Feedback] On farms and farmland
  179. Some bugs to report
  180. My feedback on the closed beta :) (with pictures :D)
  181. No Trade Balance?
  182. Farmers chop wood
  183. [EXPLOIT] Infinite money and items
  184. [Suggestion] Give more details of trades
  185. [Suggestion] Save Game
  186. [BUG] Quest Invitation
  187. [SUGGESTION] Build while paused
  188. [SUGGESTION] Trade Route Item Quantity
  189. Disappearing ships when moving from old to new world
  190. Hola escribo en spanish espero que no sea un problema.
  191. [FEEDBACK] I'm already delighted with the game
  192. Evolving Marketplace suggestion
  193. FEEDBACK and issues that I've noticed.
  194. (suggestion) Ornaments
  195. [Feedback] Anno 1800 Beta
  196. [Feedback] Very detailed feedback
  197. multiplayer starting flagship spawn
  198. [Feedback/Suggestions] The beta was great.
  199. [EN]BlueBreath 3rd invite feedback
  200. Feedback, bugs and small things I encountered in the Beta
  201. share income to yourself and opponents
  202. Video feedback from streamer for Devs
  203. [Feedback] Please show influence cost more clearly
  204. a few hotkey requests
  205. A few bugs and detailed feedback with some suggestions (long as hell)
  206. [FEEDBACK] I love the game already !
  207. Drop in multiplayer games
  208. Bugs and Suggestion
  209. When does the closed Beta really stop?
  210. [FEEDBACK] overall impressions
  211. [feedback] Thanks but that was short!
  212. [Feedback] My Anno 1800 Closed Beta Experience
  213. [BUG] island not claimable
  214. Summary of my Anno 1800 Beta Feedback
  215. [Enhancement] "AI bought island share" notification should stay longer
  216. My thoughts, feedback, Suggestions and minor bugs
  217. [BUG] yellow upgrade table in tier2house not does not move with the house
  218. [Feedback] Age of Agriculture too easy, beautiful beta overall
  219. Feedback
  220. [Feedback] Please show influence cost more clearly
  221. Crash report and feedback
  222. [feedback] final feedback
  223. First experience and Bugs with Fire Department and police department
  224. Some feedback on my playthrough
  225. [Feedback] Review of beta
  226. [EN]Feedback
  227. My original feedback thread was DOA.....attempt #2
  228. Beta bug reports/feedback
  229. [BUGs] Four missions and a new world notification missing text bug
  230. Feedback on the beta
  231. My Closed Beta Experience
  232. End feedback for beta
  233. Feedback about CBT
  234. My feedback on the beta test
  235. feedback!
  236. My beta experience
  237. Feedback
  238. Beta Feedback
  239. My first thoughts b-e-a-utifull
  240. My Feedback
  241. Some suggestions
  242. Feedback multiplayer
  243. [Feedback] [Visuals] [Suggestions] Overall impressions and awfully specific feedback
  244. comments and suggestions
  245. My feedback
  246. My feedback
  247. Some feedback me and my friends collected over the course of the beta
  248. Another feedback!
  249. Feedback + [BUGS] and some suggestions/wishes!
  250. [BUG?] Cargo expansion on trade route